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Dachel Media Update: Changing Face of Autism, Beating

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Mar 11, 2013, Examiner (Philadelphia): Controversy of vaccinations causing autism

Mar 11, 2013, Chicago Tribune: The Changing Face of Autism

Mar 11, 2013, Vancouver MetroNews:  Vaccine summit in Vancouver tries to rekindle settled debate

Mar 10, 2013, KOB-TV Albuquerque NM: Man pleads guilty to beating boy with autism 

Examiner (Philadelphia)

"There has been a long standing controversy around the whole issue of vaccinating our children. Some argue that vaccines are the leading cause of autism even though there has been no scientific grounds for this claim. In fact, the Autism Science Foundation has done studies with children receiving vaccines versus those who do not, and they found no difference in the neurological development of these children. The initial claim was that the vaccines that contained thimersol, a mercury-containing component, were causing autism and neurological development disorders. There have been no studies done that support this belief."


Please don't tell us about Paul Offit's little group, the Autism Science Foundation, and please don’t pretend that there's no science on our side.  I posted comments.

Chicago Tribune

"Little Friends will host a community presentation on April 4th, entitled, "The Changing Face of Autism." Dr. Cynthia Brouillard will present an overview of the changes in diagnostic criteria that will take effect May 2013. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-Fourth Edition (DSM-IV), published by the American Psychiatric Association, is due to be released in May of this year. Autistic Disorder, Asperger's Disorder, and PDD-NOS will be replaced by one umbrella term 'Autism Spectrum Disorder.' Further distinctions will be made according to severity levels based on the amount of support needed, challenges with social communication and restricted interests and repetitive behaviors."

Vancouver MetroNews

"Dr. Paul Offit is chief of pediatric immunology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and one of the most public faces of the scientific consensus that vaccines do not cause autism. Citing 20 peer-reviewed studies that have settled the question, he said parents who are truly concerned should read the primary literature rather than seek out alternative opinions on the Internet."

Offit makes the claim here that a patient at CHOP recently died of a vaccine-preventable disease. The parents hadn't vaccinated the child.  What disease?  We're not told.  Was it flu?  Diphtheria? Measles?  And of course there's no mention of the millions he made from his rotavirus vaccine.  I posted comments but none of the ones with links showed up.

Get ready for lots of stories like this. The Tribune should have called this "Eliminating the Cost of Autism." As more and more states mandate insurance coverage for autism, companies are trying to avoid the looming cost.

Recent news reports show that there are growing problems.





Today the Chicago Tribune put out a story that avoided the implications altogether.


"The man accused of abusing a boy with autism was in court Monday morning.

"KOB Eyewitness News 4 was there as Leonard Bernal pleaded guilty.

"Our 4 On Your Side investigative team shared the video back in 2010 which showed Bernal in the red shirt kneeing the 12-year old boy.

"The abuse allegedly happened at Camelot, a home for children with autism, in southeast Albuquerque sometime in 2009 in 2010. Bernal was employee there."

Why are we talking about an incident that happened at least three years ago? Was nothing done at the time? We're told this video are shown in 2010. What's been going on here?



"The question is then, do we make vaccinations compulsory for everyone with the exception of those with medical illness? And, how would we enforce it? Should parents be given the right to say when and if their children are going to be vaccinated? And, lastly, if parents are given the right to make that choice, are they legally responsible for another child."

The above from Mr. offit is the well worn lie that making vaccines compulsory is in the public's interest. In truth, its a desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable. As long as vaccines continue to harm -- and they will -- and churn out more autistic cases, suspicion will continue and within time culminating in the destruction of the vaccination campaign. This 'nazism-like' policy of compelling compliance through law is a desperate attempt to avert this reality: 'Yes, no more talk of vaccines being harmful. They are now the law.'

John Stone


Yes, Anne's efforts and her dedication are absolutely staggering: you'd think there were three of her!


PS In fact, I am convinced there are.


I wish there was an award to honor you not only for your valuable reporting, but for your dedication in educating the ignorant and dealing with the shills.
You do an amazing job.

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