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Dachel Media Update: Newtown Child, Genetic Test, Who Needs Cure?

Online news

Feb 24, 2013, Boston Globe: Parents of girl killed in Newtown talk about life with, and without, their daughter, Joey Gay

Feb 24, 2013, Fox13 Salt Lake City: New genetic test may improve autism diagnosis

Feb 24, 2013, Helping autistic children Portsmouth, NH

Feb 23, 2013, Boston Globe: Schools seek budget increase

Feb 23, 2013, ABC Local, Brentwood, CA: Brentwood school district suspends Superintendent

Feb 22, 2013, My Fox Detroit: Oakland University hosts autism summit

Feb 22, 2013, UK Guardian: Kristina Chew asks "Do we really need a cure for autism?" 

Boston Globe

"It was Joey who took up the most room in the family of five. She was autistic and did not speak. She had apraxia, a central nervous system disorder that impaired her movement. She sometimes struggled with balance, and would often trip and fall. But she was affectionate, sweet, and funny, and communicated in her own way."

Too sad for words.


"A new genetic test may lead to a more accurate diagnosis for individuals with autism spectrum disorder by looking at key genetic markers.

"Geneticists say that a more accurate diagnosis leads to better treatment and support because families know more about what they're dealing with. The new test is a product of a Utah company called Lineagan."

"Michael Paul, Lineagan, said genetic testing makes sense for autism and related conditions.

"'Autism at its base is highly genetic in nature,' he said. 'Some studies have estimated that up to 70 to 80 percent of autism is genetic in nature. That doesn't mean there's not environmental component."'

I guess these people didn't heard about study of  400 twins in 2011 that showed genetics was only about 37 percent of the risk factor.  No matter, it's more people making a living off of the autism disaster. 

"A sudden regression is one common sign of autism. While Elijah seems to be developing nicely, his parents are watching closely for signs of backsliding."

'For unknown reasons, ASDs are almost five times more common among boys than girls. It can be hereditary but it also appears in families where there is no history of the disorder."

More of the mystery of autism.  Sudden regression.  Loss of speech.  That 's just the way it is.  I did post comments.  They haven't appeared yet.

Boston Globe 

"The School Committee plans to vote Monday on a $24.6 million budget that would increase school spending by more than 2.5 percent for the first time since fiscal 2006. Since then, annual changes in the school budget have ranged from a decrease of 1.7 percent to an increase of 2.2 percent, said School Committee chairman Andrew Mackie. The proposed budget for fiscal 2014, which begins July 1, would raise spending by 6.8 percent, he said. About $96,000 would be used to start a program at the elementary level for students with autism. Over the long term, he expects the program will save Norton money on out-of-district placements while allowing students to stay close to home. Mackie said other increases are necessary to protect the district from federal budget cuts that will occur if Congress does not act by March 1. He hopes the town will receive an increase in state education funding, he said."

Notice this little info piece only mentioned ONE SPECIFIC BUDGET ITEM: AUTISM.

ABC Local

"The Brentwood Union School District suspended Superintendent Merrill Grant. The decision came after a four hour special meeting on Friday. The board did not say why Grant was put on leave.

"On Thursday, the state revoked the credential of district teacher Dina Holder, who was convicted of kicking a student with autism three years ago."

I was struck by the casual sound of this: a teacher "who was convicted of kicking a student with autism." It took three years to revoke her credentials?

My Fox Detroit 

"OU is one of several schools focusing on graduating more therapists. Those therapists will one day work with autistic children and families struggling to find services."

So nice that MI is worried about providing for all the kids with autism. I wish they'd ask where they're all coming from and families are struggling.  I posted several comments.

UK Guardian 

"As the mother of an autistic son, I've grappled with whether it's morally or medically right to talk about 'curing' autism."

Most of us would challenge everything about this story, from the claim that autism is a "genetic disorder" to the speculation that we don't need a cure. Why would anyone not want this condition cured? Why should we be so willing to surrender to autism? I posted 13 comments to make sure more views were being heard.




Alcoholism is genetic too. Should we spend money looking for the alcoholism gene?
Idiots, all of them!


When it comes to autism, I feel the voice of environmentalists gets drowned out by those who argue that autism is genetic. We need to push back on this. Even the reporting is becoming more biased toward genetics. The Fox13 Salt lake, story is an example.

To those who contend autism is genetic, this is what EPA says about autism:

"To date, no single risk factor sufficient to cause ASD has been identified; rather each case is likely to be caused by the combination of multiple genetic and environmental risk factors.140-142 Several ASD research findings and hypotheses may imply an important role for environmental contaminants. First, there has been a sharp upward trend in reported prevalence that cannot be fully explained by factors such as younger ages at diagnosis, migration patterns, changes in diagnostic criteria, inclusion of milder cases, or increased parental age.8,9,143-146 Also, the neurological signaling systems that are impaired in children with ASDs can be affected by certain environmental chemicals. For example, several pesticides are known to interfere with acetylcholine (Ach) and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) neurotransmission, chemical messenger systems that have been altered in certain subsets of autistic individuals.147 Some studies have reported associations between certain pharmaceuticals taken by pregnant women and increased incidence of autism, which may suggest that there are biological pathways by which other chemical exposures during pregnancy could increase the risk of autism."

Source: "America’s Children and the Environment"
Third Edition
January 25, 2013


I just cannot wrap my mind around the idea that a parent would have to grapple with the morality of talking about curing autism. IT IS MORALLY REPREHENSIBLE NOT TO TALK ABOUT CURING AUTISM!!


Re "New Genetic Test..."

About making a living from autism, I would love to know how they justify charging $5,000. Does the test require a team of scientists working for a week? Do they have to crush diamonds? What could cost that much?


God this Chew woman needs to STFU already. Does she care about what will happen to her son when his parents are dead?

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