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Weekly Wrap Up: Gravely Concerned

Keep Calm Write OnBy Dan Olmsted

I hate to beat a dead horse, but when the supposedly dead horse is the fact that – contrary to the American Academy of Pediatricians-- mercury in vaccines causes autism, I'm afraid I'm going to have to go on beating it.

In a sick way, the new AAP statement condoning the use of mercury in infant vaccinations worldwide has handed us a dream of an issue. The idea that mercury vaccines have no relationship to autism, and therefore nearly 100,000,000 children should be vaccinated with them every year into infinity, certainly concentrates the mind and reminds us of what we are fighting for, or rather against.

The AAP statement is an affirmation of one by a WHO advisory group with the telltale moniker of SAGE, which reported earlier this year it was "gravely concerned that global vaccine discussions may threaten access to thiomersal-containing vaccines without justification. SAGE reaffirmed thiomersal-containing vaccines were safe, essential and irreplaceable components of vaccine programs, especially  in developing countries."

Well, they are not safe, not essential and not irreplaceable. They are dangerous; they cause autism; we can improve world health outcomes without them. In fact we can ONLY improve health outcomes without them.

Thanks, SAGE and AAP, for reminding us what the stakes are here and WHO we are fighting for the future of the human race. In case we needed a New Year's resolution worthy of our time and effort, we in the rebel alliance don't have to look very far.






"I hate to beat a dead horse, but when the supposedly dead horse is the fact that – contrary to the American Academy of Pediatricians-- mercury in vaccines causes autism, I'm afraid I'm going to have to go on beating it."

Mercury does not need to "cause" autism or any other neurodegenerative disease. All we should be concerned about is association. We KNOW mercury is the second most toxic element on this earth. We KNOW mercury is associated with HUNDREDS of exceedingly negative outcomes.

IMO forget all about "scientific proof"; Simpsonwood PROVES it will likely NEVER be forthcoming and if it does it will be covered up.

All we need to do is decide we do not want mercury in our bodies and the bodies of those we care for.



"To summarize, of the 58 empirical reports on autism and heavy metal toxins, 43 suggest some link may be present, while 13 reports found no link. Even with the tendency for null results not to be reported, it cannot be said there is no evidence for a link between heavy metal toxins and autism: although the question may still be open--in sum, the evidence favors a link."

Sorting out the spinning of autism: heavy metals and the question of incidence, DeSoto and Hitlan, 2010: http://www.ane.pl/pdf/7021.pdf

SimpsonWood 2

Just saw "Confessions of a Pharmaceutical Rep" on YouTube


A way of looking at things is what "Age of Autism" gently tries to give it's readers.
Things I have learned:

It is not alright to have some high functioning people with autism to say it is just a way of thinking and that people are different. We are talking about an illness, - at least at the beginning.

That there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic -- my family is not just one in a billion and it was not our duty to pay that price to pay for the greater good of society - because there really are vaccine saftey issues and there are a lot more injuried and lots more going on in soceity than just the growing 1 out of 88 with autism.

That there are cover ups in government -- the devils are in the details if anyone really cares to look. "If you had caused the increase of autism 6000% wouldn't you cover it up too" is a very short saying for a very deep rabbit hole

That a freedom (the right to sue) was taken away and once it is taken the government will never give it back.

And yes, we know that the amounts of pertussis, diptheria, mumps have been fiddled with and caused reactions in unsupecting masses. Yes, there is aluminum toxic issues that are da ja vu of mercury. Yes, there is recombinant DNA, and tons of other stuff -- so much where do we start?? -- We started with mercury. IT was pointed out in 1980 - by Barbara Fisher. It was pointed out again in 1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004 -- and at 2012 it is still there. We can't even get the mercury out - the one that is the easiest, the one that is just a perservative (so they say) - so it is mostly in our cross hairs. I get it.


I should have said Forbes magazine Articlesss - there's funnily enough one on how Prevenar hasn't worked out as well as they projected for but you can see many Forbes articles on how vaccines are expected to grow (especially in China) in part to make up for drugs that are coming off patent.
Bill and Melinda Gates came up in some of the Forbes pieces and I can't help but think how it's time for Bill and Melinda to re-evaluate their strategy.
Their original logic was that" 'if a mother and father know their child is going to live into adulthood, they start to naturally reduce their population size,' says Melinda. Rather than prevent births, he would aim his billions at saving the kids already born. 'We moved pretty heavily into vaccines once we understood that.'" They clearly have followed the pharma industry presumption of safety, even though there are studies to show that autism was once rare in Africa (Lotter) and if fact certain clues such as socioeconomic status (elite families had higher incidence) points to a possibility of vaccine causation. Mark Blaxil wrote a good piece covered in AoA:
Apparently the Gates' like formulas- stuff like: succes=teachers divided by students. Sounds good except they realized they were wrong on that one. They totally changed their formula to realizing that teacher quality was the main factor for children's school success. In that same spirit they need to reevaluate their ill-conceived vaccine program (Gavi).
Not only is it horrifically exposing children to cheaper, more available mercury-laden versioned of vaccines but surely he must now be realizing that the safety studies underlying immunisations policies are lacking or just plain biased and poorly done. I mean I can forgive him for his initial foray into this mess because quite frankly, even as parents you would Have assumed that pharma had safety tested the vaccines properly. But by now they should start to be clued in. Bill- NEWSFLASH- cutting corners on vaccine ingredients (oral polio, mercury) is not a good idea -even if you were to accept that vaccines are all safe and have no risk of side effects under the best conditions, which is not the case. I'm pretty sure clean water, improved sanitation, good nutrition are more important in disease eradication.
In fact your new formula is starting to read something like this: massive increased vaccination schedule=more increase in autism=more cost for government and family burden. More likelihood of autism might= having more children in the hopes that some of them escape that possibility. I'm sure some of you can come up with some other formulas...
Bill Gates- re-think your formula!

Simpson Wood 2

IMHO Mercury is a starting point in making the public question the efficacy, politics, and ethics of the worldwide vaccine programs. We have to start somewhere which has a big enough impact. Mercury clearly is devastating to health and to those who are easily led their first question would be - how was this ever let happen, why did goverment and doctors not protect us against this. Then in my world my next question would be , what about all the other things we dont know about vaccines ??
I had many conversations over the holidays with people who asked me what I thought caused Austism and when I said vaccines they all said but the doctor in the UK was struck off wasnt he....the reason i raise this is because that is what we are dealing with people who still believe what is being fed to them in the general press...quite happy to believe lies and less inclined to seek the truth. There are also tons of parents who's chidren received vacs and are not affected(not yet there is time)who dont want to hear that they may have made uniformed decisions. It suits lots of people to believe that there is not a problem. Time and again what hits folk are pictures, and figures 1 in 88 and people understand Mercury and ALuminium are neurotxins

My quest for knowledge has come from my beautiful niece who got struck down and I have been driven to find out what the hell went on.....When people realise what has gone on here it changes your world view believe me..you got to start somewhere and Mercury seems a solid starting point.

My wish for 2013 is some joining up of the org's to create a single more powerful voice and I will speak up loud and clear X


Jenny, very interesting study and I am heartened to see more and more scrutiny of vaccines in the way of reviews/studies such as Shaw/Tomljenovitch's of Gardasil vaccine. I also think that we have put to rest that untrue claim that " vaccines aren't big money- makers." The Forbes magazine article shows that to be blatantly untrue; in fact vaccines are a huge growth market.


I don't think AofA is limited to examining the issue from only one aspect. The combined shot schedule and individual ingredients issues are not mutually exclusive of each other and seeing things that way is limiting, to say the least.

With an infinite combination of toxins in our environment, including those in vaccines, thrown together in combinations and ratios that boggle the mind, both issues are critical. Individual toxicity may be easier to examine and to make the point that combining them with other ingredients does not make them less toxic, and actually can make them more toxic.

Then we can understand, and convey, studies like this 2012 look by Neil Miller into what might be happening when you put them together, a great example of how combining vaccines then increases damage to health:

Relative trends in hospitalizations and mortality among infants by the number of vaccine doses and age

It's a multi-step process and info from one approach invariably benefits knowledge in the other focus areas.


Someone commented that they think there's severity distinctions btwn different autism age groups and I agree bc I notice that also. I'm sure there are a number of things contributing to this but a big part of it has to be that there are many of us whose eyes have been opened about the relationship btwn autism & vaccines/toxins in recent years. The parents that have educated themselves and understand what's really going on, most likely have been truly dedicated to healing their children from the start and their lil sick toddlers from 5 yrs ago are now healthy, thriving 7yr olds. I see it in my son's school for ex. In the older autism class of kids ages 8-12 these kids are at the same level they were the yr before & the yr before that. A 9yo girl is still not potty trained after yrs of enormous effort & much intervention on everyone's part. Most are non-verbal, aggressive & stim all day long-clearly frustrated & in pain. I see one of the moms giving the teacher a box of cheezitz for her son bc it's the "only thing he'll eat"! I shake my head in horror & disbelief-want to shout so many things. One word is sufficient though- "DUH!?!?!"
In the 5-8 yo and even in the 4/5yo K class they are happier, calmer, interact more & speech is improving. It's obvious they are learning & making progress. When u dig a lil u find out things like-another 7yo boy in my son's class is also on a special diet, the 5yo girl's mom takes her to a homeopath, the 4yo boy's mom has stopped vaccinating,etc...AHH Ofcourse!
Ppl would never know where my son has been if not for me telling them. What a bittersweet feeling, lemme tell u. BC I am the only one who really knows how difficult life used to be for him (&us) and how hard we worked to heal his body & mind. My son is very healthy, well-adjusted & only struggles w academics now. We have a reading LD, visual processing disorder,mild ADD & dyslexia to deal with but no more sensory issues or obstacles related to autism. When I look at pics of him back then and pics of him now it is amazing to see the difference. They say a picture says a thousand words so I decided to create a recovery video of his life thus far so ppl can CLEARLY SEE that there are 3 phases-before,during&after. Never did I think I'd have WAY MORE "after" pics than "during" pics, but I do. Probably bc it was just so difficult to take any pics at all plus why would I want to capture sadness & frustration. What I've created so far is beautiful & awesome. The problem is it's taking me forever to finish bc I get so choked up everytime,start crying so I have to keep stopping. But I will get it done bc I know everyone needs to see it as much as I need to make it. 


Victor Pavlovic ,

Everyone welcome overe here who do not promote Pharma ,Mercury ..and the ill health of the world`s kid`s...

I for one was wrong one time... I won`t be fooled again...


victor pavlovic

Angus files, I agree, the other side does seem a bit weary, and I have noticed that the more we talk about our side of the vaccine tragedy the more it becomes the evident truth, since more people look into it from all angles and aspects.Foe example the blond on blond segment with Imus, the girl that always opposed the vaccine/autism link said she had to flip-flop om her views, and now she stands with us.


"Finally, while it's true that mercury has been phased out from most pediatric vaccines given in the United States, this is hardly the case with countries overseas.

"...Since then [1999,] American-made vaccines have been exported to nations throughout the developing world.

"Most of these vaccines contain thimerosal...

"Autism has rarely been reported outside of industrialized countries, at least until recent years. A good example is China, where companies such as Merck and GlasoSmithKline have begun an aggressive pediatric marketing campaign, selling millions of dollars in vaccines to the communist government, including pediatric hepatitis-B, DTP, Hib, MMR, and others. On August 11, 2004, the official Chinese news agency, Xinhua, reported that the number of children suffering with autism in that country had suddenly and unexpectedly skyrocketed. In a few short years, the number of reported cases had jumped from nearly nothing to some 1.8 million children in 2004. One researcher 'estimated the that number of Chinese children with autism was growing at an annual rate of 20 percent, even higher than the world average of 14 percent,' the news agency reported.

"Other increases in autism cases are currently being reported in such far-flung countries as Indonesia, Argentina, India, and Nigeria, though improved medical attention may be part of the reason.

"If thimerosal is one day proven to be a contributing factor to autism, and if U.S.-made vaccines containing the preservative are now being supplied to infants the world over, the scope of this potential tragedy becomes almost unthinkable.

"The United States, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, is not exactly the most beloved nation on earth. What if the profitable export of our much vaunted medical technology has led to the poisoning of hundred of thousands of children? What then?"

- from the last two pages of the book "Evidence of Harm" by David Kirby 2005


Greg, I don't think that people with vaccine concerns - including AoA - are "ignoring all the other ingredients". There is a lot of news here, for example, about aluminum and Gardasil and the MMR.

But like Cassandra and Teresa and others have said, mercury is huge.

Ben's Mom, Cherri

I guess the kids with autism in the third world will begin to look more like many of our US 12-25 year-olds with autism; completely non-verbal, riddled with seizures, motorically challenged and irreparably chronically ill. While the ASD numbers MAY have continued to rise post thimerosal (and we don't really know because the numbers haven't been released yet)the younger kids seem to be less significantly impacted and appear to have a trajectory towards a higher level of functioning.

Given full doses of mercury and a lack of intervention the human tragedy about to unfold is unthinkable.

angus files

Jen "you hum it, I'll play it"...Monkeys scratching heads looks evolutionary...shame on them!!


Angus, about the other side, someone once linked to a pharma QA quality assurance, R&D forum and you should have seen the discussion- definitely more than aware of problems- I think it was in respect to Gardasil but I'm not sure- it was a cross between hilarious and pathetic!



I disagree with you. The mercury argument is the eaisest to win. It is already removed from most vaccines here and everyone understands that it is toxic. No one buys their methyl is toxic but ethyl mercury is safe argument. To continue to support it means backtrackig and this is where they are going to shoot themselves in the foot. The US public in my opinion will not settle for the "it is safe, it should never have been removed from vaccines here" argument. Not when autism rates are 1 in 88 with no answers in sight.
There is no question there is more to vaccine injury than mercury but this is an ingredient that is not necessary.
We have to win this fight one battle at a time.

angus files

Hi Dan had a look at the other sides web pharma preacher sites..and they seem a bit battle weary,,unlike us on here and the like..were up for it, we will get in about them..


John Stone

There is absolutely no doubt that this is a culture of damage - a culture in which medical ethics are stood on their head: "Don't count the human cost, there is a war on" never mind about "Do no harm". We have to change the culture and getting the mercury out would be a very good thing (and a start), but it is also true that unless there is active independent monitoring and a complete change in "the more the merrier" attitude there is going to be damage, and lots of it. We also have to ask as this article does, what kind of people want to keep on injecting babies with mercury, as these people do, and what they are really about.


Some other great research out this week.....


Chelation doesn't help kids with autism, study says


....After the organized poisoning with mercury, starting at the day of birth, the chelation study concludes that ...children poisoned for five years or so....do NOT suddenly recover following the chelation process.

Therefore, any and all neurotoxins should simply be left in your child,...and the additional injected neurotoxins with more flu vaccines are safe.


According to the online research database PubMed.gov, more than 2,700 autism studies were conducted in 2012.


....Not one of the 2,700 studies, investigate "Regressive Autism" where children suddenly regress into the Autism spectrum following 5-9 vaccines on the same day.

Debunking the flu vaccine myth

...Dr. Maney has this all figured out. A new flu shot is needed each and every year, however the same mumps virus in the MMR vaccine has been used for over 40 years. Dr. Maney's son was "born with Autism." He probably does not know about the "day one/ hep b vaccine with mercury" likely given to his new son.

Note the "air bubbles" in the flu vaccine syringe, as they prepare to possibly "kill the patient" with a pulmonary embolism.



Dan, I truly do believe that mercury is harmful. I also truly believe its only a matter of time before the anti-vax (safer vax) movement wins because truth is on our side. How then do we fight most effective to ensure the swiftest victory? Pushing the mercury argument will always be a weaker assault because it allows them to tweak here and there with their epidemiology studies to give the results that they want? Obfuscating things will not be so easy with a vax/unvax study. I am not sure if you read Dr. Offit criticisms of our movement in his 'A Tale of Shifting Hypothesis'. Notice how he rants on about all the studies that vindicate mmr and thimerosal, yet when he came to discuss the cumulative effect of vaccines his criticisms amount to declaring this a non-argument that does not deserves studying.

Anne McElroy Dachel

On Dec 21, 2012, Dr. Paul Offit, long time defender of the ever-expanding vaccine schedule from which he's personally made millions of dollars, made this video endorsing continued mercury exposure for the poorest of the poor children on earth. It was a mistake to ever remove mercury from our vaccines, he doesn't want us to do it again with WHO.


Anne Dachel, Media

Teresa Conrick

Hi Greg,

I personally think it is correct to go after a chemical that has so much evidence of harm in the epidemic of autism. We know that those who had acrodynia had a much higher rate of children and/or granchildren with autism:
"The results showed the prevalence rate of ASD among the grandchildren of pink disease survivors (1 in 25) to be significantly higher than the comparable general population prevalence rate (1 in 160). The results support the hypothesis that Hg sensitivity may be a heritable/genetic risk factor for ASD."

We also know for certain that mercury and specifically, thimerosal can cause damage to the immune system, a big piece to autism:

-- Among all metals, mercury appears to have the most diverse effects on the immune system....mercury compounds may cause immunosuppression or immunostimulation, autoimmune reactions, or hypersensitivity. http://pac.iupac.org/publications/pac/pdf/2009/pdf/8101x0153.pdf

-- More recently, scientists have observed associations between immune system disorders and exposure to both organic and inorganic (elemental) mercury http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2898874/

-- The continuing use of thimerosal in some vaccines and other products warrants further investigation of possible immunotoxic effects of this compound and its constituent ethylmercury. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1513333/

-- Immunosuppressive and autoimmune effects of thimerosal in mice. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15808517

Exposing these facts only makes the entire topic of "vaccine safety" a more tangible topic, not a lesser one.


Dan, I truly believe the anti-vax movement is making a grave mistake with the mercury argument. Why must we keep settling on one ingredient in vaccines, mercury, while ignoring all the other ingredients? We make it so much easier for Big Pharma to dismiss us with their 'studies'. Would it not be more effective to centre our argument on 'vaccines are not safe' and therefore force their hand at a vax/unvax study? I really believe that Big Pharma know that they are vulnerable here, hence they love it when we keep harping about mercury.

John Stone

The reality is that the industry could adapt - which would not in itself mean that it had become a safe culture - but it would cost them money, and they would have to admit that they were wrong: the WHO and their cronies have now succeeded in obstructing reform for more than a decade and they are not about to give in. But they are protecting their backsides not the globe's children.

John Stone

Hi Dan,

Just to point out that Elizabeth Miller who featured in my article yesterday "The British Dimension - the WHO Mercury Cover-Up and the CDC"


is the second longest serving member of the SAGE committee.


So, it looks like she takes her own advice!


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