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Merry Christmas

Santa and boy

Merry Christmas from all of us at Age of Autism. A "friend of ours" sent us this photo of her handsome son and a certain jolly old elf. May the love and peace of the season touch your family - around the world, whatever your faith, for the message of giving and kindness is universal.


Lin Wessels

Beautiful! Brings a smile to your face and joy in your heart! Thank you!! Merry Christmas everyone, from the Wessels family. Peace.


Peace and happiness to you at the holidays.Thank you for sharing the picture with us.

Lisa Kelly

Beautiful....Merry Christmas!


Ahhh...the memories of Christmas...

3 Christmases ago, my grandson was just recovering his speech again, after more than 3 years with no speech whatsoever. His first words were "Oh Shit Grandma!!!" He was obviously shocked that these words flew out of his mouth, and expressed his surprise the same way that his Grandma USED to, before this happened. ("Oh Shit" left my vocabulary immediately at this point, but after 3 years of the adventures of autism, Grandma had experienced a multitude of "Oh Shit" moments.)

The "Oh Shit" events continued on, but kept gradually reducing in severity, and I learned to say "Oh Shit" quietly in my own brain. Then came the next Christmas last year, and my grandson was so dramatically improved in his behavior that my daughter thought it was safe to finally take him to a family Christmas event. Well, someone gave him a Coke, then he grabbed a golf club, flew around their house at a million miles an hour before someone finally grabbed the golf club out of his hands in the nick of time before he assaulted the expensive big screen TV. Thankfully, the TV was spared any damage, but (in my humble opinion) IF the TV would have been whacked with the golf club, they deserved it because they refuse to listen to us about giving my grandson Coke and chocolate covered cherries etc. Anyway, what kind of person believes it is OK to leave golf clubs out around ANY children, autism or not???

Well, here we are at this year's Christmas. After the golf club fiasco, my grandson was not welcome to return to that family event, because he did knock down a plant with that golf club, and did make everyone nervous due to his Coke induced hyper-mania. So she took him over to her son's father's family for their Christmas Eve party last night. And in spite of years worth of lecturing, they proceeded to give him Coke, he ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off, and by the time my daughter arrived to pick him up, everyone was all frazzled from chasing him around in an attempt to avoid any serious damage, which thankfully, no presents or personal property was lost in the process.

My daughter comes back here every Christmas reporting these Coke induced fiascos in frustration, and every year I just laugh my head off because (in my humble opinion) people who refuse to respect the intricacies of autism, deserve whatever happens as a result of their own stupidity.

My grandson was up until 3:30 AM last night before the Coke finally wore off. As I laid in bed thinking about what happened AGAIN, I couldn't stop myself from laughing....


Donna L.

Awww, that picture's enough to make me actually like Christmas again...and that's saying alot!
Merry Christmas and/or Happy Festivus to y'all!

victor pavlovic

Love that picture. Merry Christmas.


What a wonderful photo - what a perfect snapshot of warmth, joy and delight!

Thank you Age of Autism!

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