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Young Boy Held in Alabama Bunker

Candle-light-i-will-give-the-light-in-the-dark-djokomuljantoUPDATE 5:20pm EDT 2/4: News reports state that the gunman has been killed and Ethan has been released safely. 

As of this writing, Ethan, known only to us by his first name, is still being held in a 6' x 8' , underground bunker in Alabama by a man identified as Jimmy Lee Sykes who allegedly shot and killed bus driver Charles Poland last week.  Poland has been called a hero for trying to protect the children before being gunned down. 

As parent of children on the spectrum ourselves, we can imagine in frightening detail how our own children would react to being trapped underground by a stranger, especially after the trauma of witnessing a shooting.

Please send good thoughts out - that Ethan will emerge physically unharmed, and soon. And that he and his family will find help and comfort in the coming days.


Dawn Keck

HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY ETHAN .....PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR!<3! At your young age, you showed the world that just because you have Autism does not mean you don't have courage, bravery, strength, and perserverance !!!!! You also reminded a mother of an autistic son that in the end all the traits any mother could want in her child do exist and are unchanged by Autism. God Bless You, Thank You & Happy Birthday<3


The child is safe and healthy.Great job from all involved.
I wish him health,strength and lots of hugs with his family.

Trina Aurin

I will be thinking of Ethan and hope he gets the help he needs so he can work on getting over this horrible event in his life.


What a miracle that Ethan is now safe! I am so grateful.


Delighted to read the lad is safe

Cindy Griffin

Hallelujah, Ethan is safe and with his family. A very sad situation, but the most important thing is that this little boy is safe. The bus driver did his best and offered his life to save the rest of the children on that bus. My prayers for Ethan's family, for the bus driver's family, and thankful prayers for the law enforcement and others involved.

Not an MD

I am thrilled that Ethan has been released, and I hope he will recover from his ordeal and bounce back as quickly as he can. What a relief this must be for his parents.


I have been praying, and continue to do so.
This morning it said they had passed through to him a little red car toy.

Just how unlucky can one little boy be.

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