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Dachel Media Update: Autism Grows Up, Animals

Online news

Mar 5, 2013, Sacramento Bee: What Happens When Autism Grows Up? 

Mar 4, 2013, Smithsonian Mag: Animals Can Help Kids With Autism More Than Toys Can 

Sacramento Bee

"In the 1990s autism rates around the US began to rise. Each year since then thousands of California children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Now, these children are "aging out" of school-based special education programs. Each of them enters adulthood with a unique combination of social, behavioral and communication deficits that promises an unusually challenging life. The View From Here: Autism Grows Up follows four adults in the Sacramento region with autism who are aiming for a life of choice and opportunity."

What a surreal piece.  "What Happens When Autism Grows Up/"

Why are we having to ask the question?  Why can't we find autistic adults in numbers comparable to what we see in children?  No one seems to care.  No one is worried.  The COST isn't even mentioned. 

Smithsonian Mag

"Anyone who's ever owned a pet can attest to the therapeutic qualities fuzzy, scaly or feathered friends can have. Therapy animals have been around in a rigorous way for fifty years, and each new study finds applications that expand the possible uses of pets. Recently, researchers explored the potential for therapy animals to help kids with autism and found that they were more effective than toys."

Gosh. What incredible news for desperate autism parents! Throw away your child's toys and buy a guinea pig!

The Smithsonian put this out and nicely reminded us at the bottom of the article that "Vaccines Don't Cause Autism" with a link to a story published in 2010.

I tried to post a comment but it hasn't shown up.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Kacey Lucas, My bottom line for kids like yours is this: Dont let more mercury go into that child, and if possible try to help your child lose the old mercury that was put into him with his vaccines. Dont feed your child fish and avoid high fructose corn syrup, which often contains mercury. Go to Safeminds website and understand the many sources of mercury and see if any of them could be affecting your child even now- mercury in water or mercury from factories that burn coal. do you live near a cement plant or a crematorium? Take a look at websites that deal with chronic mercury poisoing such as websites for Dental Amalgam Sickness. they will give simple suggestions for giving your child selenium, zinc, magnesium, and food that promotes glutathione formation. You can also purchase glutathione precursors. Keep your child's vitamin D level up. Avoid all vaccines if possible, because even the ones that dont contain mercury, often contain aluminium, which makes mercury more toxic. If you live near a busy highway, you need to move to a place with less air pollution (Lead makes mercury more toxic . Never allow your child to be given silver fillings in his teeth (more mercury). You might also look in the archives of AOA for an account by Jake Crosby of how his school performance improved dramatically when he began taking methyl B 12 injections.
You could see a DAN! doctor for suggestions Good luck !
Dont assume that vaccines do not contain mercury now. Some of them still do- Meningococcal, tetanus toxoid, flu, swine flu , rabies, and some others still do . To be sure, take the name of the vaccine and google in this way: Example: "Vacigrip + Composition" or "Vaccigrip + Thimerosal" - to learn if the vaccine which your doctor has in mind contains mercury. Never trust a doctor on this. Many times they also are just making an assumption that vaccines no longer contain mercury. Just say "I have to verify this". If you should have to give rabies vaccine, my impression is that the ones made in France and Israel do not contain Thimerosal mercury.

Kacey Lucas

My son was diagnosed with PDD he is now 8 years old. He has been in
his regular classes as well as special tutoring. I am very interested in researching
how others "grow up" with Autism. He is very high functioning, but struggles with school.
If you would happen to find any further studies that deal with this subject please forward
the information to me if you have time. Thank you so much!!
Worried Mom-Kacey


I don't know where else to put this.....has anyone else seen the article about Nevada proposing legislation which would assign liability to doctors prescribing addictive medications? I think that is very,very interesting.

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