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Online news Jan 31, Hamilton (OT) Spectator: Autism traits found in babies

Jan 30, CBS Miami: School Bus Attendant Accused Of Abusing Autistic Child Pleads Not Guilty

Jan 30, WUSA Washington DC: Doctors With The ConnectMe Study Are Looking For Families Affected By Autism

Jan 30, Maine GOP: Waiting Lists For Disabled Mainers One Of The Great Tragedies Of Baldacci Era

Jan 29, MyCentralJersey: Adults with autism present special problems

Jan 28, Chicago Tribune: Vaccination schedule for children is safe, study says

Hamilton Spectator

“Hamilton researchers have found autism traits in babies 12 months and younger, raising the possibility of one day preventing the neurological disorder.

“It’s the earliest autism traits have been identified, as children are most often diagnosed at age three or later.

“’Nobody has ever demonstrated that before,’ said Dr. Peter Szatmari, one of the researchers and director of the renowned Offord Centre for Child Studies, which is affiliated with McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences.

“’The key is to intervene as early as possible. If we can intervene in this window (of six to 18 months), it’s not inconceivable we’ll be able to prevent autism. That would be a remarkable game-changer.’”

The message here is that autism is PREVENTABLE, if we see the traits early enough and start intervention.  It’s another version of kids are born with autism—it’s genetic. I’m unable to log in here or I’d ask why we suddenly have over one percent of kids with autism and experts are helpless to tell us why.  I’d ask Dr. Peter Szatmari what there is to smile about.

CBS Miami

“An attorney for a Broward school bus attendant accused of abusing a 13-year-old boy with autism entered a not guilty plea in court Wednesday.

“Darryl Blue was not in court for the hearing.

“Blue was charged in November 2011 after the mother of the autistic child decided to press charges against him.

“Blue can be seen on school bus surveillance video yanking on a strap connected to the boy's safety harness, essentially choking him. In the background there is the laughter of the bus' driver Chelsi Edwards.

“The incident, which took place on October 9th, left the boy traumatized, according to his mother Bertis Paulino.

“The Deerfield Beach mother said the harness that was supposed to protect her little boy was used to hurt him instead.

"’This is device my son was wearing and this was around his neck like this,’ Paulino gestured with the harness. ‘He was pleading and howling like an animal in pain.’

“In the video, the boy can be heard saying, ‘Ow, you're hurting me.’

“Blue is charged with felony aggravated child abuse....”

Sadly, autism always seems to be a topic of tragedy. The once rare disorder is now so common everyone knows someone with an autistic child and no one in mainstream medicine can tell us why. There's no way to prevent autism and no way to cure it. No health official has ever gone on the record calling autism a crisis. No one in authority bats an eye as the autism rate continues to soar, now at the epidemic level of one in every 88 children, one in every 54 boys. In the face of all this, the victims of autism continue to suffer at the hands of those charged to care for them.


Do you have a child with autism? Do you know a family who is affected by autism, Asperger's Disorder, or PDD-NOS?

Doctors at Children's National Medical Center are looking for families affected by autism, in the testing of a novel drug that targets the symptoms at its core. It is part of a nationwide program called ConnectMe.

Dr. Adelaide Robb, Principal Investigator for the ConnectMe research program at Children's National Medical Center says, "It is looking at, for the first time, the core symptoms of autism. That means difficulty with social relatedness. How do you play with kids, how do you communicate with other kids?"

What's amazing about this story is the fact that there's no real concern about why a million US children have a disorder that was practically unknown 25 years ago. Officially, one in every 88 kids now has autism, including one in every 54 boys. Health authorities have no answers about autism because there's no known cause or cure. There's nothing a mainstream doctor can tell a new mom so that her baby that was born healthy and is developing normally doesn't also end up on the autism spectrum by age two.

In the face of this tragedy, experts are putting their energy into marketing behavior modifying drugs. How bad do the numbers have to get before we address autism as the health care emergency that it is?

Maine GOP

“In response to recent news articles concerning a lawsuit filed by Mainers with developmental disabilities against Governor LePage and DHHS, Maine GOP Chairman Richard Cebra released the following statement:

“’This news truly shines a light on how poorly the Baldacci administration prioritized the use of precious taxpayer dollars,’ said Cebra. ‘While the Baldacci administration and Democratic majorities in Augusta were expanding and protecting welfare benefits to able-bodied 19- and 20-year olds and others, more than a thousand Mainers with severe disabilities were languishing on waiting lists.”

Hopefully this is more than just politics by the ME GOP Chairman.  Let them argue over the waiting list now.  They have no idea what’s coming.  We’re just starting to feel the first wave of the autism tsunami.  A thousand people on the waiting list?  Try 3 thousand.   

Notice the comment section was already closed on a story the day it came out.


When an autistic child grows up, what happens?

Sadly, in the medical profession where the practitioner’s specialty is autism — or ASD for short — the patient scale is pediatric to adolescence. So when these children reach the magic age of 21 where do they go?

As parents of an ASD adult, we have been searching for two years for a neurologist to treat our son. The majorities of specialists we have spoken with do not take insurance or if they do accept plan coverage do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. We are at the point where would gladly pay a “fee for service” doctor, but what happens when we are no longer able to care for him, or not here at all?

New Jersey is one of the best states for support services for both children and adults with developmental disabilities. Our son is very well cared for and watched over by the Department of Developmental Disabilities and they have tried to assist without closure. Parents with ASD children should look around and start preparing themselves for what adulthood brings.

We all know as we grow older behavior changes and that sometimes becomes exasperating when you are 5-foot-10, 250 pounds with a mental capacity of a 6-year-old. When a 6-year-old has a tantrum, jumping, screaming, etc. imagine our son’s tantrums.

Look closely parents, at the major medical centers where there is an ASD center — no adults are treated there. We are concerned mainly that he is cared for properly and that he is on the right medication, and we want to know if there is anything new in research that would provide him a better quality of life.

Children grow up and will eventually be living in group homes or some facility that will care for those who cannot care for themselves. Who then will be treating their medical needs? It’s not very hard to imagine that it will be no one.

Why aren’t we told here that one in every 49 children in NJ has autism, including one in every 29 boys. Imagine the future there when thousands of these children age out of school with no place to go.

The autism rate is based on studies of eight year olds, not eighty year olds. No one has ever been able to show us a comparable rate among adults, especially adults with classic autism whose symptoms are undeniable. That simple fact should be cause for alarm.

Personally, I’d call a generation of disabled children aging out of school with no place to go a national emergency. Here autistic adults are only “special problems.”

Why is this article so easily resigned to having nothing for autistic adults? This is as bad as it gets.

Chicago Tribune

“The recommended schedule of vaccines for children is safe and has done much to dramatically lower the incidence of devastating illnesses, according to a new national scientific study that was partly led by a Northwestern University professor.

"’Vaccines are among the most effective and safe public health interventions to prevent serious disease and death. Because of the success of vaccines, most Americans have no firsthand experience with such devastating illnesses as polio or diphtheria,’ according to the Institute of Medicine's report titled, ’The Childhood Immunization Schedule and Safety: Stakeholder Concerns, Scientific Evidence, and Future Studies.’ The Institute of Medicine is an independent, nonprofit group that is the health arm of the National Academy of Science.

“The report, which was released this month, comes as some parents and health activists have said that the vaccinations could cause health problems in children.”

The latest IOM report got very little national coverage. No one was impressed of yet another official denial. We’ve heard them all before. I posted comments.



As an adult on the spectrum I've really struggled but there are places to go if you look in the right's sort of like a treasure hunt. As an adult I've not gone to a neurologist but instead went to a psychiatrist to get me on the right medications. As for diets and tests to make my life easier I see the same DAN as my kids do. They will still treat you even if you are an adult. I see an immunologist to manage my IVIG(insurance covered it) and I employ an ABA therapist for my son(and do the therapy as an in home parent program) and she explains stuff to me at times and social skills training, I got a scholarship for that, .......I'm going through voc rehab to get a job(they had a behavioral therapist BCBCA that they called in to do my job readiness evaluation)....It's hard but believe me it would be harder w/out the DAN(who's watched his child grow up and still have autism)who is still willing to help me,the OT that's helped w/brushing protocol(I can now go get my hair done and cut), the immunologist, and the psychiatrist.

For my son I'm gonna steer him into the same help I get....and I don't live in a progressive place but having a word with the people that help my children I've found help for me too. Those same people that treat our kids some of them will treat adults even if you are an adult you just need to ask around. We aren't rich but I've found the help I as an adult need and a lot of it has been covered.

Carter's Daddy

wait list HA! Let's talk about wait lists. Try Ontario. Maybe the worst place to have autism. Carter waited for 4 years for govt ABA(they call theirs IBI). In the meantime after success with diet and supplements, we paid a hundred grand for 2 years of good ABA while waiting. Once he got in last Sept, they spent 3 months evaluating him instead of therapy, then told us he would get about 6-7 months then he's getting kicked out. The reason? He's meeting all the requirements to enter Kindergarten. Did I mention he's 7? He's already been to grade 1. Yeah he did that while waiting too. They just want ot meet those goals and they don't care about toileting or headbanging. They never mentioned any of that during all the waiting and meetings. They used to kick all kids out at age 6 but those parents complained so they keep all kids as long as needed. That is what made the wait time stretch so much. He was 7 before he got in, and that is a crime! There are teenagers in his class that have never made an inch of progress. We could have moved to some small rural town where the list is shorter. We could have moved to Alberta where they pay everyone with autism 40 grand. We sent a letter to the premier asking why they don't support kids with these afflictions, and we got a letter from the minister of health patting herself on the back.

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