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HMS Brian Deer Holed Beneath the Waterline?

Ship sinks

Part II Deer’s hideous revenge

By John Stone

On Friday AoA reported that the journal Nature had been persuaded to remove from its on-line news service derogatory and misleading remarks by Brian Deer about whistleblowing scientist Dr David Lewis. The remarks had stood since 9 November 2011, posted under Eugenie Samuel Reich’s report  of Lewis’s rebuttal of Deer’s allegations against Andrew Wakefield in the British Medical Journal. While BMJ had refused to publish most of Lewis’s article in any form the Reich article contained serious admissions by Deer and BMJ editor Fiona Godlee.

Now Deer has republished the letter on his own website headed ‘Reprint’ (with logo)  but fails to mention that the journal itself has removed it. Other title headings which accompany the letter, in the best academic style, are ‘Response to crank attack by David L Lewis’  and  ‘Dr David L Lewis: you couldn’t make it up’ to which , perhaps, the only answer is ‘But you did, Brian, didn’t you?’

This is obviously cutting edge stuff in the brave new world of Oxford and BMJ’s ‘Evidence Based Medicine’ 

Down, down, down…

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


John Stone


Yes, I recall this incident. The legal assessor may have been technically right that they weren't allowed to consider any points at that stage which contradicted what they had already found but there was also a feel of cold fear about how it was dealt with.


Martin Hewitt

Further to John Stone’s response to ASDFatherInPA at the top of the comments, eight parents, whose children were patients in Wakefield et al’s 1998 Lancet paper, wrote an open letter to the GMC during the hearing to support the three doctors (Dr Wakefield and Professors Walker-Smith and Murch) and to rebut Brian Deer’s allegations which formed the basis of the GMC case against the doctors. The letter was read out to the hearing on day 199 (page 33) as part of the extensive testimonials in support of Walker-Smith. It can be accessed at The panel was made aare that the letter was first published on the internet (Age of Autism).

The panel’s legal assessor advised the panel that “In so far as any of these testimonials or representations assert facts which conflict with findings of fact, the Panel must disregard those assertions or facts which denote any finding that was made.” Thereby the Asessor minimised any impact the letter could have on the panel.

John Stone


One of them did. She was told by the prosecution that she was being asked to testify on behalf of the defence, as she explained when they started to question her.

Should the defence have called parent witnesses? It has been an issue of controversy on our side, but given the brutal, relentless, and very leading questioning that the defendants were subjected to by the prosecution counsel it remains an open question. If you look at the very defective way that the panel and the legal assessor allowed the case to be conducted it also goes against it. I know Martin Walker was convinced that they should have been and I respect his opinion.

A further point that I have come to wonder about: if you look at the successful appeal of John Walker-Smith you wonder why his attorney allowed him to be treated in that way in the first place? While aspects of the defence were very good it seemed to break down in unnecessary ways. Why, for example, was the prosecution attorney allowed to go on ignoring the answers that were given to her questions - as Judge Mitting pointed out Prof Walker-Smith was never held to by lying, but he was never given the benefit of the doubt either. The hearing was not held in an orderly way. John Walker-Smith got his appeal but the same was equally true for Andrew Wakefield and Simon Murch.

Heaven knows what would have happened if non-expert defence witnesses had been treated that way as well.


Can anyone tell me why the parents of the Lancet 12 didn't testify for Dr. Wakefield at the GMC?

autism uncle

Slivermaven, Your comment that HIV is harmless was a lightning bolt of truth - there's a wealth of scientists who publish and expose what you've said, but censored by the mainstream.

The suppression and censoring of carnage by vaccines as documented by many distinguished scientists and doctors is an exact parallel to the death and carnage caused by antiretroviral drugs, foisted on anybody having absurdly non-specific HIV antibody tests.

Yet, if comparisons are possible, the child Vaccination Schedules are far worse, inflicted upon completely helpless babies and kids. Whereas with "hiv" it is adults who should/could easily know better, but willingly swallow their poisons.


Joan Campbell -- the You Tube video of you wrapping that banner around Deer's head - OMG too funny! Just made my day and I have re-watched that portion over an over. Still funny! He is such a low life form, he is not fit to even be near Dr. Wakefield! Thanks for a good laugh - needed it - still laughing...

Mark Struthers

With the recent retraction, the journal 'Nature' have finally acknowledged the existence of a special species of pond-life known as the 'sewage slug' (sluggus toxicus). However, this species, also known to herpetologists as the 'sewer rat' (hackus toxicara), is clearly endangered ... and 'Nature' also wishes to acknowledge that the breed is in danger of drowning in its own effluent … as HMS Brian Deer sinks to the bottom of the pond.


One of the saddest things, after the horrible tragedy of countless children needlessly suffering from vaccine induced illnesses, is the hope many parents cling to that the government or its media lapdog will ever acknowledge the correlation. I am sorry to say it is not that they do not 'get it'. They are deliberately hiding 'it' and always will. (Not every single individual, but those in control, certainly.) Brian Deer is one of thousands being used to spread disinformation, and all too often it works, because the majority of the public trust their government and the media. We should continue to proclaim the truth far and wide, that as many as possible be warned to protect their precious children, but the government is never going to admit that they have been lying about vaccines for decades, now nearing a century. The medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry are never going to acknowledge their crimes. It would destroy the power, credibility and profitability of each of them. I used to believe they didn't know. I used to think they could be informed. But the more I research the history of vaccines, the more obvious it becomes that there is a hidden agenda behind them, and it has nothing to do with preventing disease. Even when those who once acted in good faith discover the truth, it is often too risky to oppose those in power. At times it seems the truth will never be widely known because they have so perfected the art of deceiving the public. God bless Dr. Wakefield, Dr. Lewis and the others who risk their jobs, careers and even lives telling the truth and helping the helpless. I do believe that many parents are beginning to see what cannot be denied - children are being harmed, and the more vaccines they push, the greater the devastation. Autism, ADHD, ADD, MS, narcolepsy, nodding disease, increasing infertility and death - the tragic effects are everywhere, yet still denied by all governments and the mainstream media. The thing about truth is, it will not be forever suppressed, for it stands, immutable against all lies and deceit, even of the most powerful.



Do you think they'd really want to eat him?


@ Isabella Thomas,

I am re-listening to an interview you, Jackie Fletcher and Clifford Millar had on the Gary Null show a couple of years back.

Towards the end of the interview you requested to be put in a room with Brian Deer, so you could confront him face-to-face. I love that line!

But I imagine that Brian Deer would rather be in a tank full of piranhas and sharks, than confront you.

All the best.

Elizabeth Gillespie-Mum to 11 year old, PDD, severely Autistic, non-verbal and vaccine injured son.


Many years ago my boss told me a story man holding a grenade whilst the other man pulled the pin and ran for cover....!

Which one is Brian Deer and which one is "Big Pharma?"

Elizabeth Gillespie

Mark Struthers

David Lewis admitted that he was "both mystified and appalled that he [Deer] is backed, endorsed, supported and staunchly defended by a major peer-reviewed medical journal".

Me too! And I'm outraged that this "major peer-reviewed journal" has invited Brian 'sewage slug' Deer to be a keynote speaker (K13) at its 'Evidence Live' conference in Oxford next month,

"You couldn't make this stuff up".

Conflicting interest: former BMA member (28 years), outraged by the BMJ, its editor, and the noxious behaviour of the sewer rats of the medical establishment.


The criminals will soon be retracting and rewriting everything they lied about for over 35yrs.
In the human protozoan parasites Trypanosoma brucei and Plasmodium falciparum,

the subtelomeric regions play an important role in generation of new variants of surface antigen genes

and in the control of gene expression [35–37].

We reported that T. cruzi subtelomeric regions are enriched in (pseudo)genes from the TS superfamily,

DGF-1, and retrotransposon hot spot protein (RHS) families [38, 39].

The abundance of surface protein genes in the subtelomeric regions suggests

that these regions may have acted as a site for DNA recombination,


and the generation of new variants of surface proteins.

Moraes Barros et al. (2012) [39] demonstrated that all the groups of the TS superfamily are represented in the subtelomeric regions of clone CL Brener; most of the sequences ( ) are members of group II (GP82, GP85, TC85), which includes 22 complete genes.

It is interesting to note that 7 out of 19 GP82 genes identified in clone CL Brener are located at subtelomeric regions.

HIV never caused AIDS and that is why they are offering free testing and dishing out the drugs they know govt. will pay for now but will soon be Worthless.

Joan Campbell

I really enjoyed wrapping my banner around his head when he tried to intervene on Dr Wakefield and Carmel outside the GMC. He was so annoyed he broke one of the sticks of the banner and I shouted "Get this man away" twice and the police came and dragged him away and as they did that Mark Hawkins shoved the book Silenced Witnesses into his hand. What a sight, wonderful. See it here

David Lewis

I can only imagine what Mr. Brian Deer would have done if Dr. Andrew Wakefield had copied Lancet's logo, pasted in the text of his retracted Lancet article, and posted it on his website without stamping "RETRACTED" across the front of it.

Just so everyone is aware, the U.S. EPA has already determined that the allegations of research misconduct against me, which Mr. Deer has republished on his website, are completely false. They are contained in a white paper published in 2001 by a biosolids company, and originated with an EPA employee in Washington, DC. who was paid to promote biosolids. The company, apparently, had no reason to believe that information about my research, which this employee provided in meetings with company executives, was false.

As soon as I reported to EPA what the employee had done, EPA disciplined the employee; and it made him notify everyone he distributed the white paper to that EPA did not endorse it, and that it did not represent EPA's views of me or my research. EPA also made the employee obtain approval from his supervisors from henceforth before commenting on me or my research.

EPA's Assistant General Counsel, David Guerrero, later informed the U.S. Department of Labor that none of the company's allegations were based in any facts, and that the EPA employee had not acted on behalf of EPA. The company then withdrew the allegations from the University of Georgia, and removed them from its website. All of these facts are publicly available on the official U.S. Government websites maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

None of the accusations Mr. Deer posted on Nature's website have any basis in truth; hence Nature has withdrawn them. For example, I never stayed at the luxury Tryall Club in Jamaica; and I had never heard of Dr. Andrew Wakefield until seeing a CNN interview that aired at the end of the conference in Jamaica. I was invited to the conference at the last minute to speak about my whistleblowing experiences at EPA. Far from being the luxury vacation Mr. Deer dreamed up, I was recovering from cracked vertebra, and stayed in the home of a local resident who made a couple of spare bedrooms in her house available for conference attendees. I had to walk over a mile to get to the hotel where the meetings were held, often in pitch dark. The pain was excruciating, and I was only able to attend a small number of events. On one occasion, a policeman on a bicycle stopped to help when I couldn't walk any farther.

Mr. Deer's claim that my departure from EPA had something to do with the industry white paper published in 2001 is simply absurd. On his website, BrianDeer.Com, he links to the 11th Circuit Court Decision and refers to my various U.S. Labor Department cases. Those public records show that I left EPA as part of a 1998 settlement agreement in which the U.S. Department of Labor ruled, in all seven of the whistleblower cases I filed, that one or more EPA officials had retaliated against me over my research articles published in Nature and elsewhere, which associated biosolids with public health problems.

Three cases involving the white paper were combined into one; and in that case alone the Labor Department did not hold EPA accountable for the employee's retaliations. The reason was that EPA immediately punished the employee and publicly made it clear that the white paper did not represent the Agency's views of my research.

In 2000, Congress held two hearings over EPA's retaliations against me, and, as a result of its findings in this and similar cases, passed the No Fear Act of 2002 to strengthen federal whistleblower protections. In 2008, Nature published an editorial 2-page news article in which editors applauded my research on biosolids, and called EPA's biosolids program a failure of three presidential administrations. It cited a multi-university study in Ohio, which independently confirmed the link that my coauthors and I established between exposures to biosolids and gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses.

Mr. Brian Deer's fabrications, some of which I have outlined above, are typical of what I realized he had done in Dr. Andrew Wakefield's case when I spent time going through the General Medical Counsel's exhibits and transcripts in 2011. If I had not seen the GMC's actual documents firsthand, and experienced Mr. Deer doing the same thing to me, I could not believe that such a person even exists. I am both mystified and appalled that he is backed, endorsed, supported and staunchly defended by a major peer-reviewed medical journal.

Leslie Manookian

Desperate people do desperate things. Deer is looking rather desperate...


Thanks for starting my morning with a good laugh!


Hi John- the proper appellation is Brian "Those Children don't have Bowel Disease!" Deer. His persona and image on that video reveal the true creature, the more people who see it the better.

Jenny Allan

The Nature article was also published in Scientific American:-
"Discredited Vaccine-Autism Researcher Defended by Whistleblower Group"
Pathology records are at the centre of a new disagreement over disgraced medic Andrew Wakefield.
By Eugenie Samuel Reich and Nature magazine | November 9, 2011 |53

There were lots of comments beneath this article, including Brian Deer's. Amongst other things Deer calls the Scientific Conference where Dr Wakefield met Dr Lewis a "Jamaican freebie" and states "Dr Lewis's services were purchased by anti-vaccine activists". (Brian Deer 01:38am 11-11-11)

Deer's colourful, but malicious invective is pure fantasy!!

Isabella Thomas

If I had the money I would sue the pants off Brian Deer and I only hope that will happen sooner than later in the USA. His attacks on my family and others should never have been allowed to happen.
Keep going John as you are doing a great job on all our behalf. I only wish the media would stop being cowards and investigate this as you have given it to them on a plate.

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