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PSA Natalie Palumbo Autism Sibling "I am the 88 My Brother is the 1."

NP Ant  Nat Ferris WheelManaging Editor's Note: "I am the 88, my brother is the 1."  A powerful Public Service Announcement by Natalie Palumbo that should run on every TV channel, FB page and Twitter account in the country. It serves as a reminder of why we get out of bed every day and put on our game faces. For our "1" - even if we have 3.  Please share this post widely.

By Natalie Palumbo

I am 18, a senior in high school, and the sibling of an older brother with low verbal autism.  I am a visual arts student planning a career in visual effects and computer animation.  This Public Service Announcement was made as an assignment for my Media Arts class.  We were allowed to choose our subject, so I chose the one most personal to me.   My teacher loved it, and encouraged me to share it here.  I am grateful to Age of Autism for the information they share, and the opportunity to share my sibling voice on behalf of my brother. 


PG Dad of M and D

The message is REAL in this video. I am a Dad of Autistic Twin 11 year old boys. One is Verbal and the other NON-Verbal. Autism is part of our lives and it always will be.
My sons are miracles. Each boy has many challenges/issues, but in my mind they are perfect. Lawmakers and Insurance Companies need to address this issue NOW. Parents and Siblings are the advocates for these children. As a teacher, my students know about my sons. Education is key for the future doctors, nurses, therapists,businesses,companies,etc. that will be working with our kids as adults. More FUNDING and CARE needs to start NOW. Dan Marino recently mentioned he is looking into creating a "College" for Autistic Students. I hope it happens. THis is just one small step. FAMILY ADVOCATES need support too!
Natalie, Thank you for making this video for all of us!!!


We are so proud of you Natalie.I wish you much success with your media studies.This video should be picked up by every channel and station to inform and educate the public.
Powerful,you are
just very smart and powerful Natalie.Thank you for your hard work and dedication.You make me believe that there is hope for a better future for our children and young adults effected by autism.


Powerful words! This should air every day on every tv and radio station until everyone hears the message. We are in an autism pandemic, an unprecedented never before seen worldwide neurological disorder affecting our children and young adults. Vaccines need to be looked at suspiciously as a cause, not because of a double blind placebo case study but because we see it happen right before our eyes after our babies are injected with neurotoxins like mercury (thimerosol) and aluminum. Lets stop the madness!

Michelle Heath

This is very good. Have her send it to local TV stations and ask them to run it--especially during Autism Awareness Month. I bet they will and be happy to. Oh, a few my poo-poo the idea, but those who really want to run Both sides will do it.

Carolina Eberstadt

THANK YOU! Let us all be 89 and make a difference!


Natalie, I hope you go into journalism, film making or media field. You truely have a gift and we need more young people like you representing our cause in the media industry. Thank you again.


Well done, Natalie! That is very powerful! This is great timing--I can share it at a women's group I will be attending next month where the topic is partly about autism, but pretty much a mainstream understanding of it. I think this will get the message across that I want to introduce them to. Thank you!


Very well done.
Very informative.
The ending was a real PUNCH!
Excellant Job!

George's Mom

Yes, it is beautiful and powerful.. but let's not kid ourselves here.. As the mother of an autistic child we must come to grips with the realization that until we find the cause, which in my opinion is somehow tied to the MULTITUDE of vaccines we inject into a tiny baby's un-protected nervous system starting at BIRTH, Autism cases will continue to rise. We need to stop looking at the vaccine industry (and it is just that, an industry) as the un-touchable, oh-so-perfect and wonderful thing that so many do today. Until we stand up and scream ENOUGH, and do some un-biased research or look at some un-biased research that has been done in other countries and change the way we shoot up our infants, we will never see a change..We would as a nation rather pour millions of dollars into treatment that go for the cause, and I just do not get that..


very powerful. fantastic job!


As a mother with a son who is non-verbal autistic, thank you! Your brother is lucky to have you! Stay strong and keep fighting!

Teresa Conrick

Thank you, Natalie and Anthony for making this PSA.

Natalie, your passion and determination are inspiring. I am with you!



Just outstanding. Sobbing. I have so much anger for the sibs. For my precious babies that I hope grow up to be as passionate, articulate and thoughtful as you. Right now they are little and they are sad. They get it. They really get it. My littlest asked me the other day, "why noah mom? Why did this happen to Noah?" Without thinking at all I responded, "he is our family's gift." Now, if you know me--I practically wear a sandwich board daily advertising the opposite...autism is NOT a gift...but the enlightened path we all live, the fight we are engaging in, the push for change, to save lives...that is our gift to future generations. And Noah is the greatest gift of all...a gift worth FIGHTING FOR, a GIFT WORTH UNWRAPPING! THANK YOU for doing this in your youth. Stay strong! My little ones will need a leader someday :)


Send it to Congress.

Victor Pavlovic

Beautiful Natalie, this video you made is very educational, and touching. I wish they would play it on TV commercials during autism awareness month at the least, it would do far more than their annual walk, people could at least begin to understand the devastation.


Thank you for articulating your view point as a sibling. Some don't have the voice yet to say what they feel and want to. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

Joanne Thompson

I agree with you Natalie and I am very proud of your work. My son turned 21 this year and will be aging out of a very poor school system. Everything you say is acurate.


I cried watching this. I am the 88. My brother is 45 and low verbal. He will
never be able to live on his own. As our parents age we the siblings
know that his forever care will depend on us. Because of my brother I have
learned the true meaning of patience, the joy in how easy my life really
is compared with his.

LInda L.

Well done Natalie !

Chris O

Beautifully done, both of you. Natalie, you speak volumes for millions of siblings. My daughter would welcome the cure, as would her two brothers, who may some day be expected to follow in your footsteps. It's an impossible mission to ask of a child, but one with few alternatives.


Outstanding Natalie and Anthony.


That was beautiful, moving and powerful. Everyone should be made to watch it.


Very well done Natalie,

...of course someone in New Jersey might try to top that with a 1 in 29 clip

Laura Hayes

Bravo, Natalie! Tears at the end. Very powerful. I will be forwarding to my group email list. Keep up your great efforts on behalf of your brother, my son, all the affected, and their siblings. May God bless and magnify your efforts!


Superb version.... i especially like the reference to the ND community at the end.... whose voices make it sound like autism is a dream vacation.

Thank you Natalie.... i will definitely be posting this when i get home later.


You are both of you, brother and sister, amazing advocates and I thank you for that.


When your brother spoke I cried. The why? of it all was beautifully understated.


Wow! I am crying. That was powerful. Thank you for speaking for my son, the "one".


excellent Natalie! you put into words what many of us feel. Thank you for being such a strong advocate.

Maurine Meleck

Extremely good. Natalie is an amazing autism advocate. Will this air?


Oh, the end was so powerful.
The beginning was informative and very good; but Anthony with his short sentence brings the message home.

Excellant. Love the black and white

Tim Kasemodel

Awesome job Natalie!

I love the use of black and white and use of the lighting.

To me, highlighting one side of your faces is a message that there is a side to autism that no one wants to see. Many only want to see the wonderful side, leaving the unpleasant issues in the shadows for others to deal with.

Thanks for sharing!


Very well done, however Anthony Palumbo deserves a credit at the end as well. Otherwise, it could be misinterpreted that his voice doesn't count as much as Natalie's - or doesn't count at all. (The sound could also be bumped as it's difficult to hear.)

Jacqueline Gauthier

Extremely moving. Thank you for making this amazing piece. Sharing like crazy.


Great job, great info. powerful!

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