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The Unbearable Wimpiness of Being Autism Speaks' Bob Wright

Bob wrightBy J.B. Handley Blue sand timer

Bob Wright is the founder of Autism Speaks. We all know the story: his grandson, Christian, has regressive autism. Christian’s mom, a hero to us all, believes vaccines caused Christian’s regression.

Bob Wright ran NBC for years and worked for General Electric (the parent of NBC) forever. He is a well-connected, very powerful person.

Seven years ago, with much fanfare, Autism Speaks was born. Seven years later, Autism Speaks is a tragic farce. Yes, you can nibble around the edges and tell me all the great things Autism Speaks has done to reform insurance coverage, etc. and I wont argue with you. Those are good things.

They are also very proud of their “awareness campaign.” Sorry, not too impressed. As Mark Blaxill said, it’s pretty hard to miss autism!!

Bob Wright’s testimony before Congress was painful to watch. It wasn’t his bald mullet hairdo or the reading glasses he seemingly borrowed from Prince, it was the fact that he opened his conversation by acknowledging that his own daughter thought vaccines caused his grandson’s autism…

His own daughter! The mother of his grandson!

If my parents started an autism organization in my son’s honor and they then spent seven years without remotely pursuing the science or theory that I was sure befell my son…I would disown my parents. I really mean that. I would literally never speak to my parents again and they would have no access to my life or family. How Katie does it…I will never know.

Bob Wright gave a disorganized, jumbled testimony, which is appropriate, because that’s the impact Autism Speaks has had on our community. He spent a disproportionate amount of time talking about the prevalence study they had done in South Korea…

Bob Wright, on the off chance you are listening, and with all due respect to South Korea (a lovely country where I lived for three years of my childhood):

None of us give a flying F%$# about the prevalence of autism in South Korea when the answer to ending all of this tragic regressive autism is not only staring you right in the face but literally sitting in your own family. To spend seven years disrespecting your daughter’s experience and actually adding to her stress and suffering is incomprehensibly horrible and you are on track right now to leave a very rotten legacy. If you were less concerned with the humanitarian awards and social life that your role as an “autism activist” has given you and Suzanne, perhaps you would be actually be doing things to end this madness.

I met with Bob Wright and several of the other smug, do-nothing schmoes of Autism Speaks several years ago (most of whom have since been terminated). I was in a room with Lynn Redwood, Mark Blaxill, Katie Wright and many other powerful voices from our community. I asked Bob Wright a simple question:

“Bob, do you think vaccines caused Christian’s autism.”

Bob’s answer to me, an answer I will never forget:

“I don’t know, but it’s one hell of a coincidence.”

Four years after that meeting, I guess he still doesn’t know. Bob, it’s not a coincidence and your inaction and the inaction of the organization you started is starting to border on the absurd. Stop counting autism cases and start PREVENTING them!


Bonte Koe

J.B. handley, coming across this late in the game but have to start by acknowledging your initialed first name. Fabulous. With all due respect to your gigantic earth shattering three years in Korea, your piece sounds like it was written by a mediocre small time guy who may be struggling with a Napoleon complex.are you really so upset about actions taken by others to help s cause that seems important to you. I can understand if the real reason you are upset is because you are a small man who hasn't made a bit of difference on his own, other pulling at the heels of the bigger people who are actually in the fight. I suggest you put your laptop down, throw out the vanilla latte, and go try to ,ale a difference. Sorry, but little sideline judges like you are just impediments to the cause. Go do something.. Ok?


You know I tested the TinyURL three times before I posted it. Gee, or is that GE?

As the kiddies say....WHATEVER!@!@!@! 8^)


Thank you Donna L.

Donna L.

The links were for the Material Safety Data Sheet for Thimerosal produced by GE Healthcare. The information was easily available yesterday. Today, not a trace of it anywhere.


There's an interesting take on the hearing on bolenreport.
In particular, he mentions an extra million dollars stolen in the Thorson situation (not the million Thorson took) which hasn't been accounted for, as well talking about how Brian Hooker was instrumental on bringing the hearing to bare and then was told he could not testify, with no real explanation as to why. God knows what else was going on behind the scenes and behind those scenes, too. It's not what you know, but what you don't know you don't know, right? Though he think's Mark Blaxill's testimony could have been stronger, points out that between Mark's good testimony stood at odds w/the rest and with Gutwrencher, Boyle's, Wrights, ASA & Nee'man crap, a chord has been struck.


Media Scholar -- can you give us a little more detail in what you were trying to link us too?

Third time charm did not work so that means it is jinxs forever.

Charlie Hoover

Right Day...Right Place...Wrong Wright! Wish Katie had spoken instead.

Media Scholar

So we disable links to GE Health Care MSDS material for their 25 g load of Thimerosal?


Maybe now you can appreciate the Wright family's keen interesting in hijacking the vaccine injury epidemic?

Maybe? Maybe not?


Perhaps Mr. Wright could share some fruitful ways to garner funding for the vaccination studies that mainstream medicine/academia has failed to perform? That would be an enormous contribution.


Bob get your head out of your social status or your backside one and the same and try to help your daughter and grandson! There's no such thing as a coincidence ~


JB you are like a general. You see the battle and are ready to fight it. There are those that for whatever reasons are reluctant to act. Bob Wright is on the side lines. I am sure he knows damn well what happened to his grandson, but for whatever powerful interests he is under he will not clearly and unequivocally state the truth about vaccines.
JB, I am with you but sometimes finesse is a more powerful sword. I understand time is of the essence and our own children and grandchildren have suffered too much because of AS but now is not the time. Katie is our connection to the power house of AS. Alienating her and her father is not a good move. War makes strange bedfellows.

Media Scholar

Media Scholar
Third time is a charm!
Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

Here goes a third attempt....


Media Scholar
Third time is a charm!

Media Scholar

Let's try it again.

What do we have here?

Well, now you know why he's "Sponge" Bob in my house.


I would guess many might wonder how the Wright's lost control of the organization they started...

Any organization can be taken over... once the majority of the board is controled by those seeking to move the organization in another direction.

Is this what happened to AS ?


Has any of Autism Speaks' research helped Christian Wright to feel better? That's the kind of research Autism Speaks should be doing.

With the amount of money they are pulling in they could do excellent research to help hurting children. I think that's the problem most of us have with this organization. It's doing an excellent job of raking in money in the name of our sick children but not doing much to help them.

Bob and Suzanne should stand up and say: "Our grandson is sick and his gut needs to be fixed and we are going to fund research that will find the best way to get him better." Then they could keep their role in fundraising because they are doing that well and hand the money over to Katie who will make the decisions for which research projects to fund. Firing all the bad blood in the present organization will also help put the money where it really belongs.

Media Scholar

What do we have here?

Well, now you know why he's "Sponge" Bob in my house.


Bob Wright has devoted a lot of time - energy - using his talents to start up an organization to fight autism and he gets under mined.

What does Mr. Wright do?

Give it all up, or stay.

That means a lot of discipline of the tongue, if he stays.

Maybe it gives those organizations of parents that have witnessed and figured out it is the vaccinations that cause autism -- some extra eyes, and ears in what has become a rather hostile camp?

Raymond Gallup

The other thing about Autism Speaks is that it has very high administrative costs (salaries, etc.). Why wasn't it about the kids and families and not for people who are in charge to make themselves rich? If Bob Wright founded this organization why did it allow it to be set up this way and attach his name to it? Not good. As I mentioned when I set up The Autism Autoimmunity Project I made sure it wasn't set up to make someone rich. If Bob Wright has no control over it then if I was in his shoes, I would walk away and create another organization he has control over. Or am I naive and it can't be done???? If so why can't it be done???

Autism Speaks
EXPENSES (Adjusted)

Administrative Expenses $2,203,127

Autism Speaks

% spent on Administration and Fundraising

Jim Thompson

Jenny Allan, thank you for the information on the IACC board. This is disturbing news that the Matt Carey, aka LBRB “Sullivan,” is now on the IACC board. As Bobby Kennedy Jr. said "and I know what 'captive agency phenomena' is. It’s the dynamic by which the regulatory agencies become captured by the industries they’re supposed to regulate.”

See Part 2 of 3 YouTube videos below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

So where do we focus our money and time and energy now? I suggest, after apologizing to Katie Wright for the ad hominem, that one place is here:

“And I’ll tell you what they—I’ll just tell you what one of them, the big one that they all rely on, the Danish study, where they said, okay, in 1992, Denmark banned Thimerosal. And after that, autism rates continued to climb. Therefore, there is no association between autism and Thimerosal. That’s the study. What they didn’t tell you is that in 1992, Denmark was concerned about the connection between Thimerosal and autism, and about this huge rise in autism, and it began for the first time requiring registering autism as a reported illness in Denmark. So all the people who had autistic children suddenly had to register them for the first time. Plus, in Copenhagen, they founded a new clinic to treat autistic kids, which gave people a huge financial incentive and health incentive to register their children. So it’s the registry that went up, not the incidents of autism that went up. But they didn’t say that in the study. They never mention the Copenhagen clinic. They never mention the change in the rules in Denmark. They just show you the graphs, of Thimerosal is banned here, and autism continues to go up. Well, the reason the autism rates rose was because—was an artifact of their data collection processes. It had nothing to do with the reality on the ground of the occurrence of autism.”

Raymond Gallup

JB Handley is right about Bob Wright and Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks does NOTHING about kids with autism effected by vaccines and even if Bob Wright is not responsible for what goes on there (as some people say defending him)then he should either get control of the organization he founded or form another where he is in control and disown Autism Speaks. I don't understand the problem with making sure that when you create an autism organization that you make sure it does what you want it to do and is intended to do. It isn't rocket science, it is just setting up a non-profit organization that isn't complicated (and one where you make sure you control it and make the decisions). I did it myself when I started the Autism Autoimmunity Project and was President/Founder. What is so hard about that?????


I was never a big fan of what AS was doing with insurance either....limiting insurance to cover behavioral intervention, but no detox, supplementation, oxygen therapy, treatment of secondary infections due to the disease processes (PANDAS), identifying allergies and adjusting diet etc... It seems cruel.
To me it is like telling my son, "I know your very sick, but let me tell you how to act." I used to have a kid with stroke episodes, tics, seizures and OCD.
Behavioral therapy should be secondary, not the focus of healthcare.

Jenny Allan

Katie Write says:- "Bob Wright does not run AS. There are a dozen other board members a president and a science director"

And there you you have it!! I have personal experience of the way successful pressure/support groups/charities become infiltrated, then subverted by persons whose only objective is to sideline and divert research and suppress any informed public debate.

This also happens with government funded, so called independent advisory committees. The IACC is a perfect example of how federal funded autism research has been directed up the 'back alley' of genetic research. Of course genetics may 'play a part' in terms of vaccine susceptibility; this was actually mentioned in that long ago 1998 Wakefield et al Lancet paper, but as Mark Blaxill forcefully stated to Congress, there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic.

IACC member Alison Singer, herself implacably opposed to any thiomersal/MMR/vaccine links, recently got Matt Carey on to the IACC committee. Carey, as 'Sullivan' is in charge of the Left Brain: Right Brain internet blog, dedicated to rubbishing vaccine autism links, mostly by also rubbishing AoA articles and authors. These two persons should NOT be serving on a committee, which is supposed to be 'open minded' and Carey's blog should actually disqualify him from membership of any 'independent' government funded committee.

Bob Wright, you are a good man and I personally disapprove of ad hominem comments, but those persons who are REALLY in charge of Autism Speaks are using you to give themselves an aura of dedication and sincerity. I am sure these attributes apply to you. I am equally sure they no longer apply to your charity.


... this is where you step in here folks and tell Autism Speaks where you are *really* putting your contribution / tax write off.

Ducks not in a row

PANDAS Mom you wrote:
"If the politicians hadn't spent the previous 2 hours grilling the CDC and NIH people about vaccines, what are the chances that he [Bob Wright] would have started off his statement with the "V" word? None. He saw which way the wind was blowing, and wanted to appear to be aligned - without, of course, ever stating that he agreed."

Then why does Mark Blaxill get a complete pass on DELETING his only two planned references to vaccines from his testimony? He also spoke after the CDC/NIH people were grilled by politicians about vaccines. (Neither AoA transcript accurately reflects what he said. Listen to the testimony):

Let's try to avoid judging testimony based on who's delivering it. I thought Wright's description of his daughter's "firm belief" that vaccines caused his "very precocious" grandson's decent into autism was powerful. Wright also ridiculed the CDC's "we don't know but we're sure" stance which was an obvious reference to the agency's defense of vaccines.

We need to figure out what happened on our side that resulted in the vaccine/autism message being almost non-existent - at a Dan Burton autism hearing no less! We're really not in any position to be flogging Autism Speaks about this issue today.

Mary Tormey

Insurance coverage is not a step forward in my eyes. Peter Bell was paid by J&J to establish a relationship with Cure Autism Now to, illegally promote Risperdal for Autistic children 4 years before it was even approved. The only treatment that insurance companies are being forced to pay for are the unethical treatments the FDA(For Dollars Anything)approves. Autism $peaks is so focused on marketing the idea that it is OK to abuse us because we "lack empathy".
Look at this.
Child & Adolescent Segment Priorities
July 28, 2002
1. Proactive Media Management Plan
• Develop proactive media management plan to address ·crises· that may arise due to
media portrayal of use of an1ipsychotics in children.
• Plan should include identification of spokespeople (medical), fammes (personalize
issues), and other support organizations.
• CABF follow-up required. Grant provided in the amount of $50K, request for additional
$12K. Need to determine how these monies have been utilized.
2. Execution of 2H02 medical marketing plans
• Review with Rob L all medical mark.e1ing programs (completed, ongoing, and new).
• What monies are not yet allocated/spent that may be used for other activities.
3. Assessment of pediatnc market opportunity
• Recalculate market opportunity in pediatrics (total number of patients, % diagnosed, %
treated, over1aps with other conditions)
• Update/revise work previously completed in 2001.
• Discuss forecasting efforts with John Vi.
.. Table of diagnosis vs. symptoms (this already exists?)
• Need to discuss DeCO with Gahan.
4. Develop advocacy relationships
• Contact Peter Bell regarding relationships with external organizations and identify
partnenng opportunities. .
.. CAN (Cure Autism Now). CABF (Child, Adolescent Bipolar Foundation), NMHA (National
Mental Health Association), NAMI (National Alliance of Mentally JII).
5. KOL visitsJMSl partnering
• Make plans to visit with select KOLs (Peler Jensen, Bob Findling, Mike Aman).
Michael Aman, PhD. Ohio State University
Joseph Biederman, MD, Harvard Medical School
Gabrielle Garson, MD, SUNY Stonybrook
Robert Hendren, DO, UC Davis
Lawrence Scahill, MD, Yale School of Medicine
Robert Findling, MD, University Hospitals of Cleveland
Lawrence Greenhill, MD, New York Psychiatric Institute
Peter Jensen, MD, Columbia University
James McCracken, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine
Christopher McDougle, MD, Indiana University School of Medicine
• Get list of MSls from Ann.
6. Opportunities for partnering with ConcertalMcNeiJ
• RIS and Concerta have similar issues - need to identify opportunities for partnerlng (i.e.
treatment ofADHD as primary mechanism, addition ofRIS to stimulants).
.. Potential·pediatric summie where respective teams share business plans and identify
opportunities for partnering.
• Contact Diana Bacci at McNeil to discuss.
7. Goals and Objectives
• Find form @Janssen HR site)

Please take a look at the linked documentation.


What a bizarre piece. Attacking the father of an Age of Autism Contributing Editor. Huh?


You had me till the comments about his hairdo and glasses. I get that you're angry (who isn't?!?) but that was unnecessary. We don't know the dynamics of the Wright family. I was happy to hear that Bob acknowledged Katie's position. It really was the very least he could do, but he (finally) did it for all the world to hear. As much as I am inclined to say that I, too, would disown my parents if they were in a position of power and chose not to use it to tell the TRUTH, please leave the catty comments out next time.

Barbara Blackler Johnson

Katie is between a rock and a hard place. Isn't it enough that she sat BEHIND the clowns and mocked most of their testimonies? (And y'all KNOW I am no fan of Autism Speaks whatsoever!). I applaud Katie, and recognize that she is in such a horrible position disagreeing/disputing her parents' direction. KEEP IT UP KATIE WE NEED YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!

Ghost of Bob Wright's future

My son sounds a lot like Christian.

He'll be 17 in January. 16 has been ugly. Manhood meets autism...nonverbal, gut pain immune dysfunction kind.

I am disgusted by the lack of action by the Wrights/Autism Speaks considering Christians situation. Do they owe me or my kid anything? technically not. But to hear Bob mention vaccines as to be some kind of victory is pathetic....honestly.

if your grandson is as affected and disabled as my son...shame on you for playing "politics" or whatever you have been doing. Sitting back and acti like your hands are tied.

Autism Speaks has harmed more children then helped. Sorry Behavioral coverage doesn't fix a messed up immune system. If we are all supposed to be happy about insurance coverage for behavioral therapy.

I am sorry Katie feels bad her dad has been attacked. But, Jesus Christ my non verbal 17 year old who can't speak who goes bizerk in pain really doesn't care about Bob Wright's reputation. And any adult who lives with s child this disease doesn't either. And it is a disease.

You will hate yourself Mr. Wright for not pushing research that matters to kids like your grandson and my son.

You owe my kid nothing. You owe your grandson better.

Stand Up!!

My sentiments exactly JB!!...and I would like to add one word that refutes everything Autism Speaks stands for in support of a genetic causation..EPIGENETICS---study of gene expression in relation to environment.

The environment is everything, and the most advanced and growing branch of science on gene expression has proven this (I would suggest Dr. Bruce Lipton's work for anyone interested). That's where the money needs to be invested.

Autism, by a growing body of evidence, is and always has been primarily a matter of TOXICITY. I recently tried to discuss the evidence in support of this with a physician acquaintance of mine. Within seconds of me suggesting something contrary to what medical school taught him (that vaccines are safe & effective with virtually no risks), he became irate and immediately tried to stifle anything more I had to say on the subject. I wish I had a video camera.

In my humble experience as a health care provider, this particular experience was a perfect example of what happens (sometimes)when you are critical of the germ theory---analogous to tugging at a ball of yarn that will inevitably unravel, just like tugging at the gross and misguided assumptions vaccine "immunity" is based on. This physician's reaction is a remarkable reflection of a powerful and deliberate indoctrination stemming from bad science and a gross distortion of history.


What I do know is that I really, really, really like Katie Wright.
I love her wit, her sarcasim, her sense of humor, everything she writes is full of common sense, and I read it all with eagerness of a child on Christmas Day.
Hard, hard, hard this all is.
But if Katie says General Electric is no part of Autism Speaks - then I believe her -- and I also very relieved.

But as Bayareamon said Kucinich left her very uneasy -- California did get the brunt of very high electric bills from the Enron scandal -- not something the public out will soon forget.

And as John Stone said - Human beings have been burning coal for a really long time with out the rates of autism going up.

John Stone

I do hope Katie is right and this is a new dawn with AS and this is what the corporate speak encodes. One of the things that I greatly fear with AS is the further pharmaceuticalisation of our children. The Korean project was avowedly a pilot for screening populations perhaps as a prospective and possibly captive market for the drugs that AS are attempting to pioneer with a "pre-competitive consortium" of some of the larger manufacturers. Geraldine Dawson can't seem to make up her mind whether this is an epidemic or simply the land of opportunity. I think we need some much clearer determination of what they are about than we could glean from Bob Wright's speech.


Katie, I read this article early this morning and I have to say I was appalled that someone in the autism community would attack your dad like that. I wanted to write something about it earlier but I was literally at a loss for words. I felt bad that your son's grandfather was slung through the mud like that for so many people in the autism community to see. I'm sure your dad loves his grandson so much and would do anything, absolutely anything he could to help your little boy. I agree with you wholeheartedly that this attack was unfair and if it were my dad being vilified like that by a fellow community member, I would no longer consider that person my friend. God bless you, your son, and his grandfather; your dad. I wish you all well and good health for all our children.

Carter's Daddy

Ms. Wright, based on your post,I'm tempering my opinion of your father's testimony. As bad as it looked, you know the most about what's in his head. Let cooler heads prevail.


Hi J.B.

I love your writing style, it is always blatantly honest, true to the facts, and without apology. But to be fair to Bob Wright, I have to say that I was happilly surprised when I heard him speak the following at the hearing:

[3:15 point]BOB WRIGHT – Autism Speaks:
“What we need is a national strategic plan”... “money is significant but it isn't necessarily spent in as thoughtful way as is possible”
"There needs to be a combination of the CDC, NIH and FDA... to actually undertake the correct research, stay with it, especially in safety research on vaccines going forward."

Bob Wright did come through at the 11th hour, and he would be more willing I think to advocate for vaccine research if we applaud him for the good that he has done, especially the above statements that he made. I know how you feel though, since I have been so disappointed with the lack of commitment to vaccine research by Autism Speaks. I have always wondered if their seeking funding from the medical community has put a gag in their mouth. It's not fair but that is how the medical/political system works: "Keep your mouth shut about vaccines or you don't get any money".

Whenever I get a donation request from Autism Speaks I always reply with the same statements:

We cannot donate any money to anyone since we don't even have enough money to cover my grandson's therapies for his autism which was the direct result of vaccines. However, if we did have any money that we could donate for a worthy cause, we would not contribute any money to Autism Speaks unless you start recognizing and spending funding on the VACCINES RESEACH.

No one from Autism Speaks has ever responded to these emails.


I was always curious how much money and influence the CDC contributed to AS. I know on such things as the Thorsen study coordination it was a large amount. I have always felt that the CDC had most of the influence over the studies. The studies are steered so far away from treatment and prevention. The CDC seems to use AS as an avenue to do drug trials and deflect the cause of autism from vaccines to parents.


John Stone,

Thank you for replying.

As to what you've stated: That's what I thought! I seem to recall that this issue with coal burning is really an aside issue; that is, it MAY be a co-factor with autism issues, but not THE reason autism may or may not exist in those that live near these factories.

As I was listening to Kucinich, I couldn't help but wonder just WHO he was speaking for. I've had mixed emotions about some of his politics in the past, but I've always 'assumed' he was one of the more decent in our political arena. But I couldn't get my mind off that he seemed to be speaking on someone's behest during that hearing.

It just seems to me that with ALL the information these Congressional Committee members have been given to them, that they would quit spouting off about 'other environmental issues' and focus on the ONE thing that ALMOST ALL these kids have in common: vaccinations.

I was once told by a prominent activist - a physician - regarding this issue that the ONE thing she has always found in her own research - the one common ground ALL these kids have in common - was the excessive amount of vaccines they were given, starting in the late 1980's and on through the 1990's, after they added all those new vaccines to the infant immunization schedule. Our son was born in 1993, just shortly after they also mandated that every newborn infant in the U.S. receive the Hep B vaccine.

To be sure, I was tested as NEGATIVE just prior to giving birth, as all soon-to-be Moms were at Denver's Rose Medical Center. This testing was standard protocol for each and every Mom who entered that hospital to give birth.

Yet, they STILL injected our 12 hour old son with this vaccine, even with my 'negative' result. Makes me absolutely furious. Our son reacted his first week of life with a low-grade fever and extreme jaundice, yet they still proclaimed they didn't know what was causing his condition when I inquired.

But again - anyone know where the 'results' of this hearing will end up? Is this truly going to move forward or are they going to collect all the data received and sloth them away in some dustbin with mothballs yet again(?)

John Stone


I can tell you the 50 years ago - or a little more -everyone in the UK burnt coal, and almost no one had autism.


Something bothered me as I was watching Kucinich speak. Is it me or did he seem somehow to be trying to deflect the issue away from vaccines by concentrating so heavily on the coal burning issue? Admittedly, I am no expert on this issue of coal burning (although I've read a little bit of research on the matter), but it was almost a hinky moment for me as I listened to him.

For the most part, I have to say I am cautiously optimistic after viewing this hearing. NEVER in all my some 20 years, plus, being an activist on this issue after our son's vaccine injuries, have I ever heard anyone in mainstream media pick up on this story in the manner in which they should have.

Question to any of you who attended the hearing: WHERE does this go from here? Any assurances from Burton, et al., that we'll see some real action on this soon?

Katie Wright

I don't think this kind of attack is fair.
If you listen to what my Dad actually says almost everyone in our community would agree with it. He and Mark clearly argued that there is no vaccine safety program in place.
The ASA guy said he loved working with the CDC!
I guarantee you GE has no influence on my Dad's work with AS. I don't think GE, in facts,
donates $ or participates in any way.
Bob Wright does not run AS. There are a dozen other board members a president and a science director. Yes, I certainly disagree with the direction of the research but this is the first time AS has acknowledged the role of vaccines.
My Dad talked about a lot of other things because they do some really good work like insurance reform and adult advocacy.


What's the deal with the Wrights? For many years we heard they have no control over the charity they started for their grandson, yet Bob Wright gets a seat at the table for the most important congressional hearing ever...Powerless or powerful?

Autism Speaks makes me sick.


Thank you J.B. So glad to be reading more from you lately!

When I saw Bob Wright speak at the hearing, I realized that despite his power, connections and wealth, he is in his heart, a follower. If the politicians hadn't spent the previous 2 hours grilling the CDC and NIH people about vaccines, what are the chances that he would have started off his statement with the "V" word? None. He saw which way the wind was blowing, and wanted to appear to be aligned - without, of course, ever stating that he agreed. Very slippery. Very sad.

He's the cool kid at school who knows the bullying is wrong and has the power to stop it, but is too scared to step in. Except this isn't one person being hurt, it's millions.

victor pavlovic

Autism speaks has just exposed themselves to the committee, by the repeated inaction's as evidenced by Bob Wright's repeated call for combining the NIH,CDC,FDA for what? even more inaction. I could only begin to imagine the blame game then. If he was interested in getting answers he could of said something like "I suggest that we do a series of the duplicate environmental studies, including vaccines one set done by the government agencies and the other by independent organizations and see what we come up with."

In (partial) Praise of Autism Speaks

Even if hypothetically Bob Wright believed vaccines can trigger Autism in the regressive subset, he could not say it and Autism Speaks cannot pursue that research agenda because its funding would dry up the minute they announced the study. Maybe this seems obvious to me because I did a lot of political organizing work when I was younger.

I believe AS has scientifically validated some things we've needed validated for some time. For example, Autism Speaks gave us that Mitochondrial Dysfunction/Autism study that we all love to quote. They funded a study linking immune changes, Regression, and GI function. Why just a few short years ago our stories of regression were widely dismissed as us having missed the signs in our kids. But thanks to AS funded studies Regressive Autism is no longer denied as a scientific reality.

Have they funded some absurd stuff? Definitely. Are some of the salaries over the top high? Absolutely. But who else is providing us with such critical medical info besides UC Davis and AS? Certainly not NIH.


Carter's daddy, my parents and brother, sister- in-law had an interesting lunch discussion about it the other day when I was back to see them on vacation. We were talking about the movie Thrive, which I saw on-line with both parents and believe me, when I told them about Tozzi's research (comparing kids subjected to some poison and others to a little more), Fombonne looking at uptake of vaccines in one city and autism prevalence in another and Thorsen/Madsen (haha my laptop just auto-corrected her name to madmen) garbage of changing the way they found autism cases during the study and they were appalled. Never mind that he is a wNted embezzeler. My dad worked for sMerck for about 14 years and I think he was sickened to hear that kind of stuff.

Linda Amity

Oh, can I get an AMEN!?!?!

Thank you, J.B. Handley, for ALWAYS, SPEAKING TRUTH, for "our" kids.


Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Katie's son Christain had seven vacines on the same day, seisures that SAME night and a rather sudden regression into Autism.

One would think Mr. Wright would believe his daughter.

Another question might be, how many GE gene sequencing machines have been purchased with funds from Autism Speaks to search for the long lost, still lost, Autism gene ?


Let's consider for a moment what Bob Wright and the questioning reps were really saying to each other:
"Gee, Mr. Bigshot Industrial Titan CEO Charity Guy, what do you think it would take to whip this whole autism thing into shape?"

"Well, Mr. Congressman, I think what we need is someone to coordinate all these branches of the Governmental Healthcare Industrial Complex so that they work even better together. Oh and P.S. my daughter thinks vaccines are to blame, but hummina hummina don't for a minute think that I believe her or hold it against me cough cough."

Cut to: The establishment of an Autism Czar to oversee federal autism data and research.

"Who could we possibly get to run that? Someone authoritative, in a suit, with lots of experience running big enterprises. One person with experience in industry, government, autism. Hey, how about that nice old Bob Wright? He'll know what to do!"

Problem solved. Kumbaya. Just you wait.


When I first saw Bob Wright I said to myself "what in the hell is he doing up there?"... Unfortunately I was still asking myself that after his testimony was over.

Thank you JB for calling a spade a spade.


Last year Autism Speaks sponsored a contest called MyResearch Idea Campaign asking the public to vote for an autism research project that AS would then fund. The winning project was submitted by a group called "Stop Calling it Autism". SCIA's focus is on microglial activation as a root cause of autism. The project SCIA submitted would look at evluating a treatment protocol for microglial dysfunction in children with autism. Did SCIA get the funds? No. In fact they were ignored even though the project came in first place. How can parents trust an organization that shows so little respect.

D & D

The founder of the leading autism charity in the world was the only speaker to clearly acknowledge the possibility of a vaccine-autism link in his testimony, and what does he get for his troubles? Having his haircut and eyeglasses ridiculed, and being called a wimp.

I think JB misinterpreted Bob Wright's response to the question "Do you think vaccines caused Christian's autism?" Wright reportedly responded, "“I don’t know, but it’s one hell of a coincidence.”

In my opinion, that reply means Wright doesn't believe for one second it's a coincidence. (Whether or not his organization has done anything about it is obviously another story.)

Anne McElroy Dachel

After the hearing Bob Wright was interviewed by Andrea Mitchell for MSNBC about the “epidemic” of autism. His message was clear, the reason nothing is being done about autism is because nothing is coordinated. His plan is to have someone in charge to connect the CDC, NIH, and the FDA, along with the private sector, i.e., Autism Speaks.

Bob Wright: “The numbers have increased so dramatically, a thousand percent in the last 10 years. The official numbers in the U.S….one in 88. We just finished a much more thorough study in [South] Korea and the number is one in 37, one in 24 boys. This is probably the right number. We’re actually going to bring this type of process to the United States. The methodology is much better. This is a national crisis and there’s no sense of urgency. There’s no sense of setting goals. There’s no sense of getting milestones, timelines, and not a lot of passion.”
Mitchell: “What does the government need to do?”

Wright: “We need to fund basic science, keep it going, do it in a smart way. We have to connect the CDC, NIH, Health and Human Services, the FDA—all those organizations have to be better connected. You have to bring services and research together.”
Wright talked about earlier diagnosis, better treatment, insurance coverage, and the needs of adults. “We’ve got a tsunami of children getting to the age of 22 and you lose all your benefits at that point.”

“We have raised a lot of money, there’s no question. We have a tremendous amount of supporters. We have families with autism. We have friends. We have sponsors, like Toy-R-Us—a major sponsor. But that isn’t enough. We can’t do this all alone. We need a plan, a national plan. We can fit the government activities in with those of us on the private side who are doing our part. That’s what it’s going to take to deal with this in the years to come. It’s getting a lot heavier to lift.”

Wright: “You need to have a plan and the will to execute it. “

This was followed by Wright talking about the CDC and the FDA being involved in vaccines and the money being spent on vaccines---with no explanation.

Speaking of goals and accomplishments, Bob Wright sounded a lot like Coleen Boyle. Both people can’t say enough about earlier detection and better services. I can’t understand how connecting NIH, CDC, HHS---groups that are supposed to together already--- will accomplish anything. These are the perpetrators of the cover-up. They’ve been watching Rome burn for two decades and haven’t pulled the fire alarm yet.

What research is Bob Wright talking about? AS has poured millions into studies and found nothing conclusive about the cause of autism.

It’s clear that the vaccine controversy is the gigantic elephant in the room that paralyzes everyone at Autism Speaks, including Bob Wright.

Meanwhile, the destruction continues and not a single child or a single family has been saved from a lifetime of disability and suffering.

Mary R.

JB, I made this same observation about AS in particular the day after the hearings. There was not ONE word about vaccines or vaccine schedule in the follow up comments from AS, even though Bob Wright did mention it slightly in his own testimony. Intuitively I believe there is more to AS than meets the eye. . .and they are definitely beholden to others who have nothing to gain and everything to lose if vaccines came front and center. Their lack of willingness to acknowledge this very large caveat completely says it all.

Raymond Gallup

Dear J. B. Handley,

I could have never said it better than you in this piece about Bob Wright. By the way, several years ago around 2004/2005, I tried along with Vijendra Singh to get funding for Dr. Singh's research into the autoimmune aspects of autism and we contacted Alison Singer who was there then along with Andy Shih. No help whatsoever from either of them because they have an agenda that is against finding answers for autism. Also, I believe a third schmuck (the other two being Singer and Shih), Emanuel Dicicco-Bloom who represented Autism Speaks at the NJ Governor's Council on Autism wouldn't help get funding through UMDNJ for autoimmune aspects of autism and said that the NIH research for autism was the "gold standard" of research. These three schmucks/amigos are representative of what Autism Speaks has to offer for families......NOTHING!!!!Why Bob Wright had these amigos/schmucks in Autism Speaks, kind of speaks for itself. I mention this just to make everybody aware of these three creeps.

Carter's Daddy

Shame on Bob Wright! I'm still working on my parents. My mom's a simple thinker and has the sort of black and white mentality that almost says all vaccinated kids would have autism if vaccines caused autism. My dad probably goes along with me and my warrior mother wife, but dosn't rock the boat in their house. They do provide small amounts of funding. My inlaws are in our camp but they are financially destitute and neither of them think it's important enough to be active. I feel a tinge of envy whenever I meet GRANDPARENTS at ARI conferenes. There are even grandparents doing it all when the actual parents are not! Even Dana Laake told me her daughter in law was in denial about her child's yet undiagnosed regression.

Ted Van Oosbree

It's pretty difficult for a corporate type to turn on his fellow muckety mucks, about as hard as finding a pediatrician who thinks vaccines cause autism (class traitor and all).


I'm with JerseyGuy again on this one, very true that "this is the right time to try and encourage AS to ask more pointed questions about vaccines, now that a congressional committee is doing just that?"

For all we know there could be people high up in AS who are itching to speak up but cannot (or dare not) do that. Yet. For all we know they could be close to the breaking point, the point of speaking up openly.

It could be that some of them only need a little reminder that it is now not only 'anti-vaccine nutters' and crazy parents who openly link vaccines to autism, but many in the Congress.

All they would need to do (if they still don't dare speak up) is report repeatedly on what the congressional commitee just did.


And here is another thought- if my mother had central stage at a Congressional hearing - she may question me in private, but she sure would have my back in this public place

She may ask me from time to time -- Do I really believe all that --- I think just to keep the wild eyed - blood thirsty radical that can beat in the heart of every obssessed parent; who can then easily succumb to vendettas when a child is injuried and those that did the injurying could care less and continues to do it others.

However; I doubt if that is behind Mr Wright's reason - when it could be General Electric is wanting to cash into the carbon trading?

Just because you are paranoid does not mean that they are not out to get you.

Thomas Clark

Whenever I hear the powerful publically deny the vaccine connection to autism (and by saying his daughter believes there is a connection, that is what Bob Wright did) I reminded of the Ferris wheel scene from "the third man." Calculating how many children they can afford to save...

billie joe

Mr. Wright.... Stop taking all the funds and giving it to people who aren't focused on healing your grandson. Give it to the peeps who want to help him. Not the peeps who want to cover it up. God bless you with wisdom and courage to face your rich and powerful friends with the truth about what is happening. You are so dispectful to your daughter. She is not an idiot! Stop winking and nodding to your corperate pals that she is.


Years ago I was too trusting - not paranoid at all. Vaccines damaged my children went againest everything I had been taught, all of the history classes I had taken, word and mouth of and witnessing of the victims of polio or children catching rubella in the womb.

Being too trusting - I don't know.
But this is a quote for Green Chip:

Green Chip Review

Special Report
Carbon Trading: The World's Next Biggest Market
If you haven't been following the debate surrounding capping and trading emissions, you're missing out. Not only does it have implications for how our nation — and the world — produces energy; it has the potential to offer a myriad of opportunities for well-informed investors.

Already, corporate behemoths like General Electric, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, and others have come together to form the United States Climate Action Partnership.

Even oil juggernauts like Shell, BP, and ConocoPhillips have joined this coalition, which calls itself "an expanding alliance of major businesses and leading climate and environmental groups that have come together to call on the federal government to enact legislation requiring significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions."

I am No longer quoting here:
The rise of autism is going to be laid at the feet of coal burning power plants. They are coming after what little money I have left.

The other day a close to typical child was crying for a two dollar toy at the Dollar Store. The mother said I had to pay 50 dollars for gas to get to work -- decide this toy or would you rather eat?
To my surprise the kid put the toy back up and they left!


This is a very good article. I thought the same thing when I listened to him too.

Katie -- my mother says to me all the time "Are you sure about that?" "Are you really, really sure".

We are talking a life time here.

Very frustrated.
But you keep on doing what you are doing becasue you are right.


The hardest concept for the human being to master is: Too much of a good thing

barbara j

I had a little neighborhood get together this weekend,it's funny how education, money, status or lack thereof, can organize a room. I live in Baltimore, some of us have been born and raised on our block, some are here because they like being close to the hospitals and universities where they work. The schools are horrific as can be noted by my tuition bill. The chatter was about the charter school and while they only accept 15 children, with sibs first, followed by a lottery pulled from about 300 hopefuls, three children in the room were "lucky" students. UH huh, three, the three that participated in the lottery. BS to the lottery! The psychiatrist's children, accepted, as well as a teacher's child on the spectrum. The discussion of aids for the asd children took a spot in the conversation. I asked if anyone had seen cspan's coverage of autism. All said "no", I mentioned that I had linked it on my FB page, and that it was interesting in that the "vaccine" word was discussed. Immediately, the psychiatrist said, that notion has been debunked by science, and it's time to let it go, she raised her head to scoff at the same time as the teacher and in unison they "laughed out the word "thimerosal"..mocking. The teacher said, it's not currently in the shots, the psychiatrist said, it's in flu vaccine however "my children received thimerosal free". The teacher said she had to go to the health dept. as her doc didn't offer thimerosal free. I said "why did you bother if you feel certain it's safe". "Well it certainly isn't because we believe it causes autism". I said, "the author of the study, Paul Thorson, was mentioned in the hearing as being under indictment, the psychiatrist replied," that study was replicated and stands as solid, proving that there is no vaccine/autism connection once and for all, end of story". End of story, I have been outranked , I can no longer participate in this conversation unless I hold a PHD. I've read the studies, and see the room for fraud, they on the other hand believe in some "stamp of approval" and will never read the studies and will never listen to the discussions. Autism research dollars have provided this for our children, an army of believers basing their faith on bought data , purchased lies, promoted by sponsored medical journals that have lived on beyond their purpose while morphing into nothing more than pharm propaganda mags. We are ripe for manipulation, which one of us would like to believe we did nothing to cause our children's autism, we never made bad health care choices, the setting is perfect,especially at my house on Saturday. Of fifteen children four boys and one girl are on the spectrum. The hell with that CDC count,as well, this is real life! One mother did suggest her son was no longer Asperger's, another mentioned that her son was now suffering from probable "ED", which raised a few eyebrows until she cleared that up with executive dysfunction. This is what our research contributions are buying!

John Stone

I don't think there is any doubt that vaccine damage denialism is the price of entry into "society" either side of the pond. "Anyone with any pretentions" as Dickens's Mr Dorrit used to have it knows this, and in the UK we have seen it now with three (out of the four) last Prime Ministers, all with relatives with autism (Major's grandson), Blair (a close unidentified relative) and SamCam's step-sister (daughter of government minister Lord Astor).

And the burden of Dickens's great novel of 160 years ago or more is that "society" is a prison if you don't imaginatively free yourself from it.

Jenny Allan

Autism Speaks is not the only so called 'charity' indulging in a great deal of public verbal 'handwringing', whilst in reality doing nothing to really help the causes they are committed to helping, and all too often being counterproductive to progress. John Stone's comment about the symbiotic academic-pharmaceutical industries 'feeding' off the life long disabled and vulnerable is all too accurate.

As for parasites, remember that $million, 'donated' by Autism Speaks to Poul Thorsen's thiomersal and MMR vaccine Danish statistically skewed 'stick up' epidemiological smokescreens -oft quoted as 'debunking' any vaccine/autism links? The cash, like Thorsen, appears to have disappeared, along with all trace of this large research grant on the Autism Speaks website.

As for Bob Wright, they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Yes, I have many of the same criticisms of Autism Speaks, and its true that the real activism in this field is being accomplished by groups like SafeMinds. Nevertheless, Bob Wright spoke the V-word before a congressional committee on national television, and all the congressmen were asking very tough and forthright questions about vaccines. That's an enormous breakthrough. That's probably why the mainstream media has blacked out this hearing: if they reported it, they would broadcast the fact that the community of vaccine skeptics is not just a few isolated kooks, but includes prominent Washington politicians on both sides of the aisle. No doubt the Pharma PR guys are losing sleep over how to contain this. Would this not be the time to reach out to Autism Speaks (rather than denounce them, whatever their past sins) and encourage them to ask more pointed questions about vaccines, now that a congressional committee is doing just that?

Fed Up

Fully vested in the establishment. You see this all the time with politicians, there is zero upside to go against the grain.

Bob Moffitt

As the proud grandparent of my now 13 year old .. non verbal grandson .. I am mystified that anyone who shares my own experience cannot .. or .. willnot .. see the causal relationship between vaccines and autism.

If it were only a few thousand parents reporting their child's "regression" following vaccines .. it may be considered coincidental. However .. when tens of thousands of families report the same experience following vaccines .. resulting in their child's eventual diagnosis of autism .. common sense dictates that more than "mere coincidence" is responsible.

In criminal law .. the jury must find someone guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt". However, many prosecutions rely solely on circumstantial evidence that is so overwhemling it overrides all "reasonable doubt" .. resulting in a judgment of guilty.

Unfortunately, Autism Speaks has been given far too much influence in the only court that really matters, the court of public opinion .. and .. they have abused that unwarranted influence by refusing to accept the eye-witness testimony of tens of thousands of families as EVIDENCE OF GUILT.


Regarding the Korean study - I find it highly suspicious that they went halfway around the world and chose a culture that is far more introverted than ours to begin with.

Roy Grinker stated that a whopping 75% of the people that "they" diagnosed in this study had never been diagnosed before. And I believe they diagnosed these people through a series of very subjective questions, which could easily have been misinterpreted due to cultural differences.

It's not like they went to South Korea and went through medical records or spoke to agencies that would have knowledge of autism prevalence there. They actually went there and DIAGNOSED a bunch of people themselves, using questionable methods.

How they can continue to tout this as such a great study is amazing. It was obviously just another crap study intended to make it look like they are actually doing something.


This always presents a contentious issue for those of us who resent the counterproductive foot-dragging of AS, while strongly supporting AofA. We're enormously grateful for Katie's diligence and courage, while simultaneously flummoxed at Bob's duplicity. Families are complicated, I suppose. But I think JB sums it up nicely with this observation:
"If you were less concerned with the humanitarian awards and social life that your role as an “autism activist” has given you and Suzanne, perhaps you would be actually be doing things to end this madness."
Perhaps on some level he feels he can maintain greater influence from within that from without?

K Mueller

MoneySpeaks. Hasn't GE made the vaccine manufacturing equipment that relies on keeping thimerasol part of the manufacturing process?

Why did no one in the hearing bring up "preservative use" vs "manufacturing residuals" thimerasol and point out that it has not been completely removed? Even Burton dropped the ball there.

victor pavlovic

Thank You J.B., I felt the same way as well, it is people like him that get in the way of progress by sitting there and talking about everything else but the problem. He is what part of the problem is, people willing to look the other way, and repeat useless information that gets us nowhere. Thank God for the other advocacy groups and for people like Mark Blaxill, when given a chance to speak, he made every second count as if was an hour with the critical information, heard for the first time by many politicians at the hearing, and making an everlasting effect on them, the same could not be said for Bob Wright.

John Stone

I think it is terrible that Bob should hide behind Katie as justification: this in my book is seven years of faff and big-shot talk. As I wrote in Huffington Post, neither the corporate or academic world sees any advantage in solving autism - actually they are parasitical on it. It may be well meant by Bob (this is his world after all) but this has cruelly wasted everyone's time, essentially by mixing with the wrong people. Where I really flickered into anger was with the talk of using money smartly, where I see a class of awfully smart people wasting money, knowing that people who are really suffering can't do anything about it. It is also an insult because not only did this coincidence happen to his grandchild it happened to many other as well, but the rest of us don't apparently count.

I would love to have back the last seven years, so we could be somewhere much better now.

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