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Dachel Media Update: Flu Shot Injury, Chemicals, Diabetes

Online news Feb 4, 2013, New Times Miami: Miami Man Contracts Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Nearly Dies After Getting Flu Shot

Feb 4, 2013, Forbes: New Reports Reveal Need for Regulation of Chemicals in Infant Products

Feb 4, 2013, Yahoo! News: Insulin-requiring diabetes up in young children: study |

New Time Miami

“Three months ago, Michael Stec could bench-press 275 pounds. Now the 56-year-old struggles to walk, gripping tightly to the parallel bars at Mercy Hospital, his legs buckling underneath him like broken stilts.

“Most people never know how they get sick. But Stec says he can pinpoint the exact moment. He even has a receipt for it: a $32 influenza vaccine from a local CVS Pharmacy.

"’Something is wrong with this flu shot,’ he says from his hospital bed, his tracheotomy scar still visible.”

We’re told here that the risk of GBS is worth it.  I posted comments.

Forbes: New Reports Reveal Need for Regulation of Chemicals in Infant Products

“While the jury is still out on the health effects for children of environmental exposure to various chemicals, two reports released in the last week point to both the success of this strategy–to tread more cautiously when it comes to children and chemicals–and the need for it to continue.

“A few days after the release of the EPA’s report, non profit Healthy Child Healthy World released a report entitled “The Toxic Takeover of Baby Nurseries: Chemicals of Concern Found in Almost Every Common Product and Furnishing,” and an accompanying eBook with tips for making nurseries safer. In its report, HCHW notes that in the past 30 years childhood leukemia is up 60 percent, childhood brain cancer up 40 percent, obesity has nearly doubled, asthma, allergies and autism rates are on a sharp incline, and birth defects have increased 200 percent. The organization cites environmental chemical exposure as a major contributor to these trends.”

Forbes seems a bit concerned here that maybe all those toxins our children are surrounded by may not be good for them.  “While the jury is still out…”  (What?  Kids aren’t sick enough?)

It’s time we linked the explosion in autism to all the other disastrous health conditions our kids are falling victim to.  It’s time we demanded a stop to all the deadly exposures----especially the poisons in their vaccines.  I posted seven comments.

Yahoo! News

“The number of cases of insulin-requiring type 1 diabetes rose sharply in children under the age of Philadelphia over a two decade span, paralleling increases seen across the United States and in Europe, according to a U.S. study.

“Researchers whose work appeared in the journal Diabetes Care found that the number of Philadelphia children under 5 diagnosed with type 1 diabetes increased 70 percent in 2005 from 1985, when a registry of such patients was begun.

“The number of diagnosed cases among all children up to age 14 rose by 29 percent.

"’Why are we seeing this large increase in type 1 diabetes in very young children? Unfortunately, the answer is we don't know,’ said lead author Terri Lipman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.”

More of the mystery surrounding the deteriorating health of our children.



IT has both Hg and Al

toni poe

what are the main chemicals of the flu


"Just teach those dummy parents to identify the signs and symptoms of childhood diabetes EARLY!"

Here are some of the signs of death and destruction by "flu shot" I have noted during a long life.

o Media announces the start of flu season and recommends a "flu shot" as the best way to avoid the flu.

o Media announces some flu hospitalizations and recommends a "flu shot" as the best way to avoid the flu.

o Media announces a flu death and recommends a "flu shot" as the best way to avoid the flu.

o Media announces it is not too late to get your "flu shot" and recommends a "flu shot" as the best way to avoid the flu.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." Adolf Hitler

Cherry Sperlin Misra

I just feel exhausted with all the bad news about kids'health. One the positive side- we all know the drill already. Just teach those dummy parents to identify the signs and symptoms of childhood diabetes EARLY !.. Hey, maybe that could be a new occupation- Giving lectures on this to expectant moms and dads. Lets see- how much can we squeeze into that hour- A. How to recognize the signs of diabetes in your one month old.B. How to recognize the signs of autism in your 6 month old. C. How to watch for allergies and asthma. D. How to prevent SIDS following the DPT vaccine. E. Watching for the signs of Kawasaki and Thrombocytopenia. Isnt this just great, parents ! All the pictures in the pamplets will have smiling babies and smiling parents. Parenting in the twenty-first century is so much fun.


If they don't know what is causing these anomalies then why do they mandate vaccines? That is criminal!

Trina Aurin

All I can do in the home and what my boys put on themselves I do but their school exposes them to chemicals everyday that I DO not have in my home - also stores, resturaunts - everyone needs to do this - organice/safe soap at school? The school does not ever have enough money to hire a librarian - wehave to raise money for it........something is happening - why are these numbers so high and no one does anything??? I send emails to a lot of Mom's when I get info about chemicals and articles about this one - a small stop but a step BUT we need larger steps!

BJ's sleepless nites

well . . . not much to add here . . . but as the mom to a child with vaccine-induced autism and later vaccine-induced type-1 diabetes, there are a LOT of moms like me in the "double-whammy" club -- our numbers are growing stronger day by day. Reference the Facebook group "Autism and Type 1" . . . -BJ


Diabeties occurring in children in Philly up 29% in the last decade.


We donnnn knooow.

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