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Jeannette Bishop

"Dr. Brian Hooker and panel in Q & A after VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe @ MFF" (better audio)

Jeannette Bishop

Video interview of Aidan Quinn from 2012 (in case this is new to any besides me):


What the heck happened to, "I feel great shame" and "I'm not going to lie anymore"?

Is this an analysis he'll be presenting to Congress?

Jeannette Bishop

A recording of the Q&A with Brian Hooker starting about here (the microphone is in the audience and it's a little difficult to hear):


I transcripted the entire statement made by Hooker (around 18:00 mark):

I spoke to Dr Thompson over a period of 10 months approximately from Nov 2013 until Sept 2014. When he found out that I had actually recorded him, and I went from my home state of California, where it's illegal to do what I did, and drove up to Oregon which is about 2.5 hours away, he laughed gregoriously, he thought that was the funniest thing in the world.

And unfortunately, one of the things I had asked Thompson to do in Sept 2014 was to leave the CDC and bring this all to an end so he could come forward, come public, talk to Congress, talk to the press directly. He chose not to.

Dr Thompson has been 'handled', and will most likely submit a revised version of his analysis and try to absolve the MMR vaccine in May of 2016.

This is typical of what we've seen of the CDC. The CDC analyzes data, and when they see an effect that they don't like, the reanalyze the data and the effect goes away. The CDC has done this HISTORICALLY, from Agent Orange to thimerosal, now to the MMR vaccine.

So I did not want this to come, but I certainly anticipated that while he was in the CDC, that this would come. In exchange for what Thompson is doing, I believe, and this is a little bit shaky, but I believe he will get his own autism research foundation, and so, there has been some very very dubious activities that went on. Because he stayed in the CDC, he also got a major cash reward from the CDC for maintaining his employment, he said until he qualified for retirement, but there are a lot of things that had happened since the last conversation that I had with Dr Thompson which was in Sept 2014.

And I do want to warn you and I do want you to anticipate this, but again, it's the same thing that we've heard and we've seen from an agency that has been completely captured by the pharmaceutical industry. It is there not to tell the truth, but in order to manipulate the public in order to do what they think is the best thing to do for society.


I thought about what it might mean for Thompson when Mike Glasgow was charged with altering data on the levels of lead in Flint water. According to Glasgow, he was ordered by superiors to make the changes and given justifications. Nevertheless, Glasgow is facing significant jail time if convicted even though he was a reluctant accomplice and has been cooperative with authorities.

John Stone

Now, for a piece of really bad theatre.

"He gazed up at the enormous face. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the dark moustache. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother."

Funny he decided to change his mind, just like that, now.


I was afraid this was a possibility.
Nothing like a whistle blower coming out and then having to go back and work day after day after day with the people they are telling on .

He lasted a long, long time though.

I think I really , really hate Congress. Crooked bunch of bad people they be.


This is how you know how extremely dangerous these humanoids are. Imagine what they did to him.

Jeannette Bishop

"California's state mandated vaccines - victim"

From video description:

"MMRV Vaccine made my child disabled in 3 days.
I am a desperate parent looking for local and social media to help me to investigate 6 years old loosing her ability to coordinate eyes in 3 days after MMRV vaccine...

"Please help me bring awareness of this incident and locate medical professional to help my daughter to regain her vision back. Thank you!"

for Dan

Awe come on Dan, you mean 82% unemployment for persons with autism is a problem? Next thing you'll tell me monkeys fly.

Jeannette Bishop

Good arguments made here:


Nancy Pelosi is schlepping for the ziki virus money for them, too. Not surprising, eh?

Betty Bona

Just got an email from Hilary Clinton via requesting that I sign a petition asking Congress to fund Obama's emergency request for Zika money. What crazy timing! Why would anyone who knows about the CDC fraud want to hand over large sums of money to that same organization for the Zika virus threat when it looks like the CDC may be involved in covering up the truth about the Zika threat.

Hans Litten

daily mail reports Hg_enocide ? finally

the UK vaccinating exterminating its seniors . How very BRITISH . STIFF UPPER LIP and all that . Tally HO

Jeannette Bishop

By Philipe Diaz:

Jeannette Bishop

Hans Litten

(NaturalNews) Another young girl has died from Gardasil, the infamous HPV vaccine manufactured by Merck & Co., and the medical establishment claims that it was a fluke. Twelve-year-old Meredith Prohaska from Waukesha, Wisconsin, died just a few hours after getting her Gardasil shot, and her parents are sure that the vaccine was the cause of death.

Hans Litten


Clinics around the world are destroying an old, problematic polio vaccine in favor of a new oral one, in an unprecedented effort that has never before been attempted.

The problem with the old vaccine? It was causing polio. Oops.

Hans Litten

old quote but I like it :

"They can put anything they want in that vaccine and they have no accountability for it," stated Kennedy about the vaccine industry, which ironically maintains its own exclusive and unconstitutional exemption from legal liability for vaccines that injure and kill children.

Jeannette Bishop

A couple of Vaxxed reviews:

Hans Litten

Alicia Silverstone has spoken out .

This is in danger of becoming a rout , for the CDC .

Long live Hollywood .

Hans Litten

Newspapers and TV networks should have descended on the CDC headquarters in Atlanta to talk to the major players. If William Thompson wasn’t willing to answer questions, they should have sought out Frank Destefano, Coleen Boyle, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, and Tanya Karapurkar Bhasin, whose names were also on that 2004 study. They should have gone to the head of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Frieden, to ask him why parents should trust the safety claims of officials in the face of charges of a huge cover-up that’s gone on since the first findings in 2001.

Reporters should have lined up for blocks when “Vaxxed” premiered at Angelika in New York. They should have sought out Brian Hooker, Andrew Wakefield, and Del Bigtree, the people responsible for “Vaxxed” for interviews. And since the 2004 MMR study specifically revealed a high risk for autism in African American boys who received the MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months, news people should have talked to leaders in the black community to get their reaction.

These things didn’t happen.

Jeannette Bishop

Georg Elser

From their inception, mass vaccinations have acted as a biological weapon, undermining health, manipulating and crippling the immune system, and instigating cycles of new and debilitating diseases. Monopoly medicine’s solution? Inject us with more powerful, genetically engineered high potency vaccines. Never mind they are seeding us with “nano-bombs” that will further attack our already compromised immune systems.

Hans Litten

The London Times , defenders\apologists of Hg-enocide :

Sarah Baxter (presumably of Baxter Pharmaceuticals)

April 17 2016, 1:01am, The Sunday Times

This MMR quack scared me, and with De Niro’s help he’s scaring parents still

Sarah Baxter

Truthers: people who believe the US government brought down the twin towers on 9/11. Birthers: those who insist Barack Obama was born in Kenya and has no “natural-born” right to be the US president. And anti-vaxxers: opponents of vaccination, particularly the triple MMR jab, for measles, mumps and rubella.

If all goes to plan for Donald Trump, America’s next president will be a birther who has flirted with the truther movement, which only goes to show how far madcap conspiracy theories can spread. All these groups are flourishing in our internet age, all seemingly impervious to rational argument.

Conspiracy theorists

Laura Hayes

Canadian study shows that 1 in 10 (!) girls goes to the ER or is hospitalized within 42 days of HPV vaccination. (See the study abstract which I cut and pasted after my comments.)

I find these figures simply astonishing, in the worst possible way.

958 hospitalizations + 19,351 ED (emergency room visits) = 20,309 VERY SERIOUS ADVERSE EVENTS following HPV vaccination (19,351 total if hospitalizations were a subset of the ED visits, unclear)

20,309 very serious adverse events within six weeks of HPV vaccination that were serious enough to warrant going to the hospital divided by 195,270 recipients means more than 1 in 10 girls (10.4%) is being seriously injured by the HPV vaccine! (If one includes the 958 hospitalizations as a subset of ED visits, then the figure is 9.9%, so still 1 in 10!) And we can readily assume that some girls slipped through the cracks, others didn't go to the hospital for various reasons (e.g. might not have proceeded beyond their general practitioners, fear of hospitals, lack of transportation, etc.), and some adverse health effects no doubt occurred after the 6-wk. mark, so are not included. Also, there very well could have been some deaths that resulted but which were attributed to other causes.

Males were not studied. Wonder what the rate of serious adverse events is for them following HPV vaccination?

Here are the authors' conclusions:

Conclusions: Rates of AEFI after HPV immunization in Alberta are low and consistent with types of events seen elsewhere.

My comments regarding their conclusions: To think they would deem this many girls and young women suffering severely enough to go to the hospital as "low" occurrence of AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunization) is reprehensible (and worse). And if these disturbing results "are consistent with types of events seen elsewhere", then clearly this vaccine needs to be stopped everywhere! Duh!

Please consider sharing this with those you know who might be considering HPV vaccination for themselves or for their children.

Background: In Canada, private purchase of human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines has been possible since 2006. In Alberta, Canada, a publicly funded quadrivalent HPV vaccine program began in the 2008/2009 school year. There have been concerns about adverse events, including venous thromboembolism (VTE) associated with HPV vaccines. We describe the frequencies of adverse events following HPV vaccination among Alberta females aged 9 years or older and look at VTE following HPV vaccination.
Methods: We used the Alberta Immunization and Adverse Reaction to Immunization (Imm/ARI) repository (publicly funded vaccine), the population-based Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN) information system (dispensing of a vaccine), and the Alberta Morbidity and Ambulatory Care Abstract reporting system (MACAR) for June 1, 2006–November 19, 2014. Deterministic data linkage used unique personal identifiers. We identified all reported adverse events following immunization (AEFI) and all emergency department (ED) utilization or hospitalizations within 42 days of immunization. We calculated the fre- quency of AEFI by type, rates per 100,000 doses of HPV vaccine administered and the frequencies of ICD-10-CA codes for hospitalizations and emergency department visits.
Results: Over the period 195,270 females received 528,913 doses of HPV vaccine. Of those receiving at least one dose, 192 reported one or more AEFI events (198 AEFI events), i.e., 37.4/100,000 doses administered (95% CI 32.5–43.0). None were consistent with VTE. Of the women who received HPV vaccine 958 were hospitalized and 19,351 had an ED visit within 42 days of immunization. Four women who had an ED visit and hospitalization event were diagnosed with VTE. Three of these had other diagnoses known to be associated with VTE; the fourth woman had VTE among ED diagnoses but not among those for the hospitalization.
Conclusions: Rates of AEFI after HPV immunization in Alberta are low and consistent with types of events seen elsewhere.
© 2016 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Please cite this article in press as: Liu XC, et al. Adverse events following HPV vaccination, Alberta 2006–2014. Vaccine (2016),

Hans Litten

De Niro went on to state: "All I wanted, was for the movie to be seen. People can make their own judgement, but you must see it."

Hans Litten

The are censoring EVERYTHING to the lie , that is vaccine together >:

Based on their study, Rail and study co-author Abby Lippman, a McGill University professor emeritus, published an op-ed article in Montreal’s Le Devoir newspaper questioning the safety and benefits of human papillomavirus vaccines. Their op-ed urged Quebec to halt HPV immunization until its dangers are independently investigated. Of course they were roundly attacked through the Canadian mainstream media.

The mainstream media piled on with remarks from the usual “prestigious” medical professionals who asserted HPV vaccinations safety and remarkable success at reducing ovarian cancer. Fortunately, several comments on Canada’s National Post article favored the Rail-Lippman viewpoint despite the article’s slyly negative slant toward their findings.

Angus Files

Even the UK has it,De Niro cool as always what a game he plays..


Hans Litten

De Niro: 'There Is a Link'

De Niro is right .

Vaccines are toxic pieces of shi^i_te .

The woods are moving alright . I say burn the woods down

go Trump

Dr. Manny talking to De-Niro ... (my spellcheck says to type money)

One might think that thousands with medical degrees and billions and billions of dollars could figure out Autism in less than 25 years. ... 50+ times more common than polio in the 1950's

I'm talkin to you Manny... I suggest you take the six-month baby vaccines and a two dose mercury flu shot, adjusted to your body weight...

Dan Burns

“Fear not, till Birnam wood
Do come to Dunsinane”

I tell you, the woods are moving.

Laura Hayes


I just checked KPFK's archives, and there's a 4-hr. gap for today's shows, which unfortunately includes The Awake Show to which I referred...bummer! Hope maybe it will post later today/tonight. Go to the station's website, archives section, and keep an eye out to see if it appears. Maybe send an email to the station, too, to inquire.

Ronald Kostoff

Hans Litten,

"Medical journal says fluoride is in same toxin category as brain-damaging lead and mercury"

Consider the case of Dr. William Marcus. He was a toxicologist and Senior Science Advisor at EPA. He reported potential cover-up of cancers (by National Toxicology Program) resulting from fluoride ingestion, and was fired in 1992. He challenged this decision in court, and was re-instated. Unfortunately, the literature remains infested with 'manufactured' research on the safety of fluoride. The EPA maximum contaminant level goals (MCLG) limit of 4 milligrams per liter for fluoride remains in effect, even though the Public Health Service recommends 1/6 that concentration as a limit.

Why would we think fluoridation would be a unique case? How many other potentially toxic substances have not been identified, or more accurately, have not been placed in the public domain? Of those that have been identified, like fluorides, how many have approved EPA safety levels that are well above concentrations known to cause serious diseases? Finally, how well are excessive levels of toxic substances measured and reported to the public? It wasn't done in Flint for lead initially; why would anyone believe this is an isolated example?


What a FANTASTIC interview!! (Right up until Jane Rosenthal aggressively changed the subject at the end.) And did you all see Colleen Boyle's face up there in the clip? Wow. Just wow. Go Robert DeNiro - you tell 'em!


@Laura Hayes:

Do you by chance have a link to that radio interview? I'd love to listen to it.

Laura Hayes

Vaxxed is spreading like a virus...pun intended!

Just caught part of an excellent interview with Dr. Wakefield, Del Bigtree, and Polly Tommey on KPFK radio here in CA, a listener-supported radio station in the North Hollywood area, serving the greater L.A. area.

Del Bigtree ended with a bang, saying SB277 must be overturned! He said that parents should not be finding ways through cracks to avoid this, no, no...we live in the land of the speech, free press, and freedom to say yes or no to vaccines...darn right, Del! Loved hearing him not pussyfoot around issues or mince words, and neither did the other two, from what I heard.

Enough of this begging for our rights and freedoms. It is past time that we DEMAND them!

Thank you KPFK, Andy, Del, and Polly...and the great interviewer!

Also, I called to thank the General Manager of KPFK right after the show, and she said they are working on setting up a screening of Vaxxed soon! Just keep an eye on the station's website for details.

Like I said, Vaxxed is spreading like a virus, and may it continue!


How funny, everybody wants to go to the Q&A showings. Proves what a rock star Dr Wakefield is!!! Somebody give that man a red bull and beg him to host more Q&As. :)

Laura Hayes

Just in case Robert De Niro, his wife Grace, or someone whom they know should read our comments here on AoA, I hope he will ponder this:

Although I am not a fan of "safe vaccines", as I believe that phrase is an oxymoron (, please consider what happens when any other product is deemed unsafe, even if only one user is harmed or killed, as in the case of certain cribs in the past, for but one example. An immediate recall is instituted and the product is not allowed back on the market to be sold until it passes rigorous safety standards.

Not so in the case of vaccines. It is an undisputed fact that vaccines will harm and kill a certain percentage of recipients. What is not admitted in a truthful and transparent manner is just what that percentage is, nor is it properly studied by the powers that be, nor is there proper follow-up on the vaccine-injured and the vaccine-killed (there is none, to be exact). Evidence mounts daily, in the U.S. and beyond, that the percentage is quite staggering, especially as the vaccine schedule continues to expand seemingly without limit, and certainly without common sense, wisdom, honest science, ethics, or morals. And truthfully, why is any percentage of known-in-advance harm and death acceptable and allowable for any product used on children (70+ times to boot!)? It shouldn't be, plain and simple.

I am grateful and thrilled that you spoke up and out on The Today Show this morning...wonderful to see! Now, it is my hope and prayer that you continue to delve deeper into the cover-up documented in Vaxxed, as it is but one of many vaccine cover-ups, cover-ups and smoking guns aplenty that go back decades.

I also hope that you will think beyond "safe vaccines" and question whether vaccines of any sort are a wise idea, versus a complete paradigm shift to one which focuses on protecting, maintaining, and enhancing the health of our children and ourselves via risk-free ways, without the use of risk-laden vaccines.

I also hope that you will give some thought to your statement that "vaccines are dangerous when given to certain people." For whom is it safe to have the ingredients in vaccines injected into them?

Lastly, please understand that to stop vaccine harm, the top priority must be to stop vaccine mandates. Informed consent, the hallmark of ethical medicine, means nothing when one cannot say no. When parents and individuals no longer have the unfettered fundamental human right to decide that which enters their bodies or those of their children, what meaningful right remains? A simple "No thank you" should always suffice when one wants to decline any medical treatment or procedure, including vaccination, for themselves or their children.

I hope that we will continue to hear more from you, Mr. De Niro! Please help us to expose decades' worth of vaccine cover-ups and lies. Please help us to ban vaccine mandates, restore individual and parental rights with regard to medical decision making, including vaccination decisions, and repeal the egregious 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which indemnified vaccine makers and those who administer vaccines. Please help us to reclaim and restore the health of our children, and the health of our nation.

Glad to have you onboard! Onward!


Rosenthal thinks there's something wrong with a graph in the movie, but she isn't sure what. She read it in a review or somebody told her that.

I suggest that criticisms and mischaracterizations be addressed on the VaxXed website, maybe in "Fact Checking" like they did it here:

Jeannette Bishop

More accurate than, and not as misleading as often seen in vaccine-autism reporting:

Bob Moffit

The following World Net Daily article by Barry Farber .. is about the movie Vaxxed .. and .. the lies and corruption at the CDC that remains "uninvestigated" .. asks "why"?

Joe Sulaco

De Niro couldn't tolerate the castration any longer. He was fuming. Realizing he looked like a lackey water boy after being forced to pull the film, he put his foot down and gave the finger to the New York elites like Janey Rosenthal. A lot of power-playing in that interview. All the elites KNOW vaccines cause brain damage which is why they NEVER vaccinate their own. Don't believe it? California tracks vaccination rates by zip code, and the richest and best-educated zip codes have the LOWEST vaccination rates.


It's clear that DeNiro doesn't know who the filmmakers were who threatened to pull out and "he didn't want to ask" (Rosenthal presumably). I think perhaps he didn't want to pursue it because he was angry. But now he says he is going to ask. Even though he still seems quite angry.


And, if the Today Show producers didn't sympathize with De Niro's position, they certainly would not have shown clips from the film.

They especially would not have shown a clip of Coleen Boyle, top CDC criminal scientist in the Immunization "Safety" Branch.

And Wally what's his name would not have asked De Niro if his son became autistic from vaccines (to which De Niro responded that his wife thinks so). That question would never have been asked if the station wanted to keep the lid on the controversy.

Hans Litten

De Niro needs to be stronger again . But yes glad he has said it .

This film has the power to bring down sb277 and ruin Pan - now wouldn't that be great .


And, to add to my last comment, I wonder if Rosenthal's presence was a stipulation for the interview to take place. That she was there for "balance" and to keep De Niro in check. Didn't work so well this time. Notice that De Niro said to see the movie while Rosenthal said to read the reviews.

Laura Hayes


I haven't been ignoring you...I have been pondering. I do like the thought of approaching our military leaders, perhaps beginning with the ones who signed as being involved in the "Ready, Willing, and Unable to Serve" report, as many were listed. Also wondering if we have any AoA readers who have Pentagon connections of some sort. If so, perhaps they could be the liaison through whom to submit copies of Vaxxed, a letter drafted specifically to them, and perhaps even my article which you thought would be worthy of including (I think you were referring to my article in its entirety, correct?).

Based on the response, or lack thereof, we could decide how to proceed with members of Congress.

As an interesting aside, on one of the email groups in which I participate, someone mentioned that some military commanders from WWII have admitted that they instructed their medics NOT to give vaccines to those in their command (thus, defying orders) because it was so evident to them how the vaccines were harming their soldiers. I wonder if that is being done today? Would be fascinating to find out if some are being protected from vaccine harm by commanders who know the truth, and who won't allow it to happen to the men and women under their command.


De Niro was strong against the Today presstitutes, even calling them on their lack of true journalism. Love it that he seemed to question Jane Rosenthal who tried to blame the censorship on other filmmakers at the Tribeca festival. The truth will come out and we will remember you, Jane Rosenthal.

Bob Moffit

Just watched the Today Show .. interview with Robert DeNiro .. regarding the movie Vaxxed. God bless Mr. DeNiro .. he was terrific in stating unequivocally there is "something there" with autism and vaccines. COURAGEOUS words from a man that I apologize for believing he was responsible for the decision to "pull" the movie from Tribeca Film festival.



DeNiro and Rosenthal(?) also said/implied that the deciding factor in pulling VaxXed was that other documentary filmmakers threatened to pull out if it was shown. I hope these filmmakers come forward and explain their thinking or lack thereof.


"De Niro tells Today "part of me" regrets it and "you must see it.""

I knew it! I love Robert De Niro. I am not fond of Rosenthal. What a shallow woman. Obviously, she is the one who did not want the festival to be overshadowed by Vaxxed. I predict that their friendship is not long for this world.

And, take note, the (long) length of time that De Niro got to have his say. And, he was cut off by Rosenthal, not the press. It seems that this interview was set up to give De Niro a chance to promote Vaxxed and to give his opinion of what is going on with autism vaccine "science", I bet at his request. And the (liberal) media allowed it. No animosity toward his saying that vaccines cause autism, that some people can't safely be vaccinated, that scientists shouldn't be afraid to have a discussion, that people should have a choice. Isn't THAT interesting?

Hans Litten

Medical journal says fluoride is in same toxin category as brain-damaging lead and mercury

Hans Litten

MAY 21st . March on the streets .
Who is William Thompson ?


Dr. Anne Schuchat Probably picked up on of those little military ribbon - awards on her uniform by learning to pronounce Aedes aegypti mosquito.


Thanks for the chuckle GoTrump
Yes, 40 years of it and I still cannot wrap my head around just how scary the CDC is.

Laura: The poor man had to take money left over from the Ebola virus research -- which was only some where around 258 or maybe I mixed up the last number and it is 285 million -- I mean what is millions after talking about almost 2 billion.

Laura Hayes

Regarding the link posted by goTrump:

How about if these same people acknowledge and admit that VACCINES ARE SCARIER THAN WE THOUGHT! Imagine that!

And, how about if the same money-maneuvering practice used by Fauci below were used with regard to Autism prevention (bye-bye vaccines) and Autism treatment (hello billions/trillions of dollars of immediately-needed treatments and services for the 2.25%, probably much higher, of American children and young adults who have been iatrogenically afflicted with Autism), since we don't have time to "just stop and wait for the money".

"What I've done is take money from other areas of non-Zika research to start. We couldn't just stop and wait for the money," Fauci said. "When the president asked for $1.9 billion, we needed $1.9 billion."

Jeannette Bishop

To add to my last link, I would suggest also watching the reporters(?) in their discussion after showing the interview clip.

Jeannette Bishop

Further (or more detailed?) discussion with De Niro and Rosenthal over Vaxxed (includes a mention of Trace Amounts by Mr. De Niro):

go Trump

...Life is a bitch when you need 1.9 Billion and do not get 1.9 billion match wits with a tiny virus inside a mosquito...

These CDC people are 'Scarier than we initially thought'

What exactly did Dr. Anne Schuchat do to get all the awards on her uniform ???

Jeannette Bishop

I'm not familiar with this OK state legislation:

but the same senator that wanted to extend vaccine mandates in OK seems to be opposed to mandating extended "informed consent."

Jeannette Bishop

It seems like pharma also doesn't want people to know something regarding long-term survivors of AIDS:

Kind of makes the charities involved look bad to me, and maybe if the screening was held and protests were held, as threatened, then people would have better understanding of the two or more "sides" of whatever is controversial about the film.


@ Laura Hayes:

Dear Laura,
It looks you already have an excellent, convincing letter ready to be send to Pentagon. I hope, the producers of Vaxxed will provide us with the film CD to be attached to this letter. Would you like to take an initiative? Perhaps several people from AoA (including scientists and physicians) could sign this letter to Pentagon officials. I believe they are not aware of the reasons, why the new recruits and candidates are so biologically and neurologically damaged. They have been brainwashed by CDC and HHS that soldiers must be injected with unlimited amounts of poisons called vaccines which pharmaceutical cartels produce. They need this information from us. If they won’t do anything about it, it will mean they don’t care about national defense.
Still, I think it may be wise to send cc of this letter with film CD to some people in Congress. This time they may not be able to ignore it, knowing that it was originally addressed to Pentagon. Perhaps we should make it an open letter also sent to several independent media.


You know what's interesting. Congress has so far denied the CDC/NIH the requested extra funding to fight Zika. Could it be that they are cutting the criminals off because they know they are being scammed?

The CDC is screaming fire - again. And Congress doesn't seem to be all that moved. Could this be fallout from Dr. Thompson's whistleblowing? Surely they all know.

Laura Hayes


Sending Vaxxed and a letter to the Generals in charge of recruitment at The Pentagon is an excellent idea! The letter would need to include information not only on the vaccines their recruits received from birth through 18, but also on the ones they would be FORCED to receive during boot camp and beyond.

Not sure about sending to our elected reps, as many have already been told what vaccines are doing to our youth (and people of all ages), and they seem not to care a bit. Their forced-vaccination votes have been purchased, as has their silence on anything that threatens forced vaccination from fetus to grave.

The paper you reference is titled "Ready, Willing, and Unable to Serve", written in 2009:

I made reference to it in this article I wrote a year ago:

In point #13, I wrote:

"13. Glimpse of our future, which has actually already arrived. Have you thought about who is going to be able to defend our country now that we have children being environmentally injured to the extent of 1 in 6 having a neurodevelopmental disorder (that's code name for brain damage), 1 in 11 having asthma, 1 in 12 having food allergies (some of which are life-threatening, and all of which are life-altering), 1 in 50 having Autism, 1 in 400 having Type 1 Diabetes, many having GI and colon problems, seizure disorders, etc.?

Here's how it's going to look when the alarm sounds and our health- and development-impaired young Americans are called to battle: "Wait! I need to grab my EpiPen!" "Well, I need my inhaler." "I need gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free to-go meals!” "I can't find my prescription meds!" "NO ONE can bring peanuts, or any tree nuts for that matter, on this mission!" "Oh no! My insulin pod just fell off, and I don't have a new one to put on!" "I'm having chronic diarrhea, so I can't come along today!" "Well, I haven't pooped for a month and my stomach is killing me, so I can’t go either!” "I can't follow more than 2 instructions at once, so I'm already confused and we haven't even left yet." And then there are the ones who can’t talk at all, aren’t toilet-trained, and who have the skill level of a toddler…they won’t be eligible to serve in any, way, shape, or form. Apparently, the military is already experiencing this, and has written a report titled Ready, Willing, and Unable to Serve. This is our future, folks.

Tragically, these same issues have affected our kids' back-to-school-supplies. Instead of scissors, crayons, and pencils, it's EpiPens, inhalers, insulin, prescription meds, special foods, and lengthy IEPs."

Would be interesting to see if the Generals are as willfully-ignorant and/or corrupt as our legislators, medical "professionals", and media.

Hans Litten

Poisoning children all around the world with the same lie :

Burma :

Jeannette Bishop

Autistic Boy Pays It Forward


I think film Vaxxed should be sent to the generals in Pentagon who are responsible for soldiers recruitment. I remember, one general wrote an article complaining that c. 90% of new recruits are seriously impaired (physically and neurologically), hence unable to serve even if they are willing. We should write them a letter explaining that such massive impairment of young Americans is a direct result of their poisoning with vaccines during infancy and early childhood. Copy of this letter with CDs of Vaxxed should be sent to selected US Congressmen and Senators. We must let the Pentagon and Congress know that massive injuring of young Americans with toxic vaccines practically destroys US army, makes the country defenseless and deprives the US of normal future. Once they know this, they will be obliged to act.

white Rose

We ARE all under attack .
This might cause some to pause & reconsider .

white Rose

cdc = conniving deceiving c_nuts

Jeannette Bishop

Mother speaks out about recent vaccine injury in her child:

Jeannette Bishop

Legal expert calls supression of autism film by Houston mayor "censorship"

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Angus, both for listening to my radio interview with Jeanie Keltner and for your kind comment :)

Paul Champion

Toxic elements: Think it would help if Dan could say which group in the periodic table this element belongs to. There are so many elements that it is unlike anyone person will know the toxic affects of all.
Give an example. A good doctor will tell you that Potassium (which is ever-so slightly naturally radio-active) and the much more radioactive Cesium-137 (released by the Chernobyl disaster) both belong to group 'one' on the periodic table. So plants and animals will absorb both. So, to mitigate a child ingesting fall-out from this reactor one ensures they get plenty of apple juice or some other high potassium contain food stuff. Therefore, these two particular elements will be in the experts knowledge base.
Second example: A different field (say engining and electronics). Beryllium (group two on the table`) is toxic and it mimics magnesium and calcium. This conection will reside in a different expert's knowledge base.
As you're aware, the next bit can get tricky because toxicity also depends on the monocular form in which it enters the body – whether it be ethyl, methyl, oxide, pent-oxide etc.
So in other words its horses for courses and your request (me thinks) needs to be tightened up a little in order to attract the right experts.

Jeannette Bishop

Jeannette Bishop

"Documentary banned from Worldfest"

Jeannette Bishop

Angus Files

Brilliant Laura just managed to listen to the show,agree 100% with every word OFFIT.


Hans Litten


but after very threatening calls late yesterday (Monday) from high Houston Government officials (the first and only time they have ever called in 49 years) – we had no choice but to drop the film. Heavy handed censorship, to say the least… they both threatened severe action against the festival if we showed it, so it is out. Their actions would have cost us more than $100,000 in grants.

Hans Litten

Replying back to Ronald Kostoff :

if these projections come true . I see mass starvation and absolute chaos in society in the future .With swathes of poor misfortunates unable to look after themselves

I see the collapse in life expectancies anyway (all because of vaccination .

There is no way I can see how mass depopulation can be managed in an orderly and peaceful manner . I see chaos
(they think they have done a Fine job so far - don't you Bill ?)

Jeannette Bishop

RFK Jr's helpful dismantling of "autism is not really on the rise:"

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Jeannette Bishop, Bayareamom, and Bob Moffit, for listening to my radio interview with Jeanie Keltner today, and for your kind comments :)

Bob, I am especially humbled and touched by your words...because you are one whom I greatly admire and who daily inspires me with your astute and powerful comments. Every morning, I look forward to not only AoA's articles, but to your comments. Please keep 'em coming, and may God bless you, too, Bob :)

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Laura. I'm grateful for the chance to listen twice or more (maybe partly because I tend to want to multi-task, but I get more out of the second or third time) and I didn't know that Paul Offit was coming out to the Golden State, and not only that, but given the special treatment of public tickets being refunded so only AAP members could attend.

I wonder if the AAP attendees will be carefully screened too?


Terrific interview(s), Laura!

Also, here's a video I've never seen before. "The Vaccine Panel" on Josh Coleman's YouTube channel:

Bob Moffit

@ Laura Hayez

Just listened to your comments on radio today .. God bless you for your courage and perseverance .. my friend .. I have only a few "real heroes" in my 76 years .. and .. you are among my very short list.

(Right up there with Dr. Wakefield and my newest hero .. Vaxxed Producer Del Bigtree)


I take back what I just said. I'm not sure this is just about money. Sometimes it seems that the goal is to maim and kill and maybe sterilize.


"That is the Precautionary Principle, and in my mind, the only way to insure minimal damage."

They are not the least bit interested in insuring minimal damage. The one and only goal is maximum profit. Yes, GDP is more important than human health.

But you already knew that.

Laura Hayes

If you missed my radio interview with Jeanie Keltner today and would like to hear it, simply go to:

Click on "Listen" at the top of the home page.

Click on "Archives" at the bottom of the Listen section.

Click on "Wed., April 6th, 2016, 12:00pm" in the middle column titled "Date".

Click on the play arrow in the right column titled "Action".

The interview begins at the 7:17 mark and goes until about the 57:00 mark.

This link will remain active on KVMR for a total of 60 days.

Thanks to those of you who were able to tune in today :)

Ronald Kostoff

Hans Litten,

"Did I hear it correctly ?
The latest Stephanie Seneff Autism projection :
By 2032 80% of all US males will be autistic ."

Seneff's recent paper on glyphosate can be accessed in full here ( A later paper that comments on the Seneff paper can be accessed in full here ( This latter paper (by Dr. Faria) raises a number of questions about the methodology in the Seneff paper. At the end of this latter paper are responses by Seneff and her co-author Samsel, as well as a further response by the author of the critical paper, Dr. Faria. I recommend reading of both these references in full.

Seneff's response contains the statement: "If trends continue as they have for the past 30 years, we can expect that half the children born in 2032 will be diagnosed on the autism spectrum, 80% of the boys. Since I believe that there is under-reporting occurring today (due to the newly introduced “pervasive developmental delay not otherwise specified” category), and I also believe that the causative agents have accelerated even more rapidly over the past decade, I think it is not beyond one's imagination that we will reach the one-in-two mark even earlier than the mathematically projected 2032 time point." Hans, that addresses your question.

Here's what I see as the problem. There are many potentially toxic stimuli operating in parallel that have exhibited rapid rates of growth in the past few decades; e.g., glyphosate, RF radiation, etc. There are a number of diseases that have increased rapidly over this time span as well, including autism. While many of these toxic stimuli have been studied in the laboratory, many/most have not been studied in humans in controlled conditions. More importantly, the combined effects of these potentially toxic stimuli have not been studied in humans, and extracting cause and effect from this complex data is a near-impossible task.

However, the real problem I have is with Dr. Faria's statements typified by "We do not need to go and ban glyphosate with the evidence provided. We do not need to act urgently and incite lawsuits that consumers will end up paying for in higher food bills; farmers ending up with insufficient crops; and the poor and most vulnerable in societies worldwide, starving. What we need to do is to increase education and awareness in what we do know, and in concert with the findings and concerns of these authors, support the fact that more studies are needed, particularly pathological inspection of tissues with verifiable accumulation or deficiency of Mn and other toxic elements." This is characteristic of those who wish to perpetuate the status quo: more research is needed, and we should do essentially nothing until conclusive scientific results have been obtained.

This is the faulty logic of the defenders of the status quo: let's insert these potentially toxic stimuli into the environment, and keep them there until we have shown conclusively they are harmful to our health. In a rational world, the logic would be the reverse: let's demonstrate conclusively that any potentially toxic substances are harmless, either in isolation or in combination, before they are allowed to enter the environment. That is the Precautionary Principle, and in my mind, the only way to insure minimal damage. True, it will delay the introduction of many technologies, and reduce economic activity. Is GDP more important than human health?

Hans Litten

Did I hear it correctly ?
The latest Stephanie Seneff Autism projection :
By 2032 80% of all US males will be autistic .

Did I hear this correctly ? Not Hg-enocide they say ?

Joy B

Amen, friends. "Autism" is a symptom, if it is anything at all. Meanwhile, the first generation of the vaccine injured are having their own children. And, being damaged themselves, are hardly in a healthy or rational place; and a healthy state is required for any necessary reflection that might coalesce into a movement.

In real life, I find that it's only the older generations who "alert" to the change. The millenials are in lockstep with the agenda, being brainwashed - and braindamaged - from birth. I can't think of one millenial I've met or interacted with who doesn't have a degree of autoimmune dysfunction. All of them have "tummy trouble" and allergies, and some degree of ADD/Anxiety/Depression. But it is simply unconscionable for them to entertain that any of their problems may be iatrogenic in nature.

Tara Haelle(Forbes' pharma "journalist") of the Reiss-Willingham-Orac vaccine brigade, has taken a very dark path on Twitter. She recently followed, errr, went down the rabbithole, with what I can only describe as a militant "autist". There exists a large sub-segment of vaccine injured who even find the "neurotribe" idea unconscionable, as if admitting there is a difference at all is admitting that...there is a problem. So, the neurotribe BS isn't winning them all over, so enter the handlers; Haelle, Willingham, Riess...

A good exercise(if you have the stomach for it) is to see who the paid troll brigade "associates" with, outside of their benefactors; the "average Joes" they follow on Twitter, etc. I'm assuming they do this for their own "research", to see just how far they can push the envelope, just how co-optable these victims, this mass of suffering young people could be, in service to future propaganda.

It's absolutely sickening what these soulless minions have been getting up to.


I've been saying it for years.... It is the A word. Autism, but definition, is an incurable neurological disorder. Get rid of the A word, and go for vaccine injury. Any doctor who diagnoses a child with Autism before checking for biological issues cause by vaccines should be sued. Once you start suing doctors for things they can be sued for, the problems will go away.


Yep. The single biggest thing that we, the parents of all these vaccine injured children can do … is to call it that.

Autism rates of 1 in 68 don't seem to be phasing anyone.

But I can guarantee you, if those same articles were (conservatively) reporting that " 1 in every 68 children is being injured by vaccines", parents would be rioting in the streets.

Billie Joe

I've been saying it for years.... It is the A word. Autism, but definition, is an incurable neurological disorder. Get rid of the A word, and go for vaccine injury. Any doctor who diagnoses a child with Autism before checking for biological issues cause by vaccines should be sued. Once you start suing doctors for things they can be sued for, the problems will go away.

Agent Orange benefit screening process scrutinized in Congress

Jeannette Bishop

NWO reporting from 2044...

"...but we don't really like to call it research fraud. It was actually more about recycling..."

Jeannette Bishop

Attorney Patricia Finn interview:

Her blog post regarding Vaxxed:

Jeannette Bishop

"confirmed case" means laboratory confirmed?


Just watched the Matt Lauer interview with Bob Wright. All I know is, The Wright Stuff- Bob Wright doesn't have it.

Hans Litten

"There have been a whopping zero cases of autism caused by vaccines." -- Forbes Magazine, March 28, 2016

Incendiary - Forbes disgusts me .

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