Study Finds Infants Toddlers on "Slower" Vaccine Schedule Have Fewer Outpatient and ER Visits
Thrown Under the Bus

The Worms Crawl In The Autism Crawls Out

Retro mom worms in fridgeAw come on, who hasn't sung that childhood tune? Seems even Mainstream Medicine is giving a serious look to a treatment posed at Autism One several years ago - and has a study to review the efficacy of parasite treatment for autism. Yes, creepy crawlies. 

Fox News has a report that Dr. Eric Hollander, at Albert Einstein College of Medicine is conducting a study using TSO, "whipworms" for autism.  Honestly, the report looks like we could have written it right here at Age of Autism. It's encouraging to see mainstream docs looking beyond psych medications as treatment. The article has a link to volunteer for the study.

“There’s some evidence with autism that some individuals may have had an activation of the maternal immune system – the inflammatory response is activated during pregnancy,” Hollander told “The TSO is a naturally-occurring drug delivering device that can dampen the inflammatory response and decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines, which is something that keeps the inflammatory process going. And, that’s associated with certain symptoms we see in the autism disorder.”

Hollander said his patient failed to respond to typical treatments like Risperdal or Abilify, which is marketed for severe disruptive behaviors. Incidentally, the teenage patient also has a history of allergies and food allergies – and his family has a history of autoimmune diseases.

The family noticed their son’s autism behavior improved when he was having an allergic reaction or fever, leading them to believe there was a problem with his immune response – so they got the idea to treat him with TSO, an immunotherapy biologic agent.

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This is pseudo science and a bunch of bull! If anything, parasites would cause autistic like symptoms. They are just trying to fool parents into volunteering their autistic child for an experiment on the effects of parasites on humans.

The truth is many people even in America are suffering with parasites and passing it onto their babies. Since America is arrogant enough to believe we are immune to this problem many people are suffering with extreme weight gain, fatigue and other mental ailments.

A good place to start your search would be Toxoplasma. Ever noticed the heads of autistic children look swollen?

Do NOT believe these people. Parasites are invaders of our bodies not friends. Back in the old days, people were up to date on parasites and how to get rid of them. NOW however, people pretend they don't exist. Only in countries that acknowledge their existence that test for them or de-worm regularly understand the impact.

When was the last time you were de-wormed? If you answered never, you most likely do have a parasite problem and they do nothing good for us.

Think about the "leaky gut" syndrome.

John Gilmore

Didn't I hear about this from the autism whacko moms about, oh, ten years ago? Just axin',


Yes yet another bright star to view and make a wish upon.

Fine double blind test it together with NO VACCINATIONS. We should learn something very important.


Can be ordered here ..


The vaccination schedule and the constant hyper-stimulation of the immune system that is responsible for the inflammatory response and the increased level or presence of pro-inflammatory cytokines.Dr.Hollander should not be blaiming the mother that the inflammatory response is activated during the pregnancy.The doctors need to point their fingers towards their agressive one vaccine fits all vaccination schedule. Also the toxic multi-vaccine ingredients,adjuvants,aborted fetal tissues,bovine & mouse serum proteins etc.etc that CAUSES THE INFLAMMATION AND THE DAMAGE.STOP BLAIMING THE MOTHER DR.HOLLANDER AND FIND THE REAL CAUSES TO THE AUTISM PROBLEM.


Heather, very good point that even if the anti-inflammatory secretions of gut parasites help that doesn't mean that lack of parasites caused the pediatric epidemics of allergy, autoimmunity autism and ADHD.



The worms live for 3 days.

They eat dead flesh. So no chance of spreading to healthy parts of the body.

After 3 days they die and are excreted by form of red blood through stools.

After the 3 days they have ate the dead flesh around the colon etc,

Simple as that...better than a scalpel trying to scrape the dead white flesh from the colon etc


Heather Fraser

Not to comment extensively on the research into worms/helminths but lack of these 'friends' became an explanation for epidemic allergy in children a few years ago. Suggestion was that because we have co-evolved with gut worms we are doomed to allergy and other chronic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, Crohn's, etc.) without their anti-inflammatory secretions. This does not fit the historical facts in the rise of the pediatric epidemics but gut damage and inflammation certainly link allergy and autism.

The relationship of allergy and autism is more profound than we may realize. I contend (in the upcoming issue of Autism File Magazine) that the simultaneous epidemics of allergy and autism are the same story with the same causes and overlapping symptoms but with different outcomes. It is as though one overwhelmed child turned left while the other turned right.

Allergy parents blinded by fear of food dismiss or medicate away the ‘lesser’ health concerns such as ADHD, sensory processing issues, hyperactivity, motor skill problems, special 'gifts', rage and more. A closer look at this ‘mixed bag’ of symptoms in the allergy kids would reveal more in common with children on the spectrum than anyone fully understands at this time.

Angus Files

Joel Weinstock was the first with this treatment yonks,ago...a generation of children ago infact..

I se he is now with Coronado Biosciences


I wonder if the reason why parasitic worms help alleviate symptoms is because the worms (and their eggs) emit some kind of substance that calms the immune system. Maybe they evolved this in order to survive in the gut instead of being attacked and destroyed by the immune cells.

The assumption seems to be that they work by giving the immune system something to attack and thus somehow regulate the immune system, but maybe that's not it. I do understand the hygiene hypothesis and agree that we evolved surrounded by many microorganisms which are necessary to us. But there's more to it than just needing enemies to combat.

Leeches are used for pain because they emit something that dulls pain, in order for the host to be more likely to tolerate their presence. Maybe these intestinal parasites are also producing a substance that makes their host more hospitable.

Notice how Hollander mentions that some people with autism have immune system issues which may result from an activation of the maternal immune system during pregnancy - like he wants to make sure his work isn't viewed as "anti-vaccine" - oh, no, not that - these immune system issues started in utero, not due to vaccines, not exacerbated by vaccines.

Carter's Daddy

Dr Baker has talked about TSO at conferences, it seems wonderfully logical. Brings the gut to harmony with nature and restores the immuse systam, and a physically non thriving kid begins to thrive. Very expensive though.


Regarding funding help for Age of Autism ....I have always been massively anti-sponsorship for charities .

But Age of Autism is different , a lone sole voice allowing the true story of vaccine damage to flourish , is there anyway we could organise smthg in the UK ?

People have asked me in the past who should they raise funds for , Autism wise I say AoA !!!


We have the high ground , we have the science .
They have a problem !

And more and more they are conceding all the points they once told us we were absolutely wrong on .

2013 could be a big year for the Vaccine-Autism resistance .

Does anyone know where the Dimbleby interview is occurring and the date and time , and the Bill Gates interview . Has to be worth taking a camera along and trying to see if we can ask him about the 47,000 polio vaccine paralysed by GAVI .
We can load up the reply on Utube . The closest anyone will ever get accountability in this crooked world .

Where are "We are Change" ...when you need them ?
Or the Chad meningitis experiment ?

Vicki Hill

Whenever I read a report with "scientists say" or "doctors agree", I keep thinking back to the many doctors who 'assured' me that my son's weird immune system had nothing to do with his autism spectrum symptoms. And I pointed out that he never had those autism spectrum symptoms before all of the immune problems. And they tsked, tsked and said that of course the symptoms were there, but I was an inexperienced mother and didn't notice them.

And what do you know: now that my son is an adult, scientists and doctors have decided, "Well, yes, there may be something about the immune system connected to autism." Seems to me that research could move along a lot faster if docs would listen more to the parents instead of saying tsk, tsk all the time.


little article about it here

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