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Katie Wright on the IOM Vaccine Report

Vax for dummiesBy Katie Wright

Vaccines are the most effective and safe health care interventions in history. OK listen up dummies. Thanks to all those exasperating parents who dare to question vaccine safety the IOM has released a thorough and objective report on the safety of childhood immunizations.

Vaccines are the greatest health breakthrough of the 20th century. In order to ensure the objectivity of this report the IOM committee excluded all parents of any child injured by vaccines, as well as all experts in pediatric toxicology and environmental science in general.  Relieved right? The committee members, instead, included: experts in women’s reproductive health, immigration, technology, torts, cloning, immunization program officers and inventors as well as organ transplant experts. OK? Satisfied! This crew knows their stuff so you can feel fully confident in their extensive expertise on adverse vaccination reactions. Happy now?

Vaccines are the most important health breakthrough of all time! Along with this very balanced group of experts, stakeholders were allowed to testify in front of the committee. The “stakeholders” included vaccine makers, vaccine patent holders, vaccine distributors, parents who love this highly aggressive vaccine schedule (and believe you me they were hard to find but we did it!) as well as 1 parent of a vaccine injured child, Barbara Loe Fisher. Ok, totally level playing field right?  The fact that vaccine safety is the number one health concerns of all new parents was more than fairly represented. So you are welcome! We bent over backwards to accommodate you people!

Vaccines are sacred. Ok so there you are- a highly diverse body of stakeholders  – a dozen vaccine salespeople and Barbara Loe Fisher. Perfect! Who could ask for more?

Vaccines save lives! Needless to say our committee poured over the work of noted vaccine safety experts: Eric Fombonne (professional testifier against children in vaccine court), DeStanfo (CDC vaccine representative), Trotter, Tse, O’Leary (ardent foes of vaccine safety research and hysterical defenders of all vaccines all the time). And finally we really emphasized the critical work of CDC partner and indicted criminal, yes, the only and only Dr. Poul Thorsen. Nitpickers have complained that because of his thievery and deliberately misleading research practices, the Thorsen studies should now be referred to as Madsen studies. Ok, fine. “Madsen”/ Thorsen’s apprentice worked hand and hand with the Danish Serum (Vaccine) Institut on his excellent and thoroughly objective research.

We want to start testing the Anthrax vaccine on American children now, asap, (true!). We know you moaners out there would complain that our research was heavily biased towards professional vaccine makers and backers so we also skimmed the Dr. Bob Sears “Vaccine” book, which advocates fully informing parents of vaccine side effects . Sears holds no vaccine patents and does not work for a vaccine maker (no wonder his is so misinformed!). FYI we found that his book to be dangerous and we had only negative things to say about it.

Vaccines are the greatest medical innovation of all time.  In summary our report concluded:

1)             All vaccine makers are required to report adverse effects in their clinical trials. Duh, the vaccine makers almost never  report any adverse effects so more proof vaccines are proven to be safe!

2)             “Stakeholders concerns do not warrant the initiation of high cost studies.” Exact quote.

3)             There are too many research studies on parental concerns regarding vaccine safety and not enough study on parent education re the life saving magic of all vaccines. Almost exact quote.

4)             The Internet is dangerous and is the sole reason for the public’s distrust of the infant immunization schedule. Ideally access to all non-CDC approved sites would be verboten. This matter will be revisited at the next IOM meeting.

5)  This committee found there is basically no research, none at all, on the safety of the totality of the infant vaccination schedule. Therefore, there is NO proof our vaccine schedule is NOT safe. Your fears put to rest, no doubt. Your welcome!





* The first sentence of every chapter of the IOM report did indeed begin with various versions of “vaccine save lives!” quotes


A. D.

There's a survey article from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia overviewing the issue. It brings up a lot of old and new evidence. Here it is: http://cid.oxfordjournals.org/content/48/4/456.full


CIA Parker,
I applaud your Amazon review and how you handled the response to it. You lured the low lives out from under their rocks and then threw them ropes short enough for them to hang themselves with, which they did repeatedly, while you very gracefully and effectively provided accurate information and discredited an awful book. GREAT JOB.

I'm sorry to read what you and your daughter have gone through. Your strength and determination despite it all is inspiring.


That should have read, link to them at

The more that I think about it even a grade school kid would look at their topics, tone and comments and figure out that they're first class thugs trying to protect the status quo.


Great idea, cia! It also just came to me that the simplest and most effective way to handle the creepy skeptics/"Science"blogs people in their efforts to block information to organizations like Ottawa Regional Cancer Centres, Ciniplex Odeon etc.) is to simply link to
I think if one looks at their tone, snide remarks, poll crashing and bullying, it may actually help them to make a more informed decision about what is happening when they get inundated with hate campaigns, like the one against Jenny and are caught off guard. You can also really infer that some of them have way too much time on their hands!

cia parker

In the Time I got yesterday, there was an article about Obama's We the People project, in which if any petition gets 100,000 signers, he would personally deliver a response to the question. Would it be possible to ask Dan Olseted, Mark Blaxill, David Kirby, or any of a number of others to write a petition asking for redress from tha vaccine and autism epidemics, put it online, and try to get 100,000 signatures? It would at least show President Obame the numbers of the vaccine-damaged who are aware of the connection, and furious about it.

cia parker

Could you tell me what you think a responsible plan would be on the vaccine question in the Third World? I just told a nasty British commenter in an Amazon review of Melanie's Marvelous Measles that I was surprised she supported giving thimerosal-containing vaccines to children in the developing world, as no parent in the First World would wish to poison their children with mercury. I said my daughter and I had been disabled by vaccines, and I did not wish to do unto others what I would not wish to be done unto me, and that she, apparently, was unlike me in that regard.

I posted there last week about the many thousands of children in India being paralyzed after getting the polio vaccine. I have posted about the root problem being malnutrition, overcrowding, and unsafe water. Beyond that, I really don't know what a responsible opinion would be to control the vaccine-preventable diseases in the Third World. I would go for naturoopathy and homeopathy rather than vaccines, as I would here in the U.S., but I understand that the context is very different there. Could you give me your opinion?

Jeff Ransom

Katie, I love your articles, I am always glad to see when you have written another article and cannot wait to read it. You always make such good since. You have what I like to call "a hard time ignoring the obvious". I would vote for you for President!

I wish we (ie the autism community) had the money to take this message & what is on Age Of Autism to the masses. Maybe someday one of us (someone in the autism community) will win the lottery.

Thank You!
Jeff Ransom


The CDC tracks each and every flu related (ILI) death in the USA on a day to day basis...

Let's see... with Autism.... in 2011, they released the Autism rates for eight year olds born in the year 2000. Not a word on the 120,000+ new Autistic children since then...


Still, eight more children died in the past week, bringing the season’s total pediatric death rate to 45.

The agency said 24 states and New York City experienced high influenza-like illness (ILI) activity; while the District of Columbia and 13 other states experienced moderate activity. Four states experienced low activity, and nine states have reported minimal activity.

Doctors say it’s still not too late to get a flu vaccine if you have not yet.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/02/01/8-more-children-die-from-flu-related-illness/#ixzz2JqOA4rju

TABLE III. Deaths in 122 U.S. cities*,
week ending January 26, 2013


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Linda, I am very much in agreement with you.
To cia Parker- How about an article with a topic something like this "Im Tired of Being Called a Baby Killer while the real baby killers make big bucks" followed by a list of incidents of kids dying after vaccines.
To Bill De burgh and others interested in Dr. Maurice Hilleman, please do read Jake Crosby's analysis . Jake has put together very interesting information and has come out with the analysis that Maurice Hilleman was never pushed into the limelight by his employer , Merck, because he was too outspoken. See the interview on you tube done 6 months before his death. He actually gets a sort of surprised look when the interviewer says, " So youre the person who brought HIV to the U.S." He looks surprised and then says, "yes"
And then he tells about how he decided to talk about the viruses in the polio vaccines that were probably going to cause cancers, and before his speech he told the maker of the vaccines about his decision. It would be interesting to talk to some of the people who knew Dr. Hilleman.


Well Gates needs the money ....Kate have a bit of sympathy..
Nice one



Oh! I see the January Journal of Preventive Medicine (Colorado) showed 1 in 3 family physicians had little confidence in vaccine safety studies! Now that is worrying.


Cia, the book sounds pretty funny, kind of in the same way that any propaganda piece would be. I'm not surprised at all at the negative votes your review got- the pharma sharks mounted a "ditchJenny" hate campaign (many misogenystic remarks included) and her appearance has been cancelled. I think people just don't understand who these people are - to me what is always astounding is that there is never any pause for thought on any of the nuances for them. Remaining thimerosal on the schedule? So what? Thim for third world countries? So what? Aluminum showed harmful effects in mice? So what? Problems with NPAFP,narcolepsy, Menafrivac? So what? Conflict of interest within the CDC? So what? Poorly done studies? So what? I am someone who has partially vaccinated my kids and I honestly wish I didn't have doubts on the "science."
Sadly, though, I still can't help but think that in spite of their hate campaigns, the number of parents and even older adults who have been affected by this issue will continue to rise and question safety.
The 3 in 10 docs not feeling confident about vaccine safety studies was very interesting. The full link didn't work for me, though.



I agree with you. Trying to figure out where the disconnect is, I think it's safe to say that most doctors go straight into medicine with little outside life experience. They are the bright, compliant, cooperative kids in school. In exchange for their efforts, they're taught that they will do good, be important, will work for, win and then deserve status, unquestioned authority, respect and financial reward. Some of them emerge from the long years of grooming with a god complex so deeply ingrained that they are delusional beyond repair (Offit?). They can do no wrong. Only they have the answers. To let go of that belief system would leave them in critical psychological condition. I have no idea what percentage are affected to that degree. There may be a continuum, ranging from mild to severe.

But I do think we're seeing the medical industrial complex's power bubble starting to burst. Not only from outside with the public's lack of confidence and fear of malpractice, but from within. Your example of the IOM 1999 report and sorry recommendations is exactly one reason why. I think there's a crisis of confidence among doctors. They know what's going on. But the politics are thick. I'm not sure why individual doctors aren't better patient advocates, why they don't demand higher standards, why they aren't screaming. From what I see with my own doctors, it seems that they perceive that they are treading on thin ice politically and don't have the power to change things. Ironically, they have an air of powerlessness about them. I think they think they are beholden to the machine and don't dare question. This is a terrible analogy, but it's not unlike how a prostitute wouldn't dare to question her pimp. This mindset may come from their early tracking/grooming for this career that they are led to believe will give them a perfect life. They generally aren't the ones that step out of line - that question authority. It may be wrong to stereotype to this degree, but I do not think that people with a rebellious nature are generally the kind of people that go to medical school. That could be at the root of the problem. But internally, I believe that there is unrest. What it will take for that unrest to materialize into positive action, I really don't know.

The article that I posted the other day shows there's something going on - that a good percentage of doctors had no faith in vaccine safety trials.

cia parker

Have you guys seen the latest pharma screed for young mothers? Your Baby's Best Shot: Why Vaccines are Safe and Save Lives. I put up a review of it on Amazon, and have gotten a hundred votes of not helpful from the pharma sharks who hope to have it taken down. Also dozens of pharma shark replies defending the book and attacking me. None of them touch the authors' statement that aspirin can be given to treat vaccine reactions in babies, and that constant, inconsolable screaming is not that serious, and can be treated at home without needing to see a doctor (p. 71). The authors spend half the book telling readers what studies to heed (p. 95, the Poul Thorsen Denmark study, though they don't mention his name), and which to flee (Dr. Wakefield, of course). I had never seen a book which devoted a whole chapter to telling readers which websites they were permitted to view, and which they were not (AoA, of course, Mercola, Mothering, NVIC, Think Twice, and Whale.to).

This book was received last summer with many encomiums on all the pro-vax websites, and I think it says a lot about the far reach of Big Pharma that none of them had a single cautionary word to say about this book's uncritical promotion of any and all of the recommended vaccines.

Bob Moffitt

@ Sylvia

Just started reading "Unaccountable .. what hospitals won't tell you and how transparency can revolutionize health care" .. wherein the author remarks the simple act of constantly reminding everyone to "wash their hands" has proven to be critical in reducing the numbers of infections in patients.

I mean .. this is BASIC stuff .. and .. yet .. some are careless or indifferent to this critical task.


Bob Moffit: I used to work in a large, university hospital. Every few years there was a scheluded inspection by the JCAHO (Joint Commission of Accredation of Health Orgs). In anticipation to these inspections, there was a flurry of activity to get up to "standards". Once the inspection was over, it was back to business as usual. We had a supervisor in the sterile lab who refused to wash his hands when he handled IV's and medicines. Male employees reported with great dismay that he would exit the toilet stall and NOT WASH his HANDS, head right back into the sterile area, and NOT WASH his HANDS, and handle material that was headed for the neonatal I.C.U. The other employees complained. Nothing was ever done, because he was a supervisor. And that's how it works in a hospital. The hierarchy rules supreme. The general public has no idea how pervasive unsafe practices continue unchallanged.

Bob Moffitt

@ Linda .. you wrote:

"There's arm twisting going on now. I'm hoping that there will come a time when despite government/industry pressure (or maybe because of it), the medical community will stand up and say, enough. I think it already is bothering the conscience of a significant number. I bet that is the reason why the IOM came out with the new report. They're trying to convince doctors as well as parents to follow the program. I think they sense defection within the ranks."

In 1999 .. the IOM published "To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System" .. wherein they concluded that "between 44,000 and 98,000 people die each year as a result of preventable medical errors."

According to Weikepdia .. the IOM .. "Claiming knowledge of how to prevent these errors already existed, set a minimum goal of 50% reduction in errors over the next five years. Though not currently quantified, as of 2007 this ambitious goal has yet to be met".

Today .. over a decade after the IOM's frightening conclusion that as many as 98,000 people were dying unnecessarily through human mistakes and errors in hospitals .. "infections and pneumonia" .. BOTH considered "preventable" by the IOM in 1999 .. remain among the highest "causes" of deaths in hospitals.

Unfortunately .. I am still waiting to see the "defection in the ranks" of doctors .. who are "standing up and saying enough" every time they see patients dying through mistakes and errors made by their colleagues?

Bill DeBurgh

I heard Maurice hilleman formulated up to seven of the current vaccine schedule .
Robert gallo has described Maurice as one of the greatest and most important ever
So the recording is simply dynamite


Here is the Maurice Hilleman link from NPR


Lisa Kelly

And as usual..."rockin it" Katie...(well everyone else stole my responses..:)



Dr. Eric Fombonne is in trouble too?



And that ---Dr. Anthony Fauci the voice being interviewed - a great friend to Maurice Hillerman who was giving an eulogy for Maurice Hillerman---

I looked up his name and he has tons of articles about celiac disase under his belt.

This is just surreal!


Maurice Hillerman made the measles, mumps, and chicken pox vaccines?
How come we never heard this before?

Did any of you all know this?


Not just browned. Nicely cindered.
But having no skin, pharma probably feels more bright.

Where did I legally approve spending my $ on this study? Ad infinitum...


Katie - imagine we had 25,000 signatures on a petition to Preident Obama to have IOM do the health outcomes and gen zero studies? Great article! Thx!

Birgit Calhoun

And how wonderful it was to receive a single dose of rubella vaccine in 1969--it had just come out--only to find out that my child would be born severely handicapped. Mine was only monovalent.

It was recommended to me, and I fell for it. Yes, vaccines are such a blessing, and we have always known "the good die young." It's interesting that they now know not to give the trivalent MMR to pregnant women. It must have come to them in a dream. They don't know a "thing about how they work". And they didn't know a thing about how my child got that way.

Did Hilleman keep his daughter's prototype sample in his refrigerator like the early researchers kept polio vaccine in the early days together with food and whatever? There is lots of information on how great these vaccines are and how they were developed. Read and enjoy how polio vaccines used to get attenuated in Africa. They changed that process after a while. I could go on and on.

One thing that I learned from an article by Alfred Stock, a German Professor of Chemistry who wrote many articles against dental amalgams, is that toxicology is usually not something medical doctors study. That's why we have this smattering of ignorancce around us.

Aussie Dad


Isn't this in direct contradiction to Brusewitz v Wyeth in which the Supreme Court ruled vaccines are UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE?


@Tim Kasemodel: I couldn't find the link to that story, but I found this one: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4597529 - I loved the answer to the question at 2m21s.



Very good point. You're right. There's arm twisting going on now. I'm hoping that there will come a time when despite government/industry pressure (or maybe because of it), the medical community will stand up and say, enough. I think it already is bothering the conscience of a significant number. I bet that is the reason why the IOM came out with the new report. They're trying to convince doctors as well as parents to follow the program. I think they sense defection within the ranks.

I think every day more and more doctors are realizing the truth. They see that Pharma's focus is money, not only with vaccines, but with all drugs. When trailblazers like Drs. Palevsky, Tenpenny and Wakefield, etc., stand up, tell the truth and refuse to do harm, it becomes easier for the others to step out of line. With one, it's hard, but as more and more do it, hopefully others will follow - especially since Pharma has overplayed its hand by mandating that the medical community turn the needle on itself. You'd think that saving the integrity of their own skin, literally, would be enough to cause a rebellion.


"Vaccine Information Statements for Dummies"

I actually had to enlarge this graphic and stare at it for awhile to be sure it was a joke. What does that say about the vaccine propagandists?


Like tobacco warnings,

Vaccines need to have a disclaimer warning stating that state they are a "liability free product" for those who make very large amounts of money providing them.

This warning would also be required with any pharma vaccine/ flu shot article or vaccine advertisement.

All kinds of helpful, charming warnings could be created.


In truth, they are murderers. They KNOW these aren't safe and if they ever, ever try to force them on me and mine, they will have a fight on their hands. I've never even had a flu shot, nothing since baby hood and back then in the 50's it certainly doesn't compare to today and what they jab people/babies with. They are desperate at this point, as so many are opting out of these. They know that we know! LOL


Linda wrote:

"The recent IOM report might not have been to reassure ONLY the public. Their aim might have been more toward physicians. Do you think the IOM/CDC will try to restrict MDs to CDC approved internet sites too?

Once they lose the public AND the physicians, it's over, and they know it."

Considering that the gov't, the Obama admin specifically, wants to remove the conscience clause for physicians who are against performing abortions.... is it really that much of a stretch to consider that whatever the doctors feel about vaccines (assuming they wake up), will be unimportant to the powers that be?

Doctors will be told: "If you want to 'succeed' in your medical career, you will have to get beyond your issue with vaccines. Now go pick up that syringe and poke those kids... and stop looking at unauthorized websites!!!"


What will expedite the end of the vaccine program as we know it, is that they weren't happy to peddle just to the public. They got greedy and aggressively went after health care workers. The health care workers may be forced to roll up their sleeves for a yearly assault, but a good number will harbor anger and resentment that will come back to bite Pharma and friends.

Anne Dachel

Thank you Katie. The criminal cover-up continues. It's obvious that protecting the vaccine program (and those who run it) is foremost in everyone's minds.

In the face of rapidly eroding confidence in the vaccine program, officials can only amass well-credentialed experts to periodically parrot the pronouncement that vaccines are still safe---all the while ignoring how chronically ill and disabled our children are.

In 2007 I wrote this article on the shenanigans pulled back in 2004 in the first Institute of Medicine Report on Vaccines. http://www.dissidentvoice.org/Apr07/Dachel03.htm

Did anyone doubt that their latest update would be more of the same? VACCINES ARE SAFE---AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

Anne Dachel, Media


Paraphrasing here, but in the congressional hearing, I thought it was great when after the comment by the CDC head that vaccines have saved X$ in medical spending , the question came and "how much does autism cost per child.."
Similarly "vaccines save lives" need to be followed with "and how many children and babies do they disable?"
Its my opinion that the IOM appears to be trying very hard not to look at the big picture.


This is the maddening thing about how research is done. Re the Physician's Confidence in Vaccine Safety Studies that I just posted, seriously, couldn't they have included a space for the doctors to check off WHY they have no faith in vaccine safety studies? If the researchers really wanted to know, they wouldn't spread something so simple into as many studies as possible. The process is expensive, inefficient and ridiculous and as I said before, it bears repeating, it benefits no one.



Above named study dated January 15, 2013 published in the journal Preventative Medicine from O'Leary ST et al., at the Dept. of Pediatrics, University of Colorado Anschultz Medical Campus and The Children's Outcomes Research Program, Children's Hospital Colorado http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23333206:

The study's goal was "To ascertain, through two separate surveys among nationally representative networks of pediatricians (Peds) and family physicians (FM): 1) physicians' reported level of confidence in pre- and post-licensure vaccine safety studies; and 2) changes in reported level of confidence from 2007 to 2010/11.

The results: "ONE IN THREE FAMILY PHYSICIANS COMPARED TO ONE IN TEN PEDIATRICIANS IN BOTH SURVEYS REPORTED LITTLE OR NO CONFIDENCE IN PRE-LICENSURE VACCINE SAFETY STUDIES (p<0.001). Compared to pre-licensure studies, higher percentages of both specialties reported a great deal of confidence in post-licensure vaccine safety studies in both years, and more physicians from both specialties reported a great deal of confidence in 2010/11 than in 2007."


The recent IOM report might not have been to reassure ONLY the public. Their aim might have been more toward physicians. Do you think the IOM/CDC will try to restrict MDs to CDC approved internet sites too?

Once they lose the public AND the physicians, it's over, and they know it.

It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic, that in finding that so many physicians have no faith in vaccine safety studies, that the researchers do not take the next logical step of focusing on the adequacy of vaccine safety studies. Instead they'll pursue more nonsense research that will deliberately avoid pinpointing the real problem, that will benefit no one.

(above quotes in caps, my emphasis)

Tim Kasemodel

Farmer Geddon,

There is also an NPR story done right after Maurice Hilleman's death where he is asked "how do vaccines work".

His answer is basically was as far as what they actually do in the body was "We have no idea how they actually work - We put them in and then we can measure the results but exactly how those results occur, we havent got a clue"

I will try and find the link to the recording and post it.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Vaccines, like all pharmaceutical substances, should be tested for their effects on the brain. In PubMed information may be available using terms like: autism vaccine brain pathology. I haven’t looked that carefully yet, but maybe will find time soon. I have looked up the effect of other substances on the brain. My interest stems from having read back in 1969 that asphyxia at birth damages brainstem centers in a reproducible pattern, affecting nuclei of the auditory system most severely [1].

Many other substances have also been found injurious to brainstem centers, including mercury, lead, alcohol, even things about to be introduced as medications. The auditory pathway is rarely a focus of these investigations, as explicitly stated in one report:

“Although the posterior colliculus is not typically examined in standard brain survey sections, a fortuitous section in one animal indicated severe necrosis.” [2, p136]

“Posterior” colliculus was used to mean inferior colliculus. Thus the exact anatomical sites are often unfamiliar to researchers on toxic effects.

Everyone should look at the paper by Kety (1962), especially the pictures [3]. Kety was the Director of NIMH at that time. He used radioactive tracers to investigate blood flow in the brain, and expressed surprise that this was highest in the brainstem auditory pathway.
For me back in 1969 this seemed to explain my son’s extreme reactions to unexpected noises, and also perhaps why he wasn’t learning to speak.

[1] Windle WF. Brain damage by asphyxia at birth. Sci Am. 1969
[2] Morgan DL et al. Neurotoxicity of carbonyl sulfide in F344 rats following inhalation exposure for up to 12 weeks. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2004 Oct 15;200(2):131-45.
[3] Kety SS. Regional neurochemistry and its application to brain function. Bull N Y Acad Med. 1962 Dec;38:799-812. Free online at:

Brian Hooker

Katie - Great work!

Also, Dr. Eric Fombonne was under investigation at McGill University for inappropriate use of patient data and samples for autism/vaccine studies. Evidently, he purportedly used patient samples for a study in which the patients/parents were not notified. Curiously, he was demoted for his position at Montreal Hospital at the same time. However, McGill University would not released the results of the investigation, "for fear that it would endanger the vaccination program." Yada - Yada...

Bob Moffitt

Finally, a report that ends all further discussion on the safety of vaccines .. and .. the policies by which they are administered.

Let's all move on now .. nothing more to discuss .. and .. by the way .. stay off the internet or you risk becoming .. according to Bill Gates .. a "murderer" for refusing to vaccinate your child.

Again .. we live in a world gone completely mad........

John Stone

These people only deserve ridicule - the bureaucratic rubber stamping operation for official truths (aka lies) has been fully exposed. In 2004 we saw the farce of the allegedly independent IOM not only being dictated to by the CDC but actually processing the CDC's studies. If human damage then occurs on an industrial scale the reasons are fully institutionalised, and until something is finally done about it it will only get worse.


This report is documentation of fraud. Just an empty paper excercise to appease worried parents. The IOM admits the report there is no research on safety of the totality of the CDC vaccine schedule- that about sums it up doesn't it?

John Stone


Nicely roasted - well done.


Farmer Geddon

Vaccines - the greatest criminal escapade of the last 150 years . And depending whose version of events you read , the death toll and carnage is of holocaust in nature .

1 million Vaccine Derived Autistics in the US
Figures unavailable for the UK but likely 1 in 50 or greater
1 in 38 has been recorded in South Korea
Rumours of 5 million in China .

Lets not even get started on the infamous Maurice Hilleman recording .Where the leading immunologist of the 20th century laughs about vaccines being responsible for Aids because that would be 100M . Never mind the contamination in vaccines that Maurice links to cancers (leukemia's)

Then there is the SIDS , and covert sterilisations.
So I think what they mean is vaccines are the greatest stealth weapons of mass destruction ever invented .


Awesome, Katie. Thank you for the heads-up and for the brilliant sarcasm. Anything to bring a little levity to the most tragic and intentional crisis ever heaped upon America's children. Sadly, they'll probably sell scads of these to silence the fears of well-intentioned parents.

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