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Age of Autism Contest: HandySpeech App Developed by 12 Year Old Eric Zeiberg

I speak 4 UNecessity and LOVE appear to be the "brothers" of invention in this app we're giving away. 12 year old Eric Zeiberg of CT created "HandySpeech," an app that converts writing into speech.    We have 2 codes for this app to give to readers.  The app runs on the iPad with iOS 5.0 or higher at this time.  Leave a comment to enter.   To order the app for $29.99, go to HandySpeech in the iTunes store. 

From the ISpeak4U website: HandySpeech was created by 12-year-old software developer Eric Zeiberg, who was inspired to create the application by his sister -- an autistic individual with speech disabilities.

 “I hope that HandySpeech will provide much needed help and open new opportunities for people in need,” said Zeiberg. “The application is dedicated to courageous people who struggle every day to overcome their disabilities.”

As an assistive technology application, HandySpeech supplements or replaces speech for people with spoken language difficulties.  The application helps people with speech or language impairments, including autism, stuttering, stroke, muscular dystrophy, post-operative voice difficulties and others. Users write what they want to say in any one of 13 languages and the software converts the handwriting into speech.


Eric has been featured on Fox News and elsewhere. Congrats, Eric and thanks for the apps for our readers.


Cindy Brandon

It looks awesome what a great job Eric!!!!


wow, I just bought this for my son and would love to be able to give a copy to his school!

Anne J.

This app looks wonderful! We have a daughter with Autism and Downs and she has a lot of trouble with communication. She knows what she WANTS to say, but unfortunately becomes frustrated when others don't understand her.


Eric, you are AAAAAAmazing.


This would be an awesome app for my non verbal grandson. Please enter us.

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