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Ginger Taylor on Maine's LD 672 An Act Relating to Exemption from Immunization for Schoolchildren

MaineManaging Editor's Note: Thank you to Ginger Taylor for sharing this post from her site Adventures in Autism.

Testimony on Maine LD 672 An Act Relating to Exemption from Immunization for Schoolchildren
Below is my written testimony on LD 672 An Act Relating to Exemption from Immunization for Schoolchildren, urging the state of Maine to provide parents with true informed consent in vaccination.

Vaccine information given to parents does not represent true informed consent.

1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (Vaccine Injury Compensation Act or VICA)
- Declares all FDA approved vaccines, "Unavoidably Unsafe," which means that they cannot be made safe for their intended use.
"The House Energy and Commerce Committee Report accompanying the Vaccine Act, H. R. Rep. No. 99–908, pt. 1 (1986) (hereinafter 1986 Report), explains in relevant part:
Subsection (b)—Unavoidable Adverse Side Effects; Direct Warnings .—This provision sets forth the principle contained in Comment K of Section 402A of the Restatement of Torts (Second) that a vaccine manufacturer should not be liable for injuries or deaths resulting from unavoidable side effects even though the vaccine was properly prepared and accompanied by proper directions and warnings.
“The Committee has set forth Comment K in this bill because it intends that the principle in Comment K regarding ‘unavoidably unsafe’ products, i.e., those products which in the present state of human skill and knowledge cannot be made safe, apply to the vaccines covered in the bill and that such products not be the subject of liability in the tort system.” Id. , at 25–26."

- Justice Sotomayor , with whom Justice Ginsburg joins, dissenting, RUSSELL BRUESEWITZ, et al ., PETITIONERS v. WYETH LLC,
- Provides blanket liability protection for all involved in vaccine design, production and distribution when injury or death from vaccine occurs.
- Provides that CDC Vaccine Information Sheets (VIS sheets) be provided to patients or their parents before any vaccine is administered so that they have informed consent.
- Establishes the HRSA Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, designed to be a compassionate program with a low burden of proof to provide for vaccine induce injury and death quickly (with in one year) to maintain confidence in the vaccine program.

Read the full post at Adventures in Autism.


Jim Thompson


Thank you!

Our daughter tried to get informed consent for parents in the state of South Dakota in 2009 (S.D. Senate Bill 198). This bill was simply a bill to require that parents know when vaccines have mercury. The trade name thimerosal is used in the handouts for the flu shot--but this is misleading because that does not tell parents or pregnant women that the multi-dose flu shot has mercury. Mercury is a known neurotoxin. Flu shots are available without mercury for about two dollars extra a shot but parents have to know to ask.

The bill was opposed during testimony in committee by the South Dakota Department of Health and the South Dakota State Medical Association (an association of about 2,000 physicians, residents, and medical students). They claimed that parents were already informed about mercury. The bill then failed in committee.

Here is the information that supported the claim by the South Dakota Department of Health and South Dakota Medical Association that parents are already informed.

“Some inactivated influenza vaccine contains a preservative called thimerosal. Thimerosal-free influenza vaccine is available. Ask your doctor for more information.”

See .

Three months ago I visited with the person giving flu shots to children in the local pharmacy. She told me she was a nurse. I asked if she knew that the flu shots contain mercury. She did not know. She was handing out the CDC Vaccine Information Statement that did still does not have the word mercury. It only uses the word Thimerosal. I told her about . She was sincerely interested and thanked me but continued to give flu shots with mercury to children and pregnant women without their informed consent. I still have one of those Vaccine Information Statements that she gave to parents and pregnant women, the human beings she injected with the same mercury by weight as a half cup of D009 Mercury Hazardous Waste. And they were not informed!

Not an MD

Thank you, Ginger! There is so much important and useful information contained within your posted testimony. I especially love the side by side vaccine comparison from then and now.

Bob Moffitt

It must be me .. but .. in my humble opinion .. the ONLY people that have the power to deny parents "informed consent" .. are .. elected POLITICIANS .. be they local, state or federal .. and .. THEY are elected by .. "WE THE PEOPLE".

Unfortunately .. WE .. have absolutely no way of knowing WHICH local, state and federal legislators are opposed to PARENTAL CONSENT .. because .. unlike many divisive "social" issues .. such as .. abortion and gun control .. the issue of "parental consent" is NEVER addressed when these people are campaigning and seeking our votes.

My question?

"Wouldn't it be well worth the effort to "identify" these people by requesting all candidates for elective office, especially State and Federal legislators, sign a plege .. pre-election .. asking:

Who decides what vaccines a child will receive .. the child's PARENT .. or .. the child's LEGISLATOR?

Ginger Taylor

Use any and all information... please.


"An Act Relating to Exemption from Immunization for Schoolchildren"

We all desire our children to be immune from harm. The question is how is this accomplished.

When we do not "vaccinate" our children we are STRENGTHENING their immune systems because "vaccination" is immunosupressive.

To force a child to be "vaccinated" is to force a vastly weakened immune system on him/her.

"Vaccination" does not confer immunity.

Sometimes; especially in a time of pervasive, unrelenting, untrue propaganda and FORCED "vaccination" the simplest things are the hardest to understand.

Angus Files

Nothing but bully boy tactics all the way down the line to have vaccines...SHAME ON THEM..


Jeannette Bishop

"If I were to have a child today, that baby would receive more doses of vaccine by the time it was six months old than I did by the time I went to college."

Can I use this comparison (along with all the rest)?

Thank you for skillfully outlining much of the mind-numbing inconceivability that occurs in the name of disease prevention here!


Seems like "true informed consent" would require a doctor to provide information on the amount of neurotoxic heavy metals in any given vaccine.

"True informed consent" would also require them to state the heavy metal dose in relation to EPA guidelines...

such as / "Your baby is getting a 47x dose of mercury today for his body weight" ....please sign here....


Compensate sounds fair on paper don't it.

Denise Ferraro

Ginger, Thank you so much for posting this and for testifying in Maine. It is Awesome! I plan on printing it out and having it with me at all times so when the "vaccine discussions" come up from now on I will be able to take it out for reference. I'll then be able to remember and make better points, especially lately with my menopausal brain. lol Great Job.

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