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Dachel Media Update: Autism Mom Aghast at 1 in 50 Rate

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Mar 21, 2013, New England Cable News: Parent of autistic child: New CDC statistic shows autism is a crisis

"Autism is a crisis. That's according to our guest Alison MacNeil, who is a parent of a child with autism and co-author of an upcoming book called "The Thinking Moms' Revolution: Autism Beyond The Spectrum." MacNeil is calling autism a crisis in response to a new CDC statistic that says:

"The number of children in the United States with autism spectrum disorder has jumped dramatically since 2007, federal health officials reported Wednesday. As of 2012, one in 50 kids between the ages of 6 and 17 has some form of autism, compared with one in 88 only five years earlier, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"'I think the new number is staggering, I really do. What I also think is staggering is, where is the alarm? Where is the outrage?,' asks MacNeil.

"The CDC says the main reason for the increase in the prevalence of autism appears to be better diagnoses, especially in older children."

Alison: "I don't think the public is buying that anymore.  They might have a while back, especially when the criteria shifted in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, but I think now, what we're seeing everywhere we go, we're seeing autistic children."

"Why do we have so many children descending into autism?  What is going on?  One in every 50 children is losing the ability to speak, becoming incredibly sick, detaching.  There's something behind this." 

Alison went on to describe the crisis we'll all be facing as the children with autism age out of school and childhood services.

It was wonderful to see this dedicated mother and autism advocate on such a public forum as one of the rare voices sounding an alarm over autism.


White Rose

Rachael - this is the funniest piece of mis-information yet . For me the propaganda mis-information tactics surrounding the vaccine autism epidemic is typical of the tactics the military would use during times of war .

And to my mind , war has been covertly been declared .
And this is a military event .

Jenny Allan

Not the latest Rachael. Other recent autism 'blame' includes older fathers and mothers, 'genetic' inheritance, and an array of environmental toxins, including mercury in fish, but NOT in vaccines. It seems they will blame anyone and anything EXCEPT vaccines.
From above:-
"Women abused in childhood are more likely to have children with autism, a new epidemiological study suggests. The finding adds a disturbing new dimension to the heated debate over the condition's underlying causes."


Haven't you heard the latest? It's the age of the grandfather that is responsible for the huge increase in autism rates.

Grandfather’s Age Plays Role in Autism Development

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Alison, for a very articulate presentation.

Did anyone else get the feeling that the interviewer wanted to get the discussion away from causation before anything truly helpful came up? I wanted to ask her how we're supposed to figure out how to integrate and "help" these "children" without understanding what has happened and is happening to them?


Go for a vegetarian diet. Start drinking organic milk 2 years before getting pregnant and continue for the rest of your life. Go organic whenever possible and follow a meatless or fish less diet. I bet you can forget autism in your family. - Rab

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