Science Summary: Higher levels of several toxic metals found in children with autism
A Vaccine Injury Case Goes to the Supreme Court

The Scientific and Basic Moral Reasons We Need an Autism Cure

Meg  immune  treatmentsBy Teresa Conrick

My beautiful daughter, Megan, will be 20 years old on March 2nd. The real heroes are the children, and now soon to be adults of this Autism Epidemic, who live each day in the shadow of pain. Meg is one of them. I write a lot about Autism, not to complain of my struggles, but to share the hope that we are turning the corner from the days of Autism being some type of "mental mystery," to its proper position --- an immune-mediated disease, that can present as neuropsychiatric and/or neurodegenerative. The "spectrum" that so many love to describe would be, in reality, a gauge of illness, of infection, and autoimmunity, and not some psycho-babble yardstick.

A recent article in the UK, Guardian, by Kristina Chew, a mother of a son with an Autism diagnosis, caught my eye recently, and also hammered in my head and heart, that there are definitely different opinions regarding Autism. While it is fine to have and share an opinion, it is another to add in questionable facts and information. From Ms. Chew:

"Do we really need a cure for autism? I've grappled with whether it's morally or medically right to talk about 'curing' autism.......Currently there is no known biomarker for autism, and the disorder is diagnosed based on observations by teams of experts. Most scientists agree that autism is of genetic origin and begins to develop while a child is in the womb. ......Autism is a lifelong disability that cannot be cured in a medical sense."

The link she provides for "autism is of genetic origin' will take you to the CDC website, with a hodge-podge of archaic gene/chromosome bullet points, put out by the same folks who walk the walk and talk the talk of the pharmaceutical/medical industry. Close your eyes and it is 1975, and we are hearing the defense of toxic leaded gasoline and the denial of environmental injury. I am not quite sure why CDC or Ms. Chew do not report this more recent study from Stanford regarding autism and genes:

Non-genetic factors play surprisingly large role in determining autism, says study by group: 

"A new Stanford University School of Medicine study of twins suggests that non-genetic factors play an unexpectedly large role in determining autism risk, turning upside down recent assumptions about the cause of this common, disabling developmental disorder......It found that genes account for 38 percent of autism risk, with environmental factors explaining the remaining 62 percent.

"It took me a bit by surprise that the heritability of autism was so much lower than previous studies calculated," said Joachim Hallmayer, MD, the first author of the new paper...

The finding that autism risk is strongly influenced by environmental factors should alert scientists to the need to study risk factors they haven't been considering, the researchers said. In recent years, autism research has been focusing more on genetics."

I think that is a better and more current analysis of where we are now concerning any genetic Meg pain biting connections in Autism. The focus does need to be on the environment, including vaccines, something we, here at Age of Autism, have been saying since our inception.

Do we need a cure for Autism? I think that is a disturbing question, kind of like saying do we need to stop pain and suffering? Do we need to stop Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or Cancer? Why yes, we do! There are thousands of children and young adults now, who wake each day in pain. Then the issue of morally, if we really look at what that means - decent, ethical, honest, honorable vs the opposite - dishonest, evil, unethical, wicked. Well, I'll take heaps and seconds on the former, as it seems morally reprehensible that these individuals should not be able to live and function in a body that feels good.

As far as the "medically right to talk about 'curing' autism" and "Currently there is no known biomarker for autism"- that is just not true. There is a growing list of "markers" that many of these individuals carry, especially those with severe symptoms, that make them unique to an Autism diagnosis:

Meg autoimmune dx  Gad65Presence of GAD65 autoantibodies in the serum of children with autism or ADHD 

Autistic children had significantly higher serum S100B protein levels than healthy controls 

Children with autism had a significantly higher percent seropositivity of anti-nuclear antibodies (20%) than healthy children (2.5%

Blood and brain glutamate levels in children with autistic disorder

Differences between the gut microflora of children with autistic spectrum disorders and that of healthy children 

Increased IgG4 levels in children with autism disorder 

Gastrointestinal Microflora Studies in Late-Onset Autism 

High levels of Alzheimer beta-amyloid precursor protein (APP) in children with severely autistic behavior and aggression 

Intestinal microflora of autistic children 

Ear infections in autistic and normal children 

Elevated plasma cytokines in autism spectrum disorders provide evidence of immune dysfunction and are associated with impaired behavioral outcome

Colitis in Autism: A True Lesion Distinct From Classical Ibd and Not Due to Constipation 

Detection and sequencing of measles virus from peripheral mononuclear cells from patients with inflammatory bowel disease and autism 

Each of these studies shows an injured IMMUNE SYSTEM in Autism. Megan, unfortunately, has Meg Strep infection been a victim to many of these pathogenic infections and more. Her recent autoimmune diagnosis may be a sign that her immune system could no longer fight them off. Streptococcus, an infection that many school children get, has become a true monster these past years in both Autism and PANS/PANDAS - Pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome/Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infection. Something is making our children more susceptible to latent and chronic infections which then wreak havoc medically and mentally.

In the past two years, studies on children with an Autism diagnosis reiterated just how important microbes and pathogens were in the gut of these children: 

"The latest research, conducted over the past several years, probes the controversial possibility that whatever is amiss in the gut is not just a symptom of autism, but one of the causes. The work is an offshoot of mounting scientific interest in the human microbiome, the stew of bacteria that make their homes in our gastrointestinal tracts....these microbial residents may direct brain development, ultimately shaping behavior..

"It's a big eye opener," says lead investigator Sven Pettersson, professor of microbiology at Karolinska Institute in Sweden. "If you would have said 20 years ago that bacteria would have anything to do with brain function, people would have laughed at you."

In 2012, more evidence was found:

New study finds that children with autism and gastrointestinal symptoms have high levels of the bacterium Sutterella in their gut

"The investigators found that over half of the children diagnosed with autism and gastrointestinal disturbances had Sutterella in intestinal biopsy tissue, while Sutterella was absent in biopsies from typically developing children with gastrointestinal disturbances. Not only was Sutterella present in the intestines of children with autism, but relative to most genera of bacteria, Sutterella was present at remarkably high levels. Sutterella species have been isolated from human infections previous to this study, but it remains unclear whether this bacterium is a human pathogen....."There is much work to be done toward understanding the role Sutterella plays in autism, the microbiota, infections, and inflammation."

There is much evidence showing biomarkers in Autism. Investigating and researching will bring us closer to the specific immune treatments to restore true health:

Microbial ecosystems therapeutics: a new paradigm in medicine? March,2013 

"Increasing evidence indicates that the complex microbial ecosystem of the human intestine plays a Meg dilated pupils clostridia infection critical role in protecting the host against disease. This review discusses gut dysbiosis (here defined as a state of imbalance in the gut microbial ecosystem, including overgrowth of some organisms and loss of others) as the foundation for several diseases, and the applicability of refined microbial ecosystem replacement therapies as a future treatment modality..... 'Microbial Ecosystem Therapeutics' (MET) would entail replacing a dysfunctional, damaged ecosystem with a fully developed and healthy ecosystem of 'native' intestinal bacteria. Its application in treating Clostridium difficile infection is discussed and possible applications to other diseases such as ulcerative colitis, obesity, necrotising enterocolitis, and regressive-type autism are reviewed."

So at age 20, I don't give up on Megan's health or her life, and I wait as the truth keeps emerging.

I Will Wait -- Mumford & Sons 

And I came home
Like a stone
And I fell heavy into your arms
These days of darkness
Which we've known
Will blow away with this new sun

And I'll kneel down
Wait for now
And I'll kneel down
Know my ground

And I will wait, I will wait for you

Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Leo Kazan

There is a need for an autism cure but there will never be one as long as psychologist and psychiatrists keep writing books lacking any empirical basis whatsoever. From Freud to Perls to Jung to Skinner to Rogers, it's all a bunch of hoooey.

Teresa  Conrick -To Amy

Hi Amy,

Thank you for your message. Itś been a number of years since that least message of hate and negativity. I am sorry that you have had a hard time and I feel for you as my daughter struggles with many significant medical issues. Research is showing that these medical issues are indeed a big piece of Autism. I hope things improve and please know that people do care.




I do not like it when people say "we" when they talk about autistics, because your then speaking for every autistic, which is terrible because not every autistic has the same opinion as you!
I am (unfortunately) an autistic 20 year old woman who strongly agrees with there being a cure for the disibility actually, and strongly disagree with people who say immaturely "stop trying to cure 'us'" there is no us, there is YOU.
I can independently say not for 'us' but for me, a person who suffers everyday because of autism, (diagnosed at age 6) please, please find a cure.


There is no need for a cure for autism. We stopped trying to cure sexual identity and other things that identify a person. I realize a lot of people hate me because I am so much smarter. Whether it is at math, playing chess, computer programming, I am obviously superior to neurotypicals. People like Teresa Conrick just need to accept people for who they are. Stop trying to cure us. We HATE you.

Roger Kulp

Since this article was published here at AoA,we have had couple of families join our little group on Facebook for cerebral folate deficiency.These are children that have a very different model than the mitochondrial or metabolic subtype described in the medical literature.These are children that have proven cerebral folate deficiency,and positive folate receptor autoantibodies,but they have neither mitochondrial disease,or medical problems associated with inborn errors of folate metabolism,like I do.

These children have been diagnosed with PANDAS or PANS.I do not believe this has been documented in the literature yet,and I think it is an important discovery.

The immunological workup for PANDAS is here
The behavioral workup is here

This goes to a .pdf of a presentation by Dr.Swedo.One of the things she explains that lyme-induced autism,is really another type PANS/PITANDS.

I would be very interested in knowing what per cent of children diagnosed with autism have also had a workup for PANDAS or PANS?And if most kids have not,then why not?

Kim,when I was in my teens,I could only function a little better than your daughters,but not much.But that was a long time ago.

Kim Stagliano

Hi, Ella - I'm Kim, Managing Editor of AofA. Thanks for commenting - I am Mom to three young women with autism - so I am responding to you with as much gentle care as I can. My girls can not type on blogs. They can not cross the street safely. The can not be left home alone - at ages 19, 17 and 13 - not even for half an hour. They can not communicate their needs - even though one has pretty good speech. Their GI tracts are full of yeast, parasites, ugly bugs that cause them pain, they have had seizures - one had such bad seizures they almost killed her - our list goes on. They are wonderful girls and I adore them - I can not adore their autism - it threatens them every day. Please try to understand that autism IS a spectrum and some people need a lot of help. I wish you well, Ella. Kim


Autism is not a disease! I have autism, and it is part of who I am. If I did not have autism, I would not be me. Even if it worked, it is still not right to cure autism because it is just a type of personality and we are humans too. How would you feel if I tried to cure you of what made you who you are? This idea of curing autism makes me so angry!


Chew has taken the easy way out. The lazy way out. She is popular and maybe financially supported by those who have damaged our children.
If not for people like you we would never have had any hope for our child. It's up to the parents to keep writing and talking and talking and talking.
Thank you Teresa.

Raymond Gallup

I would like a cure too or at least research that helps our kids get better. Unfortunately you won't get the proper autism research from the likes of organizations like Autism Speaks or Federal agencies like the CDC and NIH.

Researchers like Vijendra Singh and Andy Wakefield (apparently) can no longer work to do this research. Not because they don't want to but autism organizations that funded their research are no longer around or the funds have dried up.

I don't see this funding coming back any time soon if ever. Very sad and unfortunate.


Megan is beautiful -- her genes were injured, not created incorrectly. Yes, we need a cure, but first we need the cause. I wish all autism organizations could get behind one concept and push for real change. I think finding the cause is the one concept that could drive unity. For those who think it is genetic, fine - - prove it. There is enough evidence now to show environmental factors are affecting genes and epigenetics play and even larger role. We've had over ten years of research focussed on pure hard wired genetics. Let's shift now and provide parity for environmental causes. How about 95% of all research dollars towards environmental/biological studies. Minimize/eliminate all psychiatric/psychological research until we find the cause. Once we find/acknowledge the cause, a cure won't be far behind.

John Stone

The difference between Teresa Conrick and Kristina Chew is that Kristina Chew is an ideologue for abject stupidity. It isn't as if there is some kind of literary interest to this delicate translator of Virgil's latest effusion in the Bill and Melinda Gates Guardian, it's just a dreary, spiritless manifesto for nothing: platitudes that she's written a thousand times before, on a bought out new platform.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

The difference between Teresa Conrick and Cristina Chew is very simple: Teresa is busy thinking about how her daughter feels , whereas Cristina Chew is busy thinking about herself.
I once ran into a blog in which a young mom had just learned that her son was autistic and she was positive and enthusiastic- " Im going to take this attitude!", Im going to treat my child this way!", etc. Most of the commenters lauded her for her great attitude. And finally one comment arrived, saying gently, something like, "What is most important is how the child feels"
I suppose we are always going to have to see people like Ms Chew pushed forward by pharma- public health groups, but in truth we need to brush these irritating gnats away and keep focused on our goals

Teresa Conrick

A huge thank you for all of the supportive comments. Treating and curing these symptoms should be part of medical school today.

Angus Fies

For sure from us we need a cure DUH! Chew what an apt name ..just you chew on it..sorry for your kid s though!!

We march on and hope that less of Chew-ing the fat continues..

Angie Gibson

Thank you for your response to Do we really need a cure for autism? I was also disturbed by this. I agree totally with your article. I watch my 13 yr old dtr suffer daily from the auto immune problems triggered by her 18 mo vaccines. If the right research was allowed to go forward our kids would have a much better life. Thanks for putting the truth out there.

Wendy Frye

Thank you, beautifully written and well received article. Never, ever quitting on our son, James - who is now 19.

Shelley West

I love your article! So true. I have recently started the biomedical approach with my ASD son, who has never been vaccinated, but has all of the key "markers", among numerous allergies. I can not wait to start healing him from the inside! I pray for those children whose parents choose to "accept" them rather than try to "fix" them.


"The link she provides for 'autism is of genetic origin' will take you to the CDC website."

And that should be the end of that search. The CDC has PROVED with Simpsonwood they KNOW there are SERIOUS neurodegenerative problems with "vaccination" and they are much more concerned about covering up the truth than discovering the truth.

There is a simple cure for MOST of autism and the ASDs. The cure is not politically correct and is rejected out of hand by the CDC, the Medical Industry and of course by the Pharmaceutical Industry; the cure has been proven to work by we the people in millions of small trials and in nationwide informal trials; we ignore this cure to our and most importantly our children's life long regret and pain.

The simple action which will prevent most autism and the ASDs is ... Do not "vaccinate" no time, for nothing.

"Vaccination" has NEVER been proven in gold standard clinical testing to confer ANY long term benefits

The risks of "vaccination" go far beyond autism and the ASDs and include lowered immune function and thus an increased risk of immunodegenerative diseases and mortality, SIDS, ischemia, lowered IQ, increased auto-immune diseases and on and on.

The horrible truth about the risks of "vaccination" is that serious well funded long term studies by the people most equipped to do the studies, the CDC, has not been done, is not being done and will NEVER be done unless we somehow get an honest government.

This lack of an honest government is of course why autism and MANY other serious health and other problems exist concurrently with such an advanced scientific infrastructure. All the scientific and other power of the CDC is being used to conceal the simple solution to autism.

We the people MUST solve our autism problem OURSELVES.


The way that gut flora is established and maintained in early life is through human milk. Human milk has almost as many live cells as human blood. It's antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, has secretory immunoglobulin A (IGA) that when ingested in the milk, lines the GI tract starting in the mouth, acting as a barrier to macromolecules, pathogens and allergens that would invade an infant's still porous undeveloped gut wall in the first months of life. Infant formula, an aggressively marketed and extremely lucrative pharmaceutical product, has none of these properties and results in the establishment of different gut flora.

But, regardless of how a child was fed as an infant, if there are intestinal problems, I would try to get my hands on some properly screened human milk to see if that would help. I would do this even for an adult with intestinal disease. There are human milk banks that by prescription supply NICUs, as feeding only human milk to preemies is the current standard of care (at least in Texas and I think in other parts of the US as well). The milk is screened for infectious agents and other potential contaminants. I would try feeding a couple of ounces every 2-4 hours. I think it would have a healing effect and would be most beneficial in establishing normal gut flora. For those avoiding dairy, note that bovine protein ingested by a lactating woman can be secreted in her milk, and there may be other dietary proteins to consider, which the milk bank and/or an IBCLC should be able to help with. I would definitely try. I can't find links right now but I do remember learning years back that traditional societies used mother's milk to treat intestinal problems in people of all ages.

One more thought - banked milk is pasteurized and I'm not sure what effect that would have on its effectiveness in normalizing gut flora. But I think it's definitely worth looking into. As far as access, some women might want to consider inducing lactation or be able to relactate.

A quick search turned this up:

but I wouldn't go for a Pharma pill. I'd try to get the real thing.


Whenever I happen upon academia-steeped Kristina Chew's wishful over-intellectualizing, her disconnect and denial, I think, "Gee, there's a textbook case."

You can't think autism away by spouting self-manufactured pontifications and pronouncements that are one step away from prosaic greeting-card tripe. "Acceptance" should be equated with minimizing discomfort and maximizing potential, not used as an excuse for abandonment of inconvenient effort.


Your daughter truly is beautiful, Teresa, and in a different way your writing is beautiful! I used to argue a lot with Kristina Chew, but her views are quite intractable. She does care a lot about her son, Julie, but she just doesn't believe in the biomedical paradigm of autism causation or treatment at all. She describes with pride how her son used to spend so much time self stimming but that with educational therapies and empathetic play they drew him out of himself and got him involved in life. And I asked, but if autism is so wonderful and we shouldn't try to change our children, why didn't you just let him sit in a corner and stim? When dietary intervention or supplements or medical treatments help to bring a child out of his restrictive self-stimming interests why does that show a lack of acceptance for the child? I'm so glad you wrote this article, Teresa, because it is so packed full of excellent information. It would be too easy to say mean angry things to Dr. Chew, but instead you met her full on with important facts.

So true, Sandra, that “If you don't want a cure, don't use it, but why deprive others of having that option?” Autism is a spectrum, why are some people so judgmental and sure that their way is the only Right Way?

I agree with Adriana: “I think you may be the Miss Marple of autism.”

As CureNOW said, “God bless you in your tireless efforts on behalf of your daughter.”

no vac

Happy Birthday to beautiful Meagan! She looks like Raphaelian Madonna. I do hope, she (and all autistic children) gets better. Of course the treatment for autism is urgently needed, as much as necessary is prevention by non vaccination.

I seems to me that big pharma has found a new spokeswoman, this strange mother Christina Chew, as a replacement for Brian Deer, who is severely compromised now by his ignorance, corruption and fraud. If this is true, I am sure she is not doing this for free and gets tons of money from pharma to spread their propaganda. It probably will cover the care for her autistic child for life. But she is collaborating with Devil and she knows that.

Robert Hutchins

And by the way, Teresa, I thought this was an awesome article and very well written! You don't have to post this comment, as I also submitted a lengthier comment, but wanted to let you know that it is a very good article.

Robert Hutchins

We believe that our youngest son who is now 3 1/2 years old suffered a vaccine injury. He is on the autism spectrum with a diagnosis of PDD NOS, Sensory processing Disorder and speech delay. Up until 6 months ago, if that long, he was considered non verbal, but now is verbal but non functional. We did the genetic testing and both my son and wife have a small duplication of one of their chromosomes. My wife is not on the spectrum. I am glad we did the testing though because out of the 6 others who have the exact same duplication, some of them had heart issues, so we got all 3 kids to the cardiologist. My son has a small hole and an open valve that should have closed shortly after birth. Out of the 6 like my son, no one else is on the autism spectrum. I have seen many cases where kids have multiple deletions of chromosomes and no one else with the exact same issues. That being said, I have absolutely no idea why talk of autism being genetic is even allowed to be mentioned. There is not enough research out there to support that claim at all!

As far as should we search for a cure goes.... Absolutely! I see the cute comments with the different photos, etc. that say things such as AWETISM, AWSOME, autism is a gift, etc. First and foremost, I think some of these may be coming from parents who don't necessarily have to watch their child suffering or are just willing to accept whatever they are handed and not ask questions. Don't get me wrong, any child is a blessing from God and just totally awesome little people, but they can be the same way without the autism. You child can have cute little quirks or be highly intelligent or be a musical genius without the autism. I would much rather see my child's cute personality without all the head banging or the constant battle to keep clothes on hims due to the sensory processing or him have the ability to verbally communicate with me without language difficulties and him getting frustrated because he can't relay his needs to us. I don't see anything cute about autism or anything awesome about autism. I see a nasty epidemic that his painful and difficult for my child and many others and I want a cure and prevention and I want them several years ago. I also want those who are spouting lies about vaccines not being linked to start telling the truth so that maybe we can stop the epidemic.


I don't understand any mother who throws her own child under the bus. But then, I don't understand women like Casey Anthony or Diane Downs either.
As I posted before, doesn't she care what happens to her son after his parents are dead? Doesn't it bother her to leave a defenseless person alone in a harsh world?
I hope Ms Chew reads this.


I am constantly in awe of all the research you have done and shared. Thank you for not giving up, and for taking us all along on the journey with you!


I belong to Care2, a website supposedly dedicated to change and protesting by petition, which Christina Chew is a regular writer on. It boils my blood when I hear her write yet another article about autism, because she states her opinion as fact, and the average joe on the street knows no better than to listen to her. I have seen her write on many topics related to autism, including touting the good of vaccines, how medical tests for autism are unnecessary, how treatments don't work and are not ethical, how one can't improve from autism, how the DSM "created" the epidemic, and dissing the GFCF diet, among many many other self placating tripe to make herself feel better, I believe because she has given up helping her son. I can't stand the underlying lack of hope and ignorance of science that she spreads, like an insidious virus...

Birgit Calhoun

Great article, Teresa!

For all it's worth, here is one more claim about a genetic connection: "5 Psych Disorders Have Common Genetics." By Michael Smith

My comment to that is that basically everything alive has a genetic component, and if you look for something you'll find it among all the genes. After all wellness is based on all the genes and how they respond in your body to outside influences.

Now to the subject of whether we should look for a cure. Of course we should look for a cure. If we don't look, we won't find. It's really up to us.

The doctors I encounteed would rather spend their time on persons where his involvement yields the most satisfaction, and at least in Erik's case, there was--with one glance--no satisfaction in helping him because he "couldn't" be helped.

The lack of effort that went into aleviating Erik's pain was absolutely stunning. After a while it became so bad that doctors said they did not want to have anything to do with him. They didn't say it that way. It was implied in their lack of return calls and willingness to schedule an appointment. At one point one of the doctors refused to take care of Erik. She only relented when we complained. We had to go through her to get referrals.

In any case the only way that illnesses through history have been cured is by doctors who were interested enough to look.

Of course there were also quacksalvers. And we all know where that word comes from: "quicksilver" another word for mercury. They "cured" their patients by giving them mercury (it kills nerves) and salivating them. The salvation came from spittle running out of the mouth. Those were the dark ages.

And where are we now? We, the parents, have to look for a cure because it starts with us to convince the rest of those who should care to look for a cure.

Susan Owczarzak

Wishing Megan a very Happy 20th Birthday on Saturday, and thanking you always Teresa for your dedication, brilliance, and compassion for all of our affected children.

Sandra Carroll

What I never will understand is why there is any controversy at all. If you don't want a cure, don't use it, but why deprive others of having that option? People with hearing impairment who can benefit from cochlear implants still have the choice of not getting them. Once the people who caused the problem can no longer deny the more common sources of autism, we may have a much easier time of healing our kids. We need to retake our government for the people instead of corporations, if we ever had it to start with. When Chew is gone and her son is abused by an aide in a group home because he can't advocate for himself, I hope his guardian ad litem will consider letting him try treatment.


KEEP IT COMING, Teresa! At this point I think you may be the Miss Marple of autism.


"it seems morally reprehensible that these individuals should not be able to live and function in a body that feels good." SO WELL SAID!!!


Autism seems to be the only affliction where from the start they said "no cause, no cure and don't look over here... /meaning vaccines and their ingredients.

"Jerry's Kids" have been looking for a cure for over 50 years. They show no signs of stopping with their fundraising.

The "first step of the cure" will be prevention, followed by an honest search for treatments after they admit what they have done.


When I saw this article in the Contra Costa Times ( ), it occurred to me that the idea of curing autism had finally gone mainstream.

I don't think any of the treatments mentioned in the article contributed to the revenue stream of a pharmaceutical company. That might be a problem for Chew.

Dinaker Vudhva

Please see my theory of Autism spectrum condition. It explains the Asperger's syndrome (mindblindness) part of it.

This post speculates on the causes of Autism and, thereby, how Asperger's syndrome is different from it.


Question. For Chew and others of her mindset, if she thinks we should leave autism alone and not find a cure, why does she spend so much time talking about it? She can just move along as all is well.


And here's the disconnect that AoA perpetuates...

You admit 'autism' is caused by vaccines. Correct.

The essay posted just before yours says that children with 'autism' have higher amounts of heavy metals in their bodies. Correct again.

Here's the secret to 'curing autism' that seems allusive to so many (seemingly) on my side of the 'autism is caused by vaccines' debate.

Remove the heavy metals that the vaccines have placed into the child. Watch all of the symptoms and need for services disappear.

We began heavy metal chelation on my son at 3.5. At 7, he is free of 'autism' and all the symptoms that came with that diagnosis.

Consider really helping sick children (and adults) by providing more information on proper chelation. Would LOVE to see an interview here with Dr Andrew Hall Cutler. He's the hero to so many of us.

Metal poisoning - metals = health restored

It takes a long time, but it really is that simple.


Great article, Theresa! Yes, we need a cure! And I appreciate all the medical studies and links you provide. You, by far, have the most helpful information here and if anyone is here is going to contribute o finding a cure, it's going to be you. God bless you in your tireless efforts on behalf of your daughter. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if you have a direct hand in helping this entire generation of children recover their health in body and mind. Thank you.

Bob Moffitt

"Something is making our children more susceptible to latent and chronic infections which then wreak havoc medically and mentally."

Indeed, and .. whatever that "something" is affects children from Maine to California, North Dakota to Texas .. and .. all the states in-between. In addition, the "something" is affecting mostly children in their earliest years .. causing a dramatic increase in life-threatening, often life-long .. chronic autoimmune disorders (autism and juvenile type 1 diabetes to name just two) .. that were far less common in all previous (LESS VACCINATED) generations.

Obviously, whatever the "something" is .. has caused a recently developed "mounting scientific interest in the human microbiome, the stew of bacteria (sutterella?) that make their homes in our gastrointestinal tracts....these microbial residents may direct brain development, ultimately shaping behavior..".

Which means .. hopefully .. common sense will eventually prevail .. making the yet to be released 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) completely irrelevant to the protecting the future health and well-being of the "human microbiome" that is responsible for "directing brain development and ultimately shaping behavior" of future generations.

Every day it becomes more and more difficult for public health officials to pretend that "something" will be found in the genes, or the DSM5 .. and .. each passing day intensifies their "scientific and moral" duty to conduct an independent study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations that proves beyond all doubt the "something" is .. NOT THE EVER INCREASING NUMBERS OF VACCINES THEY RECOMMEND AND APPROVE.

Jim Thompson

Do we really need to give 55 doses of vaccines by age 6?;lst;2

Do we really need to give 69 doses of vaccines by age 18?

Do we really need to give Thimerosal preserved flu vaccines to children and pregnant women when those vaccines contain the same mercury by weight as a half cup of D009 mercury hazardous waste?

Do we really need to ask if we need a cure for autism spectrum disorder, epilepsy, verbal apraxia, motor disorder, or sensory integration disorder?

John Stone

The Chew phenomenon takes a little explaining. My best guess is that she is riddled by guilt and it is very easy for her banal inanities to find patronage. By now the Guardian newspaper is just a propaganda arm for Bill & Melinda Gates. Cringe.

Of course, her academic specialisation - the poet Virgil - was also a notorious political sychophant.

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