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Dachel Media Update: Autism Fetal Scans, Eating, Rising Numbers

Online news 

Feb 10, 2013, IBTimes UK: Health Babies Scanned in Womb Unlock Secrets of the Brain UK

Feb 10, 2013, Wisconsin State Journal: Waisman Center's four decades of research changes lives

Feb 9, 2013, Toronto MetroNews: Rising numbers of children with autism prompts Ontario review | Metro

Feb 9. 2013, Washington Times: Childhood vaccines safe, says Institute of Medicine 

Feb 9, 2013,  US News: Don't Overlook Eating Issues Tied to Autism, Study Warns

Feb 9, 2013, Philadelphia Inquirer: New Calif rule would get toxins out of our couches

Feb 9, 2013, Worcester Telegram: Jenny McCarthy debuts VH1 show 

Feb 8, 2013, New York Daily News: South east Asian nations to discuss autism

Feb 8, 2013, Health Day: Infants' Inattentiveness Might Signal Later Autism, Study Says

Feb 8, 2013. NBC News: Flu shot ingredient eyed for narcolepsy link


IBTimes UK 

"Scientists are scanning the brains of 500 unborn babies using a revolutionary new imaging technology in an attempt to trace the origins of mental disabilities such as autism, attention deficit disorders and schizophrenia....

"The 3D images created of the brain can be used to alert parents if the foetus is developing abnormally."

What a great way to pretend that autism is something kids are born with.  The implications here are huge. If these "faults" are the "cause of autism," then finding them, would parents be advised to terminate the pregnancy?

It certainly lets vaccines off the hook by pretending that autism can be detected in the womb. (And notice that autism is called a mental disability here.)

And when scanners "alert parents if the foetus is developing abnormally"---again parents are held responsible for having an autistic child.

Wisconsin State Journal

"Over the past 40 years, Waisman scientists have discovered some of the causes of autism, disclosed the genetic roots of rare neurodegenerative diseases, manufactured cell- and gene-based pharmaceuticals to cure diseases, found ways to use medical imaging to "see" the brains of people with autism, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and other disorders, discovered how infants learn language and even shown how meditation can change the brain." 

The people at the Waisman Center have discovered "some of the causes of autism"?  Seriously? If you look at this report from the Waisman Center in 2012  what they actually mean is older dads, older moms, birth order, and higher socioeconomic status.  Older rich parents are behind an epidemic. 

I posted a number of comments.

Toronto MetroNews

'Ontario's Auditor General will launch an unprecedented review of children's autism services at a time when huge public interest has focused attention on services for a growing number of children with the neurodevelopmental disorder.

'News of the audit, which will examine autism programs funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, comes after the government struck a blue-ribbon panel of experts in December to provide advice on autism policies and programs. It also follows Ontario Ombudsman André Marin's decision to investigate the dire lack of services for adults at risk of ending up in homeless shelters and jails because there is no one to care for them.

'Autism rates have climbed steadily to an estimated one in 88 children, who face a range of problems with communication, social interaction and behaviour. The disorder has no cure and lasts a lifetime..

"'It's becoming an increasing expenditure, it's in the public interest and we haven't really touched on the whole issue in a good seven or eight years,' Auditor General Jim McCarter said in an interview. 'We felt it was time to have a look at it.'"

 It's interesting that no matter where you go, the story is the same: the autism numbers are growing---along with the cost.

This story is labeled "By Staff." So what kind of reporter puts out a story like this?

Notice the terms used here: "rising numbers," growing number of children, and "autism rates have climbed steadily to one in 88 children."

Nothing urgent sounding.

Where did all these kids with a disorder that "has no cure and lasts a lifetime" come from? It seems the Auditor-General is looking into this because "it's becoming an increasing expenditure."

"The blue-ribbon panel of experts" and Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin are going to look into "the dire lack of services for adults at risk of ending up in homeless shelters and jails because there is no one to care for them."

Washington Times: Childhood vaccines safe, says Institute of Medicine

"From the time vaccines were first developed, there have been people who have been skeptical about them, but they have gained broad acceptance in modern times.

"However, in 1998 that acceptance hit a snag when Andrew Wakefield published a paper in The Lancet claiming that vaccines were the cause of autism. Although authorities later proved the evidence in Wakefield's research was fabricated, there is still a large portion of the population who doubt the safety of vaccines. Some maintain the concern about the fabricated link to autism; others worry about their children contracting the diseases they are being vaccinated against."

Silly parents just don't recognize the benefits of vaccinations.  They're still hung up on this autism stuff.  I posted comments.  Only two have appeared so far.

US News

"Children with autism are five times more likely than other kids to have feeding issues, such as being especially picky eaters or having ritualistic behaviors or extreme tantrums during meals, new research finds.

"These problems can lead to deficiencies in calcium, protein and other nutrients, according to the study, which was published online this month in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

"Healthy eating promotes a child's growth and development, and mealtimes provide important opportunities for children to socialize, the researchers noted. Chronic feeding troubles increase a child's risk for problems such as malnutrition, poor growth, social difficulties and poor school performance.

"The researchers added that there is growing evidence that feeding problems and dietary patterns among children with autism may put them at increased risk for long-term health problems such as poor bone growth, obesity and cardiovascular disease."

US News sounds like a repeat of Nancy Snyderman back in '09. She said ASD kids sometimes were constipated because they had preferences for the same food all the time----and there was no link between real bowel problems and autism. US News is trying to say the same thing. If we just didn't let our kids be such picky eaters there'd be no problem!

I posted a number of comments.

Philadelphia Inquirer

"For four decades, the state of California has been affecting what chemicals are put in our couches.

"Their flammability standards required dosings with flame retardants, and since manufacturers by and large don't like to make different products for different states, everyone got the flame retardants.

"Nice idea, keeping couches from burning. Except that "exposure to toxic flame retardants has been linked to real and measurable health impacts," writes Sarah Janssen of the Natural Resources Defense Council, a national environmental advocacy group.

"'Women with higher levels of flame retardants in their blood take longer to get pregnant and have smaller babies. Children exposed in the womb have a lower IQ and attention problems. Other studies have linked flame retardants to male infertility, male birth defects and early puberty in girls. A recent study in animals has linked toxic flame retardants to autism,' she wrote."

Gosh, could there actually be toxins linked to autism? How nice of the PI to admit that it's not just better diagnosing of a genetic disorder. Maybe in another 50 years they'll acknowledge that toxic vaccines are just as dangerous as the living room couch.

Worcester Telegram

"McCarthy was outspoken about autism treatments after her son was diagnosed and wrote a book detailing her search for a cure. She has advocated special diets, supplements, metal detox and delayed vaccines as treatments. She says her son no longer suffers from autism.

"But now she says she's focused on her foundation, Generation Rescue, and making sure efforts go toward treatment for families that can't afford it.

"'That's all I've been promoting,' she said. 'I haven't talked about vaccines in four years and don't plan to. I've made enough noise and now I feel like the attention needs to go toward treatment.'"

Jenny McCarthy may be focused on treatment, but there are endless claims by more and more parents and well-credentialed experts pointing out the damage to our children from an ever-expanding, unchecked vaccine schedule. For years, Jenny was unfairly attacked in news reports as the person responsible for the claim that vaccines cause autism.  This was done by TV and print media outlets that refused to honestly and thoroughly present the evidence on vaccine safety. 

Watch Jenny McCarthy on Larry King Live in 2008. 

Here's Jenny McCarthy on Larry King Live in 2009 with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel. 

It doesn't matter if Jenny turns her attention to autism treatment and not the controversial cause of the epidemic of sick kids.  There are so many people who will keep talking and their voices are deafening.

New York Daily News

"With cases of autism showing a significant increase, experts from India, Bangladesh, Thailand and eight other southeast Asian countries will deliberate to identify common challenges....

"World Health Organisation data shows an escalation in autism cases from 10 percent to 14 percent between 1990 and 2011. It is expected to rise to 15 percent by 2020....

"The aim of the meeting is to identify common challenges each country is facing and form a partnership to develop solutions in a collaborating and coordinated fashion, a health ministry official said....

"The conference will also explore establishing a regional autism awareness campaign, creating joint programmes for information-sharing and professional training, and defining national and regional strategies to advance autism public health research and policy development."

Incredibly, experts are getting together to "identify common challenges" and "develop solutions in a collaborating and coordinating fashion." They also want to establish an "autism awareness campaign." Notice no one mentions A CAUSE or PREVENTION. In fact, we're told they expect the numbers to continue to increase. There is no comment section here. 

Health Day

Attention problems might be seen in 6-month-old infants who are later diagnosed with autism, a new study says.

"Yale School of Medicine researchers found that these infants paid less attention to people's overtures and activities than infants who did not develop autism, according to the study recently published online in the journal Biological Psychiatry.

"This information could be used to identify infants at greatest risk of developing autism and provide them with early treatment, the researchers said....

"Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired communication and social interactions. The researchers said this is the first study to show that early signs of autism are present in the first year of life.

"The researchers are now trying to determine the specific causes behind this lack of attention to social activities in infants later diagnosed with autism 

Researchers are looking for the causes for the lack of attention in infants.  You can bet they aren't going to look into the ever-increasing number of vaccines these children are routinely getting.  I posted numerous comments.

NBC News

"Mounting evidence of a link between GlaxoSmithKline's Pandemrix flu shot and a spike in narcolepsy cases among children in Europe is putting one of the vaccine's key ingredients, AS03, under intense scrutiny.

"The ingredient is one of a class of pharmaceuticals known as adjuvants, or boosters, designed to turbo charge the potency of a vaccine and the body's immune response to it.

"AS03 was widely used in Europe during the 2009-2010 H1N1 flu pandemic and is also contained in a GSK adjuvanted flu vaccine which in November last year became the first of its kind to be recommended for approval by the normally adjuvant-wary United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

"There's little doubt AS03 does its job well.

"Pandemrix, the flu vaccine under suspicion for the narcolepsy link, needs only a fraction of the antigen - the part that actually does the immunization - of other flu shots to give sufficient protection."

Despite the headline, most of the article told us about the how they can't prove anything.  An association is not causation.  Besides...

"Asked about the questions surrounding AS03 and Pandemrix at a briefing for journalists in London this week, GSK's chief executive Andrew Witty said his firm is exploring all avenues but is unlikely to be able to come to a conclusion soon.

"'We are all over this...in terms of trying to help figure out what's going on here,' he said. 'We're taking it very seriously and we're focused on trying to understand any link there is and come to a conclusion as soon as we can. I think it's equally important we don't rush to the wrong conclusion.'"



"There's little doubt AS03 does its job well."

Well this depends what you consider AS03's job. Is the job of AS03, which is essentially SQUALENE, to lower the manufacturing cost of a "vaccine"? Yes squalene does this.

Is the job of squalene to induce auto immune disease? Yes squalene does this.

Is the job of squalene to act as an adjuvant for the live H5N1 virus to be included in some of the "H5N1 vaccine" doses. Yes IMO squalene will accomplish this depopulation task quite nicely.

The Russians developed injectable squalene in the 1980s as what they termed "a perfect bio-weapon".



"The 3D images created of the brain can be used to alert parents if the foetus is developing abnormally."

For the love of god please check this out before anyone foists this or any other "scan" on your delicate fetus or yourself. Many of these "scans" are accomplished using IMMENSE amounts of POWER. Some forms of power such as radiation may be worse than others but IMO ANY "scan" that uses a lot of power is best avoided.

The amount of power is often indicated by the number of individual snap shots of an often moving fetus that are required to be taken for the "scan". You might be very surprised by this number.

IMO instead of "scanning" "testing" and "examining" your fetus please make sure you receive NO "VACCINATIONS" or teratogenic drugs, IMO potentially ALL DRUGS, before during or after (breast milk) your pregnancy.



From NBC News "Flu Shot Eyed For Narcolepsy Link":

"The EMA's Salmonson notes the many unanswered questions surrounding AS03, but says it would be wrong to halt its use until scientists know more."

Don't they have it exactly backwards? Aren't they supposed to refrain from using any ingredient that is poorly understood?

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