AAP Backs-up and Detours Away from Responsible Medicine
The Deer Crusade and Collateral Damage

Office of Civil Rights Notification on Behalf of Alex Spourdalakis

Office for civil rightsThe community continues to express concern over the treatment of  Alex Spourdalakis, a 14 year old boy with autism who has spent more than 3 weeks in Chicago hospitals enduring arm and leg restraints, lack of care appropriate to his medical needs and lack of accommodation for his disability. He remains in Loyola University Medical Center, 2160 S. First Ave., Maywood, IL 60153 (708) 216-9000 as of today, 3/13/13.

Alex entered the Loyola Health Care System, Gottleib February 16th.  Gottleib transferred him to Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, March 1st, where he now remains.  

1) You can fill out and fax the Office of Civil Rights complaint form HERE
2) You can fax a letter to the Office for Civil Rights Region V using this as a sample letter HERE.

The sample letter has the info you will need for the complaint form or your own letter. Thank you.

Region V - Chicago (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin)
Celeste Davis, Regional Manager
Office for Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
233 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 240
Chicago, IL 60601
Voice Phone (800) 368-1019
FAX (312) 886-1807



The story of Alex Spourdalakis is extremely touching and insane. The majority of those opposed to the treatment of this child is correct on a ethical level. He has not been given the proper care on a patient or human being level. At most the representatives of Loyola should take into consideration that no one person is exactly the same. The treatment cannot be the same either. The mistreatment of Alex and his mother is outrageous. Something needs to be done about this. As someone with a loved one with disabilities, sitting here and pretending that this doesnt have an effect on me is not an option. If this is happening to so many others as seen in the other comments,then what makes my loved one any different? Its called preventative care for a reason. Americans give their loved ones lives on a silver platter to these health care representatives and expect them to do their job. Holding those who take care of those loved ones accountable is what should be expected. What do people have health insurance for if not to take care of those who are in need? Alex cannot be the first autistic child they have come accross, then why is it that there aren't any specialists at this location? A lawsuit should be put into place to address this issue. Those without a voice of their own like Alex need others to fight for them. There is no just cause for him being treated no less than a human. He is different, not a disease being spread. The disease is the neglect on these so called "professionals" end.

Mary R.

As someone who filed a class action OCR claim I can tell you the process is that the attorneys contact the person who filed the claim and go over the particulars to ensure they meet within the criteria of 504 ADA laws. Once established that there is a possible justification for the claim then the lawyers meet with the claimant before giving their final word to take up the case (at least that happened to us). Then the attorneys begin their federal investigation of the claim details and have jurisdiction to review files and speak with personnel involved.

I just wrote a letter to the Archbishop of Chicago, Francis George. This hospital is owned by the Catholic Church.


This may be a bit of thinking way outside the box.... but has anyone considered petitioning the new Pope Francis I, considering that he's (1) Pope, (2) From the Jesuit order, and (3) Loyola is a Jesuit university? Wouldn't he or his direct subordinates (Cardinals & Bishops within the order) have some say in this situation? I'm not Catholic, but i thought this could be another avenue of intervention.


This is what I have always come up againest -- they don't treat - and if you complain - you can take them out and then go where?
Do what with them?
Get a doctor's appointment?
Get a new doctor and a new appointment and how long does that take.

Take them to a new and different emergency room?

How about the first bunch doing thier jobs and treating them? How do you shame people into doing their jobs and listening to thier love ones.

Coach Bill

So who has updated information? What has happened due to our public outcry? Is the boy safe?

Coach Bill


done! thanks for providing the letter- very helpful!

Valerie Boergesson

We need dates for this form to be filled out appropriately.


I can't find the dates of all events in the sample letter. The form asks for those. Please advise.


i'm being told by someone who worked there that she can take him out if she wants, so what is the legal scoop?


This is sounding like a Kidnapping. Are the hospitals look at our children with dollar signs in their eyes?
All the money involved for the hospital receive from
insurance or the Fed's. And hold the child in restraints, and not treat them for weeks, its all the master plan. Then steps in the state CPS, more money, Medications - which are super over priced in the hospitals.

I think the FBI needs to be contacted for this kidnapping ( oh and bring some drones too
to attack any unwanted parent on the scene).

Marlene Kimberly

I can't imagine the terror of both mom and son. This is awful! WTH is wrong with Loyola! I'm calling, writing & tweeting now!

Billie Joe

Has anyone notified the senators, reps, governor, mayor, police department, President. Seriously!!!! Call in the troops.


This is off this story but on the subject of unfriendly hospitals, This was found on a attorneys web site. I urge EVERYONE TO READ IT. Our children are not safe to go to just any hospital, we have to get a list together about where its okay to take our children for treatment.
Children are not to be take to Boston Childrens hospital with PANDAS!!



Why aren't Autism Speaks or Jenny McCarthy or any of the other autism groups out using their media power to help this family??


The OCR Dept will review the complaint and either visit the hospital in person, or write up recommendations for the hospital to follow. They need to get PLENTY OF LETTERS!!
( also want to let everyone know, anyone can file a report against a school, any clinic, college, that receives federal funds).
This is why its important to also follow up with
a letter to the Joint commission as well. The JC has approval ratings, this can affect the hospital in many ways. So its vital that you also write, call, fax them as well. This is important for every family coming down the road, who could be walking into a hospital that acts like they are in the dark ages. Please follow up on this, its the future of many childrens life's.

It appears we need to have some system listing friendly and unfriendly hospitals across the USA. This type of behavior from Hospitals is totally not in line with human rights, and it must stop.
If put in the same situation, I would have to leave with my child, AMA and hire an attorney to deal with the insurance co. and hospital, I don't have tolerance for evil.

Teresa Conrick

Loyola phone number-

(708) 216-9000

Karen Graham

This is unspeakably cruel!! Please, have mercy! Stop this madness! I can't even think of words to say, I am so incredibly upset by what you are doing!!!


Please give us the phone number of the hospital so the OCR complaint form can be filled out.

Candyce Estave

What can we expect to happen after we file a complaint?

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