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Prevenar 13 Pneumococcal Vaccine Damned in Belgian Media Reports

This press releasePrevnar about the safety and efficacy of Pfizer’s pneumococcal vaccine Prevenar 13 - used in US as well as European vaccine schedules - was extensively reported in the Belgian media on Saturday. The report is based on leaked documents from the Belgian medicines agency and includes the reports of 22 deaths over a two year period. It should be borne in mind when reading this data that it relates to a country with a population of only 10.5 million (3% of the US, 15% of the UK) and it provides powerful evidence that the risks of this vaccine now substantially outweigh any benefits. It follows a recent press release from Initiative Citoyenne regarding fatalities from GSK’s hexavalent vaccine Infrarix Hexa  . Initiative Citoyenne also carry an interesting report of a French doctor fined $4000  for failing to inform a patient about the risks of a Hepatitis B vaccine . With more evidence about the risks of vaccines coming to public light this is likely to put substantial pressure on the medical profession  if there are further cases of this kind.

Namur, Belgium, 20th December 2012.

Initiative Citoyenne Press Release

Confidential Documents on the Prevenar 13 Vaccine: Proof that BOTH the Manufacturers AND the Health Authorities KNOW why we are Concerned!

On the 8th of December, articles in the press reported on the contents of a substantial 1,271-page confidential GSK document[1] leaked to us by contacts at the Belgian Medicines Agency.  This shocking document on the pharmacovigilance of the Infanrix Hexa vaccine revealed serious safety problems evidenced by a whole range of serious complications, including 36 deaths (over a 2-year period).  None of this information had ever been communicated to parents, representing a clear breach of Belgian law of the 22nd August 2002 on patient information.

We have now received more confidential documents on the safety of another paediatric vaccine very commonly used on infants and administered alongside the Infanrix Hexa hexavalent vaccine: the Prevenar 13, a pneumococcal vaccine manufactured by Wyeth/Pfizer.

This is an injection targetting13 different strains of the bacterium and reputed to be an improved version of the old Prevenar (targeting only 7 strains).  It was in fact rushed to market in 2010 to replace the older vaccine, presumably an attempt to cover up the fiasco of its predecessor: the original Prevenar had disappointingly resulted in an increase in serious infections making it totally counterproductive.[2]

OK, so the vaccine is not as effective as they tell us but is it at least safe for such tiny babies?

It would appear, according to recent confidential Wyeth (Pfizer) documents and to a reply from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) that both the manufacturer and the agency are aware of a significantly higher number of adverse neurologic effects in children vaccinated with BOTH Prevenar 13 AND Infanrix Hexa, as per the Belgian vaccination schedule at ages 2 and 4 months.

On the 4th of January this year, at the end of the required 6-week period, two Pfizer group Regulatory Affairs Directors, Mary Allin and Helen Edwards, sent a response to Dr. S. Spinosa of the European Medicine Agency on the topic of “higher number of neurologic events reported in Italy following the co-administration of Prevenar 13 and hexavalent vaccines”.  The two directors specified at the end of this letter that based on data supplied, they did not feel there was any need to modify the vaccine’s reference safety information (RSI), in other words its package insert.[3]

At the same time, another confidential document, nothing more than correspondence between a division of the European Medicines Agency (Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use or CHMP) and Pfizer (MAH)[4], specifies that “the risk/benefit profile of the Prevenar 13 remains positive but the following potential safety concerns required further investigation/discussion by the MAH:

1) Deaths. There were 22 fatal cases during the reporting period which represents 2.6% of the total number of cases. This proportion has increased from 0.3% during the previous reporting period. Additionally, in a large majority of these cases, the time interval between receipt of 13vPnC and death (or onset of symptomatology leading to death) is narrow. The case presentations of the fatal cases is considered inadequate.

2) Lack of efficacy. There were 51 cases reported for lack of efficacy. The MAH notes that it currently uses only 3 MedDRA preferred terms (vaccination failure, therapeutic product effective, and drug ineffective) to capture these reports. There is a concern that cases of reported events of pneumococcal disease, without concomitant coding of one of these three terms are “missed”: at least 10 case numbers were identified by this Assessor from the Infections and infestations SOC which exemplified this concern. Additionally, the large majority of reports relating to “lack of efficacy” appear to report only 3 serotypes: 19A, 3 and 7. The MAH is request to comment upon this. 

4) Neurological events in subjects receiving Prevenar 13 concomitantly with hexavalent vaccines. Following a inquiry at the October Pharmacovigilance Working Party regarding a potential increase in the incidence of neurological reactions with coadminstered vaccines noted in a national vaccination program in IT, the MAH is requested to provide a cumulative review of neurological reactions in those cases who were reported to have received Prevenar 13 concomitantly with hexavalent vaccine 

We then have the response of the producer which had delved into a Pfizer database covering the 2-year period from the 10th of July 2009 to the 9th of July 2011.

The manufacturer informs us that over this period, Pfizer received 1,691 reports of adverse events and 18% of these cases, i.e. 312 events, were neurological.

An important fact is that Pfizer assessed the respective frequency of neurologic accidents in three different groups of children: those who had all received only the Prevenar 13 on the same day, those who had received both the Prevenar 13 and other vaccines on the same day and those who had received both the Prevenar 13 and a hexavalent vaccine on the same day.

Of the 934 children who had only received the Prevenar 13 and experienced adverse effects, 87 displayed neurologic events (87/934 = 9%).

Of the 287 children who had received the Prevenar 13 plus other vaccines on the same day, and experienced adverse effects, 62 had had neurologic episodes (62/287 = 21%).

Of the 470 children who received the Prevenar 13 plus a hexavalent vaccine, on the same day, and reported adverse effects, 163 had experienced neurologic reactions (163/470 = 34%!!).

It is therefore clear that the concomitant administration of several vaccines, particularly those recommended in the Belgian vaccine schedule (Prevenar 13 alongside Infanrix Hexa), multiplies the risk of neurologic reactions including serious and potentially irreversible adverse events!  This is precisely what we have been saying for years regarding the dangerous over-vaccination of infants.

Whether persistant crying, convulsions, hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodes, tremors, loss of consciousness, epilepsy, infantile spasms or absence of response to stimuli, these effects were always more frequent when the Prevenar 13 was administered alongside the Infanrix Hexa.  So how many parents were aware of this and who told them?  Did the Belgian Office for Childbirth and Childhood (ONE) tell them?

The ONE has always claimed in all its literature that the co-administration of several vaccines was totally safe, that any adverse effects were in general similar to those experienced with the administration of these vaccines separately[5] and even that concomitant administration of these vaccines reduced the ‘discomfort for the child’.  Their overall commitment to vaccines has never waned![6]

We also notice that both the European Medicines Agency has highlighted, as have we, using the confidential document on Infanrix Hexa, the clear temporal relationship in most of these cases between the vaccination and death as well as between the vaccination and the various neurologic complications reported such as convulsions and hypotonia (most of which took place within 24 hours of the vaccination or shortly thereafter)[7].

Lastly, a third very important confidential document on the Prevenar 13 provides condemning clinical trial data.[8]  This document states that on the 2nd of December 2008, the manufacturer requested authorization to register and market its Prevenar 13 vaccine across Europe and authorization was granted on the 9th of December 2009.  These data were then used to authorize the vaccine for use in both Japan and Canada as well.  When however it comes to product tolerance, the information is quite shocking.

First of all, the most incredible is the methodology and the number of children monitored to assess the “safety’ of the Prevenar 13: instead of comparing a large sample of vaccinated children with another group of totally unvaccinated children, the manufacturer compared his Prevenar 13 (i.e. the new version) with its predecessor (Prevenar 7)!!

And when it comes to the number of children assessed, it is ridiculously low: 796 babies + 569 young children = a total of 1,365 children, spread over two studies and four groups (Prevenar 13/Prevenar 7 given to babies or young children depending on the study) while 10,000 children is sometimes still considered insufficient to assess the rare serious adverse effects!  The adverse effects were monitored for six months in only 580 cases.  Several children were even ‘conveniently’ withdrawn from these data because the manufacturer decided, arbitrarily, that their adverse effects were in no way linked to the vaccine being assessed!

We also learn that first of all the frequency of both local and systemic adverse effects is significantly higher when the injection is intramuscular compared with sub-cutaneous (in spite of this, the package insert still advises intramuscular injection!).

To grasp the proportions here, it is important to know that sensitivity at the site of injection is 13 to 20% in those vaccinated sub-cutaneously compared with 72 to 79% in those who receive an intramuscular injection.

The figures are even more revealing when it comes to the systemic effects:

Less than 8.1% of children receiving a sub-cutaneous jab had to take fever-reducing medication after the vaccination compared with between 78 and 84% of those who were given an intramuscular injection!  Loss of appetite occurred in less than 19% of those receiving a sub-cutaneous inoculation compared with over 54% in those for whom the jab was intramuscular.  Irritability arose in less than 37% of the former while it was over 88% in the latter, drowsiness in less than 41% of the former compared with over 70% in the latter and disturbed sleep in less than 24% of the former while it was over 45% in the latter.

Not surprisingly, these data reveal clearly that a deeper injection of the toxic substances in a vaccine (including neurotoxic aluminium) into the tissues of the body presents much greater risk.  According to the research team at the Henri Mondor University Hospital in Créteil, France, the aluminium administered by intramuscular rather than sub-cutaneous injection is without a shadow of a doubt a major contributing factor in the emergence of cases of macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF).[9]

This confidential document on clinical trials specifies however that regardless of the method of administration (sub-cutaneous or intramuscular), 83 to 92% of the recipients spontaneously reported adverse effects, a bit of a shock when assessing products designed for healthy people!

As for SERIOUS adverse effects and their incidence in the clinical trials, the manufacturer informs us that in one study, no fewer than 30 serious reactions were observed in 22 individuals which is an 11.4% rate of serious adverse events!!  Most of these reactions were infections and conditions requiring hospitalisation.  The manufacturer was however quick to point out that according to the rapporteur, NONE of these serious reactions was deemed to be linked to the vaccination!!

What is more, this rate was considerably higher in babies than in slightly older children, confirming that the immaturity of a baby’s immune system is not at all compatible with the vaccination drive now recommended by experts blinded by conflicts of interest.

A total of 42 out of the 1,365 individuals assessed displayed serious adverse effects, i.e. 3%, a totally unacceptable rate which is clearly higher than the incidence of serious complications from pneumococcal disease in the general population!!

To grasp the extent of the problem, just remember that the Belgian annual birth rate is approximately 128,000, a very large majority of whom receive BOTH the Prevenar and the Infanrix Hexa.  A simple calculation reveals therefore that the annual number of serious adverse effects, taking ONLY this vaccine into account, could be 3% x 128,000 births = 3,840 children!!!!!

In conclusion, these data are not very reassuring and it is clear that the health authorities are hiding far too much information which could be extremely USEFUL to parents who are expected to act in the interest of their children.  Serious adverse effects are much more frequent than they claim and the health of our children is being DIRECTLY jeopardised first by this commitment to ideology but also by the rigid vaccination schedule recommendations which push a maximum of concomitant doses, to obtain parental compliance: yes, but above all to protect the commercial interests at stake!

Initiative Citoyenne is therefore issuing a bold call to arms against the blind and unbridled pursuit of these death-dealing policies so detrimental to public health.  We call upon all honest and willing members of the public to demand an end to this ‘Code of Silence’, this taboo, but also to the blind ideology which reigns over the current vaccination drive.

Our infants and children are literally overpowered by the current number of vaccines they are given but what can they do?  They are simply SPEECHLESS.

On behalf of Initiative Citoyenne

Marie-Rose Cavalier, Sophie Meulemans, Muriel Desclée.




la médecine doit faire davantage de progrès

Louise Gallagher

I took the Pneumovax and am very sorry I did. My arm had a knot on it and red streaks. It still hurts sometimes. Big pharma is in bed with our government and the doctors reap the benefits from pushing this crap. I now doctor myself as much as I can and do my best to stay away from the so called medical profession. You must think about one thing. The purpose is NOT to keep us healthy. It is to keep us sick. There is NO profit in being healthy but there is in being sick. The same with the children.

Chris Brady

The leading cause of death in the US is the medical industrial complex

Hans Litten

Prevnar 13 - unlucky for all .

The conned us into it as well for our children . MMR & prevnar13
And the bare-faced front of the doctors who threatened to sue us after we complained .
We have been left with a child facing lifelong disability .

Sorry to hear your story HM . Wishing you the best possible outcome .


Prevnar is a powerful, dangerous vaccine. I am 73 and was vaccinated four days ago. Side effects progression: Decreased appetite; Voice hoarseness; Diarrhea; Sleepiness; Nightmares. (No other medications in use.)
Consumers are not adequately warned about the risks associated with Prevnar. I would not have agreed to be immunized with Prevnar had I known the severity of side effects. Injection-site soreness as expected, and negligible. The other side effects are not acceptable, and should serve as warning to those considering being vaccinated with this drug.


God bless you, too, Bob. You are lucky to be alive. I hope you don't end up with lasting side effects, but if you do, I hope you find help. In the autism world, many many people have had to learn how to deal with vaccine side effects, it's a good place to look around for solutions even for people that don't have autism because there are so many overlapping chronic conditions. Thank-you for caring enough to try and help others see the light.



Leslie Thais

In the united states Doctors have either been brain washed themselves by medical schools and highly funded by the Pharma industry and their lobbyists who pay our senators, representatives, governors, and even the president who all only think of which group with fund their particular agenda...usually just get me elected, and I will see that your private reports and skewed surveys will show how "Safe and effective" your drugs are to people--from prenatal to the geriatric age groups. It is all about making trillions of dollars, and nothing to do with improving the health of we human beings. Pray to the God who made us all to open our minds to the truth, and give us the guts and determination to stand up for the truth and save trillions of people's lives.
do not be afraid....or would you rather keep letting them herd us like like cattle to be experimented upon and killed...while they tell you how they have advanced the quality of medication while they kill us without anyone banding together with others to stop them.

Cara Shamar

I am 56 years old and got a prevnar13 vaccination last july (6 months ago). I had an initial 3 day feel bad reaction. But a week later began a decrease in every part of my health. Nothing huge yet discovered (but still undergoing so many tests). It just feels like I aged 10 years in every way including my appearance. I developed a pain in my upper right abdomen and espohagitis (waiting results), my vision has gotten worse with floaters and eye flashes, I have migraines where never before, I can feel my thyroid nodules every time I swallow, I have skin eruptions randoly all over my body, and the worst is that I have night sweats every night while sleeping (non menopausal) Every other former issue has also increased like tinnitus, tmj, joint pain. I believe my body is fighting a war with whatever they injected into me. I pray my body gains the upper hand before it slides into some autoimmune condition. (I have 1 MTHFR mutation so detoxing is hard, but no doctor seems to care about this). I have created a lot of business for a number of doctors these past couple months while they try to figure out what is wrong. NO IT IS NOT IN MY HEAD.

L. Scudder

Two months after getting Prevnar 13, I still have a sore shoulder right above where the injection was given. The headaches are pretty chronic now and I get pain throughout my body at night. Although the nightmares have subsided, in fact ,I have difficulty remembering any dreams. Maybe because I wake up in the middle of the night because of the pain and have trouble going back to sleep. I wouldn't be so upset if I had been given all the facts before I was given the injection. My doctor claims he "forgot" to give me the information sheet. I am very sensitive to drugs in general, I used to joke that I am the canary in the mine, but this is not something I am imagining.

lillie scudder

I received the prevnar 13 injection about two weeks ago. The initial adverse effects were pain and redness at the site of the injection and a headache and shaky feeling. Although the pain and swelling of the arm went away after several days, the headache continued as well as chills and a feeling of uneasiness and slight nausea. The worst side effect was nightmares, the green eyed monster attacking you type of nightmare. I still feel shaky and slightly nauseas with flu like symptoms of a runny nose and cough and woke up screaming from another nightmare. I feel I was duped into getting this injection as my doctor told me it had no side effects aside from a sore arm and did not give me the written information until after I had complained about these side effects. He knew I wouldn't have consented to this shot if I had all the facts. I can't believe they are giving this poison to young children, I'm only grateful they didn't have this monster drug when I was a child.

John Stone

The reason why pharmaceutical companies publish side effects is to cover themselves and in the case of advertising because they are required to by law. It is potentially a bigger issue for vaccines because if you take a medicine to ameliorate an illness you may accept that there are risks/adverse effects, but in the case of vaccines you are being persuaded to accept risks/adverse effects even though you or your child haven't got the illness and the treatment is being administered on a population basis. Of course, one of the games is to pretend that the side effects are very rare so that if someone gets them it is more likely sheer coincidence than causation, ho ho! And above that not to inform people of the real risks even if they are published - very important in the UK where vaccination is entirely voluntary dumping effective liability on the consumer whatever happens.

Cady Haren

I agree with Bev. But there is also another point of view that needs to be considered here.

If companies dont list the possible side effects and if people then consuming them suffer from ill effects, then it can be graver for the companies.

Please note here that we are talking about medicines. A wrong dosage of which can cost a person their life. But yes, sometimes the de-sensitivity issue does play up.

You have to live with it :) Thats what I have to say.


Every time I see a commercial about prescription drugs and hear about the horrible possible side effects, i.e. death, bleeding, stroke, heart attack, TB, etc., it makes me think the whole intent of this type of disclosure by the pharma giants is to downplay the importance of these terrible physical problems.
It appears the same is happening with vaccines. By publishing the horrendous possible side effects of vaccines, the public becomes desensitized to the importance of the side effects and facts become obscured.
Just say no to vaccines.

no vac

In the Science magazine (Dec. 14) there is an article about statistical analysis of major world health problems conducted by scientists from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (at University of Washington). This institute is mostly funded by the foundation of Bill and Melinda Gates. Among world's top 12 health problems listed by these scientists is neonatal encephalitis as a cause of chronic, crippling brain injury. Spontaneous neonatal encephalitis is rare, but infant encephalitis is a common adverse effect of vaccinations. I wonder if Bill Gates, a primary vaccine pusher in the world, connects these dots.

Liz Birts Army

they are "vaccine-nazi's" . and the blanket state censorship , its just sickening , there must be criminal proceedings , there must be trials . Key individuals must be held to account , we know all your names , we know all the players . We know what lies you have told , and the media must also be put on trial for criminal collaboration.


In the early 80s my kids were given the pneumonia vaccine - even though it was not part of the schedule.

After the run in with the DPT shot- thier immune systems were ruined and they could not fight off pneumonia, or strep.

They were getting pneumonia at least three times a year.

Our backs were against the wall.

The pneumonia shot was fine - there were not spikes in temperature or any reaction that I could see.

So they took a fairly safe vaccine and made it yet another shot from hell.

Same thing happened with my kids MMR- did not show any signs of ill effects, but then that was before they fiddled with the formula and upped the dose of mumps in the vaccines in the 90s.

So, is it a subset of kids?
Is it really?
Or is it not shaking the bottle,
or refrigerating at the right temperature.
or some one fiddleing with the the formulas.
or given in the wrong spot - most vaccines are in the muscle - so does it hit a key hole area of the body?

John Stone


You would have to be a government official (or a mainstream journalist in the US or UK) not to find that disturbing.

This is a huge outrageous story and it ought to be placed before every politician, journalist and doctor on the face of the earth.


Jim Thompson

Does anyone not find this disturbing?

“Prevenar 13, Pneumococcal saccharide conjugated vaccine, 13 valent adsorbed,
PSUR 04 - Response to Question on Neurological events [for 99,517,677 doses distributed over two years in the United States, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and other countries]”

Neurological Injury: 312 babies

“In order to identify all Prevenar 13 (13vPnC) cases potentially indicative of neurological reactions1, a search of the Pfizer safety database2 was conducted for the cumulative period 10 July 2009 (International Birth Date [IBD]) through 09 July 2011. Of the total 1,691 Prevenar 13 cases, 312 cases (18%) were indicative of neurological reactions.”

Seizures: 120 babies

“To identify relevant cases of convulsion, the MAH used the MedDRA (v. 14.0) Convulsion SMQ (Narrow search)3. This search identified a total of 120 cases. The Table 5 below shows the distribution of these cases in the three datasets by countries of origin.”

Deaths: 22 babies

“Deaths. There were 22 fatal cases during the reporting period which represents 2.6% of the total number of cases. This proportion has increased from 0.3% during the previous reporting period. Additionally, in a large majority of these cases, the time interval between receipt of 13vPnC and death (or onset of symptomatology leading to death) is narrow.”

The conclusion of this report could be paraphrased with nothing more than “we analyzed the data” and “we will continue to do so, i.e. do nothing.”



That is a good question that I would like to the answer to.

What makes me so mad- is that there are people out there that darn well knows.

Aluminum may well be it very own type of pink's disasee.

Folwer also talked about mixing metals gets new and differnet symptoms than just one metal - so is Kawasakis the result of an adjuvant and aluminum and mercury combination.

That pretty much sums up the DPT shots.

angus files

Well said Bob I hope they all choke on the Christmas bonus they all make on selling vaccines ..

barbara j

Are Kawasaki and Autism two different manifestations of vaccine injury? is Kawasaki more typical of mercury poisoning ? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19075648


"The aluminium administered by intramuscular rather than sub-cutaneous " ---- causes macrophagic myofasciitis

Is that the same as chronic fatigue syndrome?

Hearing it's description it sure sounded like it.
Starts with weakness and pain in legs and diffuses upwards and outwards to the entire body.

So does the aluminum sitting for a long time in this one place the cause mitochondria myopathy problems on the electron chain of the complex I and complex III?

So, if aluminum sits there a long time and immune cells slowly begin to take them away they end up in the lymph nodes (lymph nodes)lots in the stomach, spleen, and of all things the thymus-- the thymus has a lot to do with the heatlh of the thyroid.

Here is only one link to dozen of studies about thymus linked to thyroid health

barbara j


seven cases of kawasaki..and a partridge in a pear tree...good lord!

Jeff C

Regarding comparing Prevnar 13 with Prevnar 7 in trials, placebo fraud is rampant in drug trials but is particularly prevalent with vaccines.

It's done for a reason, vaccines have high adverse reaction rates. By raising the "noise floor" of adverse reactions in the control group, the manufacturer can whitewash the nasty things that happen to infants during the trials (e.g. death is always from SIDS and unrelated to the vaccine).

The article linked below gives a good overview of the situation and it isn't pretty. The link is a google translation of the original article in French. Very nice to see Initiative Citoyenne and other grass roots organizations across the globe going after pharma.


Bob Moffitt

To gain approval for Prevenar 13 .. this is what they did:

"First of all, the most incredible is the methodology and the number of children monitored to assess the “safety’ of the Prevenar 13: instead of comparing a large sample of vaccinated children with another group of totally unvaccinated children, the manufacturer compared his Prevenar 13 (i.e. the new version) with its predecessor (Prevenar 7)!!"

Whatever happened to President Obama's "Committee to restore integrity in science"?

Shouldn't the highest priority of their work to restore integrity in science be focused solely upon our most precious resource .. our children?

Comparing children vaccinated with Prevenar 13 with children who had received its predecessor Prevenar 7 .. does not even qualify as JUNK SCIENCE .. it is more likely a CRIME.

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