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If Autism Experts Were In Charge of Flu Epidemic

Blue fluManaging Editor's Note: Imagine if Susan Hyman, Nancy Minshew and Paul Offit turned their "talents" to the flu.....  Here's Katie Wright's take on the idea. 

By Katie Wright

Don't Be Selfish! Get a Flu Shot!

You know I don't think there is a flu epidemic at all!

This is obviously just a case of better diagnosing! People have now "learned the signs" of the flu, that's all.

Clearly this is merely diagnostic substitution.

People who are coincidentally getting sick now might have "flu like" symptoms but NOT the flu. They are just looking for something to blame! I feel sorry for them, how pathetic!

Also Peter Bearman states  that greedy people are hearing of other people getting good medical help and are jealous so they move to the same area in order to seek the flu diagnosis so they too can get all those services that their flu friends are receiving!

Also I think we need to do a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT of genetic research into the flu- not into treatment OR causation- just research the genetic pathways of flu like symptoms.

We also must invest millions in flu family pedigree projects. We should sequence everyone's genes and study these families for at least 20 -30 yrs BEFORE investing in treatment research (Tom Insel and Simons).

Natural prevention methods, like hand washing, are clearly dangerous and unproven "alternative therapy" and should be avoided at all costs. Only the flu shot will keep you safe- well 50% of the time at least, sure the flu shot is minimally effective but doctors knows best!



Susan Hyman, Nancy Minshew, Paul Offit

Katie Wright is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.




great soup & lots of great ideas.Here is my secret meds: for you guys: one raw/organic garlic chopped up to eight pieces,swallow
like a pill without chewing with 4-6 oz. of orange juice for
3-5 days when you feel you have the cold or flu coming on. Echinacea drops are great too. My secret syrup: Rosehip (lots) cooked with ginger (2 thick slices),cinnamon,2-3 cloves (antioxidants)and brown sugar or honey (half a cup) for energy.(Keep in fridge and use in 3-4 days.)You can have it warm or cold.It is safe for the kids. Rosehip is high in vitamin C and antioxidants.You can also give Rooibos tea to the kids,it is caffeine free and very high in antioxidants. Lots of high quality filtered water and soups.Please cut out the milk for 24-48 hours (and when you return to milk,consider organic,hormone free only).Get your humidifier going with a drop or two of Eucalyptus essential oil to clear the air.Air out the house for 3 minutes and get some fresh air/walk outside.
All the best to all of you.


"I would also like to know what that "62% efficiancy rate" actually means? 62% of who? Only the people who were vaccinated? Or .. does that 62% represent a much larger population that includes those who were not vaccinated?"

Normally when the CDC or the Vaccine Industry speaks of the "efficiency of a vaccine" ANY "vaccine", they are referring to the anti-body production in the blood of the recipient of the "vaccine".

Anti-body production has NEVER been double blind, gold standard, clinically tested as to its prevention of disease. IMO there is little to perhaps negative correlation. The fact that "vaccines" are almost NEVER clinically tested by honest observers should tell you all that is required.

I am sure the Vaccine Industry does some clinical testing and along with believing that 2+2 = 5 we can trust their results.


"People coming in to a hospital shouldn't have to fear themselves or their kids getting the flu from someone who has the flu that works there."

When as a kid I first learned of "Witch Burning" I said WOW how could people be so stupid. Now many years later I KNOW. All the tyrants who rule us have to get us to do ANYTHING is plant FEAR in our little craniums. People feared those who other people said were "Witches".

Fast forward to today and we have a "flu epidemic" other people say is killing our kids.



"You know I don't think there is a flu epidemic at all! This is obviously just a case of better diagnosing! People have now "learned the signs" of the flu, that's all."

Here is the KEY to this whole "flu" conflusion.

“There are over 200 viruses that cause influenza and influenza-like illnesses. Both produce the same symptoms, such as fever, aches and pains, headache, cough and runny nose, so the only way a physician can tell what is actually the flu and what is another viral illness is with laboratory testing. The flu vaccine is, at best, only effective against influenza A and B, which represents only about 10 percent of all circulating viruses.3 This means that even if in the best case scenario you get a flu shot, and it happens to be effective for you, you're still completely vulnerable to 90 percent of the flu-like viruses that are circulating in your area.” Health Care Workers Are Refusing Flu Shots and Are Hesitant to Offer Them

“Influenza vaccines protect against infection and illness caused by the three influenza viruses in the vaccine that research indicates will be most common this season. Flu vaccines will NOT protect against infection and illness caused by other viruses that can also cause influenza-like symptoms. There are many other viruses besides influenza that can result in influenza-like illness* (ILI) that spread during the flu season.” CDC

90% of the time during "flu season" when you come down with "flu symptoms" it is NOT from the influenza A or B virus but from some other of the 200 or so virus inhabiting your body.

The "flu vaccine" only sometimes, in theory, "protects" against influenza A and B viruses. Thus even in theory the "flu vaccine" cannot "protect" you from 90% of your flu episodes.


no vac

I think flu vaccines (like all other vaccines) are a primary tool of depopulation. In my area the drugs stores now offer people 20% discount on all purchases, if they agree to be poisoned with flu vaccines. Nobody makes money in this business, it is purely for spreading the disease and depopulation.

Carter's Daddy

about a half hour ago I was overhearing The View in the other room, and they brought up the thing about nurses getting fired for refusing the flu shot and asking if the firing is legal, but they sidestepped that and a doctor was saying it's ETHICAL to fire them, that people coming in to a hospital shouldn't have to fear themselves or their kids getting the flu from soneone who has the flu that works there. This all erroneously assumes the shot works, that the shot is perfectly safe, that nurses that don't get the shot automatically will have the flu, and these patients will get it even though they are vaccinated, so he's contradicting himself. They brought up the religious aspect of refusal for some, which totally ignores the real issue of refusal for these nurses: That they are DANGEROUS. And they never once addressed the question of whether it's legal to fire them. But they felt they covered all aspects of the discussion fully and completely, and moved on to the all important topic of Bieber's stubble or whatever it was, all pleased with themselves for another successful PSA. I can't turn on a TV without getting annoyed by uneducated vax freaks.


It reminds me of the mercury/syphilis fiasco where the treatment was worse than the disease. Mercury kills everything so initially those receiving the flu shot aren't going to get sick whether the shot contains the proper flu strain or the shot is pure mercury. I believe within a couple months the initial mercury effect of protection wears out. Furthermore, I believe after a couple of years the chronic illness part of heavy metal exposure starts to kick in.
It's sad people get pulled in so easily.

Carter's Daddy

We have a TV commercial here for Lysol spray and how it can be used to prevent the spread of flu, and at the end the narrator is shown who turns out to be a lady from the health department or something, saying don't forget your flu shot. It disgusts me. That commercial is a perfect example of the way the culture is being manipulated by greedy interests to our bad health. We're quite helpless against these giants too. Or at least I feel helpless. It discourages you with the power of negative reinorcement at every turn from saying anything south of absolutely glowing praise of flu shots. And I find it seems to be flu season all year. I never know when it is. I think it's a deliberate confusion tactic. The whole situation they've created really angers me, especially knowing the huge percentage of people getting fooled into it. They do not desrve to be preyed upon like that. And those are the ones who verbally attack me for opening my mouth.
I think maybe I've had the shot a couple of times many years ago, when I was a lemming too, not knowing it was an opportunistic move on the doctor's part while I'm in his office, not knowing about any dangers of vaccines, when I thought pharmaceuticals were the only way to treat anything at all. I guess I dodged a bullet or two. I know people with permanent damage from flu shots.
Since Carter was diagnosed with autism, we've learned so much about natural wellness and surround ourselves with only that kind of practitioner, and we haven't had colds ot flus or sore throats or the like since.
In '09 with the H1N1 scare campaign in full swing, a co-worker said he got his little girl the shot because he couldn't live with himself if he let anytihng happen to her. I remember thinking how backward is that? I said same here, that's why I did NOT get my kids the shot.
Now, we keep getting news reports about how many multiples of cases VS last year there are. Leave the news off. It's not for telling news, it's for dispensing Pharma dogma. I had an inkling before but Anderson Cooper and Matt Lauer sealed it for me. Once that happens it all seems so obvious when you watch any news now.

Katie Wright

OK clearly we must spend $10 million on a gigantic MRI research study on flu baby sibs!
Early diagnosis- not cause or cure- is paramount!

Also, like w Boston Childrens Hospital- we must invest in a $5 million flu prone Turkish cousins marrying flu prone Turkish cousins study! That way we can identify potential flu genes!!!!


During the last flu scare when H1N1 was suppose to kill half of us, I happened to be with my elderly mother at the doctor's office so I asked him about the flu and flu deaths. He said that people who are hospitalized with the flu are almost all either obese or have secondary conditions like cancer, immune disorders, or diabetes. He said that he had caught the H1N1 had been sick for about four days--he was a fit doctor. Telling everyone that he/she is in danger of dying or being hospitalized with the flu is misinformation. People who really are at high risk for serious problems if they catch the flu should know they are at high risk. And, of course, the media never mentions that there are side effects to the flu shot like Guillain Barr syndrome. And that can occurr in anyone even previously healthy people.



I think I have had the flu, an actual "flu", as opposed to a flu-like illness, only ONCE in my life, when I was 40 years old and 8 months pregnant with my now 17-year-old daughter.

That bout of flu threw me for a real loop: I was physically unable to get out of bed and stay up for any length of time past a few minutes, without feeling drained of energy and/or feeling a migraine coming on when I tried to cook my kids breakfast.

For several weeks, I had no appetite, but forced myself to eat now and then, because I was pregnant. I was literally laid up in bed for at least two weeks solid, and did not even have the energy or inclination to watch TV. It was downright depressing, laying in bed, with nothing but your own thoughts rolling around in your head (and these were not interesting, believe me!).

Somehow, I survived that bout of flu without any medical intervention. I did take a trip to the hospital, but they told me to go home and get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. Strangely enough, no medications were offered or even suggested (this was in 1995).

Despite my misery during those weeks, my kids, even though they were jumping on me and my bed, and my husband was sleeping beside me every night, no-one else in the family caught the flu that I had. Perhaps my immune system was a bit more compromised at the time because I was 8 months pregnant. I actually felt that flu coming on for several days before it finally hit me hard. At the cottage, when we were getting ready for the baby shower that my sister had planned for the birth of my one and only daughter, and my husband and I were trying to roast a turkey to help them out with the dinner part, I felt these weird lumps in the lymph nodes around my neck, and even in my armpits. That in itself already felt strange enough, but at the time, I did not know yet that there was worse to come.

That said, I recovered from my miserable bout with the flu, and have barely even had a cold since then. I don't know if it is because of immunity that I built up undergoing this miserable flu bout, or because I have been taking Vitamins D3, C, and various minerals on a fairly regular basis.
When things are going well, I get a bit lazy and don't take my vitamins on a regular basis, but when I have any hint that a cold may be coming on, I take at least 3000 IU of Vitamin D3, some Zinc, and a a few thousand IUs of Vitamin C, and then I feel OK again, without falling sick for a few days like some of my kids do, who choose to ignore my recommendations.

Seriously, I do think that most of us can avoid flus and keep relatively healthy without succumbing to the dubious products that our governments have to offer, vaccines and medications, which have not been fully tested for their negative effects.

Some of our family's mainstays are:
homemade chicken soup with garlic and ginger, more garlic and ginger in any recipe you can add these things to, onions, greens (parsley, cilantro, dill, kale, swiss chard), lemon and lime juice, and of course the vitamins and minerals, especially D3, C, and Zinc.
Have a happy and healthy winter, for what's left of it,



I saw the Pharmacist and a Doctor joking about the flu shot
at the drugstore.They were both laughing their heads off and making money.I am sure they do not take the flu shots.
Now if there is an "emergency" the Pharmacist
could give you a shot too.Money hungry pharma is out of control
and politicians have not understand that they have become the puppets of big pHarma. Shame on all of them.


Ahhh, gallows humor therapy... this kept my brain from exploding from an overdose of flu fear-mongering bs. I may live another day. Thanks, Dr. Katie.

barbara j

Our hospital spokes person announced last night that the ER is full of the flu, and that twenty five percent of suspected cases have tested positive. So, seventy five percent do not have the flu. My son was sent home from school on Thurs. , 103 fever, slight cough and runny nose. I called the pediatrician's office, despite the message to stay home unless you are very ill, got an appointment for the afternoon, he has a strep throat. Fever was gone by nine oclock that night. My little guy is throwing up, as were the two older boys last week. They are sharing the norovirus. Spokesperson said, many are vomiting and dehydrating, my advice is to get your flu shot. Flu shot for noro? Is this what is epidemic? My pediatrician said he's seen far more real flu this year, twelve cases as compared to one last year. So yes the flu is here, but seventy five percent of those that match symptoms enough to swab do not have it. They are saying they are running out of flu test kits. Well yeah, if they are off in their diagnosis three quarters of the time. Are we having an epidemic of strep and noro? Is this a side effect of too many children having their immune systems weakened this year with the return of the full thimerosal dosed vaccine?

Angus Files

Beatle mania when you listened to a song..if you didn’t scream because the fan beside you screamed.. Which in turn meant if you never screamed you weren’t a fan..soo..EVERYONE screamed ...you don’t vaccinate so..Your anti vaccine...(Pharma trolls would say)

For Sure we are ...but were also Beatle fans ..and pro vaccine before our son became autistic after MMR...but were still Beatle Fans …cant say the same for vaccines ,,no..no..no!


There have been some anecdotal cases of the flu resulting in death. These reports have been investigated by people with PhD degrees who really understand science, statistics, and medicine, unlike all the imbecilic irrational panic-stricken money-grubbing consumers and parents who report such events. Compressive study by the experts shows that:
- Most people who come down with the flu don't die.
- Most people who die don't have the flu.
There, see? Proof that the flu never causes death! Same as they proved that vaccines such as Gardasil never cause death!

There have even been reports of vaccinated people dying of the flu. Well, just think how much worse off they would have been if they hadn't gotten the vaccine?!? (sorry for the dark humor)


There are 200+ different strains of flu and viruses that infect people every year. The vaccine covers only about 10 percent of the virus strains that make people sick. Do all of these people lined up at hospital emergency rooms actually have one of the (lab confirmed) strains covered in the vaccine? Or, do we just call everything going around these days the flu?

no vac

Flu vaccines actually spread flu, this is why the US has more apparent cases of flu than the rest of the world, although some cases may be just cold or running nose.


In some markets you can get a flu shot for your toddler and get a discount on your groceries.... day after day after day.

How many two dose flu shots with Thimerosal have been given to infants at six months of age so far this year ???

The flu shot may not actually work, but the Thimerosal will trash brain neurons 24/ 7/ 365 and easily last until the next vaccine.


I am with Rachel on this:
Something odd
Flu shots in Wal Mart
Flu shots at Sams
Flu shots at Rite Aid
Flu shot bill boards everywhere
Flu shot offered by the physcian - they never forget - like it is on a memorized check out list.
Flu shot offered no matter what disease you have but if you have diabetes, or kidney disease, or lupus, or any autoimmune diseas you better get that flu shot.
Flu shots advertised on television
Flu shots encouraged on the news

And then with all that---------------------

There is an epidemic in the United States????

Sheri Nakken, former RN, MA, Hahnemannian Homeopathy

the flu is just winter vitamin D3 deficiency coming every winter


Open conspiracy : In the US , what if anything is ever $ free , apart from childhood vaccines ?

There is the clue . Its simple .

They are shooting vaccine workers dead in Pakistan , I think 15 over Christmas (in just 1 month) if I understood the stories correctly , why would they do that ?
They are claiming mass sterilisations and it wouldnt be the first time (Phillipines 1995 they were actually caught red handed , reported by the BBC Panarama program , human growth hormone in the tetanus injections , only for girls )

A major Vaccine Revolution is not ver far away due to the internet, and there will be an almightly backlash by the sheepeople , the Elite might squeeze through if they are incredibly lucky but there will be plenty of fall guys .


Lmao...pretty much


The flu comes and goes every year... always has, always will. This minute by minute reporting of what was once a normal wintertime occurrence is the only thing that has really changed about the flu. I still find it very peculiar that the United States with the highest worldwide flu vaccine uptake has more flu activity than the rest of the world.

Explore flu trends around the world


Jeannette Bishop

@ Bob Moffitt,

According to Dr. Mercola, 60 percent is a relative risk statistic, i.e. that there is only about a 2.7 percent chance of getting the flu strain in the first place, and the shot appears to reduce that risk to 1.2 percent:


I know people who swear they've gotten sick, more sick, with the vaccine--I wonder if the immune challenge and toxic load actually increases susceptibility to whatever is going around--and people who swear they feel better the whole season if they get the shot. The demonstrated benefit may be real (or placebo effect in part?), but may be so small because some actually reap an immediate negative effect.

Lisa Jackson's study found a healthy user bias in getting the shot. Since the mortality gap between the vaccine group and apparently less healthy controls diminished during flu season and more afterwards, I worry that risks of the vaccine are greater than is immediately apparent and the "benefits" are actually zero.

no vac

Flu vaccines, as all other vaccines, are only the effective tolls for producing mass sickness, which is a very highly priced commodity on Wall street, as it generates hundreds billions $ each year for pharma/medical industry (aka mafia).


APologies this is off topic but wanted to make sure some folk saw this in todays UK Guardian. Unbelievable and sponsored by B&MGates


Anne Dachel

And of course, experts would be busy changing the definition of what is "THE FLU" so that half of the people who now fit the criteria, won't have it.

But when there are things like vaccines and Tamiflu to sell, just about anyone who coughs or sneezes twice in a row today has THE FLU.

Anne Dachel, Media

Bob Moffitt

The CDC reports at least 20 infants have died as a result of the flu this year. The CDC also reports the flu vaccine has been effective "62% of the time" .. and .. supplies of vaccines are dwindling fast .. which means .. literally millions of people have received the flu vaccine this year.

It is heartbreaking to hear updated reports on the growing number of "infants" who have died as a result of the flu this year. One infant's death is one too many .. each one stark evidence to support public health officials who claim the "benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risk".

However .. I think it suspiciously odd we haven't heard one word about any infants who suffered adverse reactions following the vaccine? Does that mean there were NO adverse reactions in the thousands of infants .. 6 months and older .. who were vaccinated? Or .. does it mean we are not being informed about them?

After all .. if parents have a humanitarian right to "informed consent" .. public health officials have a humanitarian responsibility to keep them informed of the number of adverse reactions following vaccinations. If there were NO REPORTS of adverse events .. they should be proud to SAY SO.

I would also like to know what that "62% efficiancy rate" actually means? 62% of who? Only the people who were vaccinated? Or .. does that 62% represent a much larger population that includes those who were not vaccinated?

victor pavlovic

Also, if somehow the 20-30 years of research is lost, due to a freezer failure, we won't investigate the obvious, we'll just say it was a perfect storm of failures and have to start all over again.

John Stone

I see there is now an emergency in New York


Frankly, they are going to piss a lot of people off.


And don't forget, Katie, that when someone gets the ill right after the shot, correlation is NOT causation. And anecdotes (even millions of them) are not data!

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