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Dachel Media Report: 50 Isn't Nifty, Bus Driver Abuse, Abused Women

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Mar 21, 2013, Huffington: (Jay Gordon, MD) CDC: One in Every Fifty Children Has Autism

Mar 21, 2013, ABC7 Fort Myers, FL: Police: Bus driver kicked special needs student

Mar 21, 2013, TIME: Study: Women Abused As Kids More Likely To Have Children With Autism


"Today the CDC announced a 72% increase in the diagnosis of autism over the past four years. One of every fifty children aged six years to 17 years has an autism spectrum diagnosis.

"Ten years ago, the number was 1/150.

"The previous two decades saw a 600% increase in autism diagnosis and experts have said that 200% of that could be attributed to better diagnosis and more awareness of autism but the other 400% was caused by changes in genetics and environmental impact on genetics.

Dr. Gordon joins Dr. Bob Sears in expressing alarm over the numbers. Too bad their voices are being drowned out by doctors like Sanjay Gupta and others who are still not sure if there's been a real increase in autism. I posted a plethora of comments.


"On September 28, 2012, Tampa police say 42-year-old Stephanie Wilkerson got mad at the 8-year-old autistic child after the girl slapped and pushed her when Wilkerson told the girl to wait her turn getting off."

Another tragic story of how society deals with the disaster no one wants to recognize.  I listened to the spokesman for the school and he sounded so business-like. "Regardless of what kind of a student it was or what the student's status was,...we take that very seriously and that's just not acceptable."


"The study, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, is the first to examine the potential legacy that a mother's experience with childhood abuse could have on the health of her own children. The findings are especially sobering given the latest statistics released from the Centers for Disease Control, which found a significantly higher rate of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) - one in 50 compared to one in 88 from a report released in 2012 - among school-aged children than previously thought.

"The authors of the JAMA Psychiatry paper studied more than 50,000 women enrolled in the Nurse's Health Study II, who were asked about any history of abuse before they were 12. The questions delved into both physical and emotional abuse, as the women evaluated whether they had been hit hard enough to leave bruises, as well as whether adults or caregivers had insulted, screamed or yelled at them. They also filled out questionnaires about whether their own children were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. The scientists also had access to the nurses' health records, so they could adjust for other maternal health factors known to influence autism risk, including nine pregnancy-related conditions such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, alcohol consumption and smoking."

Nothing like adding more meaningless autism news to the confusion over the new numbers.  AGAIN, WE'RE BLAMING THE MOM.  The image of the refrigerator mom is never far away.


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