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Dachel Media Update: April Madness, 400 Kids in MI, APA

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Mar 7, 2013, Chicago Tribune: April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day

Mar 7, 2013, MI Live: Four hundred kids with autism in Jackson County: Separating fact from confusion

Mar 6, 2013, NYU News: American Psychiatric Association overdiagnoses mental disorders

Mar 5, 2013, Vancouver BC The Province: SFU urged to block anti-vaccine gathering


Chicago Tribune 

"April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day and businesses and homes all around the globe will "light up blue" to show their support. World Autism Awareness Day was agreed on by the United Nations in 2007. It is intended to bring attention to Autism Spectrum Disorder, a pervasive disorder that affects millions around the world, by encouraging businesses and individuals to raise awareness about autism throughout society and to encourage early diagnosis and early intervention."

More waste and nonsense ahead as we approach April.  I propose the color for Autism Awareness month be black.  It's pretty much the situation for all of us in the autism community.

MI Live 

"Pardee believes more children actually have autism, due to genetic or environmental factors, but she says a bigger reason for rising case numbers is growing awareness that autism is a disorder, not a personality quirk."

You'd think that someone would be worried about where hundreds of disabled children are coming from in Jackson County.  Obviously not.  I posted comments.

NYU News

"There are also massive restructuring changes, including the integration of autism and Asperger's syndrome into the manual, as well as eliminating the five-axis system. I was satisfied with the five axes and do not fully understand the reason for eliminating them. The five axes organize the analysis of mental illnesses, personality disorders and mental retardation, medical conditions, psychological factors and global assessment of functioning. I found that having these five factors allowed for a rich assessment of patients because it considered contributing factors and their interaction with the disorder in question.

"I believe these looming changes to the DSM represent outside influences on the APA and society's tendency to regard abnormality as something that must be changed if possible."

As we get closer to AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH, expect lots more stories like this. It sounds like the DSM 5 will be adding new categories---OVERDIAGNOSING. The spin on autism will be just the opposite. We've been OVERDIAGNOSING the disorder. Time to make all these kids go away.

We just can't figure autism out. There's no known cause, cure, or prevention. Are the numbers really going up? People still aren't sure how to define it. It's talked about here as a mental illness.

The only worthwhile part of this article is the line:

"I believe these looming changes to the DSM represent outside influences on the APA."

Last summer, at a conference in Jerusalem, Stephen Shore said that insurance companies were behind the changes in the DSM I believe it. There are just too many kids and they cost too much.

The Province 

"Simon Fraser University should refuse to allow an anti-vaccine conference at its downtown campus next week because the location may lend credibility to its "dangerous quackery," according to a group of medical doctors and others opposed.

"But SFU said the Vaccine Resistance Movement, which opposes vaccinations in favour of alternative naturopathic treatments, has the same right as any group to rent a hall at the university.

"'The criticism is misdirected,' said SFU president Andrew Petter in response to a letter signed by a number of doctors, including Nienke van Houten, a lecturer at SFU's health sciences faculty."

Vaccines are truly the scared cow of medicine.  We can't even consider that there may be side effects.  In truth, this criticism is blatant censorship.



"The most important thing you can do for society is to stick rigidly to the vaccination schedule."

I would really like to see an in depth piece on the myth of "vaccination" induced herd immunity. The chief lie being used to sell the poison needle is that "vaccination" promotes herd immunity and even if we lose a few individuals the herd is more important.

The CDC KNOWS "vaccination" conferred herd immunity is not true.

If we can show "vaccination" induced herd immunity is pure MYTH perhaps we can get back to the health of the individual.

We have very good evidence in the case of pertussis that "vaccinating" mothers for pertussis is damaging their babies because the mother is UNABLE to pass her, "pertussis vaccination prevented", pertussis immunity to her baby.

The whole theoretic basis for "vaccination" promoting herd immunity falls apart rather quickly once you delve below the nice sounding propaganda at the surface.

"Vaccination" does NOT confer Herd Immunity

“The original basis for herd immunity had nothing to do with vaccines. When sufficiently high numbers of people contracted the wild form of the disease and secured lifelong natural immunity, statisticians observed a protective effect in the community as described above. Policymakers eager to promote vaccines sought ammunition to increase vaccine uptake. Researchers assumed that vaccine-induced immunity would operate in the same manner as natural immunity and presumed that vaccines therefore would also create herd immunity. I am not a scientist but I know that vaccine-induced immunity is not remotely the same thing as natural immunity. Natural immunity is the gold standard. Vaccine-induced immunity is qualitatively different; for starters, vaccines do not always work and their protection wanes over time.” Louise Kuo Habakus

“The problem is that there is in fact such a thing as natural herd immunity. But what's they've done is they've taken this natural phenomenon and assume that vaccines will work the same way. However, they do not, and the science clearly shows that there's a big difference between naturally arising herd immunity and vaccine-induced herd immunity.” Doctor Joseph Mercola MD


"You'd think that someone would be worried about where hundreds of disabled children are coming from in Jackson County."

We are truly sorry about your kids. Just remember to stick rigidly to the vaccination schedule.

We are truly sorry you think autism is linked to vaccination. Just remember to stick rigidly to the vaccination schedule.

We are truly sorry you think autism is a growing epidemic. Just remember to stick rigidly to the vaccination schedule.

Most experts, whose kids do not have autism, think autism is mostly genetic. Just remember to stick rigidly to the vaccination schedule.

In closing remember the most important thing you can do for society is to stick rigidly to the vaccination schedule.

Jeannette Bishop

Frightening numbers:


Re blocking anti-vaccine gathering:

"But B.C.’s chief medical officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, said for doctors to engage in formal debate can lend more credence to opposition to vaccination, which he called undebatable."


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