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Dachel Media Update: Vaccine Court Awards

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Jan 20, 2013, Alex Jones Show: Dr. Wakefield on Alex Jones Talks About the Recent Awards Given Children with Autism as a Result of the MMR Vaccine 


Dr. Wakefield on his lawsuit against Brian Deer and the British Medical Journal, Vaccine Court awards for autism, attacks on scientists who do valid work on vaccines and autism, the role of the government, the media, and the DSM

"Justice belongs to those who can afford it."

On the use of mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and MSG in vaccines. "If you took these substances on their own and gave them to someone, you'd face criminal prosecution and yet, they're saying this is safe. No, it isn't. It's never been tested for safety. We just got a recent report from the Institute of Medicine saying there is a parlous lack of information on vaccine safety science in terms of schedule and the dose that children get and when they get it. We simply do not know. There is no science. If people are telling the public that vaccines are safe because they've been shown to be safe, that is not true."

Why not make "clean vaccines"?

Wakefield replied that it's "a tacit admission that there was something wrong with the vaccine you had before," and you don't want the public to lose confidence in vaccines.

"The majority of parents have major concerns. They do not believe the CDC, they do not believe what their pediatricians are saying. They're seeing in their communities, their streets, their schools-so many children who are being damaged by these vaccines, with autism at sort of the spearhead of all this. He do not believe what they're being told."


Wakefield talked about the current flu vaccines and the lack of efficacy science.

"Two years ago, a paper came out showing 74 percent of the published science shows there is an association between heavy metal containing vaccines and autism."

Wakefield then discussed attacks on alternative practitioners

WAKEFIELD ON THE MEDIA: "Here you have a classic case, groundbreaking case, two cases where the vaccine court awards for children who develop autism following MMR vaccine. It's picked up by the UK media. It's reported there, not a single word in the mainstream media here. Why? Because their revenues derive from advertising dollars from the pharmaceutical industry."

WAKEFIELD ON THE DSM: "The worst thing is that [ASD] ever fell into the hands of child psychiatrists. .And what we see is a revision of this document, time and time again when they should be focusing on the real issue, what is driving this epidemic of autism."



There's always controversy about autism and vaccines.
Working with Autism, located in Los Angeles, has helped hundreds of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to achieve their maximum potential for independence.


"Why not make "clean vaccines"?"

Because it is IMPOSSIBLE unless your "vaccine" is a saline solution. Even then I would advise against it.

"Vaccination" with any "active" ingredient causes ISCHEMIA. Your body is not designed to accept "vaccine ingredients" into your blood stream.


Terrific interview.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Thank you Kevin!


The link to academic integrity fund should be .com not .org.

Donate away!

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