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Dachel Media Update: Bless Me Father.. Catholic Church and Vaccines

Online news Jan 22, 2013, Catholic Online: Almost half of U.S. children not getting vaccinated in timely fashion

“Recent studies have shown many parents asking to delay or skip certain vaccines, often citing safety concerns such as a link between vaccines and autism - a theory which scientists now agree holds no water.

"’We don't really know if these alternative schedules as they're called are as safe, less safe or more safe than the current schedule, Glanz told Reuters Health.

"’We don't have any evidence that there are any safety concerns with the current recommended schedule, and right now the best way to protect your child from infection is to get your child vaccinated on time,’ he said. Adding to take what you read online with a grain of salt.’

This is totally one-sided. There is nothing about the experts and the science that challenge vaccines safety claims. There is nothing about Hannah Poling’s case, nothing about the 83 cases where the federal government compensated children for vaccine damage that included autism, nothing about two recent Vaccine Court cases where autistic kids were compensated, nothing about the use of aborted fetal cells in the production of vaccines, and nothing about the web of ties between the vaccine makers and federal health authorities. It’s about the poorest coverage possible. I posted several comments, all very respectful. None have appeared online.



Maybe Catholic Online needs to be reminded that lying is a sin.


HA! ...and yet they sit by while their 'religious excemption' is being stripped away, state by state by beaurocrats and Big Pharma ...what fools!


Ironic timing. Just got an email from the school nurse at my daughter's catholic school, asking for information about her 6th grade shots- like when did she have them. She's in 7th grade and I've given them our signed written religious exemption letter twice! I just hold my breath, write a sweet note back that I would be happy to provide another. Arg.
Here is the deal, in addition to the aborted fetal cells, why aren't all christians skipping the vaccines? Do they not believe that God made their bodies with immune systems which man need not improve upon?

billy joe

Could someone please inform the poor author of that piece that that as a church we are called, by order of the bishops, to call for an end to aborted fetal DNA in vaccines. Perhaps they should focus on this instead of the fact that most catholic parents who know there is dead baby DNA in the vaccines don't want to shoot their babes up with dead baby DNA. God rest their souls. And if they don't believe it, they need to do their research. Please focus on what the church calls you to focus on.... I'll be praying that they do that.


'One less vaccine for baby, one giant step for mankind!'


Catholic Online? That's just a money-making site. I'd avoid it.

There is no Catholic doctrine on vaccines, but you will find plenty of opinion. Even some priests are way off the mark. For example, "Priests for Life" is a group of priests who have good motives and are well regarded. They, however, defend the use of vaccines grown in the flesh of murdered babies. Fr. West was one of the priests who said this several years ago.

One good priest is Fr. Philip Wolfe. He speaks out against using those cannibal vaccines:

My wife and I are old-school Catholics, i.e., Latin Mass goers, and we and many families we know do not vaccinate. How can we risk permanently disabling our own children when it's so obvious that vaccines cause plenty of injury?


The trustees voted to have the Gardasil shot added to the school offerings here, as it is in the public system. Honestly, I wish I felt this was a good thing. Time will tell but it just seems that so many girls have experienced problems after this vaccine.


The JAMA study is not surprising. Compare today's kids to prior generations. We were much healthier. Not saying there wasn't illness, but sickness was the exception. Now it's the rule. We had only a few vaccines back then. True, my generation now has a high cancer rate, some of which could be attributable to latent effects of the few vaccines that we did get.

Jeannette Bishop

An interesting take on this study:

Carolyn KylesMom

You will be happy to see that virtually every comment on that site is against vaccines! And Anne, your great, to the point comment, does appear!

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