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Georgia No Peach for Kids with Autism

Soup naziParents from coast to coast are struggling to find and pay for services for their children with autism.  (NBC 11 Atlanta, Hundreds attend autism support day at capitol)

Meanwhile there are experts and advocates working day and night to make sure the general American public thinks that autism is "just another way of being" that requires no treatment. All we need is better understanding.Some job training.  And to change the way the world spins. And blue lit buildings. And ponies!

In Georgia, parents are speaking out at the Capitol for insurance coverage for basic, garden variety, run of the mill therapies. Nothing "crazy" mind you - just external therapy. 

"Solares has come with her husband and two children, all the way from Augusta. The couple's five year old son Arturo, was diagnosed with autism one year ago. Solares' husband is a surgeon and in the past year they've spent $100,000 for special therapies for Arturo. He has undergone a transformation. They head upstairs to search for their state senator.

He doesn't talk at all. He hasn't said a word."

To the parents who went to the Capitol - thank you. It's not easy for autism Moms and Dads to advocate in person - to lobby with their feet.  But we need to bring our kids to every state Capitol. And to Washington DC so that our legislators can see the devastation of autism first hand. And hear it. And smell it. And let it sink into their bones. 

No one is going to want to pay a nickel for our kids as they age up and out. No therapy. No services. No employment. No housing. We'll be lucky if our kids get a burial in a potter's field after we're dead and gone. It's depressing beyond belief.



So sad but so true. We are fighting for services in Florida and it has become a very dirty battle for familis. I am so afraid for my 20 year old son and his future.

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