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Dachel Media Update: Autism Gap, Schools, Flu Vaccine

Dachel Media Update: Recovery, Females Protected, Schools

Online news

Feb 20, 2013, Rocky Mount, Virginia--Franklin News Post: School board to review comprehensive autism plan

Feb 19, 2013, San Jose Mercury News: Recovery from autism

Feb 19, 2013, Montreal Gazette: Opinion: The tragic myths about vaccines

Feb 19, 2013, Boston Globe: Girls may be protected against autism, new study finds

Franklin News Post

"Gills Creek board member, Bill Brush commended the special education department for moving forward on the effort.

"'ASD is a real issue in the commonwealth,' he said. 'More and more children are being diagnosed with it.'

"At least 68 students in the county are being served per week, according to English."

What is so surreal about this is the acceptance. We're addressing an epidemic with absolutely no concern over why we have this need.

They're servicing 68 students in the county with autism per week. They're having to train the teaching staff in how to deal with autism.

Something is VERY WRONG HERE. I'd ask about it, but there's no place for comments.

San Jose Mercury News: 

"Autism was once thought to last a lifetime. But now evidence is emerging that it is possible to recover from the disorder. Two Bay Area children are examples."

"Kieran Rege, 15, rides the train home in Menlo Park, Calif., on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2013. Diagnosed with autism when he was 3, Kieran is one of a growing number of children that have lost their diagnosis. Through behavioral, speech and dietary interventions, the Palo Alto teenager is now bright, sociable and confident."

"Sammy Masek, 6, second from right, waits for his martial arts class to start on Monday, Feb. 11, 2013 in Pleasanton, Calif. Masek is one of a growing number of children that have lost their diagnosis of autism."

Wow. What an attention-getting title.

Actually these photos of a teenager and a young boy doing typical things like their peers is more of the mystery of autism. We're told these two are examples of autism recovery but no details are given.

Comments aren't allowed.

You'd think that AUTISM RECOVERY would be a sensational story with lots of information. Sadly it's not there.

Would they publish "Recovery from blindness" and show kids with the ability to now see, tell us they were once blind, but not tell us WHY THEY CAN SEE?

Montreal Gazette: Opinion 

"Finally, vaccines do not cause autism. There is a wealth of evidence to deny any such claim. Much of the attention focused on thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative that was used in microscopically tiny doses in the Hepatitis B and dPT vaccine. At such small doses, it is inconceivable that it could have had any effect on humans. The point is moot, however. Thimerosal stopped being used in vaccines about 12 years ago. Nevertheless, the myth of vaccines causing autism remains as enduring as the myth of Bigfoot, and is just as fictitious."

I'm so sick of smiling MDs who are oblivious to autism and constant promoters of vaccines as safe.  I posted 12 comments.

Boston Globe 

"A team of Boston and European scientists have found evidence for a "female protective effect" in autism that could explain why boys are at far greater risk for the disorder than girls.

"For years, it's been known that boys are disproportionately affected by autism spectrum disorders, outnumbering girls four to one. What has never been clear is the reason for the gender imbalance: were males more biologically suspectable, or were females somehow insulated from the disorder and its suite of communication and behavioral problems? In a study published Monday, scientists studied thousands of pairs of twins and found evidence that supports the idea that females are protected.

"What remains to be done is the difficult task of pinpointing the biological reasons that underlie the gender imbalance, which could provide clues about how to prevent or treat the disorder."

So what exactly does this study show? We're told about a 'female protective effect," but no one knows for sure what that is.  I posted a comment.



Here is a wonderful study that could drive a stake into the heart of gang-rape "vaccination". If you must "vaccinate" INSIST on a single dose of a single "vaccine" per office visit with no more than one office visit per year/quarter/you decide. DEMAND the time to allow your flesh and blood to recover from the SHOCK of the single "vaccine" on his immune system.

In a study recently published in the journal Human & Experimental Toxicology, researchers evaluated the overall number of hospitalizations and deaths associated with vaccines administered between 1990 and 2010, and compared this data to the number of vaccines given at one time to individual children. Hospitalizations and deaths resulting from one vaccine dose were compared to those of two vaccine doses, in other words, and the same all the way up to eight vaccine doses. Researchers also evaluated overall hospitalization and death rates associated with getting one to four combined vaccine doses, five to eight combined vaccine doses, and one to eight combined vaccine doses.

Upon analysis, the team found that the more vaccines a child receives during a single doctor visit, the more likely he or she is to suffer a severe reaction or even die. According to Heidi Stevenson from Gaia Health, for each additional vaccine a child receives, his or her chance of death increases by an astounding 50 percent — and with each additional vaccine dose, chances of having to be hospitalized for severe complications increase two-fold. To sum it all up, the overall size of the vaccine load was found to be directly associated with hospitalization and death risk, illustrating the incredible dangers of administering multiple vaccines at once.

And all this totally ignores the risk of the first "vaccine" which is considerable in itself.


"You'd think that AUTISM RECOVERY would be a sensational story with lots of information. Sadly it's not there."

It is not there because in finding out how kids are being recovered too much is learned about CAUSES. As we all should know the causes of autism, the ASDs and the related universe of vaccine related damage are to be forever hidden from we the people.


Here is an update from Amanda Schaefer:


There are still way too many females with autism. The female protective effect just isn't good enough for the females that have found themselves with this devastating condition!!!!


Thanks again, Anne! Keep up the great work!!

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