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The British Dimension - the WHO Mercury Cover-Up and the CDC

Hg chartBy John Stone

The World Health Organization’s policy on thimerosal and vaccines was confirmed in June 2002 on the basis of known to be false and flawed data in a British study sanctioned by the US Centers for Disease Control, subsequently included in the notorious Institute of Medicine  review of Thimerosal and MMR, and only finally published in PEDIATRICS, the Journal of the Academy of American Pediatrics in September 2004.  But it was known at the CDC before work on the paper began in 2001 that the data was unsuitable for reviewing the WHO program. It is essential to re-examine this matter in the light of the forthcoming UN decision over whether mercury should be retained in vaccines.

In 2001 the UK’s Sunday Times newspaper was taking an interest in the mercury content of vaccines, two years after the issue came to public light in the US. Against this background it reported on 17 June that the WHO would be launching an investigation into the safety of thimerosal (or thiomersal as it is called in the UK) led by epidemiologist  Elizabeth Miller, head of immunization at the UK’s Public Health Laboratory Service (which was subsequently absorbed into the allegedly independent Health Protection Agency). The report stated:

 “She will analyze records of 500 GP practices to check for a link between the use of vaccines that contain the preservative thiomersal — which is almost 50 percent mercury — and a range of neuro-developmental disorders which include autism.”

Responding to the newspaper all of a month later in what seems to be a masterpiece of bureaucratic spin Miller wrote:

“Your articles, Autism linked to mercury vaccine' (May 27) and 'Inquiry launched into vaccine ‘link’ with autism' (June 17) implied that there has been increasing use of thiomersal-containing vaccines in the U.K. since 1988. In fact, the thiomersal content of vaccines given in the routine vaccination program has not increased over the past decade. The only vaccines for children used in the routine program that contain thiomersal are DPT (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis ) and DT. Because of theoretical concerns that the small amount of mercury in thiomersal could be harmful, both European and United Kingdom regulators have recommended that manufacturers phase out its use wherever possible as a precaution.

“As a further precautionary measure, the Public Health Laboratory Service, on behalf of the World Health Organization, will be undertaking research into any negative effects of thiomersal-containing vaccines in the near future…”

On scrutiny this is  less than re-assuring. In the first place Miller lurches casually from “since 1988” to “the past decade”, which is actually “since 1991” (thus evading the accelerated DPT schedule introduced in 1990) and she is only talking about the routine programme, in a period when many parents split the vaccines, unwittingly exposing their children to even more mercury. She states that the only vaccines that contain thimerosal are DPT and DT but that is only in the present, rather than over the previous 13 years. She inaccurately and prejudicially states that the amount of mercury in thimerosal is “small” (actually, as already stated by the Sunday Times, 50% by weight) and the concern theoretical. None of which boded well for a bias free investigation.

In the intervening weeks between the Sunday Times report and Miller's letter to the newspaper the project had been subject to review by the US Centers for Disease Control. In an email of 27 June 2001 made available under US Freedom of Information Miller wrote to the CDC’s  Robert Chen:

“The information given to me by the licensing authority is that the whole cell DTP/Hib vaccine we currently use contains 50 micrograms thiomersal per dose so that our children if on schedule would have 75 micrograms of ethyl Hg by 4 months of age. They originally told me that the whole cell DTP we used on its own from 1990 (when we adopted our accelerated schedule) up to 1992/3 contained 100 micrograms thiomersal, so exposure to ethyl Hg would have been 150 micrograms by 4 months. We then started using combined DTP/Hib vaccines for which the thiomersal content apparently was 50ug/dose. The authority is now saying that they have made a mistake and the vaccine we used up to 1992/3 only contained 50 micrograms thiomersal/dose. If this is true, then do we have sufficient exposure to ethyl Hg by 4-6 months of age to pick up an effect? Do I have to give my GPRD grant money from WHO back?”

Though it is disturbing that the head of the UK immunization laboratory service had to go to the licensing authority for information about the content of the vaccine it only half resolved her understanding and got her into further difficulty. What she had discovered was that there was insufficient mercury in the UK program to make a comparison with the WHO program, and she might have to give the money back (as we shall see this problem seems to have been eventually resolved by making a false statement in the study), but it also shows the British authorities were continuing to muddle the weight for ethyl mercury in thimerosal with the weight for inorganic mercury, a confusion which was still manifest in parts of the paper when it was published more than 3 year later.

The day before Chen received Miller's email he had received a sceptical comment on the project from his CDC colleague Thomas Verstraeten:

“I think two issues are important in assessing the potential strength of the GPRD study:

“1. Maximum exposure and 2. Unbiased controls.

“The maximum exposure is indeed relatively low if that was the only (Thimerosal) containing vaccine used. My estimate is that you need at least >50 by 3 months or >100 by 6 months to see an effect if there is one which you can barely make (50 at 2 [he means 3] mo and 75 at 4 mo in the UK).

“The quality of the comparison group is maybe even more important if you consider all the criticism we have received of comparing high T ([thimerosal] exposure to no or low T exposure. I am not sure if the GPRD [General Practitioners' Research Database] is that reliable that you can be sure that low exposure is really low exposure and not underascertainment in the database.

“I hate to say this, but given these concerns, it may not be worth doing this after all. On the other hand, maybe the grant can be given to Harald in Sweden to do his follow-up of the DTaP trial kids….”

  JS Chen
Leaving aside momentarily  the issue of the quality of the database, we need to focus on the fact that the CDC were apparently in control of whether the study went ahead (and as we see it was only more than two weeks after this that Miller was free to announce that it would in a letter published in the Sunday Times). But when, more than three years later,  the study was published -  having been presented to both the WHO and the IOM in the interim - it contained what looks like a blatantly false statement about a matter which was considered in detail by the CDC even before it started (my bold):

“Because the United Kingdom changed to an accelerated 2/3/4 month DTP immunization schedule in 1990 (replacing the former 3/5/10 month schedule) and because vaccinations are generally given on time in the United Kingdom, a substantial proportion of children in the GPRD cohort will have had a cumulative Hg exposure of 150 μg of thimerosal (75 μg of Hg) by 4 months of age. This level of Hg exposure, although lower than the maximum of 187.5 μg received in the United States by 6 months of age, is similar to the level received by ∼3 to 4 months of age in the United States. It is also the same as the amount of thimerosal used by developing countries that follow the expanded immunization schedule."

To be clear the WHO schedule was nothing like the UK “routine” schedule and was even steeper in mercury exposure than the US, administering the same 187.5 micrograms not in the first six months but in the first three (to smaller, less mature and already much more environmentally challenged infants). This information is confirmed in a UK licensing authority document (which continues to confuse Hg with EtHg):

JS 2
Js chart

in which the UK exposure by 3 months is just 26.7% of the WHO program and not remotely “the same” as stated.

This is not the only problem with the study and Verstraeten’s concerns about the quality of the database seem well justified. For instance, the authors only manage to identify an incidence of autism of approximately 1 in 1000 when a figure of 1 in 100 had been identified in a National Statistics children’s survey. Indeed, most of the actual autism cases must exist unidentified in the non-autistic group.

Several of the authors (Miller, Taylor, Andrews, Stowe) also took part in other studies (Lancet  and Archives of Disease in Childhood) examining the rate of autism in relation to MMR in North London yet they failed to note the rise in autism associated with the introduction the accelerated DPT schedule in 1990, and they also failed to note this factor as a confounder  to their negative analysis of the relationship between the introduction of MMR and autism. Miller and Taylor would already have known this from the Taylor Lancet paper of 1999.  Plainly, if they had done a time trend study on the accelerated DPT they could have detected an effect, and it would have made it harder to deny that there was one with MMR as well.

The authors failed to disclose commercial conflicts as Mark and David Geier wrote in due course to PEDIATRICS:

“The authors of the Andrew[s] et al. study failed to disclose their significant conflicts of interests to the readership of Pediatrics: Elizabeth Miller disclosed in her 2001 publication…and in 2002 to the Committee on the Safety of Medicines previously disclosed that she has received funding to study vaccines from Aventis Pasteur, Wyeth Vaccines, SmithKline Beecham, Baxter Health Care, North American Vaccine, Wyeth- Lederle Vaccine, and Chiron Biocine; and Nick Andrews, Julia Stowe, and Brent Taylor all disclosed in 2001 that they received funding to study vaccines from Wyeth Vaccines and SmithKline Beecham… These companies all are or were makers of thimerosal-containing vaccines.”

Additionally, Prof Taylor failed to disclose that he sat on the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and therefore had direct collective responsibility for the policy .

The study had numerous exclusions, for instance “Children were also excluded when they received either hepatitis B or influenza vaccination in the first 6 months of life because such children are likely to be an atypical subgroup”, but they would also have had greater exposure to mercury which they do not mention.

With all this the authors failed to disguise the increased occurrence of tics.

In line with careful news management the study was scheduled to be published simultaneously with the phasing out of the use of thimerosal containing pediatric vaccines in the United Kingdom, which, however, the British government continued to license for use abroad.

Tell Washington USA Should Not Export Mercury to Global Children


This article is largely based on research in two earlier articles:






John Scudamore

One thing is VERY clear, the people ultimately behind "vaccination" do not want you on their planet. Why would we TRUST their systems to put ANYTHING into our bodies?

spot on there lou


Looks like the same shit diffrent year guys..fingers crossed it ain`t..

slàinte mhath



I love the one star fish at a time story. In the end it will be one star fish at at time, at a time, at a time, at a time -- that will put a stop to this lunacy!


Had an interesting conversation yesterday with a pharmacist (supermarket), asking if their flu shots were multi-dose vials. He said they were, and I asked if he informs recipients that there's mercury in them. He said he didn't believe there was, so I asked him for the product packaging. He politely (and with genuine concern) handed it to me. Of course, it stated they contain thimerosal. He asked then, "why are you wanting to know?" I explained that I'm a doctor, and asked if people are informed prior to administration. He says they are given a 'sheet' to read while they're waiting...but he didn't really know if they read it or not. We discussed informed consent, and in the end his comment was "you make some really good points." I urged him to educate before he vaccinates. It felt a bit like throwing one beached starfish back in the ocean, but if even ONE person is informed (even if it's HIM), it's an incremental step?


"Let's be BLUNT. Mercury in vaccines is DANGEROUS, UNNECESSARY and just plain BONKERS!!"

Yes this is true. But the "vaccination" theory and process itself is IMO irretrievably flawed. Even if every nanogram of mercury and aliminum is removed from "vaccines" they will still be DANGEROUS, UNNECESSARY and just plain BONKERS!!


"Dozens of published peer-reviewed studies demonstrate clinical and scientific links between vaccination/vaccine ingredients and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) showing the mechanism by which the damage is done, including on a molecular level. These include cell culture studies, mixed cell cultures, organotypic tissue studies, in vivo animal studies, and human studies." Blaylock, R.L., The danger of excessive vaccination during brain development: the case for a link to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Medical Veritas, Vol. 5, 2008, pp. 1727-1731.

"Mice injected with the vaccine adjuvants aluminum hydroxide and squalene (adjusted for human body weight) by 20-24 weeks, exhibited significant loss in physical strength (50 percent) increases in anxiety (38 percent); memory deficits (41 times the errors as in the control group). One third of the neuron cells controlling bodily motor functions had destroyed themselves." Petrik, M.S., Shaw, C.S. et. al., Aluminum Adjuvant Linked to Gulf War Illness Induces Motor Neuron Death in Mice, NeuroMolecular Medicine, Vol. 9., 2007, pp. 83-99.

"Thimerosal (ethylmercury) found in vaccines, leaves double the amount of inorganic mercury in the brain as does exposure to methyl mercury, the kind of mercury found in fish." Burbacher, T.M., et. al., Environmental Health Perspectives, Comparison of Blood and Brain Mercury Levels in Infant Monkeys Exposed to Methylmercury or Vaccines Containing Thimerosal, Vol. 113, No. 8, August 2005, p. 1020. http://www.ehponline.org/members/2005/7712/7712.pdf

The above quotes are taken from a white paper that completely IMO demolishes ALL basis for "vaccination".

The Complete Synopsis of Vaccination Issues Paper



"Because of theoretical concerns that the small amount of mercury in thiomersal could be harmful, both European and United Kingdom regulators have recommended that manufacturers phase out its use wherever possible as a precaution."

One microgram of mercury contains 4.3 billion atoms of mercury. Is this a small amount? The common multi-dose-vial (over 60% of doses) dose of "seasonal flu vaccine" contains about 100 billion atoms of mercury. Is this a small amount?


This is the nation that went to the moon forty years ago; we can quantitatively analyze a sample to the picogram level. The simple answer to "vaccine" transparency is to list a quantitative analysis to the nanogram level of EVERY component in a "vaccine dose" as it exits in a multidose vial into a syringe. That way we will see all the latex so many people are having "allergies" to. Oh what else will we see? Perhaps THOUSANDS of components MOST of which you do not want in your body let alone directly bypassing all your bodies censoring mechanisms. We may even find some nano technology and other goodies.

One thing is VERY clear, the people ultimately behind "vaccination" do not want you on their planet. Why would we TRUST their systems to put ANYTHING into our bodies?

Jim Thompson

Eindecker: Two good questions.

First question, yes--vaccine Thimerosal is involved in autism, according to this CDC information given in the form of a Freedom of Information Act discovered document marked “Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information, June 7-8, 2000, Simpsonwood Retreat Center, Norcross, Georgia,”

“I'm Bob Chen, I'm Chief of Vaccine Safety and Development at the National Immunization Program at CDC.” p. 4

“I'm Roger Bernier, the Associate Director for Science in the National Immunization Program [CDC].” p. 5

“I'm Tom Verstraeten, EIS Office at National Immunization Program [CDC].” p. 8

Tom Verstraeten: “For the overall category of neurologic developmental disorders …That's an increase of .7% for each additional microgram of ethyl mercury. For an example, if we would go from zero to 50 micrograms of ethyl mercury, we would have to multiple these estimate by 50, so that would give us an additional increase of about 35 %, which is pretty close to the point estimate for this category.” pp. 41-42.

Bob Chen: “…Before we all leave, someone raised a very good process question that all of us as a group needs to address and that is this information of all the copies we have received and are taking back home to your institutions, to what extent should people feel free to make copies to distribute to others in their organization? We have been privileged so far that given the sensitivity of information, we have been able to manage to keep it out of, let's say, less responsible hands, yet the nature of kind of proliferation and Xerox machines being what they are, the risk of that changes. So I guess as a group perhaps, and Roger, you may have thought about that?” p. 255

Roger Bernier: “…You may have given a copy, but I think if we will all just consider this embargoed information, if I can use that term, and very highly protected information, I think that was the best I can offer.” p. 256

Second question, yes-- there is evidence that thimerosal is involved in any precipitate. Since we know that the diffusion time constant of organic mercury in water is in the order of minutes then any precipitate based on water will have at least the same concentration as the solution in the multi dose vials.

Whether it binds to the unknown molecules in the precipitate and then increases in concentration within the precipitate is unknown—at least to the public.


Thanks Benedetta, Jim, and John.

I count my blessings everyday that my daughter did not receive the pre 2000 load of thimerosal. I don't know if recovery would have been possible if she had been born seven years earlier. That haunts me.
I think possibly the vaccines disrupted her methylation cycle and caused an accumulation of merucry. Also I still think somehow she got it in some of her vaccines - even though the docs say no way. As Bendetta said and I have read that they manufacture with it and what the heck is quality control like at some of these places?? I read H1N1 had it as well.
As a parent who spends a lot of time in classrooms ( I am overly involved after what happened to my kid) I see a lot of young children teetering.... with "almost autism" Could it be that aluminum has a more "subtle" affect and takes longer for it to evolve ( For example after their boosters at age 4) . BTW my daughter's preK class can only have one grain during snack time,corn, because the food allergies are so bad.


I agree with John that the mercury in vaccine issue is just one (tiny) bit of a rotten culture. As for it being the cause or trigger of autism, imo this issue is a red herring as vaccine can f**k you up in many ways which are not linked to mercury at all. Take it out of vaccines completely and they can still trigger chronic and life-threatening pathologies including those present in autism.

I don't for one sec expect autism rates do go down if mercury is removed from vaccines or environment. Aluminium is one issue, then there is foreign DNA contamination (opening up a whole new Pandora's box), then there is ability of attenuated vaccine strains to revert to virulence, mutate and establish permanent residency in vulnerable host including the brain and nerve tissue ...

Take these findings as a small example http://www.scirp.org/journal/PaperInformation.aspx?paperID=25840

"... indicating that under certain conditions non-replicating HPV L1 gene DNA can activate the immune system. However, to be detectable 6 months after intramuscular injection, the naked foreign DNA in the host must be in a stabilized physical condition, either by remaining bound to the AAHS nanoparticles or by integration into the human genome through hitherto poorly understood mechanisms [36-40].

The presence of HPV-16 L1 gene DNA fragments of a vaccine origin indicates possible co-existence of other companion microbial DNA, such as DNA fragments of the plasmid pGAL110 and yeast cells which are used in the vaccine production by the manufacturer [2]. A potential consequence of these viral and microbial DNA fragments with their unmethylated CpG motifs in macrophages [41-46] is to cause release of various cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor (TNF) ..."

John Stone


Is the rate going up, or is it just the accumulation of cases (but as we know it has surreptitiously been brought back in through flu vaccine for mothers and infants)?

But also you came in on a totally different point from my original article and I still find the culture and practices documented in it outrageous, and not any basis of trust, or evidence of safety. From my perspective the mercury issue is just one bit of a rotten culture.


To John, Goran, Benedetta, Jenny et al
2 simple questions:
1 What has happened to autism rates since thiomersal has been removed from nearly all vaccines? Everyone says they are still going up, so how can this observation support the notion that vaccine thiomersal is involved in autism
2 Where is there any evidence whatsoever that thiomersal is involved in any so called precipitate, because all I have seen here is wishful thinking to support some hypothesis, John in fairness to him, accepted it is fully soluble in aqueous solutions. There are microgram quantities of thiomersal per vial, far too small to see even if magically it all came out of solution, where is there any evidence that normal shaking is nothing other than a resuspension of the expected contents of the vial?

Paul S

Eindeker's Post
"Sorry Goran (& John) you are wrong, it's often incorrectly said that thiomersal "settles out" well it doesn't & it never has, the compound is freely soluble in aqueous solutions, solubility quoted at 1gm/ml at 20C so microgram quantities in the vials will be fully dissolved, even at chill, this compound does not partition in vials, no need to do reviews Goran, read the MSDS if you want to check the facts Posted by: Eindeker | December 28, 2012 at 08:33 AM"
Cycle3man's Response and Questions:What about all the other additives and ingredients that are in these vaccine vials??? Do they precipitate? If yes, at what rate? How soon after shaking or rolling the vials in one's hands does the vaccine have to be drawn from the vial to get a homogeneous mix? There must be a reason that the instructions accompanying the vaccine vials instruct "shaking the vial".

I have noticed the doctor and or nurse shake the vial and NOT immediately draw the vaccine from the vial. I have brought that to their attention and then they draw immediately after shaking.

Attention to detail is very important when performing the task of vaccination. Humans are not well suited to perform repetitively.


I know this post is more about mercury but last night I did a lot of searching into MS (multiple sclerosis) and the more I looked into Dr. Flanagan's work, the more intrigued I became. This man has a chiropractic background and what he has done in terms of brain research and discovery would put most neurologists to shame! He has studied the cervical area in the brain initially, then went on to study the human skull- noting interesting differences in race and sex and incidence of certain diseases. He feels NPH (normal pressure hydrocephalus) is underlying many neurological conditions from Alzheimer's, MS, ALS, Parkinson's, to involvement potentially in bi- polar depression and schizophrenia. Im wondering if ADEM may somehow be involved, too- it has many characteristics similar to MS- lesions. Anyways he has teamed up with none other than the original inventor of the MRI (Dr. Damadian) who had to take on GE for trying to steal his patents. This Dr. Flanagan has a blog and is really keen and confident about solving some of these mysteries (of course they're probably mysterious if pharma can't make $ off fixing them surgically!) Together they are doing research with an upright MRI (Fonar) and can see real-time flow of cerebrospinal fluid - I think thesis going to be huge and it meshes with the CCSVI theories. I hope a bunch of the medical people clue in to get involved- neuros, interventionists, heart/thoracic specialists, even people like Dr. Herbert etc. I know of one doc who is really frustrated at the lack of collaboration but things are getting to a very exciting point with the brain and neurological diseases. Initially people laughed at Dr. Damiadan's ideas about being able to detect disease due to tissue differences but they're obviously not laughing now.
Check out this Dr . Flanagan's site, even though it does not mention autism- you can keep scrolling down for numerous interesting articles. He recently wrote, "The Downside of Upright Posture. The Anatomical Causes of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and MS based on More Than 20 Years of Reasearch."
Initially this was for Cia Parker but many will find it interesting.


Not only did Freedoms of Information act get released from the Simpson Wood held by CDC discussion on mercury but through the Freedom of Information Act a meeting held by the Health and Human Services meeting held in Puerto Rico in 2000 too on aluminum

They had Dr. Fowler there as thier expert in metals and binding metals. As in aluminum and mercury binding.

Apparently Health and Human Services had a meeting on mercury the year before in 1999 because they referred back to that meeting many times.

Dr Fowler got up and talked about the binding of metals and just how much they did not know about that, or how much they did not know about just aluminum. He did say that : Parapharsing here

I am going to tell you this in passing , but you may think you have solved the problem with mercury by using ethylmercury -- but ethylmercury,and methylmercury all methalates down to organic mercury in the body.

At the end of the two day meeting they agreed that aluminum meeting was da ja vu of the earlier meeting on mercury.

I also found out that the trace amounts that are left in the vaccines is a large trace. Some one help me out here on the numbers, but it is a lot. I also heard that ethylmercury is put in the vaccine at different stages of makeing the vaccines to kill anything in it because the vaccines are rather dirty(sloppy) business. So they may not be adding a lot of mercury in the vaccine in the end but they sure are as they are making it.

Do we trust these guys to tell us the truth about how much mercury is in a vaccine?

Here they are trying to put it back _ more of it when it was never really out of there anyway.

Michelle; Aluminum given in the muscle stays for years as the macrophages slowly take it inside them and take them to the lymph nodes. THe lymphnodes will eventually end up sending it to all the body organs esp the spleen - a big afffected organ in Kawasakis, but also the enodocrine organ - thymus-- it is an endocrine/immune organ that has lots of lymphnodes in it. IT affects the thyroid.

There are tons of studies on the Pubmed that discusses problems in the thymus leads to trouble with the thyroid.

Mercury was just a starting place, and we can't even get that done.

No one argued or brought forth

Jim Thompson

From the speech of RFK Jr.:

“And I called the editor of the Washington Post when they said, ‘oh, this is the newest mythology. They’ve removed the thimerosal from the vaccines and autism rates have not gone down.’

How many times have you read that repeated by these people from the press? That is an industry talking point that the industry knows is a lie. Everybody knows that’s a lie. The amount of thimerosal today in the flu vaccines is about 60% of what they claimed to have removed from all the other pediatric vaccines.

So, I looked at these. I read these studies and I saw studies that weren’t even good fraud– It wasn’t even high-quality fraud. It is low quality– these are low quality, the worse kind. I mean, anybody, you don’t even need a scientist to advise you and tell you where the fraud is.
And I’ll tell you what they– I’ll just tell you what one of them, the big one that they all rely on, the Danish study [coauthored by industrial "scumbag" scientist and fugitive Poul Thorsen], where they said, ‘okay, in 1992 Denmark banned thimerosal. And after that, autism rates continued to climb. Therefore, there is no association between autism and thimerosal.’ That’s the study.

What they didn’t tell you is that in 1992, Denmark was concerned about the connection between thimerosal and autism and about this huge rise in autism, and it began, for the first time, requiring registering autism as a reported illness in Denmark. So all the people who had autistic children suddenly had to register them for the first time. Plus, in Copenhagen, they founded a new clinic to treat autistic kids, which gave people a huge financial incentive and a health incentive to register their children.

So, it was the registry that went up, not the incidence of autism that went up. But they didn’t’ say that in the study. They never mentioned the Copenhagen clinic. They never mentioned the change in rules in Denmark. They just show you the graphs of thimerosal is banned here and autism continues to go up. Well, the reason the autism rates rose was an artifact of their data collected processes. It had nothing to do with the reality on the ground of the occurrence of autism.”

John Stone


Just to say, I missed your first comment - but no I don't think it begins and ends with mercury, it begins and ends with a hit and run culture, and I am not even claiming that it is only the vaccines, but I was not wrong to highlight all the deficiencies in this study in relation to current political issues, both to do with the UN's attempt to ban mercury and the congressional hearing. Above all I was reporting, I wasn't pleading the case that mercury is the sole cause of autism.

If you are telling me this was a bone fide study from an independent source then you need to take issue with specific points. You haven't done this, which is why I suppose I responded in a slightly annoyed way.

Jim Thompson


Parents are armed. Thimerosal is not the only cause of brain injury. Please read posts here on Age of Autism that report how industrial scientists cover-up evidence of brain injury from autoimmune response to vaccines as well.

And please do what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. urged us all to do at the June 4, 2008 Green our Vaccines Rally in Washington, DC:

“So I did something that not a single member… You see the press here?

And over there?

Not a single member of this press corps, I can guarantee you, has ever read any of those studies. It has not happened.

What they read was the CDC’s description of those studies, which has nothing to do with what’s in the study. And you need to read these studies and I’m talking to you guys, and you need to read them critically.”


John Stone


I would not have told anyone after 2004 that everything was safe - anything but - but if you tell me that these studies show "conclusively" that mercury is not associated with autism, that is plain silly. I think these CDC sponsored studies worked very hard to disguise an association.

Jim Thompson


Thank you for the information that “from a pediatric website: …Since 2001, thimerosal has been removed from all vaccines that are given to infants.”

The reality however, based on a CDC estimate, is that during 2012-2013 approximately 73 million doses of Thimerosal preserved flu vaccine will be distributed in the United States.


That is equivalent to the mercury in over two million gallons of D009 mercury hazardous waste.

As John Stone has demonstrated through his reports, the industrial scientists (including the industrial "scumbag" scientist Poul Thorsen still on the feds' most wanted list) have covered up the statistical evidence of brain damage from Thimerosal exposure.

And so the AAP, and the CDC, and FDA have erred and endorsed this mercury for injection into children and pregnant women across the United States.

Of course if not injected then since it is too toxic to put in a landfill or flush into a sewer--it must be properly stored, transported, and disposed at a hazardous waste facility.

Maybe the AAP should start a support group now.



I agree with everything you are saying except about moving on. my point is not that thimerosal isnt a poison to our kids - My point was I listened to parents of ASD kids and went to my pediatrician and said - "I do NOT want thimerosal in my child's vaccines." They assured me there was absolutely no thimerosal in my child's vaccines. She ended up with ASD anyway and is in now in managed recovery BTW They even posted it on their website that their flu vaccine was thimerosal free. So - they either lied to me or other stuff in the vaccines is also causing autism. They told me to move on - Just like yourself. After all, my other child handled the vaccines just fine. Who cares about the 1%? Greater Good and all. Well, I CARE. I will not move on. And the new era of parents like myself who have affected kids are all saying the same thing -"My kid didn't get mercury in his/her vaccines and still has autism." You want support for your cause? With no disrespect, try arming the post 2004 parents with the information they need.

John Stone


I don't think you have been paying attention: what does the Andrews study show "conclusively"? What do the Danish sudies show "conclusively"? What did the Verstraeten study show conclusively"? In the end Verstraeten wrote from his new job at GSK to state that the results from his study were not "negative" but "neutral", presumably realising that there might one day be hell to pay.

Meanwhile, there are at least 90 peer review studies condemning thimerosal:



Frankly, I think you better move on.



from a pediatric website : Will mercury (thimerosal) in the vaccines cause my child to develop autism? Thimerosal is a mercury based preservative that has been used in vaccines since the 1930's. Since 2001, thimerosal has been removed from all vaccines that are given to infants. Multiple studies have shown conclusively that thimerosal has no causal relationship to the development of autism. There has been no decrease in cases of autism since thimerosal was removed from vaccines nearly ten years ago.


I see a lot of kids with Autism post 2004. I have no doubt thimerosal is toxic but someone needs to make sure they include why children are STILL falling victim because I see many 3 and 4 year olds affected.

Jim Thompson

To add to these issues that are raised from good questions here (the higher the dose of mercury that the child is exposed then the more there will be for the potential for brain injury--so what precisely is the dose?):

We know from Axton (1972) that in 1969 a two year old was given one gram of Thimerosal and died within 30 days. http://pmj.bmj.com/content/vol48/issue561/

We do not know what the no-effect dose level is for chronic toxicity for brain injury caused by this injection of mercury into children and pregnant women.
“To the best of our knowledge, the chemical, physical, and toxicological properties have not been thoroughly investigated.” http://www.conncoll.edu/offices/envhealth/MSDS/neuroscience/thimerosal.pdf

We know that once mercury leaves the multi-dose vials as it is injected into children and pregnant women in the form of Thimerosal (used as a vaccine preservative and containing 250 times the threshold level for D009 mercury hazardous waste) it then changes from organic form to inorganic form.

We know this from the Burbacher et al (2005) data. The mercury form in infant monkeys receiving vaccines with Thimerosal preservative is so soluble that it crosses the blood brain barrier.

We know that a portion of that soluble form of mercury is converted to an inorganic form of mercury and remains much longer in brain tissue (with a half-life of greater than 120 days).

We know that Pediatrics, the “official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics," published this by Goldman et al in 2001. “Mercury in all of its forms is toxic to the fetus and children, and efforts should be made to reduce exposure to the extent possible to pregnant women and children as well as the general population.”

We know that families must ask good questions and challenge these unfounded endorsements by the WHO, CDC, and FDA of this horrific use of mercury in children and pregnant women.

We understand now that congress must do the job for them and legislate a ban on the use, import, and export of mercury in vaccines.

Again, here is the link for the addresses to write your letters.

Jeannette Bishop

for Eindeker:

So, no data on whether vaccine components such as thimerosal are evenly distributed when administration directions are followed?

Thimerosal hasn't undergone requirements for FDA approval by today's standards. The total levels of thimerosal (and other vaccine components) were not evaluated before recommendations for added vaccines were made in the late 1980s and 1990s (except by Maurice Hilleman it seems). When Verstraeten attempted to look at whether there was any link between thimerosal levels and neurological disorders in U.S. children, some health authorities were lamenting that such an investigation should not even have been embarked upon! I can't assume that because I don't know how to find such research that it doesn't exist, but I have very little reason to have the confidence you seem to have.

I'm really hoping you'll help me out and point me towards such research.

Jim Thompson

Eindecker, Jenny Allan, and Benedetta:

All of your questions are worth looking into. What is in the precipitate? Do the concentrations vary? Does any agency even test the vaccines to answer these questions?

We could certainly use the answers to your questions. We only know that we don’t know.

But we do know, even without that information, that mercury levels are too high.

We do know that Thimerosal is easily soluble in water.

We do know that the mercury concentrations are above the detectable level.

We do know that they are well above the 0.2 parts per million threshold level for D009 mercury hazardous waste.

We do know that vaccines can be made without mercury contamination.

Göran Nyström

Thanks Eindeker and all. Certainly there is a large degree of speculation in what I stated, but science often work like this. You put forward a hypothesis and test it (including challenging by others). All done in good will. I have a science degree myself and I raised this point because it is after all not a simple aqueous solution. I realise we are talking about a very small easily soluble molecule but something about its fat solubility and the importance of aggregation in settling has made me curious. Certainly sedimentation happens to vaccine vials in storage, this is well described and typical instructions are "When using the multi-dose vial, shake the vial thoroughly before withdrawing each dose, and administer the dose immediately". What is actually in the sediment? In Swedish medical instructions it is stated that sediments can indeed form and that the vaccine should be discarded if, after shaking, particles are observed or colour is changed. What then if that shaking is not done? Is it possible that ethyl mercury has preferentially aggregated and sedimented? And if this happens in a vial, what could be happening in the production process? It should be quite easy experimentally to prove me wrong. Just to put vaccine in a standing container and extract for analysis from different levels.


HI... Was wondering if you could answer this....my daughter was vaccinated in the UK in 2007 up until 20 months of age then caught up on the US schedule including flu vaccines and H1N1 in 2009 after we moved to America. Her porphyrin results show elevated mercury ( mine doesn't - I assumed I gave her the mercury) UK and US pediatricians tell me there was absolutely NO Thimerosal in her vaccines. Why do I feel like I am being lied to? We saw a private doctor in London who used mostly Canadian vaccines - I spoke to him by phone many times and he was adamant no mercury in her immunizations. She did have fish as a toddler and I had large amalgams. Thanks... great article.

angus files


new paper published online in the Journal of Neurochemical Research concludes that:
• low doses of Thimerosal in vaccines are associated with neurotoxic effects;
•no studies have been carried out on the combination of Thimerosal with aluminium adjuvants in such Thimerosal containing vaccines;
•animal studies show mercury accumulates in the brain in the metallic [inorganic] form [ie mercury as Hg];
•that the doses in vaccines are sufficient potentially to affect brain neuro development;
•the doses in vaccines given to infants have been shown to be toxic in in vitro experiments on cultured human brain cells and in animals;
•the continued use of Thimerosal in vaccines is counter-intuitive.

This new paper follows on from a recent paper published last year which concluded that:

Jenny Allan

Incidently-just for the record, Pediacel is a new vaccine, offering protection against five diseases. It is NOT a suspension formula. Benedetta's children, (and my own daughters), received the DTP vaccine, a triple formula.

Pediacel® is a fully liquid formulation of a diphtheria, tetanus, five-component acellular pertussis, inactivated poliovirus and Haemophilus influenzae type b combination vaccine, which does not require reconstitution.

Jenny Allan

Eindeker-God help the United Nations and the politicians with gobbledegook explanations like THAT! You should be ashamed of yourself.

For those persons without a degree in organic (or inorganic) chemistry. You don't need one. All you need to know about the chemical composition and properties of Thiomersal, is that it is classified as a Mercury Sodium salt. Everyone knows that Mercury is a heavy metal and Sodium is a light one. Thiomersal is almost 50% mercury by molecular weight. I was quite correct in calling this a 'heavy metal salt'.
Appearance: White or white with a light yellow cast powder
Molecular formula: C9H9HgO2SNa
Formula weight: 404.8 (anhydrous)

As for those 'imagined' silver flakes. Neither Benedetta, nor myself claimed them to be mercury in pure metal form, but they were obviously some kind of mercury containing precipitate. Göran Nyström -I think you have some 'food for thought' here. I hope you will follow up your very important research and please 'keep us posted'.


John thanks for telling us it was not until 2004.
I know it was a long time before the United States finally changed over and they did it with a great deal of foot dragging.

lisa s

Eindeker, you are sarcastically ridiculing questions being raised here about whether and to what extent children are being exposed to varying amounts of mercury from multi-dose vials. You argue that this is all heavily regulated and thus, there is nothing to worry about. There is, in fact, a story just this weekend in USA Today about people suffering serious illness and -- in alarming numbers -- here in the U.S. through injections from both single- and multi-dose medicine vials. It seems that, while hospital practices are fairly well-regulated, private clinics are NEVER inspected to ensure that proper procedures are being followed. And, surprise suprise, many clinics do not follow the recommended practices; they either reuse needles,reuse vials that are meant to be used only once, or otherwise contaminate vials. There have also been previous reports -- from none other than the CDC itself - indicating that pediatricians by and large do not properly store vaccines in their offices. It is all very scary, in my opinion. Based on these reports, I have no reason to DOUBT that children are not all having an equally "safe" experience when vaccines are administered. I also have no reason to believe that they've all been exposed to the same levels of mercury, even when they've had the same vaccines.


Whenever drawing up a medication from a vial, one should first examine the contents. What Benedetta saw might not have been mercury, but still might have been significant:

From Merck 2011: http://www.foma.org/Merck052011.htm

From p. 171 of "APIC position paper: Safe injection,
infusion, and medication vial practices in health care"(www.apic.org/Resource_/TinyMceFileManager/Position_Statements/AJIC_Safe_Injection0310.pdf):

"Inspect vials and discard if sterility is known or suspected to be compromised. Examine the vial for any particulate matter, discoloration, or turbidity; if present, do not use and discard immediately."


It may well have been my imagination running wild.
This was the last DPT shot my kids had.
July - my son had a 105 temp right after one, heart murmur from an inflamed heart valve and a boot shaped heart for an inflamed left venticule.

Early Oct both of my kids were due their DPT shot at the same time -- I chose only my daughter - she ran 105 temp, passed out, with rapid breathing.

Nov. My son and again 105 temp, passed out on the floor, with rapid breathing.

So by the time Feb rolled around and I tried to talk to my son't docotor I was told I was late in getting his shots - and I was to get it done that day- as he stood with his hand on the door knob glaring angirily at me. I refused. I went home. Thought about it (wished I had thougth more) gave him a bunch of tylenol and went to the health department.

So as she shook it up -perhaps what I saw was some sediment on the bottom that was white.

My son walked in -- it would be another three months till he walked again because that night he had a stroke.

SO yes, my imagination might have gotten the best of me.

Oct I am scared but behind

angus files

How Mercury Kills the Brain ~ Autism


But just fine to inject into everyone ...


Jeanette et al
"Suspension for injection in a vial
PEDIACEL is a uniform, cloudy, white to off-white suspension."
Its a suspension, you shake gently to resuspend the insoluble material which may settle out, seems quite basic without the need for endless conspiracy theories; ampoule filling technolgy is quite standard, used for endless products and subject to regulated QA & QC checks, why on earth do you think it's not? Thiomersal is freely water soluble, and as for "silver flakes" whatever you may or may not have seen Benedetta it certainly wasn't free mercury,the microgram quantity is far too small to be visible & free mercury has never had a flake like form, (it's globular). By the way how would visible "flakes" go down the fine needle bore Benedetta, strikes me that this is all in your imagination and Jenny Thiomersal is not a heavy metal salt it's the Na salt of a covalently bonded Hg-organic molecule to be correct.
This is just making up stuff as you go along to suit pet theories, if you really want to help autistic children don't make up stuff open to ridicule

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Mr. Stone, for shining more light on the appalling quality and agenda driven "safety" research propping up current vaccine practices.


Are you aware of any research into whether thimerosal (and aluminum, etc) is actually distributed equally even when "correctly" administered? Personally, all the handling instructions (and some over-the-top absolutes, perhaps) make me suspect that there is evidence of trouble in obtaining equal distribution and manufacturers futilely fall back on "well, make sure you shake it really good" instructions, while fearing to actually document (or disclose?) with solid research whether there is or is not a problem.

victor pavlovic

It would be just great if the AAP, and WHO could be questioned in a court like setting at the UN this January, so as to put them on the spot and see just how stupid they could sound to themselves, and their promoters Big Pharma. Either way, if they don't ban mercury altogether and leave it in vaccines, then the meetings would be a great failure, since the most vulnerable people on earth would not be protected.


This brings to mind the 19th century Opium Wars, where the British Empire stood to lose a large portion of its income if the Chinese were successful in banning the import of British opium. The Chinese were literally being destroyed by British government backed drug pushers, who ultimately resorted to war in order to protect their profit stream. This ability to destroy each other to maintain dominance and for personal gain, and the ability to push one's conscience aside by rationalizing, is the dark side of humanity. This is the same depraved behavior that we are witnessing in rigged vaccine safety studies, in the denial of harm, in the discrediting of and relentless attack on honest researchers, and recently in the indefensible decision to continue the export of thimerosol laced vaccines, vaccines that, according to these same authorities, are not good enough for our children, here.

In his recent announcement explaining the decision to keep thimerosol in foreign vaccines, Walter Orenstein of Emory University looked to me like a troubled man. He didn't look at all comfortable with what he was saying. I wonder if the British drug pushers back in the 1800's looked like that as they tried to justify the continued poisoning of the Chinese.

Jenny Allan

Farmer Geddon - just as interesting - UK Prime Minister, David Cameron's pretty little eighteen month old daughter Florence. He's keeping just as quiet about Florence's MMR vaccine administration, as previous PM Tony Blair, who 10 years ago, refused to tell us whether or not his infant son Leo had been administered the MMR vaccine.

Tony Blair was a 'prime mover' in the vilification and GMC 'show trial' of Andrew Wakefield and his clinician colleagues.


It will be interesting if the WHO can continue to poison the third world as some of them "may have a VOTE" in the matter.

Pharma has no interest in selling vaccines village by village. They would want to sell a few million doses to various governments, drop the vaccine on a dock somewhere and then head for the hills.

Farmer Geddon

the whole world need to ask the question about the Royals here in the UK .....are Kate and William going to have all these vaccines ? is Kate going to take the flu and pertusis vaccine during her term ? and then all the childhood vaccines ....including the mmr ?

Or is it one extermination for the masses , and one rule for the rulers ?

Jenny Allan

Benedetta says (of the DTP vaccine):-
"They do refrigerate the vaccine vials.
I do know that my kids DPT vials were shaken, by different nurses...I could actually see the silver flakes in the vial."

Scary or what!! "Thimerosal should be stored at room temperature protected from light", according to the Sigma product instructions, but vaccines require refridgeration. I can only shudder about those 'silver flakes' in the vials, injected into Benedetta's, (and GOD knows how many other) children.

How can ANYONE justify this crime against humanity, far less attempt to justify continuing to use this poison in third world vaccines, (not to mention influenza and some other vaccines presently in regular use worldwide)?

Farmer Geddon

shows them up for the criminals they are / all of them .

the same as those trains 1939-45 to the camps .

No difference for me .

John Stone

Hi Benedetta,

You are in error about the UK. The phase out of DPT only began in October 2004 just after the publication of the Andrews paper in September 2004, because they wanted to be able to turn round and say it was safe after all while rubber stamping it for sale in the developing world. There was a major kerfuffle in the UK media in August 2004 because word got out about the withdrawal of DPT too soon and the full bureaucratic schmooze wasn't in place as it would have been a month later.

The concern about the safety of thimerosal was a one week wonder in the British media (earlier concern in the Sunday Times and even the BBC had been more isolated). However, The Times reported that week:

"Richard Mills, a research director at the National Autistic Centre, says that though there is clearly no single cause of autism, “no one can seriously suggest now that heavy metals are not implicated in some way”." (Jane Feinman 'Heavy Metal Danger' 13 August, 2004)

Dr Mills was (possibly still is) research director of our National Autistic Society, but, of course, this was the first and last that we heard from him or them on the subject.



They do refrigerate the vaccine vials.
I do know that my kids DPT vials were shaken, by different nurses.

A young nurse that acted very conscientious got the vial out of the refrig, turned her watch over to her wrist so she could time it and then proceeded to turn it upside down and right side up during the alloted time- in a rather gentle manner.

I could actually see the silver flakes in the vial.

Then there are the older nurses - I am not so sure they were really conscientious of the time-- but maybe they just did not make such a fuss and show - they did seem to shake it more vigoursly.

Now when did England change over to the DTaP shot?

I know they did it before the United States because I was watching. The United States was rather slow about it - unconcerned about the kids being damaged.

And after this is all over with (if there are anybody left standing without tics that is) they will just give out more safe vaccines and not say a word about the damage they have done.

That sticks in my crawl a great deal that the Elzabeth Miller's of the world will never face justice.

Jenny Allan

Well I'm challenging Eindeker's assertion that Thiomersal never separates out in solution. True, this organic compound is completely soluble in water, but in common with many 'heavy metal' salts, these can precipitate out under certain conditions. Thiomersal is particularly sensitive to light, changes in pH and the presence of other dissolved metal ions. Vaccines containing this compound MUST be stored and distributed under very strict temperature controls and protected from light.

From the Sigma Product information leaflet:-

Sigma Prod. No. T5125
CAS NUMBER: 54-64-8

Appearance: White or white with a light yellow cast powder
Molecular formula: C9H9HgO2SNa
Formula weight: 404.8 (anhydrous)
Thimerosal should be stored at room temperature protected from light. It is reportedly stable in air but not in sunlight.

One gram of thimerosal dissolves in about 1 mL of water and in about 8 mL of alcohol. The rate of oxidation of thimerosal in solution is greatly increased by traces of copper ions. In slightly acidic solution thimerosal may be precipitated as the corresponding acid which undergoes slow decomposition with the formation of insoluble products. Sodium chloride has been shown to adversely affect it’s stability.

Sigma warrants that its products conform to the information contained in this and other Sigma-Aldrich publications. Purchaser must determine the suitability of the product(s) for their particular use. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Please see reverse side of the invoice or packing slip

Jim Thompson


Again, the CDC emails, obtained by the Freedom of Information Act, reveal a cover-up.

Verstraeten is explicitly talking here, in this 2001 email between CDC staff scientists, about thimerosal mercury dose (in terms of micrograms of mercury dose) and age of exposure in relation to effects of neurological injury.

Industrial scientists, along with CDC scientists, have fudge factored the data so that the public is led into thinking it is known to be safe to inject 25 micrograms of ethyl mercury into a human being. It is not known to be safe.

Who in their right mind would give children a neurotoxin and claim they can only see a cause of neurological damage in terms of increased incidence of tics?

What is next, giving Thalidomide to pregnant women again because industrial scientists can fudge factor Thalidomide damage to down to children born with missing hands? This is insanity. Mercury kills brain cells.

Please write letters to your Senators and Representatives in Washington, DC and tell them to introduce or support legislation to ban the use, import, and export of mercury in all vaccines.

All the children around the world deserve better treatment than injecting them with a heavy metal (Hg).

Again, here is the link for the addresses to write your letters.


John Stone


Thank you. Yes, I see that now and have no reason to challenge it.



Sorry Goran (& John) you are wrong, it's often incorrectly said that thiomersal "settles out" well it doesn't & it never has, the compound is freely soluble in aqueous solutions, solubility quoted at 1gm/ml at 20C so microgram quantities in the vials will be fully dissolved, even at chill, this compound does not partition in vials, no need to do reviews Goran, read the MSDS if you want to check the facts.

John Stone


I bet you are right.


Göran Nyström

I believe there is one fundamental aspects of multi-dose vials that maybe has been overlooked. Mercury compounds are well known to sediment in nature. Why should it not happen in a vial?
What if a multi-dose vial is not shaken as it should be before the vaccination dose is prepared? When this is not done properly (and since the danger of mercury is not acknowledged, the importance of this procedure is not understood - I have checked with some doctors) the concentration for the unlucky child could be 10-20 times higher than the average for the vial. And many hundred times higher than for the other lucky children. This could really go a long way to explain the somewhat stochastic aspects of who falls victim for vaccines - considering that we are already dancing very close to or in fact over established safety limits per kg body weight.
Interestingly, it seems all multi-dose vaccines have careful instructions that the vials should be shaken. Somebody clearly has realised the importance of this but the reasons for it have not been spelled out.
If anybody has more in details on this I will be very interested as I am trying to do some reviews on settling velocities of mercury compounds.

Jenny Allan

Excellent exposure John Stone.

It is significant that several African States also lobbied the UN for removal of thiomersal from vaccines destined for their countries. Why on EARTH should 'third world' countries be forced to accept vaccines containing this dangerous neurotoxin, already decreed to be unnecessary and a potential hazard by western governments?

There has been far too much mealy mouthed 'spin' and misinformation, peddled by the WHO and disgracefully supported by US and UK paediatric and health so called 'professionals'.

Let's be BLUNT. Mercury in vaccines is DANGEROUS, UNNECESSARY and just plain BONKERS!!

angus files

Out to make the world`s children sick ..shame on them

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