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Old Timers and ARI

ARI logo FebBy Kim Stagliano

If you aren't subscribed to the ARI newsletter, we have a preview for you below. For many of us old timers, ARI was our first and best course of hope for our kids.  We whispered in Yahoo groups, "What is a DAN! doctor and how do I find one?"  My girls' first biomed doc was an elderly allergist who knew Dr. Bernie Rimland personally.  Today, many young autism parents might not even know the name Dr. Rimland. He's the doctor who dispelled the refrigerator theory and searched for medical treatments for his own son, thus creating ARI for all of our kids. He also founded The Autism Society of America.  His death in 2006 was a stunning blow to the community.

As the years have rolled on, it's easy to forget our community's roots. And to ignore the accomplishments of the people who used a machete in the rain forest to create a trail for us to follow.  The moms and dads, men and women, and doctors who put their careers, personal lives and asses on the line day after day because their kids, your kids, my kids came first - enduring political and media beatings over and over.  Accepting an inch, going back into the trenches for a mile.  These folks were working long before I first sat in front a computer in a Yahoo group that introduced me to other parents like me.

Thank you to ARI, to all of our friends and colleagues in the autism community from coast to coast and around the world, working in their own niche - the autism life is not an Emily Post sponsored event. That's OK.  I tuck in three kids with autism every night.  You probably tuck in one or two of your own. That makes us bedfellows.  The cliche stands - Rome wasn't built in a day. But neither did Rome fall in a day.  Or a decade.

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From Steve Edelson:

I hope subscribers living in the northeast are safe and warm after last weekend's blizzard. Our thoughts are with you.

Much is happening at the Autism Research Institute (ARI) these days. We just published the book Nutritional Supplement Use for Autistic Spectrum Disorder, written by Dr. Jon Pangborn. In addition, last week Carnie Wilson raised awareness about autism as well as funds for ARI on the Food Network show, Guy vs. Rachel: Celebrity Cook-Off. See articles below.

Based on our recent e-blasts to subscribers, you should be well aware that ARI is sponsoring quite a number of webinars on the Internet. A big thanks to ARI staff member Denise Fulton for organizing these very informative web events.

I am also working with autism groups in Russia to organize a three-day international conference on autism in Moscow. If you live in or are visiting Moscow from April 17 to 19, please join us.

Steve Edelson, Ph.D., Executive Director

Autism Research Institute 



I have too began to work in the last few years with ARI. I love of the people and the doctors and researchers there too. I to go to all of their conferences. and also do work with the AGI group which is a program under the ARI created and designed by adults with various levels of the autism too. I was of so happy to see of the post from Kim giving us a high five sort of words.

Wendy Frye

Thanks Kim! I too was lucky enough to have my son work with an amazing integrative doctor who contributed to the old version of "The Yeast Connection" - 15 years ago. Wow, what a haul...

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Granny Blue, I hope and pray that your grandson emerges from this. I do hope that you are stopping more mercury from going into his body. I am always appalled when I go to the U.S. to see how many people, oblivious to the mercury causation, would go on giving the child fish/ high fructose corn syrup, vaccines that may contain aluminium and even mercury (flu vaccines). If you can slowly remove the mercury that is already in his body, so much the better, but at least dont let more go in. You might also have mercury in your water. A certain amount is allowed by the state. See if you can get water without merury for his drinking and for food that contains a lot of water, such as soups.. If possible, you should also not live near a highway, from which the old lead will be sent up in the air and breathed. Lead, like aluminum, makes mercury more toxic

Carter's Daddy

Thanks for giving a nod to the ARI Kim! Our first contact with biomed was the ARI. Well, actually it was Jenny's book, LOUDER THAN WORDS(which my wife found in a bookstore the day after Carter's diagnosis), that told us about The ARI and that we should find a DAN! doctor, which we did. We still have that doctor, who treats the other 2 kids as well. We went to the east coast conferences in 09,10,11 and 12 and now they don't have them. In 09 Dr Baker personally helped my wife with her own medical question. SHe asked it on a Q&A card and when he read it out he said whomever wrote this please see me after the talk. What a warm caring man! We've become friends with many of the staff and started working relationships with Dr O'Hara and Dana Laake. I always had a great time at the conferences. I wish they didn't stop.

Holly B

From an old timer: Too bad they have sold out and become useless since Bernie's death. Whitewashed info isn't what we need, we have the ASA for that already, which is why Bernie started ARI after ASA. He didn't like the whitewash either. They've marginalized themselves and are of no use to our families. Very sad.


Hooray for ARI and thank you, Kim, for your tribute! I, an oddball autism grandmother found ARI for our grandson, a newly diagnosed 15-year-old, by Googling "Autism, digestive problems and scoliosis." Google spun to the ARI conference in Atlanta in 2000. Mom didn't want to go, I became partner to a soon-to-be DAN doctor, recovering my grandson. Things have not gone well for him--family problems--but I LIVE by Steve's words: Don't ever,ever give up!" Won't as long as I have a breath left in me.

Lesa W

Our son was diagnosed in March of 1996. We were "told Autism", but we were given the written diagnosis as "Semantic Pragmatic Language Disorder". He was also seen by 2 other neurologists the following year. Kyle was diagnosed w/PDD-NOS in March of '97 and then Autism in May, of '97. I think it was in the Fall of '97 that I learned about ARI and called to make an appt to speak w/Dr. Rimland! I remember being taken aback when I was told, "You don't need to make an appt to speak w/me!" I probably fell over my tongue for the next 2 minutes before his gentle manner put me at ease, I found my footing and asked for help! We were at the DAN conferences in Cherry Hill NJ in '98 and '99 and also at additional DAN's in several other cities over the years. ARI was the first place to give us hope! I still get my ARI newsletter; some days I skim, other days I devour. It will always have a special place in our hearts because w/o it, we would never have helped our son to recover as much as he has!

Donna L.

Well said, Kim!

Dan E. Burns

Steve, Bernie used to send me handwritten notes in the margins of my letters to him, and you too have the personal touch. Good to see you on the pages of Age of Autism, and I hope you've come to stay.

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