Dachel Media Update: Vaccine Safety, Skepticism, Billboards
Weekly Wrap: Alex and His Mom, Autism and Suicide, and Psychiatry's Hysteria Hangover


StumpedI can't think of a headline for this post. Miss G, my teenaged, gorgeous middle child, is quite a good student. With modifications, she is learning high school science and math and reading pretty darn well. Her Dad and I are proud of her.   So she brought home a 100 on her recent science test. Fantastic! Check out the material. Can you help me think of a headline? And a nickel (do you take a check?) if you can explain the photo. Kim

Gianna Test 100



Congrats to Gianna for her 100% !

That is so great that she is is learning high school science and math and reading!

Ironic, yes. I like Carolyn G's idea for the title, "The CDC and NIH Autism Hearing Cheat Sheet".

Thanks for always keeping us amused and informed too!

Gina Krobath

Giana should be on the board of the IACC as an adult point of view!

Another Sibling on the start of solving the puzzle!

PS Congrats on the 100%

Wendy Frye

She is " counter intuitive". Call the post plain " stumped" or " mystified" but she knows her stuff...and I love it!


Stumped is how I felt about a headline - A) I am proud she learned the vocab B) The irony of it nearly knocked me over. So, as a "what the hell is Kim talking about" (I get that a lot) I had a photo of a tree stump and then our John Stone told me STUMPED is also a Cricket Term. And not the insect - you know, the sport. And so we cleverly changed the photo to see if anyone would make the connection. Hey, it's been a long week, a long YEAR to be honest. We do what we can to amuse ourselves, and hopefully you too, dear readers. KS

Carolyn Gammicchia

I think Gianna would have done better than both the CDC and NIH reps at the Congressional Hearing on Autism on November 29th. Sign her up to assist them next time will you.

My headline would be "The CDC and NIH Autism Hearing Cheat Sheet"

High five to Gianna to on the 100%. Thank you also for inspiring others with this.

Just a side note. I received a call from a friend who told me that her child's school psychologist told her that they would not be testing her child for the three year review to determine special education eligiblity for services. She was upset and should be. When I asked her why, she told me this lovely young professional had stated to her when she had asked the same question "Well children with autism don't changed cognitively". I simply cannot imagine that being said to a parent beyond the fact that it's inaccurate.

It will be an interesting IEP meeting. I am this child's educational advocate and I may take a copy of Gianna's assigment with me if you don't mind Kim as my package to educate the team. With your permission of course. Along with the definitions of cognitive, psychology,ignorance, autism,etc. Uphill climb.


I'm still trying to figure out why the teacher gave each a red check mark??


How about: Label the most misunderstood scientific topics in the 20th and 21st centuries?

John Stone


Cricket? I am afraid I'm to blame, because I pointed out to Kim that the very widely used expression "stumped" is in fact derived from cricket. It's the situation that you see in the photograph where the batsman misses or miscues the ball and is caught out of his ground by the wicket-keeper who holding the ball knocks over the stumps. The batsman is then duly given out. Well, obviously they got one passed our redoutable batsman Kim this time.


Carter's Daddy

I would not have got #2. The picture of the virus was a closer description for me than the text was, but I might likely have even drawn a blank on the picture without any context. It looks like one of those burs the dog comes home with on his fur. Not sure which picture you want explained. The cricket picture? I'm not sure what about it needs explanation. If you need a title I would make it something to do with how your Gianna is a genius. It's a real treat reading about their accomplishments and their milestones and their general daily happenings!


Cricket? Vaccines? I don't it. Please tell us.


I'll take a stab. I'm speaking as a homeschool parent. When the topic "great medical inventions" came up in my 3rd graders Science book, his tutor came flying out of the classroom and showed it to me.

"Ah, yes, thank you, We will skip over that. Thank you again".

We don't do bs, indoctrination or anything resembling conditioning in our homeschool. Period. No exceptions.


Jenny VanFossen

I think they left out a few ingredients on the vaccine question. I'm sure they just didn't have room. ;)

The game is cricket.

Maurine Meleck

Bat is to baseball what Julie G is to bat.
I take checks, money orders, and gold coins.

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