Dachel Media Update: Autism Climbs to 1 in 50 Kids
President Obama: 1 in 50 American Kids with Autism?

1 in 3 Seniors Die with Alzheimer's. 1 in 50 School Kids Have Autism. Scared Yet?

CJ crazy womanManaging Editor's Note: Teresa Conrick reports below on the confluence of brain disorders in America as a report showed that a third of our seniors have Alzheimers at time of death and another report stated that 1 in 50 American school kids has autism. That's a pretty frightening bracket of life to use a March Madness phrase. Teresa asks, yet again, are these lkife altering"A" diagnoses related?

By Teresa Conrick

One out of three seniors is now dying with Alzheimer's disease.  That's a frightening fact. We've reported here, on Age of Autism,  that both Alzheimer's and Autism have connections with biomarkers and treatments (see Cuckoo for Coconut Oil.)

Coincidentally, about 30-40 percent (one out of three) adults receives an influenza vaccine. Is that a coincidence or is it a clue?  Since both Autism and Alzheimers are each frequently quoted as being " A MYSTERY," is there a pattern to their well kept secrets?  Alarmingly, there is much evidence that mercury, and Thimerosal, the kind of mercury in most flu shots, can cause immune and autoimmune issues . Is there a connection to immune issues and Alzheimers?  We know Autism has numerous connections to the immune system, with many children and young adults also receiving an autoimmune diagnosis.

"It has become evident that an autoimmune component could play a role in Alzheimer's disease (AD) onset and/or progression".

"Brain morphology and function are susceptible to various psysiological influences, including changes in the immune system. Inflammation and autoimmunity are two principal immunological responses that can compromise the function of multiple organs and tissues, including the central nervous system"

"Studies with IVIg in patients with Alzheimer's disease have reported increased plasma anti-Abeta antibody titres associated with decreased Abeta peptide levels in the cerebrospinal fluid following IVIg treatment. These changes at the molecular level were accompanied by improved cognitive function, and large-scale randomized trials are under way."

We can see it coming, the patterns that connect the dots.  Immune system damage - Nuerodegeneration:

IVIG Stops Alzheimer's in Its Tracks   

As measured by multiple standard instruments -- the four patients who received the full 36 months of treatment at 0.4 g/kg every 2 weeks showed no decline in scores, ....The rationale for IVIG in Alzheimer's disease is that it contains antibodies against beta amyloid proteins and it also modulates immune function to reduce inflammation, Relkin explained......"To have four patients... all of whom are effectively unchanged after 3 years, is a remarkable result." 

Adaptive and Innate Immune Responses in Autism: Rationale for Therapeutic Use of Intravenous Immunoglobulin

"Accumulating data including changes in immune responses, linkage to major histocompatibility complex antigens, and the presence of autoantibodies to neural tissues/antigens suggest that the immune system plays an important role in its pathogenesis....... Because of Ig/antibody deficiency and autoimmunity in autism, there is a rationale for the therapeutic use of IVIG in autism;"

Patterns. Research. No mystery.



I'm a little late to the party, but for anyone who happens across this post, you can find many videos on our website related to mercury and Alzheimer's disease with researchers such as Boyd Haley and Richard Deth.
Our site primarily focuses on mercury exposure from dental fillings, which have been shown to be the largest contributor of mercury in those that have them. But worse yet is the exposure experience during the placement, polishing and removal of the fillings as the amount of mercury generated during those routine dental procedures are thousands of times higher than safety limits.
One can watch a video overview of the subject at www.youputwhatinmymouth.com where you'll find a trailer for our feature length documentary on the subject. In addition we have an animation showing how dentists contribute up to 340 tons of mercury into the environment each year.


To: Ch. Sp. M -
Thanks-I'll check out CoMeD for some info.

Teresa Conrick

Hi. Thanks for the comments. I just realized one of the links is not working so here it is-

"Brain morphology and function are susceptible to various psysiological influences, including changes in the immune system. Inflammation and autoimmunity are two principal immunological responses that can compromise the function of multiple organs and tissues, including the central nervous system"


Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Carol- The brains of AD patients have been found to be high in Aluminium, but even higher in Mercury, and if I am not mistaken, there is more research pointing to mercury at this time. It is to be remembered that aluminum makes mercury more toxic.
It is also quite likely that in older Americans the culprit for many will be the mercury in their dental amalgams plus mercury in fish plus mercury from vaccines (flu and other vaccines)
Dr. Boyd E. Haley, chemist, has very interesting things to say about the research pointing to mercury causing AD. If you google on Aluminum you will find more references to cancer- so, as a person over 60, let me tell you how it goes: YOU can be careful with your health, but will your friends? Possibly not- so, as you grow older, expect to find your dear friends dying of cancer and losing touch with you from Alzheimers Those who use their older years for foreign travel are most at risk, from the aluminum and mercury in the vaccines they may be given before their holidays. I am living this reality now- Losing friends and begging people to stop eating fish and taking mercury-laden vaccines.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Curious, This is a very interesting question. One group of people who might have information are those at CoMeD, Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs. They have a lot of research to refer to . One piece that I once saw was a report of a research with pregnant women in China. Women who ate fish even three to four times a week were more likely to have children with "birth defects".
If mercury in fish is causing birth defects, then mercury from dentistry must be causing some also, which means that any woman who goes to a dentist, for any work involving amalgam fillings (placing or removal) - should be extremely careful that she is not pregnant at the time.
When I was in the Philippines a few years back I learned that they have an extremely active group of doctors, nurses who do repair of cleft lip. (I forget the name of the charity) They are so good at this (because they do so many repairs) that they go to other countries, as a medical team. I recall thinking- It looks like they have a high rate of this birth defect- why is that? I believe that the research from China gives us the answer.


"Its all a tragic accident. There is no way anyone could plan this , and hope to get away with it."

Well Sir I am afraid you are incorrect. This is but ONE political health crime committed on the American public by our "protectors" in "government".

Alzheimer's like autism is a coldly calculated POLITICALLY blessed depopulation method. There are MANY such political health crimes ongoing in the US currently.

It is too bad but if we ignore it it will NEVER go away. When 100 million of us understand "vaccination" is a MAJOR root of both Alzheimer's and autism I am sure the incidence of BOTH will drop by at least 90%.

This will not happen unless we spread the word.


"Regarding incidence, 45% of those 85 and older have Alzheimer's. Anyone fortunate enough to reach a ripe old age has only about a 1 in 2 chance of getting there with an intact mind."

The average senior aged 80 has received about 2,500,000,000,000 atoms of MERCURY in his "free" "seasonal flu shots"

Ya this assumes he has only gotten one/year. I guess CDC could "mandate" two or three and kill off ALL us seniors.


"Flu vaccinations for seniors in Care or Assisted Living Homes have become over 90%, and usually over 95% for many years."

Here is why. Seniors are being told that if you get the flu in your 50s your odds of death is 10 times greater than it was in your 20s. If you get the flu in your 60s your odds of death is 10 times greater than it was in your 50S.

What they do not tell ANYBODY that your odds of death in your 20S from "seasonal flu" are LESS than getting killed by penicillin.


Carolyn KylesMom

One thing that is very scary:

Get a senior who is starting to be forgetful.

They walk into a Walgreens, they decide to get a flu vaccine. This makes them more forgetful.

Weeks later they walk into a RiteAid. Get a flu vaccine.


I think that we should work to have a poster put under every ad for flu vaccine describing the potential side effects and where to report flu vaccine reactions.

CT teacher

Well, we seniors have to die of something. I sure don't want Alzheimer's, but I don't want cancer either. Let's see, that leaves cardiovascular disease or an accident.
I'm not sure about these numbers, though. I just read that 1 in 2 men will die of cancer and 1 in 3 women will die of cancer. So, how can these numbers be accurate?
Also, dementia is more complicated than just blaming flu shots. Most seniors are taking heart meds which contribute a great deal to dementia. Statin drugs are a major culprit. Blood pressure meds are another culprit. Most seniors take at least 1 of these drugs...probably more. How about all of the joint replacements? Dental implants? Arthritis drugs? Aspirin therapy? The fact of the matter is that we have no idea what the long term effects of any of these drugs or procedures are. In fact, just like vaccines, these medical drugs/interventions were marketed and prescribed without any major studies to determine long term safety..they were just assumed to be safe. So, the brains of seniors could be getting whacked from various sources, vaccines included. Then factor in all of the environmental insults including GMO foods etc., etc. and you can see that we are just ticking time bombs. Now, I have really depressed myself, and this whole topic sucks, but one cannot ignore the dangers posed to us all from medicine and industry. We need to change the system!


"It's a hard reality to face but I think we can only conclude that we have to stay away from the medical system if we have health at all."

I came to this conclusion MANY decades ago.

NO "vaccines", NO "testing", NO "free" anything medical, NO doctors, NO medicine, NO doctors office, NO hospital, NO CDC "advice".

The evidence is OVERWHELMING "health care" by the Industrial Medical Complex is KILLING us.

Worse it is KILLING our children.

david burd

Flu vaccinations for seniors in Care or Assisted Living Homes have become over 90%, and usually over 95% for many years.

Old folks living in various Facilities are told or cajoled to get their flu vaccine shot, going back the last 25 years best I can research from official Health Agencies. And independent elders are also nagged by their children to get flu shots per all the propaganda adverts.

Little wonder the accumulated toxicities from all the flu shots' ingredients might/probably cause Alzheimer's - a condition that was also very rare until now.

Before, our great-grand parents may have become "senile" before they passed on - an ocean of difference.


Preventing Alzheimer's is fairly easy. Autism is not so easy.

BUT refusing all "vaccination" is a great start to preventing BOTH.

How to Produce Alzheimer's

"If you have something that's been put in your mouth that you can't dispose of in a waste basket without breaking environmental protection laws, there's no point in keeping it around, there's no point in taking that type of risk - there's no point in exposing people to any level of mercury toxicity if you don't have to...... .....there is no doubt in my mind that low levels of mercury present in the brain could cause normal cell death, and this could lead to dementia which would be similar to Alzheimer's disease.... We can't go inside a living human being and look at their brain, so we have to work outside, and do scientific experiments such as we've done. And to the best that we can determine with these experiments, mercury is a time-bomb in the brain, waiting to have an effect. If it's not bothering someone when they're young, especially when they age it can turn into something quite disastrous" Dr Boyd Haley, Professor of Medicinal Biochemistry, University of Kentucky.

"Pendergrass and Haley in a 1997 performed a study published in the journal Neurotoxicology. In their study, they showed concentrations of mercury vapor, known to be released by dental amalgams in people, increased mercury concentrations in rat brains from 11- to 47-fold higher than controls. At this level, the mercury produced the identical lesions seen in Alzheimer’s disease (neurofibrillary tangles) by interfering with normal tubulin maintenance." Mercury Filling Toxicity

“The fluoride/aluminum association is of particular importance as it relates to Alzheimer's Disease. Aluminum by itself is not readily absorbed by the body. However, in the presence of fluoride ions, the fluoride ions combine with the aluminum to form aluminum fluoride, which is absorbed by the body. In the body, the aluminum eventually combines with oxygen to form aluminum oxide or alumina (53). Alumina is the compound of aluminum that is found in the brains of Alzheimer's disease.” Ronsivalli, LJ, "Addenda to Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies", Note I don't think things can be clearer than this.

We have found that clinically normal individuals aged 60-65 who receive influenza vaccine three or four times during a five-year period, will five years later have an incidence of Alzheimer's disease 10-fold greater than age-matched individuals who did not receive it." Doctor H. Hugh Fudenburg, MD, Note and CDC cannot figure out where Alzheimer's is coming from. Right! 90% of our seniors are getting the "flu vaccine" toxin.

"There is conclusive scientific research showing a direct correlation between the numbers and surfaces of amalgam fillings and the mercury content of brain tissue. Autopsy studies show high levels of mercury in the brain tissue of Alzheimer's victims. Chronic inhalation of low-level mercury vapor can inhibit polymerization of brain tubulin essential for formation of microtubules." Mercury Filling Toxicity

Ever wonder where the neuron tangles of Alzheimer’s come from?



It's a hard reality to face but I think we can only conclude that we have to stay away from the medical system if we have health at all. Because the worst sort of care is that sold under the guise of "well baby visits" and "annual check-ups." And we have to prepared to be extremely assertive and informed when we do go to the battle ground of the doctors office. I keep hoping that there will be a moment when the madness ends and the government authorities and the medical establishment will get more on the side of health--but they don't seem to be going in that direction, consequently staying away is probably the healthier option.

Jilly Ann Beret

Its all a tragic accident . There is no way anyone could plan this , and hope to get away with it .

Its just corporate bodies gone mad chasing the $ .

But then why the state censorship to protect vaccine reputation at every turn . And why passing laws to enforce compulsory vaccination ?

Oh its an effin mystery alright .....a genocidal mystery

Amy Becker

Bob Moffitt wrote: "Common sense suggests it would be very helpful to know if the TWO OUT OF THREE SENIORS not vaccinated for influenza have the same rate of Alzheimer's as the ONE SENIOR that does vaccinate .. no?"

Now, now, Bob, you know there's no place for common sense in a discussion of man-made epidemics. If there were, we'd have a true vac-vs-unvac study for autism.


I am also interested in anyone's opinion of vaccines/mercury/aluminum/epigenetics and spina bifida rates. Are they increasing, too? Does mercury and/or aluminum cause neural tube defects? There appear to be DNA methylation issues - is this the same methylation system discussed in the autism medical conversations?


"The decades-long prodromal phase over which AD [Alzheimer's disease] develops suggests slow but progressive accumulation of a toxic or infective agent over time. Major environmental candidates are reviewed to assess which best fits the profile of an agent that slowly accrues in susceptible cell types of AD-vulnerable brain regions to toxic levels by old age, giving rise to AD neuropathology without rapid neuronal lysis. Chronic aluminum neurotoxicity best matches this profile. Many humans routinely ingest aluminum salts as additives contained in processed foods and alum-treated drinking water. The physical properties of aluminum and ferric iron ions are similar, allowing aluminum to use mechanisms evolved for iron to enter vulnerable neurons involved in AD progression, accumulate in those neurons, and cause neurofibrillary damage."

from "Aluminum Involvement in the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease," JR Walton, 2013

The text of the article talks about aluminum in vaccines and aluminum spiking in the brains of mice 2-3 days post-vaccination.


Chuck Hancock

One, this makes me cringe.

Two, I wonder, HOW many will have to suffer with this hateful disorder before insurance companies will be required to cover things, I mean, AT LEAST ABA???!!!


Another culprit in the decline of human health is the increasing exposure to radiofrequency wireless radiation that according to the nonprofit EMR Policy Institute is not being monitored by the FCC for adherence to federally regulated exposure limits. EMR Policy Institute has found widespread extremely high overexposure conditions in independent tests that after being reported to the FCC, have not been addressed or corrected. See their 3 part report uploaded several days ago that outlines the problem and the inadequate, seemingly obstructive response of the FCC, here:

Wireless Industry Safety Failure Introduction

Wireless Industry Safety Failure Part I

Wireless Industry Safety Failure Part II

Although invisible, radiofrequency wireless radiation affects everyone.


I asked my doc at the last visit if I got a flu vaccine at the drugstore whether he would know about it, if it would get to my medical record (which is now computerized and linked to who knows where). He looked puzzled for a few seconds and then admitted, that no, flu vaccines given at the drugstore are not included in my medical record, although he said the drugstore must keep records.

So, how very convenient for those determined to hide the after effects. With flu vaccines given in Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, schools (?), etc., how could a study be done of Alzheimer vaccination histories? I doubt it would be possible since almost anyone is not only allowed but encouraged to give these vaccines.

Regarding incidence, 45% of those 85 and older have Alzheimers. http://www.alz.org/downloads/facts_figures_2012.pdf

Anyone fortunate enough to reach a ripe old age has only about a 1 in 2 chance of getting there with an intact mind.

Maurine Meleck

Have both in our family as I'm sure many other families too.
You get your kids the mandated vaccines, they get sick, and then insurance denies you the IVIG they need. Josh with PANS, Lyme, Mycoplasma--denied the help he needs. Time to X outthe old autism numbers on your shirt and put in the new. Thanks, Teresa.

Jenny Allan

It seems Alzheimers and Autism are on course to be the new 'cash cows' for the pharmaceutical industry. We all remember Professor Mark Pepys, UCL Medical Director, whose first task on UCL taking over the Royal Free Hospital, London, was to get rid of Research Scientist Dr Andrew Wakefield and 'close down' the proposed commercial development of Transfer Factor, a substance designed to ameliorate measles damage. Since the Royal Free still owns the patent, this important discovery cannot now be developed and made available by any other therapeutic organisation.

Prof Pepys lost no time in switching his research to amyloid plaques, a feature in the brains of Alzheimers sufferers. In this he collaborated with MMR vaccine manufacturers GlaxoSmithKline. The deal seems to be UK taxpayers funding the research, and GSK commercially exploiting anything which looks profitable.:-
From above:-
"Professor Pepys said: “It’s a wonderful idea and we are delighted to be working with GSK to develop new medicines for patients.” GSK aims to work closely with leading external medical researchers until the launch of a new drug. This will allow GSK to tap their expertise while providing them with facilities, funding and incentives to be paid if a treatment proves successful."

Note the 'funding and incentives' are only available for commercially profitable discoveries. Some deal!! UCL is only one research establishment out of many in the UK alone researching Alzheimers. They are attempting (without much success) to develop a vaccine. In Scotland, full page newspaper adverts are looking for suckers-oops sorry I meant to say subjects - for clinical Alzheimer cure trials.

More recently another research/ GSK collaboration in Canada has come up with what is claimed to be an amyloid plaque cure in mice.
http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/01/130115143852.htm From above:-
"Jan. 15, 2013 — A team of researchers from Université Laval, CHU de Québec, and pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has discovered a way to stimulate the brain's natural defense mechanisms in people with Alzheimer's disease. This major breakthrough, details of which are presented January 15 in an early online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), opens the door to the development of a treatment for Alzheimer's disease and a vaccine to prevent the illness."

Bob Moffitt

Knowing that "1 out of 3 adults receive an influenza vaccine" is not very helpful unless we know if the ONE who receives the vaccine is also more likely to become a victim of Alzhiemer's than the TWO who did not.

Which begs the question:

Aren't annual flu vaccines "free" for seniors? If for no other reason than to prevent seniors from receiving more than a single flu vaccine each year .. some type of record must be made of "who" receives the annual flu? Wouldn't those records also identify "how many years" someone received annual flu vaccines .. and ... wouldn't that information provide the data needed for a "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" study of Alzheimer's victims?

If so ..

Common sense suggests it would be very helpful to know if the TWO OUT OF THREE SENIORS not vaccinated for influenza have the same rate of Alzheimer's as the ONE SENIOR that does vaccinate .. no?

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