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Dachel Media Update: Employment, Flu Shot Alternatives

Online newsJan 22, 2013, Employment training center for adults with autism opens in Hamilton

 Jan 21, 2013, NBC News:

 Jan 16, 2013, WAOW Stevens Points (WI): Some recommend flu shot alternatives

“A new employment training center will open here today to help adults with autism learn job skills and find work.

“This will be the biggest training center owned by Eden Autism Services, which also has facilities in Florida and West Windsor. Eden has provided employment training and placement for adults with autism since 1983.

“About 60 people over the age of 21 will be served at the new center on Crossroads Drive, spokeswoman Aileen Kornblatt said.”

Amazing.  They’re opening centers for AUTISTIC ADULTS and no one asks why.  I hope New Jersey plans on lots of such centers---they’re going to need them.  I hope New Jersey taxpayers have deep pockets because they’re definitely going to need those too.  They don’t give us the rate---amazing also.  Imagine the demand for services back in 1983.

 Jan 21, 2013, NBC News:

“Nearly half of babies and toddlers in the United States aren't getting recommended vaccines on time, according to a study - and if enough skip vaccines, whole schools or communities could be vulnerable to diseases such as whooping cough and measles.

"’What we're worried about is if (undervaccination) becomes more and more common, is it possible this places children at an increased risk of vaccine-preventable diseases?" said study leader Jason Glanz, with Kaiser Permanente Colorado in Denver.

“Undervaccinated kids also tended to have fewer doctors' appointments and emergency room visits than those who got their shots on time, according to findings published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

“’That could be because their parents more often turn to alternative or complementary medicine when it's an option, Omer said.”

Recent studies have shown many parents asking to delay or skip certain vaccines, often citing safety concerns such as a link between vaccines and autism - a theory which scientists now agree holds no water.

More defense of vaccines.  I posted comments.

Jan 16, 2013, WAOW Stevens Points (WI): Some recommend flu shot alternatives

 “When it comes to flu prevention, not all people agree the vaccination is the best way to stay healthy.

"’We believe that the literature supports the fact that the flu vaccine does have risks and dangers. It's not terribly effective, and there are good options available,’ said James Bowman, clinical director at Alternative Health Concepts in Stevens Point.

“Alternative Health Concepts focuses on natural methods of healing.

“Bowman said he doesn't think the vaccine is for everyone.

"’The research will show that there are risks. There are always risks with synthetic chemicals that are put in the body,’ said Bowman.”

I posted a comment.  Interesting that Ralph Locher is cited as a doctor, yet Bowman isn’t .  Bowman is a doctor of natural medicine and an MD. 

Dr. Bowman told me that he is an MD and an ND from one of the world’s best medical colleges, the Freie Universitat in Berlin. They taped a 30 minute interview with him for a few seconds of airtime. At least his point of view was covered.



Anne, here are also some interesting news that are starting to leak out about Adam Lanza's psychiatric history and meds use. Wonder why we are hearing such news now now only when interest in the case is starting to wane....HMMM??


I would rather home teach than have a vaccine stuffed up autistic kid which we have just now..Yep! better off without the state education than a case of Autism any day, speaking from a lot of experience...

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