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Grand Magazine Salutes Autism Grandparents

Julie ObradovicPlease join us in congratulating Contributing Editor Julie Grand Obradovic whose recent post is going to be featured in GRAND magazine online. And, for our grandparent readers, the magazine has generously offered a free print subscription to one lucky winner. Leave a comment to enter please.

A recent post on The Thinking Mom’s reminded me about the roles grandparents play in the autism epidemic. I believe in many cases they are the unsung heroes of much of what we’ve been able to accomplish in the pursuit of health, truth, and justice. I know for me personally, there’s no way I could have saved my daughter, kept my sanity, and found time to advocate were it not for my parents on both sides. No way.

Thinking about them actually brings tears to my eyes, especially when I remember my mother making an honest, quiet comment to someone in a conversation years ago. I don’t remember it word for word, but I do remember the gist of it: how hard it was not only to watch your grandchild suffer, but your own child as well, and mostly how helpless and painful that felt.

The thought stopped me in my tracks. For so long I had been completely wrapped up in my own pain. It had never crossed my mind to think about how she felt, or how my father felt, or how my in-laws felt. I was completely focused on my daughter and myself, oblivious to the toll this was taking on them.

I thought about it then. What was it like for her, watching me in so much pain? Was she walking on eggshells around me? Of course she was. Truth be told, I’m not the easiest person to deal with when I’m on a mission. No one knows that better than my mother.... Read more.



I am a grandmother who has an autistic 31/2 year old granddaughter, Before her first birthday, we realized she was not focusing anymore, started with the flapping of hands, and so on. My daughter did not rest, got her into therapy, behavior, speech and physical. Then she got pregnant had another daughter, who is fine, however had to have a c section . My husband and I took over for two months taking her to all her therapy, then I took over taking care of the baby so her mother could contue with her classes. I still help with the baby, she is 1 1/2 years old. My autistic granddauather goes now to speech twice a week, school in the morning, and starting private one on one classes for 3 1/2 hours a day in the afternoon, I will do anything to not only help my daughter, but most importantly my granddaughter. I will never let on I am exhausted at times, I don't want to inflect anymore on my daughter ( had both knees replaced) I will always be there.

Maurine Meleck

I don't have a grandma; I am a grandma . I am the only living grandparent to Joshua. I am raising him. He rocks!(sometimes)

Barbara  Rodriguez

MY Grandson is very special, he is everything to me.he has changed my life.i love you Brandon.

Lily Medina

Great article, Julie. It shows how we are all so connected and when one person in a family is suffering or struggling so are others.


My son's grandmother is truly amazing. We had a strained relationship before my son regressed into autism, but after that happened, everything changed....the little things remained little and she jumped in big! My son's behavior can be challenging and his grandmother is the only person I can leave him with and when I pick him up, she only has positive things to say even when she looks like she could use a good rest after his visits. She respects all the work we put into his therapy and biomed/diet and will be on a plane in a heartbeat when we say we need help taking him to an out of state doctor. Our current project? Opening a school for learning differences, and she is right by my side! Did I mention I also have an older son with Down syndrome who she also adores? Not all can say they truly love their MIL...I really lucked out!

Jackie Murphy

Well done!

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