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OurKidsASD Contest for Enhansa Curcumin or ASD Autism Spectrum Supplement

Enter to winOur friends at OurKidsASD have a contest for you. No Luck of the Irish Lee SIlsby needed, just leave a comment to enter and you can choose from one bottle of Enhansa Curcumin 150mg, 600mg or powder or ASD Vitamin and Mineral Powder any version.

OurKidsASD is the in-house brand from our sponsor Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio. Lee Silsby is one of the largest and most respected compounding pharmacies in the country.

Our pharmacy offers a:

  • Class 100 certified clean room for preparing sterile products
  • Dedicated capsule room
  • Large compounding facility
  • Pharmacists always available to speak with practitioners and patients

We use only the finest quality chemicals and equipment to prepare our patients’ compounded medications and nutritional supplements. Customizing medication and nutritional supplements for our customers allows them to achieve their unique health goals.

Given Lee Silsby’s impeccable reputation for quality, practitioners across America send us their patient’s prescriptions. Our pharmacy provides a high level of service and strives to process all orders in a timely manner.  We are always happy to contact your doctor to discuss treatment options.

In addition to compounding, we collaborate with physicians to research and develop innovative nutritional supplements. Lee Silsby’s Enhansa and ASD Vitamin/Mineral Formulas are supplements that have been well received by doctors and patients.

We encourage you to browse through our website and discover additional medications and supplements which may be helpful to you.  Please also visit The Lee Silsby Difference page, where we highlight some of the reasons our pharmacy stands out.

For more information, please call us at 1-800-918-8831 or send us a message here.



I would like to use Lee Silsby's Enhansa in powder because it contains a curcumin that I use in my food(meat,soups and veggies). It is the most powerful root that enhances your body and saves you from many diseases.Make your own research,please

Karla lyle


Mariharlett Diaz

I am always learning new ways to help my son, I just found Enhansa information, I would like to try it, everytime I found something new, a window of opportunities is open, a hope.

Daniel Hughes

Thank you Lee Silsby Pharmacy and reps. We have ordered LDN and currently Enhansa curcumin from them and believe our daughter (now 4 years old) is on the road to recovery.

Bob Dopico

Great job Lee Silsby, and may thanks

K Giorgi

I would love love to try the Enhansa for my son!

Stephanie Weiss

ASD kids products, amen!

R. Chris Hudson

Love Enhansa and ASD V&M Powder...

Lisa B.

Great idea for a contest.

Denise Madigan

We love enchansa!!! It has been a staple for years. Wouldn't miss a day.

Ann J

Am very impressed with the quality and science behind the Lee Silsby products and would love to get a bottle of Enhansa free! Thanks!


Always order through OurKidsASD and lee silsby customer service has always been great. Hope we win!

K. Dauterive

We presently use Enhansa for my 6 year old grandson, but would like to try the ASD vitamin/mineral supplement. I greatly appreciate the prompt, reliable service that Lee Silsby provides. Easy access to a wide variety of quality supplements has been so helpful to our family.

Lourdes E

I love enhansa.... I use it once, I would love to try it again....thanks for the opportunity.

lisa Sullivan

We are very intetested in Enhansa curcumin. Hoping to win something for my sweet boy.


Would love to win Enhsnsa! Thanks for the contest.


Would love to be entered into win a free bottle! Very much needed by my daughter.


We would love to be chosen to have this for our boys. Thanks for the opportunity-good luck everyone!


WOuld love to try this for my son.


We love Enhansa but cannot afford it any more. Would certainly appreciate it. Thanks.

Kristie Wolff

Would love to win the Enhansa.

Jhoanna Rodriguez

How do we enter? Just by adding a comment here? If so please enter me! We love enhansa!


Wow! Something we have been looking into! Maybe luck will be on our side! :)

Patty Bigornia

Commenting hoping I win! Thanks for the opportunity


I would love to win! Enter me in the contest :)

katie kelley

I would love to try this with my boys...pick me!!

Barry Stern

Our whole family uses Enhansa to reduce inflammation, and insurance coverage is minimal. Winning a free bottle would be wonderful.

Jennifer Nichols

Would love to try Enhansa! Heard lots of good things about it.


Could I be so lucky?


I would love to try Enhansa! Thanks!

Mandy Anderson

I would love to win the curcumin!

Lisa LeVie

Sadly insurance won't cover anything biomedical for my son
with Autism. We are gluten,casein,soy, & rice free. We would be lost w/out
OurKids, They are worth every cent!! They are a wonderful company!
I certainly could use a free ASD Powder though!! 😉😉


This is something that we are planning on trying. Please pick us!


The enhansa powder has helped my son alot. Insurance no longer covers a few products and even though there have been financial struggles, my son does not go without. Being able to win this contest would help quite a bit.

Sandra Lopriore

Enhansa has been instrumental in helping control my daughter's PANDAS. I live nearby and have on occasion picked her scripts up myself. They are a very professional organization.

Shawn Conway

I would so love the chance to try it!!!


Our Kids ASD products have literally been a lifesaver for our Mia!! Thanks for this awesome contest.


Enhansa please!


Enhansa helps tremendously with inflammation- great product.


Consider Me Entered

Annette Flynn

We would love to try a more potent product then we have been using.

Jacqueline Gauthier

I'd be happy to win our next bottle of Enhansa! It's been an amazing intervention for my son's chronic inflammation, yeast and related issues.

Joann Mrozinski

Love their products


Lee Silsby Rocks. An organization I can trust!

Maurine Meleck

sign me up for the contest. thanks


Love Our Kids ASD products. I know that I can trust them.

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