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Dachel Media Update: Blue Lights, Special Ed, Our Life is Hell

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Mar 3, 2013, Palm Beach Post: Autism walk draws 7000 to downtown West Palm Beach

Mar 3, 2013, Minneapolis Star Trib: Rising special ed cases are huge cost to Minnesota schools 

Mar 3, 2013, Detroit Free Press: Low birth weight might add to risk of developing autism 

Mar 2, 2013, Pottstown (PA) Mercury: Recording hints at mistreatment autistic boy

Mar 2, 2013, Madison County (AL) Record: State autism coordinator updates Madison parents

Mar 2, 2013, MI Radio: Michigan State University study links autism with prenatal brain abnormality

Mar 2, 2013, Palm Beach Post: 'Our life is hell' - A rock star family's struggle with autism

Mar 1, 2013, Tucson Citizen: Vaccines: What to Keep in Mind

Mar 1, 2013,  KHAS-TV: Senator introduces autism insurance bill

Mar 1, 2013, My Fox Houston: Autistic teen restrained and handcuffed at school

Feb 28, 2013, KMIR6 Palm Springs: Local Expert Speaks On Autism

Feb 28, 2013, Global Post: Five major psychiatric disorders - autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia - have genetic links, scientists say

Palm Beach Post 

I think holding walks for awareness is the biggest insult to the thousands of families struggling with autistic children. I was only going to post a couple of comments, but I was so angry over this, that posted eight. I especially wanted to include Bob Wright's testimony, "My daughter firmly believes that vaccines were the relationship that triggered him into this pit."

Look at the number of affected children in local schools.  Everyone should be screaming for answers.

"Despite temperatures in the 40s Sunday morning, more than 7,000 people gathered at Meyer Amphitheatre to support autism advocacy and research.

"The 2013 Palm Beach Walk Now for Autism Speaks fundraising event, which included a 5K run, 2.5-mile walk and community resource fair, drew U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, county Commissioner Paulette Burdick and thousands of others dedicated to increasing awareness about the growing autism health crisis....

"The Palm Beach Gardens school has 11 classrooms for 100 students with autism spectrum disorders....

"Renaissance Learning Center in West Palm Beach, a nonprofit charter school serving 180 students with autism, brought a contingent of 80 pink-shirted walkers to today's event."

Minneapolis Star Trib

This shows what autism is costing our schools-a cost that will only get worse. Listen to the mother on the tape talk about what she has gone through trying to help her son.  And he's 17.  What will he be doing when he's out of high school?  What will thousands like him in Minnesota be doing when they're adults?  Who'll be paying for them?  Look at the costs being talked about.  One boy costs the school system $153,000 a year, the price for another one is $70,000 a year, according to this story.  

Look at the comments.  The public isn't happy about what special ed is costing the taxpayers.

One teacher wrote:

"As a classroom teacher, I love that this story is being told. We are sacrificing the education of 90%+ of our kids to cover the bottom 10% who cost 5x more than regular students. It's not only finances. I have to customize lessons, meet with special education teachers, attend meetings, document behaviors, and communicate with parents for this small percentage of students. Those time-consuming things all take away from what I can deliver to the other 90%. Less enriching lessons. Less grading/student feedback. Less parent communications. I love the guy who said this was a "good investment". We spend over $100,000 on many of these kids, whom many just drop out in high school anyways. And since when did schools become hospitals? We treat kids who can't walk, speak, or feed themselves in my 6-8 middle school! School is no place for those students. We are not doctors, nurses, or physical therapists. This is from a middle school science teacher."

Another commenter wrote:

"The problem is large but an undiscussed aspect is, IMO, even larger. Where do the rights of disabled students end and the rights of the non-disabled students begin? Is the right of one person with disabilities who chronically disrupts his/her classroom worth the rights of, say, 24 non-disabled students in that room to receive an education? The fundamentally irrational mindset of our educational system unfairly penalizes the students who ARE there to learn."

"A sharp rise in students diagnosed with major disabilities is forcing many schools to take difficult and at times divisive new steps to tailor classrooms to the disabled students' needs, no matter how expensive that gets."

A sharp rise? WHY? Is anyone interested in the answer? Is anyone asking the question?  The story infers that we have all these special ed students now because a decade or two ago, they were all in institutions.  Where?

Detroit Free Press  

"A particular brain abnormality in newborns with low birth weights may indicate a greater risk for autism, according to new Michigan State University research.

"The study found that low birth-weight newborns with the brain abnormality were seven times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than low birth-weight babies without the abnormalities. The study did not involve children who were born at a healthy weight but later were diagnosed with autism.

"The results also strengthen the argument that causes of autism may be rooted in the development of the fetus rather than environmental exposures later in childhood, Movsas said."

Another "may indicate," "might add to the risk" study about autism.  More proof that no one ever wants to find out what's happening to our children.  I posted three comments.

Pottstown (PA) Mercury 

"The family of an 8-year-old autistic boy is shocked and angry after learning from a secret audio recording the boy was regularly secluded in a room at school, told to clean his urine off the floor, and referred to as a "dumbass kid with autism" by a paraprofessional.

"Those are a few of the most alarming incidents overheard by the child's aunt, Jean Pinsonneault, who attached the voice recorder to Nathan Reilly's backpack on Feb. 13 after consistently hearing horror stories of Nathan's behavior at school.

"'Nathan wears two hats. From eight to three he's very aggressive, he pees on the floor, he throws furniture, there's all kinds of stuff that goes on at school. But at home, it's not going on,' said Nathan's mother Joan Reilly, who said she has not listened to the recording herself but has been told of its contents by Pinsonneault."

We have to ask why autism is regularly in the news with stories about students being abused, bullied, restrained, and put in seclusion. Why are our schools currently filled with disabled students--kids who can't learn, can't talk, can't behave? Experts tell us that 80 percent of autistic Americans are under the age of 18. No one has ever found a comparable rate among adults. Imagine the future when hundreds of thousands of these children age out of school with nowhere to go. We need to ask why suddenly one in every 88 children has autism, including one in every 54 boys. The situation described here is nothing compared to what we'll face in the coming years.

Madison County (AL) Record: State autism coordinator updates Madison parents

"'Autism affects 1 in 88 (1 in 54 boys),' McConnell said, yet 'receives relatively little funding nationally, compared to far less prevalent disabilities. ADS is the fastest growing developmental disability.'"

"The autism council concentrates on 'the urgent and substantial need to develop and implement a statewide comprehensive, coordinated, multidisciplinary, interagency system of care for individuals with ASD and their families,' McConnell said."

No one is worried, though the numbers are right up there.

It's the 'fastest growing developmental disability.' There's no explanation given for the increase.

They know they're going to have to do something. There's an 'urgent and substantial need' out there.

About the only thing they seem to be doing is making sure children in school are "in their least restrictive environment."

MI Radio 

"A new Michigan State University study finds a link between autism and a brain abnormality in low birth weight babies.

"Tammy Movsas is an assistant professor of pediatrics at MSU and medical director of the Midland County Department of Public Health.

"She's been studying ultrasounds of low birth weight babies. She discovered babies were seven times more likely to develop autism if they had enlarged cavities in the brain that store spinal fluid.

"'"It really springs more research that needs to be done in changes to the brain and the fact that a lot of these changes in the brain may be taking place prenatally, though not all of them are,' says Movsas.

"Movsas says this is not definitive proof that the causes of autism occur prenatally."

I can't imagine what one more study like this will do to the autism community that has waited for answers---any answer---for over two decades. I believe that this study could send a thousand moms screaming from the room.

It's never-ending. Every week something new about autism is discovered. Studies link autism to older dads, older moms, having siblings too close together, babies who are too small, moms who drink, moms who smoke, moms who take antidepressants during pregnancy, obese moms, moms who lack vitamin D and who lack folic acid while pregnant, moms who live too close to freeways. It used to be that autism was blamed on the cold, uncaring, refrigerator mom who showed more affection for her child. That tenet of medicine has been replaced by lots of new theories STILL BLAMING THE MOM.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

Maybe one of the reasons that low birth weight babies tend to have more autism is because we start to vaccinate children AT BIRTH. The Hepatitis B vaccine is given within hours of being born. And the assault continues as shown by our ever-expanding,one-size-fits-all, unchecked vaccine schedule.

This link shows the dramatic increase in the number of vaccine our children received between 1983 and 2012.

Where is even one study on the cumulative effect of the increasing number of vaccines in the childhood schedule? THERE ISN'T ONE.

Autism now affects one in every 88 U.S. children, including one in every 54 boys. The cause, cure and prevention are all unknown officially. The one thing mainstream medicine does know is that their vaccine schedule isn't to blame. And they have lots of studies--all connected to the vaccine industry---to prove it.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

Palm Beach Post 

"Candi burst into tears. These were the first words Jaden had spoken since he and his twin brother Brendan had regressed into autism three years earlier."


I'm left speechless by this. (Notice the single vague reference to "environment" as if it's something trivial.)

Tucson Citizen 

"I mentioned before in my article on heavy metals that I am not completely against vaccines. Although they sometimes come with side effects, they've certainly saved a lot of lives. There was a time when there was absolutely no question that the risks of not vaccinating were much higher than the risks of choosing to vaccinate.

"That said, the cost/benefit analysis is no longer quite so cut and dry. Vaccines are controversial now mostly because such a large percentage of the population is vaccinated, and so many of the illnesses our children are protected against are far less common than they once were. Thus, in some cases (but not all), the risks appear to outweigh the benefits."

WOW...Imagine a newspaper giving a doctor of natural medicine a chance to timidly discuss vaccine safety. The lady is very cautious. She basically promotes vaccines while suggesting there may be problems. I posted seven comments.


"$60,000 a year is the average cost of care a family spends on a child with autism. One Nebraska Senator is trying to change that. He's proposing a bill that would require insurance plans to cover autism screening and therapy.

"One area mother raising an autistic son. Traye is a bright, energetic three year old. If you met him today you wouldn't know it, but just 6 months ago he couldn't speak a word.".

"'He could get speech therapy when it was a speech delay, but after we got his autism diagnosis, insurance wouldn't cover anything related to that,' said Beck. .

"LB 505 was heard on Tuesday.

"The legislature hasn't taken action taken yet."

Too bad no one in the NE state senate is asking why autism such an issue and why it costs so much. I wasn't able to post comments on this.

 Global Post 

"Five major psychiatric disorders - autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia - have genetic links, scientists say.

"A study, published in the medical journal Lancet, not only provides DNA evidence that these disorders are connected than previously thought, but could change treatments, CBS wrote.

"Previously, psychiatric disorders were diagnosed based chiefly on behavior rather than biology, Fox News wrote.

"UPI cited Dr. Bruce Cuthbert of the National Institute on Mental Health, which funded the research, as saying that regardless, doctors and researchers were still learning how to diagnose mental illnesses with the precision of physical illnesses....

"The research indicated that while the onset of psychiatric disorders could be attributed to factors including environment, experience and trauma, genetics could identify heightened risk."

This is another fraudulent study designed to convince people that autism is genetic.  Notice the one reference to "environment" lost in a piece about "mental illnesses" and "psychiatric disorders."  I posted a number of comments.  Only one is up.

My Fox Houston 

"'All I want is to be like every other kid,' said Blake Booth. But the 15-year-old high school freshman knows that's not going to happen due to his autism.

"'It's like a roller coaster,' said Booth. 'Once I get to the top it's all going to come crashing down and it's not going to be easy to deal with either.'"

There are so many stories about autistic students having problems at school-assaults, bullying, suspensions, restraint, and seclusion. What's happening here? Why are there so many children with developmental disorders like autism? Our schools are filled with children who can't talk, can't behave, and can't learn.

Why is a once rare disorder like autism now so common that everyone knows someone with an affected child and no health official can tell us why? Officially one in every 88 children now has autism, including one in every 54 among boys alone.

It should be pointed out that the rate is based on studies of eight year olds, not eighty year olds. No one has ever shown us a comparable rate among adults. Where are 40, 60 and 80 year old who have the same problems so many of our children do? The truth is, experts tell us that 80 percent of autistic Americans are under the age of 18. Imagine the future when problems with autism don't just involve schoolchildren, but young adults. Imagine also how society is going to support a generation of autistic children when they age out of school and become dependent on the taxpayers for their support and care.


"A rapid increase in autism cases over the past few decades, has led experts to dig deeper into the cause. Autism affects more than 2 million people in the U.S., and is more common than juvenile diabetes, AIDS and cancer, combined.

"Dozens gathered at Cal State San Bernardino's Palm Desert campus to hear autism expert, Danelle Hodge speak. In her lecture Hodge addressed how to detect autism in your child."

VIDEO: "They could potentially get autism through the environment....That could be almost anything--food or exposure to some other substance. Some doctor speculate that children's vaccinations could be linked to the onset of autism."

Danelle Hodge: "Dr. Wakefield who first proposed that in Britain recently lost his medical license because the statements and claims he made were just not founded on anything."

I'm so grateful for the links to:

I posted them in the comments.


barbara j

John Stone, Thanks!

John Stone


Unfortunetely, which both Murdoch and Davis have now left the company

the UK is still GSK's tributary domain


barbara j

I am delighted to welcome James to the board of GSK," said chairman Sir Christopher Gent, the former Vodafone chief executive. "His experience of global business, marketing and communications will bring a unique and alternative perspective to the board.

"He will also be an excellent addition to the board's corporate responsibility committee, an area where he has shown particular leadership at BSkyB and News Corporation."

Murdoch's fellow directors will include the outgoing Reed Elsevier chief executive Sir Crispin Davis and Sir Robert Wilson, the non-executive chairman of the Economist group.

Murdoch, the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, also sits on the boards of Yankee Global Enterprises, the parent company of the New York Yankees baseball club, and the US student magazine the Harvard Lampoon.
Pretty big gun ..I was just interested today on who owns us, of course it's the pharmaceuticals, yet I'm always amazed at how far they reach.


Barbaraj, I know it's annoying but try to see it more as desperation. I mean so many people are affected now and even that rock star family mentioned their twiins being fine until after certain vaccines. That's the good/bad thing about what's happening. It's happening to movie stars, rock stars, politicians, doctors, teachers, whether they are Dem or Republican etc. This problem isn't going away because there are too many victims.

barbara j

Today on a huge Democratic site, the subject was the "crazy anti vaccers" , I couldn't believe what I was reading, uninformed with useless information, no one had done the most elementary of research, yet they spoke in one voice, against, AOA, against safeminds, name calling using terms, anti science and such. Those few that are paid to slither into groups to manipulate to take charge sure didn't find resistance . At six someone said, her son had autism and she had vaccines for him and for the common good. Rah Rah to the lie of the herd effect. It was just so disappointing, and it's everywhere. It won't be long before these paid for trolls promote autism as a natural and useful form of evolution, I hear the mumblings from under their bridges and rocks.


Yes Anne, the comments about the unfairness of special education in respect to costs and classroom practices are truly sad. They demonstrate the shortsightedness and ignorance of neurotypical families. They accepted and participated in government immunization policy that has caused the autism epidemic. Even though their kids were not harmed a skyrocketing amount of kids were and are now in need of special education. Because of their complicity, the neurotypical families have no right to complain but they still do. As special needs kids are aged out of the system and into society where they become an even bigger burden, we will have more disparaging remarks. Don't be surprised if some start calling for euthanizing the disabled.

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