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Thrown Under the Bus

Under_The_Bus_Sign-300By Cathy Jameson

I saw two stories in the mainstream news that caught my eye.  The stories also left me a little bit stunned.  The first was a tragedy that occurred in late December.  A fatal bus crash in Oregon, which claimed nine lives and injured many others, brought swift action—the Canadian-based bus line responsible for the horrific crash was immediately suspended from providing services in the United States.  The second story, which is still being investigated, was about faulty Boeing 787s.  Two separate incidents that both involved the planes’ batteries shut down the 787 fleet worldwide.  Thankfully, no one was reported injured in the incidents involving the airplanes.  Extra precautions are being taken in order to probe the mechanical gear before further flights are scheduled. 

Now, I’m all for safety at its finest, and of course to protect life at all cost, but I have to ask, did it really only take one crash and two potential accidents to completely ban and suspend companies from providing services here in our own country and across the globe? 


Let me continue that question with another and also share why this stuns me: 

Did it really only take one bus crash (and yes, I do understand the terrible nature of the event) and two potential airplane accidents (and yes, having a plane go up in flames due to faulty wiring most definitely needs to be addressed) to completely ban and suspend companies from providing services, BUT injecting vaccines that have caused injury and death remains a common and heavily promoted practice in many countries across the globe, including our own?

Yep again. 

I’m stunned.  First, I’m stunned at how lightning quick the transportation department made their decisions without yet having done a great deal of investigating.  Next, I’m stunned that these officials instantly demanded that unsafe practices be immediately stopped.  And, I’m stunned that these sorts of tragedies remain in the news weeks after the actual event and continue to draw major headlines. 

How long have we been describing our children’s vaccine injuries? 

I’ve been at this for eight years.  Some people have logged twice as much time and more.  And here we are all still waiting to be acknowledged.  Undoubtedly, vaccines need as thorough an investigation if not more.

With both the bus accident and the plane malfunctions, I would venture to guess that no one balked at the quick decisions the officials made.  Those decisions were indeed life-saving decisions.  I’ll even bet that more people welcomed a thorough investigation than not.  Who wants loss as a result of their own actions, especially if that loss is of life?   Not a well-known bus company who now cannot cross our border.  Who wants to inform grieving families that their defective equipment sparked fires in-flight causing death and destruction?  Not major airlines that travel the friendly skies day in and day out.  So, why is it that other groups, and those who profit from their products, get to do the unthinkable:  walk away from contributing to someone’s pain and suffering?   While our children pay the ultimate price—the suffering from a vaccine injury, illness and even death—others get to simply walk away. 

Vaccines, which are grotesquely advertised and overly lauded, have had questionable safety data and yet, are administered from the moment a baby is born (Hep B) and through to adulthood (flu shot).   Vaccines, have contributed to an increase in asthma and allergies, and also result in autism, are still on the market.  They are still available despite a growing public outcry from parents and vaccine-injured victims themselves.  Why?  Maybe because vaccines are used as leverage.  How?  Maybe because some of them are being forced.  Why?  Maybe because there’s a huge profit in them.  How can that be?  Maybe because they are safeguarded to somehow never be disputed. 

But, more than enough people have doubted vaccines after being injured by them.  Where’s our official investigation?  Who’s conducting precautionary measures?  When are the life-protecting measures going to start?  Aren’t our lives and their potential as important as those who benefited from the investigations done on the bus company and those aircraft?

I know I shouldn’t be as stunned as I am, but I am.  I’ve been reading about the atrocities of the vaccine injured for almost a decade now.  I’ve watched families crumble, my own included, as vaccine injury tries to snuff out the life of a child.  I’ve stared in disbelief while watching officials (who can immediately and at lightning speed) do little to halt our country’s vaccine program.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve heard.  But, I’m sitting here absolutely stunned. 

When terrible things happen, people usually take note.  Many offer comfort.  Some will suggest a hopeful response in return.  Unfortunately, thought and concern for the tragedy stemming from vaccine injury and death mustn’t be terrible enough.  Necessary changes haven’t happened, and as a result more people will be affected.  To know that one industry is not allowed to make mistakes, like the bus company did, and that another industry can market excessive doses of damage at a much higher rate, shows a great lack of rationale, understanding and respect. 

What can we do?  Tell our stories?  We have.  Take this to court?  Some did.  And failed miserably.  What else can we do?  What will it take to end a practice that has higher profits than common sense?  I know that my son’s vaccine injury wasn’t reason enough.  Neither was my friend’s son’s death which resulted from adverse effects from his childhood vaccines.  Enough proof exists to show that vaccine injury is real and that we are surrounded by its tragic consequences.  The damage inflicted by vaccines, and the blatant disregard our families are shown, is confirmation that our children were thrown under the bus as a result of someone else’s greed. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


John Stone


And, of course, the purpose of the war is not to defeat a necessarily real threat but to syphon huge sums of money from the public purse in the direction of privileged industrial interests who keep the politicians in office.


Jim Moody

Excellent points Cathy, as always! One answer may be that government has declared a "war" against disease and is sadly too willing to "accept" an uncertain but likely massive amount of collateral damage as the "prive" of victory. As with many wars, the government can't tell the truth about the casualty rate because parents would yank their kids out of the "draft" pronto. This is already happening; doubt and rebelion are spreading quietly among both families and doctors. CDC has "secret" maps of cities and counties with excess rates of rebelious "refusers," the conscientious objectors of this war. CDC's secret press stategy admited several years ago they simply didn't have the safety science. []. The National Vaccine Advisory Committee and now the most recent IOM "unvaccinated study" report have admitted that there are no safety data on unvaccinated kids. []. CDC is running so scared that it even ordered the recent IOM panel on vaccine adverse events NOT to review the growing body of literature demonstrating the dangers of Hg to the brain and immune system. IOM did conclude that we know almost nothing about most vaccines and most adverse events, and declined to rely on most of the CDC "studies" supposedly exonerating MMR. []. The government has paid hundreds of millions to settle vaccine caused autism in Vaccinne Court since 1990, yet CDC still maintains the public lie that there is no "evidence" that vaccines cause autism. []. What's missing with vaccines is legal accountability. Obama demanded and the Supreme Court revoked the right to a seek financial recovery against injury in court, including a jury trial. []. Doubt and rebelion will continue to spread. Obama will counter-attack by wielding federal "preemption" power to revoke state "personal belief" and "religious" exemptions. What's different about Cathy's plane and bus examples is that they have "zero exposure" data; vaccines do not. The feds have done everything, including scientific fraud in the Verstraeten study to an illegal re-vote at IACC, to stop study of and access to data on unvaccinated children. The best opportunity for change lies, therefore, in a well-conducted and ongoing study of health outcomes in unvaccinated children for comparison purposes. This will help to provoke safer vaccines and go a LONG way to gaining recovery in Vaccine Court for EVERY injured child, our sacred and moral social duty to these kids who sacrificed "for the greater good."

Kasey Spencer

Not that i believe in war but something as important as our childre...and dismissal of our children by our government .........deems one thing. civil war. its that big.


Thrown under the Bus!!!!
I was just thinking the same thing this past week....

Jeannette Bishop

At this point, it seems to me like we can only continue to reach out to the public and try to help them see how much corruption and how little protection for individual rights is now in place in our nation's healthcare.

Maybe an entire rebooting of the U.S. government is needed?

I don't believe any more that are federal health agencies are constitutional or legal entities. Healthcare is one of many an areas that the constitution left to the states that the federal government has become involved in. The federal government should only intervene to protect citizens when a state impedes upon their rights, such as with vaccine mandates imposing the risk of loss of life or liberty, and maybe when states act to prevent free trade. With the federal government so well funded, it attracts the lobbying and captive agency situations that we are up against.

Corruption also happens at the state level, but individuals in state governments are theoretically closer to the constituents their choices affect, and it seems it would take more resources for global corporations to corrupt 50 state agencies and elected legislating bodies than our centralized unelected regulatory bodies. If we could pull the public funds channeled into these bodies and essentially working solely to the benefit of the mega corporations back into state universities for research and public health efforts and have competing states choose what is best for the health of their citizens, at worst I don't believe we could do worse than what we have now. At best, I would hope there would rise more competitive and just healthcare practices.

We maybe need to also remember as a country we are a republic first, that the rights of the few cannot be infringed by the tyranny of a democratic majority, i.e. the majority cannot vote to force a few to give up their lives and health because it might or maybe even will benefit the "herd."


Tony Villar,

We cannot "act alone" and hope to get laws changed. We need legislators for that. Some legislators have shown they're not under the thumb of pharma. We can elect more. We vote them in and we can vote them out. But we have to get the word out, and we have to take a strong stand on vaccines' link to autism in the next Congressional hearing on autism. That did not happen in November's hearing.

Paul S

@ Bob Moffit I propose that the children and grandchildren of Dr. Nicole Lurie and the rest of her team be the first to injected with the anthrax vaccine as part of this test.

tony villar

Most members of Congress are under the pocket of big Pharma and the Big Banks.They will not bite the hands that feed them of their Greed and Insanity.

We should not expect any help from them.

We must act alone. NOW


Pharma must kill hundreds if not thousands of kids babies everyday...without any guilt...and all for profit...Obama before he got elected was so for the vaccine adverse killed reactions ...but as they all do and the old saying see what they do or don`t do when they get in..Obama your a PHARMA...

Bob Moffitt

The NY Post reports in today's paper "Some 4oo chimpanzees are being retired from government labs, and scores will be relocated to a 200-acrea sanctuar in the Lousiana woods .. as a new federal policy effectively ends the use of chimps for biomedical research. Chimpanzee research has long been banned in much of Europe"

PETA spokesman says "At last .. a chimpanzee should no more live in a lab than a human in a phone booth".

Obviously, this is good news for chimpanzees .. but .. it has also been recently reported the Obama administration is seeking to obtain a green light to conduct an anthrax vaccine safety experiment on US children. The stated rationale for such a trial, articulated by Dr. Nicole Lurie, US Dept. of Health and Human Services,is that there are no data about the safety of exposing children to the anthrax vaccine. And if an emergency arises, a trial "would present an array of logistical, clinical and communication challenges during a public health crisis."

So .. in my opinion .. I am far more frightened of those manufacturing federal "policies" that "approve and recommend" vaccines than I am of the pharmaceutical industry that actually manufacturers and distributes them.


Two of the comments following this article say it's up to Congress to take action - to pass legislation to lift protections of the vaccine industry and start protecting the people who receive the vaccines. So what happened at the Congressional hearing on Autism when we had our big chance to tell Congress about harm caused by vaccines?


A few members of Congress challenged the CDC spokesperson on vaccine safety, and that was it.



Thank you Cathy. This has to stop! The attrocity by injection hiding behind the mantra that vaccines save lives. We have the worst health outcomes of the wealthy nations in the world and the highest vaccination rate. Since the Autism Hearing became a review of the federal response instead of a look into corruption, we have again been set back. The response since December has been the AAP comes out with: Thimerosal is so safe we should put it in lollipops. The UN is now deciding not to ban Thimerosal world-wide and we haven't held the industry accountable for innovating new preservatives. And if you think for a minute the industry is going to let you make a fuss about any other ingredients, well, mercury should have been the easiest one to show harm, so until we break through that barrier you can bet that aluminum, fetal tissue, recombinant DNA aren't going to fare well either. And next up the IOM 2013 report saying again vaccines are safe, but adding that there is no need to study this further. Meanwhile 50% of parents in the US are on an alternative vaccine schedule..why? Because they no longer trust the integrity of the national vaccine program. But don't worry the CDC has a plan. They will create a police state to enforce it rather than clean up the broken promises. And the beat goes on...Merck just announced a partnership with JAMA on the research publications. Think the medical journals aren't political? Ah, well try to publish research on NEJM for autistic colitis... So basically our approach that we have taken for the past ten years of pleading has failed. Its time for a new mindset and out of the box thinking. Al Capone was caught on tax evasion...

Vicki Hill

Pretty simple, sadly. In the bus and airplane incidents, the bus company and airplane manufacturer have ultimate liability. If the government investigation finds they were at fault, then the government is a hero for pointing out the problem and the companies (and their liability insurance) will have to pay.

Rather different from the companies manufacturing or administering vaccines. If the government investigates and finds they were at fault, guess who will have liability?


Excellent point John Stone - this is not the Pharmaceutical companies doing - they could never do this without the government's partnerships. Pharmaceutical Government Complex is a very apt term.
We need to demand accountability from our lawmakers. We can't keep assuming that they will protect us. They are CLEARLY on the other side - the consumer/citizen/parent stand without representation. That needs to change.

Victor Pavlovic

Cathy, many great points. The only way out of this mess would be the same way we got into it, via congress, they gave the protection to the vaccine producers, they need to make it right, or they would be the main cause of misery for millions of children.

John Stone


Yes, read this article and feel very angry about how the pharmaceutical government complex have treated ordinary people. We and our children just don't count, brushed aside as the invisible collateral damage in their stinking war on disease. Of course, what Eisenhower warned about in his famous farewell speech about the military industrial comlex were policies being hijacked and chimerical threats being created to thwart public accountability. Meanwhile they create disease risks, and neither the public interest or the public purse count for anything. These people are parasites not patriots.


Jim Thompson

Thank you Cathy. Parents are prevented from seeking justice in our system of courts for almost all vaccine injuries caused by the products of the vaccine manufacturers. This is due to legal protections legislated by congress. It is past time for our congress to recognize that harm to the innocent cannot be covered up to protect the guilty.

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