1 in 3 Seniors Die with Alzheimer's. 1 in 50 School Kids Have Autism. Scared Yet?
Dachel Media Update: Autism Mom Aghast at 1 in 50 Rate

President Obama: 1 in 50 American Kids with Autism?

Action alertFrom the Autism Action Network. Email The White House (scroll down the link to easily send an email to your representatives and the President) and call the  White House Comments Line 202-456-1111 to tell the President that autism is a crisis from coast to coast. Thank you Autism Action Network. Please follow AAN on Facebook.

As most have you have probably heard, a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that the autism rate among American children in the US is now 1 in 50, and since boys outnumber girls with autism by a ratio of 4 or 5 to 1, somewhere between 3 and 4 percent of all American boys have an autism spectrum diagnosis.  Read the complete report by Blumberg et al. here.

Any expressions of concern from anybody with the power to do something about this disaster? No . And the press, as usual is soft pedaling the findings. Fifteen years ago the autism rate was 1 in 10,000, 12 year ago it was I in 2,500, 10 years ago it was 1 in 1000, and so on. When President Obama was elected in 2008 the official rate was 1 in 150, then it went to 1 in 88 and now it is 1 in 50. Where is it going to stop?

And Thomas Insel, the federal “Autism Czar” who heads the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, is still wondering, “If there is a true increase in children affected...” Thomas Insel needs to be fired. He is clearly not up to the job.

In 2008 presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama promised to be the “Autism President.” But what has he done? We are spending far less in research per diagnosed person than we were under George W. Bush. The only generally recognized method of addressing autism, applied behavior analysis, was left out of the essential health benefits package in Obamacare. And as we enter his fifth year in office the CDC still can’t even figure out if the rate is really going up. I am reminded of the song by Stevie Wonder, “If you really want to hear our views, you haven’t done nothing. “

Please  send an email to the President, your two United States Senators and your member of the House and ask when are they going to take the autism epidemic seriously and do something. We suggest a start by firing Thomas Insel.

And you might want to call the Whitehouse and ask politely when the President is going to become the “Autism President,” and he should start by firing Insel.


Lie Buster

Dear For Myth Buster, Autism by itself is not life threatening. The only threat is from those who refuse to understand it properly and treat it with respect.

For Myth Buster

Dear Myth Buster, our children's profound, life threatening autism is not here to be a teachable moment for jerks - neurotypical or not.

myth buster

What disaster? Maybe if Neurotypicals weren't so rude and so prone to judging by appearances, we wouldn't have so many problems. Maybe having more autistic children is a good thing that will teach autistics and neurotypicals alike to have humility.


It really upsets me that Obama made all these promises of change for our healthcare system. He gave many people hope, and now he looks like a liar. Surprise, Surprise!


I think everyone is affected, but in a way that is not noticed untill
Puberty and horomones sets in.
And lots of things go wrong, more depression, sucide, over the top drinking, drug use, over sexed.

A few years ago my husband said he heard on the television back 10 years ago that we had the greatest generation
the hippies
The yuppies
Then the porn generation.

And I have to wonder at girls half naked dancing around on beaches all drunk. It is because they lack morals??? Or is it something else?

I can't help thinking it is something else.

The fourth generation of a beloved bussiness family died last week of an overdose. He follows -- after three successful generations of much beloved men in our community.

Jilly Ann Beret

Vaccines = iatro-genocide .

There will be no help . There will be no cavalry .
We are alone . It is up to every one of us on here and the other sites to protest at every juncture .

I accuse the UK\US of genocide against their own people .
That is uncomfortable for them to hear back ...
Now you do it too !

Stop all this pussy footing about , green our vaccine nonsense , and such like . Give it up to them ,
They have no defence , ask them to take the flu vaccine on camera , ask them to vaccinate their children or grandchildren on camera , ask to hear Kate Middletons vaccine schedule , they wont ......and its because they know ......

We are the "useless eaters" and in their eyes , we must be terminated ....this is the reality ....face it .


I dropped into Medicare (Australia's healthcare)today and the woman behind the counter was completely ignorant about Autism. I walked in with some expectations that the Government will help my son and I left with the knowledge that the Government will never help my son.

The last conversation about Autism in this country was last Christmas. It was a negative story about "irresponsible mothers not vaccinating their children". That was it about Autism.

Recently I was sent a reminder from our local Autism organisation that on the 2nd April is World Autism Awareness. The reminder is sent only to Autism families, although we are already aware of Autism but it is a pity that the reminder isn't sent to our local Federal Parliament representative (Catherine King-Member for Health and Ageing). That would make more sense!

But alas in this country-Three wise monkeys principal!


Elizabeth Gillespie

Trina Aurin

Maybe when every kid you might look at is on teh Spectrum and they are interrupting your kids classroom time will anyone who does not directly have a kid on their own will notice??? What the you know what is going on? 1 in 30 and it does not make the papers??? THE TV news??? CNN? What if 1 in 50 kids were getting cancer?????? HELP US and HELP our KIDS!


we should all bring our kids to the annual White House Easter egg hunt that ought get the Presidents attention

Adam M

Disturbing to be sure, but I don't know how it really relates to previous CDC estimates. This was apparently a phone survey and the last 1 in 88 number I thought was from the ADDM network that actually counted cases in 14 states or at .least areas of those states. And those (areas) weren't even the same ones as last time. All this number spinning is making me dizzy.

Kathy Blanco

Pres Obama and all presidents are bought and paid for by pharmaceutical companies...and what would he do? He would give more money to NIH and CDC to "explore" the problem...yeah right...the same foxes gaurding the henhouses....same old same old. The only way things change is in the hearts of young mothers, making MAJOR health decisions regarding their beautiful unscathed or targeted children...they must, stand up to a pediatrician, a school, a day care, and do their bidding, their education on their own. This is where WE come in. Thinking MOMS, tell other THINKING MOMS what happened to them when they gave over their trust to a white coat. We do more investigation in the ins and outs of a car loan or house loan, than ever look on an ingredient list on a vaccine insert, a baby formula package, etc etc. It's called being WISE AS A SERPENT in todays wicked wicked world. Until we meet with the "real critical mass" aka, the consumer...aka, the mom...we won't stop autism. It will continue in spite of our politics, in spite of our best efforts to educate our overseers. I do believe however the only useful way for us to contact our overseers or politicians on this matter is to protect our exemptions, which Paul Offit want's to rip away from us as we speak....this is the only political move to me that makes sense...otherwise....waste of time...Obama let Benghazi people die right in front of him...why would he even bother with our prescious children? Seriously... (and I won't go there with late term abortions either, but hey, you asked)....

Angus Files

Right on everyone ..I would write but over here in US -of the - UK we cant..dig in guys our kids are worth it..



My nine year old grandson is non verbal autistic... I haven't heard him talk since he had his "series" of shots at 18 months. You have NO idea how sad and how hard this is. WE NEED to do something about the POISON we are giving our young ones.
that is iF you care.

no vac


you are right. WE should be sending this message to everybody, and ask them to send to everybody.

Birgit Calhoun

Are things not bad enough for anybody to listen? It's as if nothing counts anymore.

Let's not have it all land on the Presidents, though. It's really the general attitude all around that drives current thinking.

Science is ignored; the future is ignored; the past is ignored. There is no real grounding in education, and the kids play too much with things that in the end are not relevant.

Kids used to play and that play actually enhanced certain forms of learning. There used to be interaction with other children during play. This lack of interaction does not allow you to know who your autistic neighbor is. It is important for all to see who we are and what tragedy is out there.

Autism happens to be a silent epidemic because those who are affected cannot tell their story. And we parents? We are ignored because it might be too painful to contemplate inviting into the house something that is so tragic.

A soccer parent once told me: "We could be friends if you didn't have that child."

Maybe the President, too, is an ostrich; but he is not the only one.


So President Obama's health care plan for autistic kids doesn't cover ABA, but does cover psychotropic drugs?

Gee, I wonder who told him to do that?


The same people who know damned well that Obama is anything BUT an "Autism President", yet are delighted that some people actually believe that he is.

Calling Obama the "Autism President", is about as accurate as referring to Brian Deer as the worlds leading expert on diarrhoea

Maureen McDonnell,RN

We should start a simple mass campaign that will go viral
Autism, 1 in 50 kids...it's not a mystery-it's the vaccines!


Vanderbilt University Mafia lackeys whoring themselves for the glory of the pharmaceutical cartels: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/21134540/vp=51264959�
The above comment by No Vac is exactly what is happening. This is a planned poisoning and if people think the Federal Government is on their side then they are in for yet another disappointment.

Tina Schaare

My son is on the autism spectrum scale and doesn't do well in large groups, I have to home school him because the school cannot deal with his "behaviors".

For Krissys Mom

Krissys Mom

It's not the point is it? Obama is the man who has been in office for four years. With friends like him....

Krissys mom

Do you really thing President Romney would have done anything??? Geez, he hates 47% of the people..... a large portion of which are people with autism and disabilities.

Gayle Fisher

My son is 6, and we have been 24/7 red alert for all of the most effective learning interventions for over 4 years. There seems to be many causes, and I know it is hugely complicated. But, I can swear to you that we parents are out here trying not to drown, trying to use all the pieces of the system to help our children get ready for life. We could use some help from time to time.

no vac

Mass poisoning of American children and seniors with toxic vaccines is nothing less but a planned and deliberate extermination of Americans by farma-mafia and their govt cronies.


So President Obama's health care plan for autistic kids doesn't cover ABA, but does cover psychotropic drugs?

Gee, I wonder who told him to do that?

Bob Moffitt

The sad thing is .. our "Autism President" is the same man who is responsible for keeping Dr. Tom Insel as chairman of the IACC .. who has .. over years .. literally squandered millions of dollars conducting fruitless research .. mostly genetics.

It is bad enough that Insel remains in his critical position .. but .. it is even worse the Autism President doesn't care.

John Stone


Unfortunately, the people getting screwed are inevitably the one's least likely to vote (in many cases in this instance incapable) even if there was the remote possibility of them being offered a useful choice. The trouble with these politicians are that they are simply the products of the machine and are less moral agents than ordinary citizens - beyond the lobbies which fund them and the parasitical crony bureaucrats that run the state it doesn't much matter about their personalities.


Angus Files

Obama slicker than Clinton which I never thought possible....possibly when the 3-4% receive the right to vote they might sit up and take notice ..


John Stone

President Obama is truly "the Autism President". His four predecessors ((Reagan, perhaps against his will) were also Autism Presidents, but Obama is the Autism President par excellence.

I am neither American or partisan but he reminds me of the nursery rhyme:

'The other day, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today:
Oh, how I wish he'd go away!"

Of course, there are a lot of other men who aren't there in this game.

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