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Dachel Media Update: Closet Punishment, Flu Shot, Vaccine Narcolepsy

Online newsff Jan 31, 2013 NBC10 Philadelphia: Sixth Grader Punished in Windowless Closet  and  NY Daily News Sixth-grader says he was locked in a windowless closet as punishment, superintendent calls description patently inaccurate

Jan 30, 2013, Palm Springs (CA) Desert Sun: Dr. Andrew Ordon: Flu shot or not? Many still debate the issue

Jan 30, 2013, CI TV News, Peoria IL: To vaccinate or not vaccinate your child?

Jan 29, 2013, UK Daily Mail: Boy, 7, develops narcolepsy after being given swine flu jab leading him to sleep for 19 HOURS every day

NBC10 Philadelphia: and  NY Daily News and NY Daily News

This could have been my son back when he was in school. I know that I'd want the professionals in charge to be kind to my son. I take the term "in loco parentis" seriously--in place of the parent. There are just too many stories like this. Someone has to remind teachers what special needs is all about.

Palm Springs (CA) Desert Sun

“No doubt about it, flu shots save lives. The main reason is that influenza is a contagious disease, so it mutates and becomes stronger and more resistant all the time. The flu you get today might get stronger and more dangerous before you pass it to the next person. 

“The flu is inconvenient, it causes missed work and school days, reduces productivity, costs money and in the very old or very young, can be fatal. Depending on the year, influenza kills somewhere between 3,000 and 49,000 Americans annually. 

“Flu prevention involves washing hands often (using Purel-type products work also), sneezing properly (into your elbow), avoiding sharing work spaces and so on. But another flu prevention strategy has come under fire recently. The flu shot. 

“I recently read a very sad report from Europe that 800 children there have developed Narcolepsy after receiving the flu vaccine for the H1N1 virus a couple of years ago. Narcolepsy is a neurological sleep disorder that causes insomnia at night and falling asleep at the drop of a hat during the day. It is a terrible disease. Sufferers are drowsy all the time, have difficulty with any kind of mental focus and depression. In extreme cases people report hallucinations, sudden loss of muscle strength (cataplexy) and sleep paralysis. The connection between the vaccine and these 800 cases suggest that the vaccine caused or brought on the disease, but it hasn’t been proven definitively.” 

Look at what Dr. Ordon said is associated with vaccines.  Yet, despite this, we should vaccinate anyway.  Incredibly mindless medical community.

CI TV News, Peoria IL: To vaccinate or not vaccinate your child?

“Dr. Matthew Knight is an OSF Pediatrician in Morton. Dr. Knight says vaccines are scientifically safe and have been thoroughly studied in the medical field.

"’The risk benefit of vaccinating children is clearly in favor of the benefit. The risks are very low,’ said Dr. Knight.

“Risks include a low fever or a rash for roughly a week. As far as whether or not vaccines cause autism? He strongly disputes that.

"’If you look internationally, the incidents of autism has not changed. When someone chooses not to immunize, not only are their children at risk for acquiring the disease but other children are, too,’ said Dr. Knight.”

I’m sick to death of pediatricians telling us vaccines are safe and all the autism is fine and acceptable. How can they see the suffering of so many children and do nothing to stop it?

I posted 12 comments.

UK Daily Mail

“Josh Hadfield developed condition within weeks of receiving Pandemrix

“He would fall asleep even when he was walking, eating and swimming

“HPA found ten-fold increased risk of disorder in children given the drug”

Mrs. Hadfield can’t figure out how the government could ignore the mounting evidence. Seriously, she needs to understand that her child could have dropped dead in the doctor’s office after receiving his vaccine and it still would have been a coincidence. Haven’t seen my comments come up yet but this is pretty decent coverage. IN BRITAIN, VACCINES WILL NEVER HAVE SIDE EFFECTS---EVER (and we’ll go after anyone who says they do).



"I’m sick to death of pediatricians telling us vaccines are safe and all the autism is fine and acceptable. How can they see the suffering of so many children and do nothing to stop it?"

Why did people for thousands of years think the earth had an edge and if you sailed far enough you would fall off?

We should KNOW "vaccines" are a major deadly problem WE have to deal with and our children will HAVE to live with the results of OUR actions.

Does it really matter if the HHS and their largely puppet pediatricians ALL think the earth is flat? The reality is much, much darker; many of these players have bought into world depopulation of which "vaccination" is playing a large part.

NO one will protect your children or you but YOU. Want to help others? Please spread the simple message DO NOT "VACCINATE".


In the news the other day: "N.M. Couple Arrested After 8-year-old Girl Found Locked in Cage" http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/01/30/16769952-nm-couple-arrested-after-8-year-old-girl-found-locked-in-cage?lite According to the article, the parents went to the movies leaving their 8 year old adopted microcephalic daughter in a homemade wooden structure that is "about 4 feet high, slightly more than 2 feet wide and about 5 feet long that had two latches and a baby crib mattress on the floor. The article goes on to say that the girl had no signs of physical abuse on examination. Reading the article, the thought occurred to me that the "cage" might have been a homemade crib (a socially acceptable type of cage that we use for babies) meant to help manage an older child who, given her diagnosis, is likely profoundly mentally disabled and possibly even infantile. The article doesn't say if the oldest child was old enough to watch the others. I'm not saying that what they did was right, just considering that there may be an explanation for the parents' behavior other than that they intended to be abusive. The parents (the adopted mother and her boyfriend) were arrested, face charges, and all their children were taken into state protective custody.

My point is this:
When teachers are caught stuffing children in duffel bags, metal file cabinets and closets, etc., do the teachers lose custody of their OWN children like these people did? If not, why not? Is abuse that takes place on school grounds less abusive? Do teachers lose their jobs? If a teacher that is caught abusing a child is defended by his/her principal and superintendent, shouldn't they all be brought up on charges?

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