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Tennessee Action Alert: HB288 Jacob Nunley Act Meningitis Vaccine Mandate

TennesseeFrom Autism Action Network (find them on FB at Autism Action Network.)

The Tennessee legislature is considering a bill HB288, the "Jacob Nunley Action alert2 Act", that would require mandatory bacterial meningitis shots for students at public universities and colleges (but not private) in Tennessee.  It has already passed the Tennessee Senate and is moving in the House. It is on the agenda for the Government Operations Committee today (March 19th)

Tennesseans, please get on the phone today and politely tell the members of the Government Operations Committee why this is not a good idea. Their contact info is below:

Here are some talking points:

The shot is ineffective. It only reduces bacterial meningitis infection by 38% according to the manufacturers’ bestcase scenario.

It has a 1.3% rate of serious adverse reactions, which include encephalitis, Guillain-Barr syndrome and transverse myelitis, according to the package insert for Menactra. At that rate more people could be made sick, disabled and killed by the vaccine than the disease itself. According to the bill sponsors there were seven cases of bacterial meningitis in Tennessee last year, which includes the fatal infection of Jacob Nunley.

It is expensive. The shot costs $125 plus doctor's fees. Scarce health resources could be spent on alternatives that would result in less sickness and fewer deaths.

There is no choice. Adults should be allowed to make their own vaccination choices without coercion from the state. The majority of Americans live in states where that right is protected, but not in Tennessee.

Please share this message with friends and family and please post to Facebook and other social networks.

Here is the contact information for the Tennessee House Government Operations Committee members:

Judd Matheny, Chair

Phone (615) 741-7448
Fax (615) 253-0226

John Ragan, Vice-Chair

Phone (615) 741-4400
Fax (615) 253-0297

Joe Carr

Phone: (615) 741-2180
Fax (615) 253-0372

Glenn Casada

Phone (615) 741-4389
Fax: (615) 253-0283

Craig Fitzhugh

Phone (615) 741-2134
Fax (615) 741-1446

Curtis Halford

Phone: (615) 741-7478
Fax (615) 253-0218

G. A. Hardaway

Phone: (615) 741-5625
Fax (615) 253-0185

Curtis Johnson

Phone (615) 741-4341
Fax (615) 253-0305

Gerald McCormick

Phone (615) 741-2548
Fax (615) 253-0305

Johnnie Turner

Phone (615) 741-6954
Fax (615) 253-0339

Mike Turner

Phone (615) 741-3229
Fax (615) 253-0233


Jilly Ann Beret

The land of the free ?

in George Washington's time maybe !

Angus Files

Keep pushing it it is useless just another Pharma money maker..

Do we need it? Don`t thinksooo...

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