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Ask Belisa Balaban and Evan Shapiro of Participant Productions To Add Autism Reality Program

Go Talk PleaseMove over Honey Boo Boo - we bring you, Honey Poo Poo and The Autism Team.

If you're like me, you're tired of the media portrayal of autism as a Swiss army knife of gifts wrapped in designer clothing none of us can afford and gently bathed in a  blue light.  It's disrespectful to our children who are severely impaired, and it has meant far less real attention to the plight of families crushed by the impact of autism.  Children with every type/severity of autism deserve to be acknowledged and families need to know that help and treatment are real.  It's great to show all the things kids with autism can do - but we need a full inclusive picture of how we can help impaired kids move forward.

We can bring Autism Reality TV to the nation.     Autism Media Channel has created a reality television show that needs a home on every TV in the nation.  Heck, around the globe. Participant Productions, known for it's willingness to tackle tough subjects, is launching a cable channel - we invite you to help ask them to include Autism Team TV in their programming.

1)  Go to Participant Productions HERE.

2) Fill in your details in the right hand panel.

3) Write a brief message, specifically to Belisa Balaban and Evan Shapiro saying why Participant's new cable channel - due to launch in Summer 2013 -  should run The Autism Team series. Please tell Participant what it is like living with autism or how autism has affected you. Please emphasize how The Autism Team can help. Participant wants to screen issues that are important to society, that, "move the needle." Autism is that issue!




I always new that inflammation of the bowels is contributing
to autism.I have never got the attention and help for my son when I talked to doctors about his bowel issues.Did they have to go to Bulgaria to have a proper assessment and treatment done???!!!
What a shame that our autistic kids have to fight for proper
diagnosis and follow up care.We the PARENTS will have to take active steps to bring the AUTISM TEAM together to support
our children to a higher level of health.That is only way the
mother/parents are going to make it.

Dan E. Burns

Done. Great video.


Sigh-- since Participant got rid of whomever was championing David Kirby's Evidence of Harm project, started a partnership with the Gates Foundation (http://www.participantmedia.com/2012/08/participant-media-expands-socia-action-advocacy-division-increase-digital-ngo-engagement/) and began backing films like Soderbergh's "Contagion" (which was nothing more than vaccine industry hagiography), I'm not sure they're going to be all that receptive. But in the case anything's changed in their structure that changes this dynamic, it would be worth a shot.

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