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Dachel Media Update: Just In Time For Vaccines Don't Cause Autism Month

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Today's big news is the latest CDC study AGAIN showing that vaccines don't cause autism.  It's perfectly timed to remind everyone that while there'll be lots of stories about autism during April, there's no need to worry about vaccinating your child.  (And with the coverage it's getting maybe the name should be changed to "April--Vaccines Don't Cause Autism Month.")

Of course there'll also be no demand for answers and the press will AGAIN remind us that there's no known cause or cure for autism. 

I don't think this latest study will be more than a ripple in the autism discussion, however.  It's not going to matter.  It's happened so many times before. The autism community will keep on talking about vaccines and regression and sick kids.  The other side will continue to pretend that autism's not so bad and kids have always been like this.  They'll produce more and more dead end studies linking autism to bad genes, bad moms who were overweight, smoking and drinking while pregnant, and living too close to a freeway. 

In the midst of the THEY SAID...WE SAID battle, the public will be increasingly frightened of the disorder they see everywhere and that no official can reasonably explain. They want answers.  They want to make sure it won't happen to their child.  That's where mainstream medicine and our health officials fail us the most.  That's why parents are listening to us and they're challenging the one-size-fits-all vaccine program big time and that's only going to get worse.  Good luck trying to sell yet another study.

Here are the major sites that I've found so far.  I've posted the comments on the stories--except for CBS.  They rejected my comments and I'm blocked from posting. 




US News: 



The TIME story  is interesting.  The lead sentence is stunning: "Infants now receive dozens of shots at a time, but the latest study says that does not increase their risk of developing autism."


Dozens at one time?  The arsenal they currently get is bad enough, but it's clearly not troubling to this TIME reporter if they receive DOZENS AT ONCE.  What could be a better example of the apathy of the press?  One in every 50 children with autism isn't a concern either, according to endless stories currently in the news. 

I posted comments on the stories pointing out that this is yet another study from the agency that runs the vaccine program and it comes as no surprise. It masks the real controversy and covers up the truth.

I put up links to the CBS News story about Hannah Poling from 2010: Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award.

I pointed out that the government has been compensating vaccine injuries that included autism for years.

I called for a simple study comparing fully vaccinated children with never vaccinated ones. With so many parents now too afraid to vaccinate, the study group is out there and I asked why the CDC doesn't demand this research..

Most of all, I stressed the scary truth is that autism is an epidemic. It strikes one in every 50 children and one in every 31 boys, and there's nothing a mainstream doctor can tell a new mom so that her baby that was born healthy and is developing normally doesn't also end up on the autism spectrum by age two.

Too many parents describe regression following vaccination. More and more parents are too afraid to vaccinate according to the ever-expanding childhood schedule. Another worthless study comparing vaccinated kids with vaccinated kids is proof of nothing. Would we trust a study from Philip Morris comparing smokers with smokers?

I included the website for The Greater Good  (See trailer: ) which explores the question of vaccine safety from both sides.

I said that here are over 200 studies that raise serious concerns about vaccine side effects.

As frustrating as it is to see coverage like this on major news sites, it's proof we are winning.  It's a war of attrition however, and we're all in it till the final battle.  We have to be.




Oh yes and thiomersol IS an ADJUNCT as well as a perservative because it DOES FURTHER shift the kids immune system more toward the TH2 part of the immune system.
these govt researchers shouold be ashamed of themselves.


On a quick glance , it looks like they were looking at antigens/vaccines/asd relationship. If so then that is a flawed approach. If vaccines have anything to do with asd, it must involve the shifting toward the TH2 immune system that vaccines cause. Kids who are at risk from developing asd are born with TH2 shifted immune systems and the vaccines would Further shift toward TH2 ... because it is the TH1 immune system that is responsible for proper neuronal pruning ....IF TH2 system is stongly predominent (or worse--seriously shifted to TH2) after vaccines then stage is set for impaired neuronal pruning which is BIG issue in asd.
between the bisphenol A shifting to TH2 in a baby who is born with an already TH2 shifted system who then gets aggressive and very early vaccine schedule to further shift to TH2 ....?? asd in amish is 1:15,000 ......they are doing something different. To say vaccines dont play some role --be it large or small is foolishness on their part

Stand Up!

Thank you Anne for another great piece..

Had a conversation with another vaccine pusher(MD)over the weekend. He simply refuses to see the gross inconsistencies with vaccine science (no vax vs. unvax for example)citing the fraudulent "ethical" dilemma that responsibly designed studies would trigger...clueless beyond the meaning of the word.

It is astounding to see how these highly trained medical professionals have lost their ability to think---systematic brainwashing beginning in medical school, and all based on a fatally flawed paradigm---that germs cause disease, and that the "collective" trumps the sacred life of an individual. Truly disgusting how easily people are manipulated into vaccinating. Fear-based of course, and completely illogical.

OPT OUT!!!!!


Some needs to ask CDC what the definition of epidemic. They are taking advantage of low information people. Again, let call for Autism Speaks to fire Geraldine Dawson.

Bob Moffitt

@ Anne

You posted comment:

"I noticed this change in the TIME story....

Someone at TIME must have read the comments because they changed the first sentence from....

"Infants now receive dozens of shots at a time, but the latest study says that does not increase their risk of developing autism."
to ....
"Infants now receive several shots at a time, but the latest study says that does not increase their risk of developing autism."

This is exactly what happened to me recently. I had read a comment on AoA posted by Sarah .. regarding an IOM report issued on January16, 2013 .. which ended with this sentence:

"However, the "elements of the schedule .. the number, frequency, timing, order and age at which vaccines are given .. are not well-defined in existing research and should be improved"

Exactly one day later when I revisited the IOM site a second time for verification, I was stunned to see that last sentence had been changed to:

"New vaccines undergo rigorous testing prior to receiving FDA approval; however, like all medicines and medical interventions, vaccines carry some risk".

I think it extremely odd that in two instances .. TIME and IOM have made immediate changes ... to their comments .. within one day of posting on AoA. Do you think it possible that AoA has become a source that media and others seek so they can make immediate corrections they regret making in their original comments?


Thanks Anne!

These are flattulence studies trying to convince everyone that vaccines don't cause autism...or asthma, allergies, adhd, genetic de novo mutations, autoimmune disease....

We may never know the exact trigger for a child, but we know vaccines play a role.

The main problems with cascading effects coming from vaccines include medical problems like persistent measles, neuro-toxicity damage, brain damage, fevers, seizures, mitochondrial disorders, brain swelling, gene switching changes, inflammation (depending on where in the body manifests as different chronic disease: inflammation of the lungs is called asthma, inflammation in the joints is called juvenile arthritis, etc.)

So as pharma creates the problem, IACC creates the downstream market.

People are talking more about this and get it. Its time to legitimize the vaccine injured child as a reality and develop exact vaccine screening and develop the medical treatments to help them and implement this into mainstream medicine.

Parents, be smart, its your choice. Its your child. Its your money that will pay for it. No one is coming on the white horse from the government or Autism Speaks to save you after your child is damaged.

Karen G

I was in the doctors office with my daughter who has asthma and I saw a picture by a pharm company showing where they could give the "several" shots in one visit. There was a baby in diapers with arrows pointing to all the places she could be injected. She looked like a human pincushion. It made me sick to my stomach.

John Stone


Yes, of course, the Luddites were people who were facing eviction and starvation because industrialists wanted to make money. Anyone who knew anything about it would be appalled by their predicament.

There are two fallacies here. The Luddites faced wretched prolonged death or even greater levels of enslavement, so they could scarecely be blamed for taking desperate actions. Secondly, not all progress is inherently good, particularly not if the agencies have been bought out by industrial interests they are supposed to regulate.

Also, of course, Anne is a law-abiding citizen (unlike our corrupt officials).


You are a Luddite.


This is how I responded when a Facebook friend posted this study today (She said that people who read the study "without bias" would find it encouraging):

I'm not sure I can "read the results without bias" since the CDC has exposed themselves repeatedly as willing to put forth crap data in order to delay their day of reckoning. I simply don't believe they are earnest when they claim "by focusing on the question of whether vaccines cause autism spectrum disorders, they're missing the opportunity to look at what the real causes are". Who do they think they are kidding? They have flushed MILLIONS of dollars down the genetics drain, and know nothing more about autism than they knew 20 years ago!
Then Geraldine Dawson of Autism Speaks (otherwise known as "Let's Keep Autism Going, since we're making six figures a year, and have offices overlooking Central Park in Manhattan") has the gall to say we can now focus on other possible factors, such as "factors like nutrition, which can affect a baby's brain development in the womb, Dawson says. Other factors could include medications and infections during pregnancy, she says, or an infant's exposure to pesticides or pollution."
First of all, Duh! That's what we've been saying all along! It's the environment, Stupid! Vaccines are part of the environment! Hello?!! Secondly, such a comment rings hollow from a group that never met a genetics study it didn't like, no matter how useless it was to actual autistic people.
Antigens? Give me a break! Study the adjuvants, CDC! And this time, use a real placebo group, like, I don't know, people who have never been vaccinated, maybe? What's that? It's unethical to deny "life-saving medicine" from people for research purposes? Ok then, use the unvaccinated group that already exists, and study their health outcomes. It would be a retrospective study, yes, but so was this one. All studies like this do it prove that CDC doesn't really want to solve the autism epidemic at all, if they can even get their heads out of their backsides long enough to admit that it is, in fact, an epidemic. Most recent figures, brought to you by the CDC (in more ways than one) is 1 in 50 kids have autism. That's 2% of all American children. Polio was never anywhere near that common. Where's the concern? Where's the emergency? Nothing to see here folks. It's just better diagnosis. Doctors are a lot smarter than they used to be. I wonder how they can manage to say that with a straight face, when special ed classes are bursting at the seams everywhere, the headlines are ablaze with autism drowning deaths, and there are months-long waiting lists for speech and occupational therapies for these kids that didn't seem to exist 30 years ago.
So, no. This study won't change my mind. Not in the slightest.

Laura Condon

Thank you Anne for your hard work to counter this nonsense study.


Thanks, Anne,

Your unwavering commitment to our cause is greatly appreciated. I posted various comments on CNN site in response to this 'study'. I am starting to feel the corruption is too entrenched and they will never stop bombarding us with their junk science. I can't also help but grieve though for the naive parent who will trust them and end up paying the ultimate price of having a damage child. If not for people like you and others at AoA, I would think the entire world is just sick.


Anne Dachel

I noticed this change in the TIME story....

Someone at TIME must have read the comments because they changed the first sentence from....

"Infants now receive dozens of shots at a time, but the latest study says that does not increase their risk of developing autism."
to ....
"Infants now receive several shots at a time, but the latest study says that does not increase their risk of developing autism."

Nice to set the record straight. Is this the fact checking that goes on at TIME?


Thank you, Anne, for your tireless advocacy.


Thanks for all you do, Anne!

Robert Schecter

You're doing great work, Anne. I see you often on these comment threads. The ignorance (or is it just a strange passion for vaccination) exhibited by these media shills is astonishing. They cannot even distinguish between a vaccine and an antigen. It make one wonder if they are not just repeating what the CDC media outreach tells them to say.


I read an article about the study online and was quite frankly appalled that they were once again using such a ridiculous premise to try to prove vaccines don't cause autism. But you'll be happy to know that even my husband -- who knows little about this debate (we do not have any children ourselves and he doesn't follow the issue like I do) -- was able to tell me exactly what was wrong with the study after I briefly described it to him. (He actually laughed at the absurdity of it.)

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