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Dachel Media Update: A New Genetic Approach

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Feb 7, 2013, Fox Columbia SC: "Autism: A New Genetic Approach"  

"Lecture on Autism continues Caskey Lecture Series at The University of South Carolina.

"The university's College of Arts and Sciences hosted "Autism: A New Genetic Approach" Thursday evening.

"Dr. Arthur L. Beaudet, of Baylor College of Medicine, was on hand to discuss evidence that some forms of genetically-linked autism may be preventable.

"The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 1 in 88 children has been identified with an autism spectrum disorder."

Imagine the public’s perception of autism. Countless articles talk about the genetic studies. Other pieces link autism to older moms, older dads, lack of vitamin D, antidepressants during pregnancy, air pollution, plastics, having siblings too close together, smoking moms, overweight moms, etc.

Here genetics is mentioned along with the idea of prevention. (Actually, those pushing this view believe there’s a genetic predisposition along with bad lifestyle choices that trigger autism. Vaccines are never the issue.)  I'm still waiting for one of these lecturers to talk about the autism emergency and chastise health officials and the medical community FOR DOING NOTHING TO RECOGNIZE IT OR STOP IT. That never happens, of course. 

I posted several comments.



"Here genetics is mentioned along with the idea of prevention."

It so sickens me to see genetics being used as an excuse to not look seriously at "vaccine" induced disease. How can people who pretend to be "scientists" pretend to believe an epidemic can be caused by genetics?

This alone should show us what we are up against. We will solve our "vaccination" problems and we will do it without these sold out shills.


" ... genetic predisposition along with bad lifestyle choices that trigger autism."

Well here is an idea I can get behind. What might be some of these bad lifestyle choices.

o Does no or little research
o Does not talk with mothers of "vaccine" damaged kids
o Has a pediatrician
o Gets kids "vaccinated"
o Gets kids "vaccinated" with mercury, aluminum and other toxins
o Gets kids "vaccinated" once a month on average
o Watches kids sicken after "vaccination"
o Returns for more of the sickening agent, "vaccination"
o Has kid with an ASD and continues to "vaccinate"
o Watches autism double about every 3.5 years

IMO change these unhealthy lifestyles and TRUST little and investigate much.

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