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Daily Mail Publishes MMR Letter

MmrA slightly edited but not toned-down version of a letter by Bill Welsh, President  of Autism Treatment Trust, Scotland was published in the Daily Mail hard edition on Friday (18 January 2013).  Age of Autism here reproduces the original text for its readers.


 A payment of $600,000 in the USA as compensation for MMR vaccine damage leading to autism in a child (Daily Mail 15/1/13) follows a $1 million payout a few days earlier for the same tragic scenario. It is my understanding that up to 100 families in America have now been compensated in recognition of the neurological harm MMR can do, although, as part of the recompense, each family had to sign a 'confidentiality agreement'! There are many more USA cases awaiting a decision.

 Last year a small boy in Rimini was similarly compensated for the autism he developed following MMR. The Italian government did not challenge the court decision. Hundreds more cases are in the pipeline in Italy.

In the UK over 1,500 families entered litigation claiming MMR had led to autism in their child. Legal aid was suspiciously withdrawn and the parents were abandoned with their seriously ill children who had, and still have, known, painful, treatable co-morbid underlying medical conditions.

 What does this tell us of the mindset and morals of the guardians of public health in the UK?

 It tells us that the ancient Carthaginian policy of child sacrifice is alive and well and has full approval in the shadier corridors of  Whitehall. The promotion and protection of a deeply flawed vaccination programme has over-ruled common sense and common decency. To damage perfectly healthy children in a crude experiment is undoubtedly a criminal offence and must be treated as such. It is high time that our politicians realised that they, along with the citizens of the UK, have been misled about the safety of MMR.

Bill Welsh



Thanks to Bill for his enduring efforts unfortunately the corridors of Whitehall have been indifferent to any problems concerning vaccination. The seventies problems with the DPT vaccine are well documented with evidence of harm about the safety of giving vaccines. Despite compelling evidence to the contrary that the risks of wild whooping cough were far lesser than the vaccine and Sweden withdrawing the vaccine we carried on. Even the National Encephalopathy Study carried out between 1976-1979 in England and Wales did not raise any concerns with the DOH. It should have raised massive concern and follow up but it didn't. Looking back on all this evidence its no wonder they will not have any criticism of their policies and as in Dr Wakefield case take draconian steps to ensure dissenters are dealt with.I found dozens of papers just on quick search that should have warranted follow up.

Parents of children vaccinated in the seventies are still trying to get their cases to court despite some of them having being given the vaccine damage payment.The tenacity of the parents is to be admired. This crude experiment with vaccines started a long time ago and the powers to be are well used to covering their tracks.


Rick, the theory that older fathers are causing the autism epidemic is pretty much hogwash that is in no way supported by a study of the singleton birth records of autistic Californian children born between 1990 to 1999. Note that this mammoth study covered the entire state of California, and including 5 million births. The study, for the most part, did not find paternal age significantly contributed to having an autistic child. And, although maternal age was found to be relevant, it was said to be a measly less than 5% impact. Interestingly, very little is said about this very large study when talking about the minuscule Icelandic study, which merely speculates that older fathers are driving the autism numbers.

Rick, with all due respect, your reasoning that dad's
cell phone use is causing the autism epidemic also sounds very strange. Imagine: Dad talks too much on his cell phone and this screws up his baby's genes. The baby though appears normal at birth and is developing well, until s/he gets vaccinated and then dramatically regresses into autism.

Jennifer Horne-Roberts

Thanks so much for this letter,Bill. Congrats. on getting it published in a UK national paper when we had given up hope of any of them ever publishing the truth on MMR again.

Jennie and Keith Horne-Roberts, parents of our most beloved Harry(RIP) who was injured by Urabe strain MMR(withdrawn in Canada as unsafe, then licensed under a different name by the UK Govt. in 1988); then killed aged 20 by psychotropic drugs prescribed by his doctors without our knowledge or consent 16.12.2009.Our darling,brilliant boy.

God bless.Keep fighting everyone.


Hey at least they printed something which is more than any American news has (Today Show, Anderson Cooper, NBC, ABC CNN...anyone, anyone?)


MMR may indeed be causing a few hundred cases of autism in the world.

But what the research is showing about 30,000 cases a year is this: 1) Cell phone fragments sperm cell 2) Sick sperm cell fertilizes healthy egg 3) Baby with spectrum disorder is born

Fathers are driving 80% of autism. Please see:


Please always double check Daily Mail dating... the Daily Mail has an annoying habit of republishing old pieces without stating the original date clearly. The 'Autism fear over cough jab' article by Robin Yapp appeared in the Daily Mail on 15th March, 2004


Thanks Bill much appreciated keep on doing what you do..



A big thankyou to Bill for telling it exactly as it is and a huge thankyou to the Mail for putting this letter into their newspaper great work John


Well said Bill Welsh - and thank you for your never-ending campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of MMR vaccine. I am doubly delighted in that The Daily Mail actually published this letter - along with the original news article on 15/01/13. Can we cautiously hope that the apparent media ban on vaccine damage has been lifted? Seems the only way to put an end to injuries by this vaccine, is to persuade parents to question its safety and efficacy before having it administered to their children. The drug companies are so protected by their wealth, and politicians are under such pressure from lobbyists, change can only happen if parents refuse MMR. They won't be alerted to adverse outcomes, if the media are forced to ignore reports of injury by vaccines.

Jenny Allan

What a brilliant letter from Bill Welsh, very active within the autism community here in Scotland. Thank goodness for people like Bill, and grateful thanks to the Daily Mail for courageously publishing this. Most of our other UK mainstream newspapers are terrified of losing Big Pharma advertising. Note, the Daily Mail is very succesful and makes profits, unlike The Times and The Guardian which annually lose £millions.

John Stone

Hi Simpson Wood 2

Unfortunately there is a flaw with the Daily Mail website which means that some old articles don't have their own dates and you just get today's date from the website. I rather fear that the article to which you have linked dates from c. 2001/2, evidently some time before before thimerosal was phased out of paediatric vaccines in the UK in October 2004. But it highlights two things: how long Bill Welsh (not to mention the Geiers) have been laboured on these issues, and the hypocrisy of our governments, who having recognised the political unacceptbility of giving mercury laden paediatric vaccines to the home population continue to inflict them on the "developing" world, culminating in the exclusion this weekend of vaccines from the UN's global environmental mercury ban.

Another "unfortunately" is that the letters in the hard edition of the newspaper don't seem to get published on-line.

Simpson Wood 2

Not Bill Welsh's letter but another blazing article in the Daily Mail today. This in uncharacteristic of the UK press although it is online and prob not in the paper copy ??

Simpson Wood 2

Thank you so much for sharing. Is there is link to this in the online publication ? I am so heartened by the downright staying power of this, our community in the face of such vitreol and abuse from those with competing views.

This last week has seen article after article supporting a small but significant departure from the media/government controlled views of vaccination and has shown a active, extremely well educated and committed community of people who know different. May this be the sign of things to come.

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