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Jan 2, 2013, Florida News-Press.com: Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald House join forces to host autism screening in Estero

Jan 1, 2013, Waterloo (IA) Courier: New autism center offers family support

Dec 31, 2012, Boston Globe: Is Grief Really a Disorder

Dec 31, 2012, Fredericksburg.com: A bigger question: Why are we poisoning our kids?

Florida News-Press.com

“The Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida and the Ronald McDonald House, will offer their next autism spectrum disorder screening for children between 18 months old and 5 years old next week in Estero….

“Experts say that early detection and intervention can make a significant difference in treatment success.

“An estimated one in every 150 children is diagnosed with some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder, making it more common than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric AIDS combined, according to Lee Memorial Health System.”

Imagine an epidemic of children with neurological issues that no official can reasonably explain and the best we can do is to offer screening at your local McDonalds.  The numbers are from the rate announced in 2007.  No matter---no one’s really worried anyway and it could be one in 10 and we’d still happily accept it.  I posted a comment.

Waterloo (IA) Courier

 “When Wendy Keller learned her family would likely move from Illinois to Waterloo the mother of four immediately started researching the community.

“Like many would, she called and questioned officials in the school district. She researched doctors.

“If she was going to move her four children, including three with differing levels of autism, she wanted to make sure they would have the services and support they needed to thrive.”

I’m stupefied when I see stories like this. Moms struggling with incredible burdens involving autism---one mom with THREE KIDS WITH AUTISM---have to work hard to secure help.

What’s the outrage that there aren’t adequate services? WHAT IF THIS WERE ABOUT BLIND KIDS?….

If we were ignoring blind kids that way we do autistic kids, it would be a national scandal. It would tug on everyone’s heart strings. Why do dentists like Ken Budke have to start autism centers to connect families? Why aren’t there plenty of resources ALREADY IN PLACE???

Photos like the mom holding the little girl are misleading. Autistic kids don’t really have problems. They look like sweet adorable children---the same kind we all have. The mom isn’t upset. What’s so bad about autism anyway?

Imagine if we were shown an ASD child having a meltdown or a seizure. Would that be a little unsettling?

And so the epidemic rages on and the public thinks nothing is wrong.

Boston Globe

“It’s no secret that rates of psychiatric conditions like autism and attention-deficit disorder have spiraled upward in recent years -- increases that have sparked an intense debate about where to draw the line between what’s considered ‘normal’ behavior and what’s not. The American Psychiatric Association is in charge of drawing these lines, and its latest effort to do so - the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-5 - is scheduled to be published in April.”

The only mention autism gets in this story is in the first sentence. It is an outrageous slap in the face for every parent with an autistic child. Hartnett basically says that because the autism rate has “spiraled upward in recent years”----the only thing to do is pretend it’s the new normal. What a perfect example of how little the press cares about what autism is doing to our children. I posted five comments—all have been removed.


With a statistic of 1 in 88 children with autism, it is time medicine recognized that damage done by vaccine adjuvants is destroying a generation of children. It is not just the environment or genes. Infants are born with 200-300 chemicals already in their bodies. It is epigenetics, how people react to the environment. It is also basic chemistry: Mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and other chemicals are toxic to the brain. And the number of total vaccines and combination vaccines is overwhelming to a child's detox ability.

“Drug companies are in business for profit. They don't care that 1 in 88 brains are destroyed. Big pharma and medicine have a disgusting phrase for it: "acceptable loss." One of the few successful autism cases won in court involved two doctors whose brain-damaged daughter was tested and found to have a detoxification problem. This should be the first test an infant gets, instead of a hepatitis vaccine that 98 percent of newborns don't need unless the mother has the disease or is a drug addict.”

This was part of a letter written by Marilyn Holasek Lloyd, RN, MALS Fredericksburg, VA.  She calls a spade a spade. 



You're right Greg, that's about the sadest story I've read.


Sorry, here is the link of the drowning story Anne.


Hey Anne, I came across this story also of a mom who confessed to drowning her autistic son. Its really such a sad, heart-wrenching story.

Bob Moffitt

Boston Globe article:

“It’s no secret that rates of psychiatric conditions like autism and attention-deficit disorder have spiraled upward in recent years -- increases that have sparked an intense debate about where to draw the line between what’s considered ‘normal’ behavior and what’s not. The American Psychiatric Association is in charge of drawing these lines ...."

SHOULD we .. or even worse .. CAN we .. trust the American Psychiatric Association to be responsible for "drawing the lines" between "normal" behavior and what's not?

The answer to that question may be found in "Mad In America" by Robert Whittaker .. wherein he describes the American Psychiatric Association failure to urgently address reports linking neuroleptic drugs to irreversible motor dysfunction named Tardive dyskinesia .. because .. "the interests of the drug companies, psychiatrists, and the APA were all in synch,, and paying too much attention to tardive dyskinesia could prick the whole neuropletic balloon".

I would suggest the critical task of defining "normalcy" be given to some other organization that has less ties to the pharmaceutical industry .. an industry that stands to profit BILLIONS over the coming decades manufacturing drugs to treat the "new normal" as defined by the APA.


Right on, Marilyn!

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