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BBC Admits Dark Side to Bill Gates’s Polio Project Ahead of Dimbelby Lecture

Bill-gates_reutBBC forced to admit dark side to Bill Gates’s polio project ahead of lecture. (photo credit Reuters)

By John Stone

Ahead of tonight’s prestigious Dimbleby lecture by Bill Gates the BBC has been forced to acknowledge that there are serious concerns about the safety and usefulness of Gates’s polio  project. In an apparently upbeat article ‘The world can defeat polio’  the BBC’s Medical Correspondent, Fergus Walsh, slips in a reference to the work of Jacob Puliyel quote in AoA last week. The abstract to the paper by Vashisht and Puliyel in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics states:

It was hoped that following polio eradication, immunisation could be stopped. However the synthesis of polio virus in 2002, made eradication impossible. It is argued that getting poor countries to expend their scarce resources on an impossible dream over the last 10 years was unethical. Furthermore, while India has been polio-free for a year, there has been a huge increase in non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP). In 2011, there were an extra 47,500 new cases of NPAFP. Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Though this data was collected within the polio surveillance system, it was not investigated. The principle of primum-non-nocere was violated. The authors suggest that the huge bill of US$ 8 billion spent on the programme, is a small sum to pay if the world learns to be wary of such vertical programmes in the future.

Clearly, what should occur is an open public debate about these issues rather than just taking the word of the world’s most successful salesperson. Last week Gates told the Daily Telegraph: “The golden rule that all lives have equal value and we should treat people as we would like to be treated.” But the reality is that the golden rule applies neither at the level of open debate (the opposition is shouted down) or the children horrifically injured in pursuit of alleged greater good. There is no indication that he is doing anything but continuing to act high handedly, and his words should be treated with as much suspicion as before.

See also: ‘Bill Gates Buying Immortality In History - By Beating An Already Beaten Disease - And Killing Kids

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.

Hi, Dr. Kalichman.


Mindano Iha

Bill Gates: Mr Micro Softkill

Bertha Quayle

As far as I am concerned Gates is still a salesman , since he became a saint helping others he has worked as top salesman for the big Phama industry , Monsanto GMO , amd Geoengineering via Calgary university !! The latter two strangly linked and worthy of closer inspection, as our main media will not touch the subject regardless of grave public concerns. Watch "WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAING" In depth report on youtube.


ANNA WATSON (@arnicanetwork) | January 29, 2013 at 05:34 PM

.... said BBC journalist Fergus Walsh claimed he "was not aware of the huge numbers of AFP". He should have been. All BBC health journalists were informed, in advance of the Gates lecture, specifically - including the 47,500 cases.

How do you think he knew about it in the first place.

Angus Files

I agree Lou so if money is meant to make them happy why when they have it inflict misery on the have nots..sick turds that they are ..nouvo riche of the greater good..

Bill take the vaccines you mandate for all on TV and see how you get on ..



"I've never believed for a minute that Gates actually proposed killing people with vaccines ala "population reduction."

One must understand the mind of the eugenicist Utopian. The end justifies the means. When Utopia is achieved the billions of poor souls sacrificed will be as nothing as mankind can now live in perfect harmony with Gia FOREVER.

One trouble with these Utopians is they are ahistorical and do not KNOW that the most repressive totalitarian dictatorships, responsible for ENDLESS MURDER and the repression of human goodness (until stopped), have resulted from their FATALLY flawed dreams.

If you must murder one human being to achieve Utopia history tells us do not do it. No future we want our children to inherit is based on MURDER. When you choose murder, direct or as in "vaccination, indirect, you get murder.

Farmer Geddon

thanks for those links Thomas Malthus

We all need reminding of this regularly .

The Bill Gates bandwagon is getting more slick .
He tried addressing his previous mistakes last night ......too late Bill , we have your card .

Farmer Geddon

I also complained to the BBC last night ahead of the broadcast .

And Bill you are a criminal , you proved it last night , talking about everything except the Gavi-crimes , the 47000 paralysed in India and the Chad disaster .

You are transparent Bill , you cannot plead innocence , you cannot plead naivete , you know it all , and you only tell half the story , which is the same as lying !

ANNA WATSON (@arnicanetwork)

I complained to the BBC (and copied it to Fergus Walsh) about their coverage of the "Polio eradication" stories last Feb quoting Dr Jacob Puliyel's concerns about AFP

I then attended a lecture hosted by Fergus Walsh and talked with him afterwards... He said everyone was aware of the risks with the live polio but that it was necessary in these countries but he was not aware of the huge numbers of AFP. He brushed them off at the time as the price to pay for eliminating Polio but I am pleased that he did not sweep Dr Puliyel under the carpet.

There were some very good questions raised by journalists at the GAVI conference last year in London, like clean water, and a vaccine damage payment fund for the developing world, but none were reported in the press. We would have done better if we had shown our bottoms...

Jeannette Bishop

I used to think Bill Gates was self-deluded more than a decade back hearing him talk about bringing "new and innovative ideas to the world" (or something like that). It was pretty commonly accepted where I was that Microsoft was capitalizing off of others' new and innovative ideas. After hearing him say, "anti-vaxers" "kill children" while advocating programs that I can't believe provide informed consent of the risks involved--I don't know, now--maybe he was in the past actually shamelessly letting listeners think he believed these were his ideas.

If people like the Gates do intend to do good, maybe they ought to rethink their involvement if force, distortion, or concealing part of the truth seems necessary to the stated ends.

Thomas Malthus

Not so far-fetched.

Bad enough

I've never believed for a minute that Gates actually proposed killing people with vaccines ala "population reduction." He said the third world poor might decide not to have 9,10 or 15 children if half of the children didn't die of disease.

Nice thought-- so give these people clean water, stop the totally unregulated, filthy oil and other industrial operations which are making children disease-susceptible and stop imperialistically propping up "friendly" dictatorships and oligarchies in the third world so we can control their resources, right? Offer safer vaccines-- like the dead-virus polio vaccine and thimerosal-free reserved for western children. If this can't be done yet, then offer fully informed choice. Admit the risks. Better to do NOTHING than subject these populations to force and lies.

But the Gates Foundation is incapable of offering anything without a catch-- that third world populations must offer themselves up as guinea pigs and give up informed consent, choice or the right to report collateral in exchange for this largesse. That's bad enough and I think it's all the more ominous that Gates and co. can pat themselves on the back for having benevolent aims.

Farmer Geddon

Isabella Thomas - I wish I could believe you were correct .
But dear old Bill declared we could reduce the world's population , if "we do a really got job on vaccination" .

If I remember Bill was talking of a reduction of about 15%
and that translates to a reduction of over a billion people . how do vaccines reduce the global population ?
I am afraid I will never understand that one.
This conference where he declares this , was one about climate change and is easily found all over the internet .

John Stone


I believe the Gates argument is that if (on a developed world model) parents believe that their children will survive infancy they will have fewer of them. However, it really is deluded if he thinks he can do this with vaccination. The only thing which will do this is a massive improvement in general living conditions: clean water, sanitation, improved nutrition etc.

What does he really believe? Who can say? He is the world's most successful salesman, but this does not make him a man of integrity. Nor do I think it is good that he has so much such influence over life and death health issues globally.



@ Bob Moffitt

"It is only a matter of time .. that the widespread and growing body of evidence of harm being done by vaccines eventually overwhelms all denials to the contrary."

It is a nice thought Bob but more is needed.

7 million children die annually in the third world despite vaccines and because we have no effective treatments for basic childhood diseases. We don't have the treatments because people like Bill Gates won't pay to develop them.

Government and medical officials have gotten away with the myth that vaccines are our saviour since Edward Jenner's time and still keep the information about widespread and serious adverse reactions uninvestigated.

It is well documented over a century or so that smallpox vaccine killed as many, nearly as many and sometimes more than smallpox.

The myth that smallpox was eradicated by any vaccine is such utter tosh. Any vaccine which took 100 years to "work" didn't. But this unscientific myth still exists today.

You can see here what factors scientifically confound the claim:
"Small Pox – Big Lie – Bioterrorism Implications of Flawed Theories of Eradication"

The medically well-known natural process of attenuation - the steadily diminishing severity of infectious disease over time - carried on as it always had as had the emergence of less virulent strains - in the case of smallpox: Alastrim. On top of that with steadily improving economic conditions came improvements in water supplies and quality and nutrition which by far have had the greatest effect on improved human health and resistance to infectious diseases.

In comparison vaccines have had a miniscule effect but the hype for them has been huge.

And people have been questioning for years what has been causing non polio paralysis in children. Guillain-Barré syndrome is one "cause" and other cases of paralysis have been clinically diagnosed as it. Guillain-Barré syndrome is known to be caused by vaccines.

The 47,500 Indian cases of non polio acute flaccid paralysis increased in direct proportion to the numbers of polio vaccines administered.

So here is the math - a couple of hundred cases of polio in three countries only vs 47,000 cases in just one country of a disease which is twice as deadly as polio [who knows how many other cases there are in other countries].

Philanthropist Bill Gates thinks that math is fine - tell that to the paralysed or dead children and their mothers Bill.

That is equivalent to 200 years worth of cases of children with polio paralysis.

Is that worth it?

It obviously is not. That is what makes it clear Bill is not interested in children's lives or health. He is interested in being famous as a philanthopist rather than as a businessman who ran a company found guilty of serious illegal business practices and fined nearly US$400 million.

After all - he could do all this charitable giving anonymously and quietly but he appears on BBC and all over instead. And we can think of more attractive people to see on TV.

Bob Moffitt

I know how frustrating it is to hear Bill Gates being lionized as a beneficent savior by world leaders as well as the most prestigious media/global sources all over the world .. but .. we should take some comfort in that wise old saying .. the "bigger they are .. the harder they fall".

It is only a matter of time .. albeit much too late already .. that the widespread and growing body of evidence of harm being done by vaccines eventually overwhelms all denials to the contrary.

When that date finally arrives .. hopefully .. those most responsible for the tragic consequences will be prosecuted for committing a "crime against humanity".

(I would say "unintended consequences" .. but .. deliberately ignoring the work of Vashisht and Puliyel in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics is anything but "unintended".)

In any event, I suspect there is no harder "fall" in history than to be accused, prosecuted and convicted .. for committing a crime against humanity.


The BBC did not freely acknowledge criticism of Bill Gates' plans by Dr Puliyel. They were embarrassed into it and have not even dealt with the criticisms. Fergus Walsh's treatment is barely professional.

The problems identified by the Puliyel paper have been known for at least 10 years including by acknowledged experts in WHO and elsewhere.

Here are some CHS links which provide useful information about the issues and cited publications discussing them:

"Bill Gates – Buying Immortality In History – By Beating An Already Beaten Disease & Killing Kids"

"New Paper – Polio Vaccine – Disease Caused by Vaccine Twice As Fatal – Third World Duped – Scarce Money Wasted – Polio Eradication Impossible"

See this comment for links to papers dealing with some of the issues:


Bill Gates' real agenda is population reduction as any cursory investigation into polio, polio vaccine, and the long history of depopulation such as covert vaccine genocide and sterilisation will tell you, as Nkuba discovered, a good place to start

which never made NVIC website strangely enough.

now, no one could accuse Gates of being stupid, so to say he doesn't know vaccines don't work and never have, and are the biggest cause of child abuse on the planet today, is stretching credulity to put it politely.

Just been watching Battlestar Gallactica and he was the first name to come up in my mind as a Cylon, he sure has got the smile just right ;0)

John Stone

PS Jenny

I also think that the BBC can scarcely recapture the reputation and authority it once had -some of which was deserved. There is general bad odour about it now. Just another crony establishment institution, which will stop at nothing over personal interest. You only have to look at the image of the recent head of BBC news (and for years Fergus Walsh's boss) grinning as she is embraced by the late Jimmy Savile to see how far it has fallen.


Isabella Thomas

I think Bill Gates is living in his own world. He is told we are all cranks and will not investigate our damaged children for himself. He is not a scientist but is probably 'brainwashed' by the drug companies and governments. Don't forget he is just an ordinary man with an extraordinary lot of money controlled by the powerful. He even attacked Dr. Wakefield without meeting him or investigating the Lancet study for himself. I believe he really believes he is saving the world as does his wife.

Farmer Geddon

I'd be careful Fergus Walsh , if I were you .

Daring to slip in any criticism , or daring to question vaccines could mean you end up looking for a new job !

You might end up on childrens TV Cbeebies - "Get Well soon".

John Stone


They've been thoroughly crooked a lot longer than that - the Jones report is just a back up device for the propaganda machine which has been going of for years.


Jenny Allan

Yes- I am presently watching the BBC Breakfast television programme, (UK Time 07.40am), and the Dimbleby Lecture, due to be delivered this evening, is being very heavily promoted. The presenters are stating Bill Gates's 'dream' is to eradicate polio worldwide; he is being given 'hero' status by the BBC.

If the BBC programme planners are aware of the terrible and widespread damage to children in India, from an illness 'indistinguishable' from polio, and apparently caused by polio vaccines financed by the Gates Foundation, then the BBC has completely lost all collective ethical sense and integrity.

The BBC has gone steeply 'downhill' on what was previously excellent science reporting, ever since the BBC was somehow 'persuaded' to commission a Science Media Centre report, which 'dictated' the content of science coverage. We licence paying members of the public are now getting only 'one sided' so called 'mainstream' science reporting, apparently heavily 'vetted' by the SMC.(For mainstream, substitute corporate and political vested interests, many of which finance the SMC).

Science is an absolute concept and certainly NOT something which can ever be 'opinion based', mainstream opinion or otherwise. There are plenty of good reputable scientists who disagree with prevailing scientific opinion, and thank goodness for that. Without radical hypotheses we would still believe in a flat Earth! The latest 'controversy' over so called 'man made' global warming, is slowly being exposed as nothing more than a sham, devised to enrich so called 'green' industries.

Professor Steve Jones, who wrote the BBC report, was described as a 'geneticist' by the BBC. However, on the recently 'made over' Science Media Centre website, Prof Jones is called an 'independent nuclear and environmental consultant'. This latter is in connection with the SMC's 'take' on the Fukushima, post nuclear meltdown. I have never read such rubbish in all of my life, all playing down the terrible post nuclear aftermath of the Fukushima disaster. Of course Fiona Fox and her corporate sponsored cohorts are all 'pushing' nuclear power as the safe 'answer' to reducing our so called 'carbon footprint'. Personally I prefer carbon dioxide to radiation poisoning. The SMC is also 'pushing' GM foods and technology.

It's not too late to 'pull' the televised Dimbleby Lecture and replace it with another programme, but instead, Bill Gates will be fawned over and promoted, like some latter day saint. Someone should make him a halo!!

Jeannette Bishop

Is this a sort of a pre-marketing effort for something like a global version of what has been done in the U.S as most here are convinced that vaccines eradicated polio? Get polio vaccines out in force as polio seems to be on the way down and get more people sold on Western medical pharmaceutical-based paradigms?

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