Dachel Media Update: Just In Time For Vaccines Don't Cause Autism Month
Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: AS OK's CDC BS

Geraldine’s Land of Opportunity as 1 in 38 Became Autism Speaks’ New Normal

Dawson MoneyAs Autism Speaks Geraldine Dawson rushes once again to endorse the vaccine program with the new CDC autism vaccine study , Age of Autism poses the question of whether the present agenda of Autism Speaks is actually to increase the diagnosable autistic population to benefit commercial interests. John Stone’s article first appeared in May 2011 when  Autism Speaks was thrilling to the alleged to discovery of a rate of  in 38 in a South Korean city using its new screening methods (although more than three-quarters of the families of positively screened children had withdrawn them before the end), while simultaneously a Pfizer executive, Robert H. Ring, had left the company to lead a so-called “pre-competitive consortium” (some might call it a cartel) with Autism Speaks consisting of Pfizer, Roche, Lily, Novartis and Janssen to develop new medications for this large and potentially captive population. This group, in partnership with  Autism Speaks, can only benefit from swelling autism numbers.



Dawson is a real piece of work.....absolutely disgusting!

David H. Payne


The mere idea that giving children or adults, on a large scale an untested unstudied pathogen without a serious battery of small double blind trials in the form of level 1 research is of course pure chicanery. Administering pathogens individually and in concert with the other pathogens that are temporally administered and then claiming that withholding these same untested alleged medicinals would be unethical is not only ridiculous on its face but the idea is quite mad.

These are the absurd incantations of the people we call pediatricians. Wizards of ignorance, there is a word we used to describe this lot of low achievers and second raters-HERETICS.


AUTISM SPEAKS and Geraldine Dawson have already chosen sides casting their lot it in word, ink and action. They have sealed their fate in concrete historically as have many others. We must also choose individually and collectively a side because either we really believe that VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM or we do not.

Ambivalence is no longer a luxury we or the entire country can afford

Dr. Sears really should swear off giving vaccines if he really believes they cause problems and I am quite serious. Sides must actually be taken in this debate that has implications about everything from whether an individual goes to hell or not (you read that correctly) to the health of the country and the world and the economic stability of the health care system for everyone.

We can either complain about vaccines causing autism or we can try to do something about it. At some point you have to put up or shut up for real.


David H. Payne


Pediatricians without qualm or trepidation and as an astounding testament to their stupidity and weakness will insist that it is unethical to withhold UNTESTED vaccines from normally developing healthy children and this is why they do not undertake the vaccinated versus unvaccinated double blind study. This is level 1 reseach evidence and our children and families deserve this and the current controversy cries out for it.

In fact proponents of giving these untested vaccines to children, to their utter damnation, have even invoked the Tuskegee experiment as the reason that they must vaccinate all of these completely healthy children with these untested vaccinations. As you may or may not know The Tuskegee experiment essentially involved about 600 blacks who contracted syphilis and 200 hundred blacks who were an alleged a control group (but who I personally think were given syphilis because here was no need to have a control group because no efficacious treatment was being administered, penicillin was effective at the complete eradication of the disease and that was withheld.). The blacks were coerced into the study by other blacks and the Tuskegee institute to engage in the study under the auspices of the CDC among others and being told they were receiving “special care”("special" is a word that has grave implications when used by the governmnet). Their disease was not treated and just observed and they infected their girl friends, wives and other sexual partners. Many of the men and their relations died from syphilis and the complications related to it, Tabes Dorsalis, Syphilitic dementia etc..

The CDC actually insisted that the study run its course of criminal neglect, much as it does now with autism.

This preposterous analogy (The Tuskegee experiment one) of not giving the normally developing healthy uninfected children untested vaccinations is important for all of those reading this as a cautionary tale of why it is important to be honest and ethical as well as informed about the details of historical events especially catastrophic ones.
Further the inappropriate use of this tragedy underscores how people that are not only unethical but truly stupid will, if given enough of the proverbial rope, hang themselves and quite high with a brass band playing that they paid for.

The vaccination enthusiast take the position on this shameful episode sanctioned by the American government, educational and medical industry that they are compelled to give the vaccines to children to prevent disease and not doing so would be like the Tuskegee experiment of calculated infestation and neglect. Lost in this cache of lies and illogic are the following truths:

1) The unvaccinated children are healthy and normal not requiring treatment for being healthy, the participants in the Tuskegee experiment actually had syphilis BIG DIFFERENCE.

2) Penicillin was a treatment for a diseased patient vaccines DO NOT TREAT THEY INFECT by definition and it is impossible to “cure or treat” a healthy child as there is nothing to treat.

3) The vaccination proponents THEMSELVES are already acting like the oppressors of the Tuskegee experiment scenario. That is they work with the government, CDC NIH etc. in programs like in the Tuskegee experiment and are using doctors, the pediatricians to further their experiments and like the physicians in the Tuskegee experiment the pediatricians are doing what they are told.

“For the most part, doctors and civil servants simply did their jobs. some merely followed orders, others worked for the glory of science”.
— John Heller, director of the public health service's division of venereal diseases[11]

4)Further people, children, are being infected just like in the Tuskegee experiment the children are being injected with pathogens and given a dementia of sorts and it is affecting the family. Information and care is being withheld from the public not just blacks though all of the public. The children and families of autism are not being given meaningful care and access to care and in fact they are being neglected and observed by people who are not ethical licensed medical doctors. The children and families have been relegated to the school boards. If the families are seeing physicians they are not being told the truth and are participants just like in the Tuskegee experiment.

5) Finally no meaningful research is being undertaken, fraudulent studies from fraudulent researchers and fraudulent journals are being touted as worthwhile when in fact they are worthless.


David H. Payne


Geraldine Dawson PhD. has an impressive CV that, with respect to Autism, is every bit as much of a fraud as AUTISM SPEAKS and others who insist that there is no relationship between vaccines and Autism no matter who they are and what educational and professional accomplishments they tout.
Autism is purely a medical disease with psychiatric manifestations of an injured brain and body including the immune system. For example if you were experiencing hypoxemia or hypoxia (lack of oxygenation to the brain via low o2 tension in the blood) you would experience and manifest psychiatric symptoms.
We would NOT send you to see Geraldine Dawson that would be nonsense, we would relieve your hypoxia or hypoxemia immediately and then find the underlying cause for it and then correct it.
In the current case the problem is autism however for years the government and others controlling it have, quite conspicuously, sought not to correct the autism or even find its cause insisting that families and children just live with it.



Dawson's there for the money, not for the kids with autism.

Angus Files


Tube of You.. hardly ever the other way!

Stonking posts



When will the American people stop being impressed with double talk like what was in this U tube.

Sick of words and phrases that mean nothing.
Hmmmm, if we all continue down this road - 1 out of 2 will develop language problems - no one will understand him -- and maybe God willing there will stop being so many like him.********''?

I am not sure that is a bad thing -


Having been at the same events with Dawson and having ample opportunities to chat with her, I can 100% say that there is nothign between those pretty little ears of hers, but a blank stare. I was so happy she left WA state.

Why do all these idiot parents walk for the blue light organization that pays this idiot and others $750,000 salaries?

First do no harm

Geraldine Dawson is incalculably dangerous to children's health, and she will rank with the likes of Paul Offit in the medical history books.

She pushes vaccines on autism families even though she is FULLY aware of the vaccine-autism link, as JB Handley brought to our attention in 2009 when she included these points in her letter to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee:

1. “In the past several years, the prevalence of ASD has increased dramatically, underscoring the potential role of environmental factors in its etiology.”

2. “Recent studies point to a key role of the immune system in the biology of ASD, raising questions about the effects of the significant immune challenges associated with vaccinations, particularly when delivered in combination and early in life.”

3. “We believe that the question of whether immunization is associated with an increased risk for ASD is of extremely high priority.”

4. “Still other studies point toward subgroups of children with ASD with genetic vulnerabilities than can amplify the adverse effects of environmental exposures, including vaccinations, on brain development and function”

5. “There is a need to describe the nature and prevalence of vaccine adverse events in children with metabolic disorders and assess risk factors for these events.”

6. “As mentioned in the draft scientific agenda, many key questions have not yet been adequately addressed. Many of the studies to date have relied on data from the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS). While this system has clear strengths such as its broad coverage, it nevertheless has substantial limitations (Ellenberg and Braun, Drug Safety, 2002). Because the system relies on passive self‐report, a major limitation is under‐ reporting such that only a small fraction of adverse events are reported. Furthermore, events that occur weeks following vaccination are less likely to be reported than those that are proximal to the vaccination.”

7. “Many fundamental questions have not been addressed, such as whether the use of combination vaccines confers increased risk for adverse events and whether there are subgroups in the general population that are more vulnerable to serious adverse effects of vaccines, including ASD.”

8. “Research has shown that children with metabolic disorders, including mitochondrial disorders, may experience neurological decline when physiologically challenged. There have been reports of metabolic crisis after receiving vaccinations”

9. “As noted in the draft agenda, preliminary results from a VSD study underway found that children aged 12‐23 months who received MMRV vaccine were about 2 times more likely to have febrile seizures during the 7‐10 days after vaccination than children who received separate MMR and varicella vaccines at the same visit (CDC MMWR, 2008). In a population‐based study, there has been a report of an increased risk for ASD after infantile seizures during the first year of life”

10. “Studies that can address the current questions raised by parents are feasible. Clinical studies of individuals with ASD can address whether certain metabolic conditions associated with ASD are correlated with increased risk for serious adverse effects. Case‐control studies and randomized clinical trials can be conducted to address whether there are differences in adverse effects associated with a combination vaccine versus individually administered components”

11. “Fever after vaccination is common and can induce seizures in vulnerable children”

12. “For example, a recent study identified mutation in a sodium channel gene in children who developed encephalopathy after pertussis vaccines, suggesting that genetic factors may influence the risk for neurological deterioration after vaccination”

13. “Children with metabolic diseases are at higher risk of health complications from diseases that are prevented by immunizations”

14. “Such research could have wide‐ranging effects on clinical practice/vaccination policy. For example, it could allow pediatricians to identify subgroups of children who may benefit from a different vaccine schedule or for whom careful monitoring of adverse effects is warranted.”

15. “Over the past decade, parental concerns, both in the general population and the autism community, over the possible link between immunization and increased risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have only increased despite concerted and persistent efforts by the medical community to reassure the public about the safety of vaccines.”

16. “It is Autism Speaks’ position that the best way to ensure that parents are confident in the safety of our vaccine program and, at the same time, protect the minority of children who may be at increased risk for serious adverse effects of vaccinations, is to foster collaborative, trusting relationships among the general public, the medical and scientific communities, and the federal government whose mandate it is to conduct research on the safety of vaccines.”

17. “Establishing and maintaining a trusting relationship and providing answers to parents’ questions cannot be achieved by one set of studies addressing one set of questions, but rather it will require an on‐going process of scientific discovery as medical science continues to uncover individual differences that predict differential responses to vaccines and other medical interventions. We need to embrace our obligation to address new questions with an open mind, adequate resources, and renewed commitment.”



Thanks, Taximom - I quoted you on a thread.

Angus Files


and the likes of Brian Deer twisted his melon years ago ...and is heading to where he belongs before most...


Disaster capitalism defined. Actually trying to define things like this brings a risk of appearing to hyperbolize, but there's really no way to exaggerate how terrible it is-- up there with the worst atrocities committed against children but in deferred form. If we don't expose this, we're basically doomed.

Angus Files


Spot on ..the lie continues and gets bigger ..these people lost their soul years ago ...they see kids ,babies ,adults just thrown away to autism or whatever..Adam Lanza I dont know how came by his Apergers (but no prize for guessing) but if the poor lad never had that what person would he have been ...his mother and father are i would say High achievers..yet again ..the lies go on..


I'd say that Geraldine Dawson absolutely put her foot in her mouth this time--legally AND medically.

You see, she just was just quoted in USA today in a MASSIVE lie about the outcome of the study: triblive.com/mobile/3746544-96/vaccines-autism-antigens

STUDY CONCLUSION: "It can be argued that ASD with regression, in which children usually lose developmental skills during the second year of life, could be related to exposures in infancy, including vaccines; however, we found no association between exposure to antigens from vaccines during infancy and the development of ASD with regression."

Geraldine Dawson's conclusion: "This study shows definitively that there is no connection between the number of vaccines that children receive in childhood, or the number of vaccines that children receive in one day, and autism.”

You can go to the actual study (screen shot it, everyone, please, I'm sure that they will change it as soon as they see that we actually read their studies!) here: http://www.jpeds.com/webfiles/images/journals/ympd/JPEDSDeStefano.pdf

And even beyond Dawson's whopper of a lie, there are serious flaws.

For starters, it looks like a significant percentage of their CONTROL group may have had symptoms of autism: "Of the remaining 752 controls included in the analysis, 186 had an SCQ score <16 but had indications of speech delay or language delay, learning disability, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or attention deficit disorder, or tics, or had an individual education plans."

186 of the 752 controls had possible symptoms of autism. Those were the CONTROLS? Nearly 25% of the CONTROL group may have had possible symptoms of autism???? Wow, it's....almost like...they...picked a control group that had the same rate of autism as the test group. Gee. How on EARTH did that happen? (Oh, that's right. They didn't have an unvaccinated control group.)

There's the usual garbage we have come to expect from Offit's disciples, about how they were testing whether all ANTIGENS in the vaccines were what caused autism. Oh, and they even made a point of thanking Offit, so he was clearly involved in this study.

But then, there are a couple of surprising admissions.

"How evidence of early neurodevelopmental delays would have affected our results is not clear; it might have resulted in lower vaccination levels if parents were concerned about vaccinating their children, or possibly higher vaccination levels through more frequent contact with the healthcare system." Too bad it didn't occur to them to look at the nonvaxed population; then they could have seen that the rate of early neurodevelopmental delays is lower in unvaxed populations.

But they ADMITTED in the conclusion that regressive autism could be related to vaccines:
"It can be argued that ASD with regression, in which children usually lose developmental skills during the second year of life, could be related to exposures in infancy, including vaccines."

Funny how Dawson translates that to: "definitively no connection."

If any Autism Speaks parents are reading this, I hope you take your Chief Scientific Officer to task for telling such a horrible, horrible lie. If any parent vaccinates their child on schedule because of that lie, not only is Geraldine Dawson responsible

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