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AAP Backs-up and Detours Away from Responsible Medicine

DetourAround the end of the year, the American Academy of Pediatrics gave the children of the world their gift by expressed support for the World Health Organization’s request for an open-ended exemption for the continuing use of mercury-based preservatives in vaccines.[1] 

AAP's support for this policy signals a dangerous disregard for children’s health and sets a precedent that could reverberate throughout medical and chemical policy initiatives - rolling-back positions taken due to safety concerns without proof of safety.  

Under the language in the treaty (as developed by WHO and supported by the AAP) no requirements would exist to require labeling of active or inactive mercury-containing preservatives in products and nothing either from FDA or WHO prevents mercury-preserved products from once-again appearing on the shelves of our markets.

Does the position described in the AAP commentaries, which seems to support a complete reversal of their previous position on mercury-preserved vaccines for infant and childhood use, become something parents should oppose?  Does a medical community position that backslides on protecting infants and children from a highly toxic element, mercury, move us in the wrong direction?  Could this have repercussions on how we address the use or release of mercury in other products and processes?  Doesn't it seem to follow that if mercury in vaccines is OK, which allows the direct injection of mercury into our children, that adopting this policy removes much of the incentive to spend any money to prevent mercury from polluting our air and water?  What about how we view the approval for using toxic substances in general?  Shouldn't governments send signals that promote investments to eliminate the use of mercury in medical products rather than adopting exemptions that remove any motivation to find safer alternatives? 

If you find yourself answering 'yes' to these questions then the AAP, the US State Department, and the World Health Organization (WHO) need to hear from you. Please join the petition at and make your voice heard.




"I am convinced we're dealing with genocidalist mentality at the WHO."

Some facts about Mercury and neurodegenerative disease

o Pre 1930 Autism is unknown

o Circa 1930 the Rockefeller labs invents thimerosal

o First case of autism is recorded in child of thimerosal researcher

o No scientific testing of the safety of thimerosal is done

o Circa 1937 FDA grandfathers in thimerosal as GRAS with no safety testing

For Industrial Medicine, Industrial Pharm, the WHO et al to promote injecting the PROVEN neurodegenerative mercury into fetuses,infants, children, adults and seniors is clearly thinly disguised murder and mayhem on a GLOBAL basis.

“Primates that received just ONE vaccination containing thimerosal, the mercury-preservative found in many vaccines including the new swine flu shot, had significant neurological impairment when compared with those who received a saline solution injection or no injection at all.” Doctor Joseph Mercola MD

“The epidemiological evidence is compelling and statistically conclusive we found that the prevalence of speech disorders, autism and heart arrest was a function of the mercury dose that the children received.” Geier and Geier

"Pure thimerosal is toxic at the low nanomolar level – an extremely low concentration, about 10,000 times less than the thimerosal concentration found in most vaccines.” Doctor J. Curtis Pendergrass and Doctor Boyd Haley Kentucky University

“12.5 micrograms of mercury is enough to give a child ADD. 25 micrograms of mercury is contained in ONE “flu shot” which many of our children are receiving each and every year.” Vaccines Cause Autism, ADD/ADHD & Brain Damage - Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller, MD

"The WHO has stated that there is no safe level of mercury and just one mcg of mercury contains approximately 4,300,000,000 atoms of it." Doctor Tom McGuire, DDS, book "Mercury Detoxification"

“EVERYONE is ALLERGIC to thimerosal (mercury SALICYLATE). Salicylates provoke Serum Sickness. ... Allergy and Serum Sickness are 1 and 3 of the continuum of Hypersensitivity Reactions.“ Patrick Jordan

"I think it’s absolutely criminal to give mercury to an infant." Doctor Boyd Haley PhD University of Kentucky

Jeannette Bishop

Maybe all nations have pediatric health institutions represented in these negotiations, but I wonder at the AAP, with nearly 50% of U.S. children suffering chronic health problems and only the highest "healthcare" expenditures producing that appalling statistic, feeling equal to make recommendations for the world's children.

We don't talk about it much here, but I also wonder at how much attention is given to the over-prescription of antibiotics in the U.S. without discussion as to whether infants and children are getting more sick more frequently than in the past, if mothers are relying more on the doctor for running temperatures, sniffles, and red ears more than they used to, or if doctors now prefer the prescription pad and commercial fever reducers over past recommendations of rest, fluids, chicken noodle soup, etc.?

Perhaps some combination of the above or other factors are involved, but some small-scale grassroots vaccination research does suggest vaccines cause more trips to the doctor for other reasons. If true, and I suspect it is, I can't help suspecting mercury as one of the most culpable components, and wonder, if a country truly feels it cannot afford to make or buy vaccines without such a "preservative," can they afford the costs of the aftermath?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

This is the real callous disregard.


I am convinced we're dealing with genocidalist mentality at the WHO. I came to this realization after the H1N1 fiasco. By allowing mercury, the WHO shows that it is not at all interested in protecting health but the exact opposite. By putting treaties in place they will ensure bad health, chronic illness and therefore shorter lifespans. I think WHO is hell bent on population control are using whatever means neccessary to reduce human impact on the planet. I think the "World Health Organization" view mankind as a blight on the earth that must be eradicated.
They are eco-fascists.

The only thing we can do is be vigilant, stay educated, protect ourselves and our kids from these madmen.

Jim Thompson

The flu shots in the United States with thimerosal preservative are so toxic that unused vaccines cannot be flushed down a sanitary sewer or placed into a municipal solid waste landfill. They are classified as D009 Mercury Hazardous Waste and must be disposed in a hazardous waste facility. Each shot contains the same mercury by weight as one half cup of D009 Mercury Hazardous Waste.

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