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Shame of British Science II

 This afternoon journalist Brian Deer is a keynote speaker in the Evidence Live conference hosted jointly by the British Medical Journal and Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence Based Medicine. Yesterday, Age of Autism republished the unanswered open letter that many readers sent to CEBM. Today we link once again to Alan Golding’s documentary Selective Hearing as a reminder to the “great and good” of British and world science of exactly who and what they are hiding behind in maintaining the integrity of MMR vaccine. AoA suspects that the conference organizers have held Deer’s appearance over till the end so that as many delegates as want to can make their excuses and leave before the humiliating event. Read our post Shame of British Science I.


David H. Payne


John Stone

I read the piece and I am able to dicern and clearly think abstractly
This piece although historically relevant was in my estimation also a veiled attempt to garner sympathy for this predator not from the courts but from unsuspecting readers such as yourself in an attempt to mitigate backlash against the community that routinely practices such evils under the guise of other monikers that they have nearly convinced the entire world to embrace, and as has been previously foretold, and in
your case it worked.
The seductive presentation of the material by this Godless shameless author caused you to delegate the horrific nature of the crime of forced sodomy of a child by a sports figure to the back burner and the prose and footnotes to the event to take center stage.

Thus is the case with vaccines. The seductive idea of prevention of disease by vaccination presented championed and foist on an unsuspecting public by the government agencies the public believes has their best interest at heart and would never harm them has prevailed over the reality of Autism, obesity, asthma and a myriad of other chronic and autoimmune diseases that did not even exist prior to 1985.


John Stone

David Payne

Fashanu was a public figure - I remember him well although not much of a soccer fan. The story is written in a measured way(quite different from what we've come to expect from this source) and it does not seek to absolve him. Recently, the British press has written extensively about the deceased British television personality Jimmy Saville and his misdemeanours. No doubt some of the reports were sensationalist and not responsible, but I can't believe that it wasn't right to report the matter in principle (in that case a history of 50 years of sex abuse previously hidden by everybody in public life or service).

David H. Payne


John Stone

There are no"good pieces" written about child rape just like there are no good vaccine studies or safe or even efficacious vaccines it is all BS do not be deluded. The bad choices and nightmares of a child predator are simply not sympathetic indulgences that I would be inclined to.


John Stone

David Payne

Deer's feature on the events leading up to the death of soccer star Justin Fashanu is not actually a bad piece - indeed it was very well written in comparison with the Wakefield diatribes, but it was an extraodinary coincidence that when Deer interviewed MMR parents Rosemary Kessick and Jackie Fletcher he used the same incognito "Lawrence" as Fashanu had when he was trying to escape press attention while under threat of proceedings for homosexual rape.


David Payne

Brian, you simply do not have the credibility to monitor or suggest monioring of papers outside of your chosen field which appears to me to be “gotcha Journalism”. The idea that somone with absolutley no ethics could come up with an criteria to monitor others all over the globe is laughable at best. As I recall you violated a number of ethos by rifling through patients charts and making yourself privy to all sorts of confidential information. We have something called HIPPA here in the states and you would be doing jail time and paying thousands of dollars in fines and rightrfully so. A lay person going through patients charts is a bit over the top even for a person such as yourself. You Brian Deer whose last article I read revealled you heaping adoraton on a gay child rapist who raped two adolescent male fans who were autograph seekers and when the perp was faced with the reality of his crime and punishment he commited suicide. Your effort to find a siver lining in that criminal fiasco defies all logic.

Further true the experts in any scientific field probably would not want a peanut gallery full of useful idiots such as you are suggesting rife with political agendas and axes to grind anywhere near a legitimate publication. I do agrree that pharmaceutical giants such as Merck and Galxo Smith and Kline who have army’s of ghost writers and and fake publicatons like the “Australian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine” could use people such as yourself and the distinguished Seth Mnookin who was warmly welcomed by NPR and I undrstand is quite a writer when he is not in drug Rehab or under the influence of some sort of mind altering contraban to further their agendas.
I asked my attorney about those gents that published those 8 fake journals and had plans for 13 more and he informed me that in addition to the obvious crimes of wire fraud and mail fraud and the conspiracy to committ the same, we are talking about quite a few publications here, any patient treated by according to the reccomendations presented in those fabricated peer reviewed journals that sustained adverse and or poor results or outcomes had a legitimate and meritorious case against these fruadulent journals the publishers, (as I recall it was Elsevier) and their handlers. The exception of course would be those companies indemnified by the government( ring any bells?)

The BMJ with whom I am sure you are familiar has quite a track record as well. Dr. Fiona Godlee from what I have read is quite a piece of work with last minute confessions of conflict of interest by authors whose woirk has been published and who previously lied and said they had no conflicts. What would you propse for them ? perhaps yelling “liar liar pants on fire!!”

No Brian you and the other amateurs at Retraction Watch should leave this to the professionals in the specific scientific disciplines that have attained their positions through legitimate schooling testing and licensing. There simply is no place or room for WANABEES. Get yourself a life. Your foray into the field of medicine has littered the web far to long to be considered anything but comic relief that has worn out it welcome

John Stone


Hinge & Bracket - wicked!


Mark Struthers

Deer & Godless remind me of an unfunny, unhinged Hinge & Bracket (Dr. Evadne Hinge & Dame Hilda Bracket)


& http://youtu.be/get7UPCe3I8

Jenny Allan

It was Brian Deer, in his now notoorious Guardian Blog, 12-01-11, who penned the term "media muck-raking", to describe his own preferred modus operandi.

Deer is just like one of those slurry machines, efficiently spraying the sewage over everything, and leaving a very bad smell. In the case of his 'Evidence Live' presentation, he has used his platform to denigrate all scientific journals, for publishing, 'mountains of shit'. Very appropriate.

Deer completely fails to see the irony, of this 'philosophy' being applied to his own BMJ articles, but sh*t spreading does not discriminate where it lands!

Mark Struthers

Thank you, Jenny Allan for linking the tweets from EvidenceLive 13. Twitterers like AnneMarie Cunningham tweeted that Brian Deer had said that this BMJ Group paper had not been retracted.


"The data confirm an association between the presence of measles virus and gut pathology in children with developmental disorder."

Read that conclusion and one can understand why Brian had wanted the paper struck from the scientific record. Naughty Fiona for not doing her duty for science and truth!

I wish I could think of something polite to say about Godlee & Deer. But I can't. I wish I could say something polite about twits like AnneMarie Cunningham. But I can only think of something very impolite.

Angus Files

He`s owned even if he wanted to walk away now (which he probably does) he can`t ....too much on you Brian ,to many lies..talk about digging your own grave ...


Angus Files

Or is it Pharma Serf...

Angus Files

Mr Deer nothing to declare?..he must be like a drug dealer walking through customs just now trying to look normal...

Rien à déclarer Monsieur Cerf ?

Shame on him



Considering that Deer wants scientists interrogated "forensically" by phone about their research papers, it's odd that he is trying so hard to avoid being questioned himself in an American court. Does he have something to hide?

Jenny Allan

In the UK, it's 5:30pm and Brian Deer's presentation is finished. The 'twitterers' are busy with their conference comments including this one:-

Brian Deer asks: "Who protects the public against the mountains of shit published in immensely profitable journals?"

Another person obligingly supplies a link to Deer's final slide. The heading states the 'sponsorship'- an alliance of Journal Editors
Oh Deer!!

John Stone


Yes, they keep on fudging and collecting data in unhelpful ways. There is data for Scottish schools which has been building over the years and stands at 8650 as of 2012 (approx x10 for the UK) which is perhaps equivalent to 1% but does not include obviously the yet to be diagnosed.


According to the paper by Baron-Cohen more than half as many again could await diagnosis:



Jilly Ann Beret

JohnDS , speaking of corruption , when did the UK last issue any autism statistics ? and can we ever expect them to give us an update ?

At least the CDC have issued a new number recently of 1 in 50 ....showing the rate of contagion directly proportional to the ever increasing vaccine schedule .

What is rate in the UK now ? does anyone know .

Jenny Allan

History is going to look back on this episode and wonder why this man, without so much as a medical or scientific qualification to his name, and who by his own admission, is a sex and publicity junkie, was given so much credence by the political and medical community, and so many 'academic' platforms to spout his fanciful and often malicious invective.

Deer's 'Evidence Live' presentation is apparently to be about how to get so called 'fraudulent' scientific papers retracted. In this he has joined forces with a group calling themselves 'Retraction Watch':-
"Brian Deer’s modest proposal for post-publication peer review"

I am sure those of you who are AoA 'regulars' will already be 'smelling a rat' here. If you read 'modest' Brian Deer's comments beneath the above article, he is already preparing to 'vent his spleen' against University College London for, as he puts it, spending "three years obstructing an investigation" of his, and then abandoning a subsequent inquiry into Andrew Wakefield's research colleagues, demanded by BMJ Editor Fiona Godlee, because too much time had passed and "nobody would be expected to cooperate."

Deer's 'investigation' results were published in three BMJ articles, under the collective heading of 'Secrets of the MMR scare. The first of these articles and the accompanying editorial, published 5-01-11, are presently the subject of litigation proceedings against Deer Godlee and the BMJ, instigated in Texas by Andrew Wakefield, the main target of Deer's slanderous allegations, not only unproven, but now manifestly proven untrue on almost all counts following Lancet co-author Professor Walker-Smith's successful High Court Appeal, February 2012.

Godlee used, (some might say abused), her BMJ Editorial position to mount a disgraceful campaign to have ALL of Dr Wakefield's Lancet co-authors discredited and to expunge every single scientific paper with Dr Wakefield's name on it. When the campaign failed, not for the reasons Deer expounds, but because UKRIO advised against any UCL inquiry; there simply was no evidence based grounds for wasting considerable amounts of public money.

Undeterred Godlee and her COPE crony Liz Wager then published an article effectively claiming all research scientists were falsifying their results. I wonder how 'history' will deal with Fiona Godlee?

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