Congressional Autism Hearing: Take Note
Dachel Media Update: Hearings, Asperger's, Missing Family

Mark Blaxill Discusses Skyrocketing Autism Rates on Imus

Mark blaxill photoMark described his personal involvement with autism and his work with SafeMinds on Thursday morning before the hearing. Mark was brilliant.  He spoke from his heart and he came across as a dedicated, selfless father trying to expose the truth about what’s happening to our children.  It begs the question: What did they know, when did they know it, and what did they do to cover it up? Why is Autism So Prevalent Among Today’s Children?


Mark: “Everywhere you turn there’s an affected child or an affected family.  And you wonder, when are the numbers going to get high enough that people will open their eyes and say there’s a crisis here.  We haven’t seen that happen yet.” 

“Unfortunately, NIH, CDC—the agencies of the Health and Human Services Department---have really dropped the ball.  They’ve failed in their duty to get to the root of what’s going on and they’ve been wasting money, they’ve been wasting time. In the eyes of many, they’ve actually been getting in the way.  They’ve been covering up the issue, they’ve been manipulating data and that’s one of the issues I want to talk about today.” 

In answer to Don’s question about what NIH/CDC believes, Mark said, “I think they would like us all to believe that nothing is wrong.  Autism has always been with us.  It’s a natural state of the human condition.  It’s not an issue of injury to children.  It’s just a case of the medical system doing a better job diagnosing.  It’s a status quo argument that wants to turn its back on the epidemic.  That’s what they’re arguing but the reality is, Rome is burning.  We have a crisis.  One in 29 boys in New Jersey are autistic.  That’s crazy.  That’s nuts.  That hasn’t been the way the world has been and we need to do something about it.”

Don asked where all the autistic adults are, if it’s just better diagnosing. 

Mark: “People have looked for them.  We just can’t find them.  They don’t exist.  I’ve call that the ‘Theory of the Hidden Horde.’  If autism is genetic, if it’s always been with us, there must be hundreds of thousands of autistic people in the United States are just walking around undiagnosed, undiscovered, and you just can’t find them.” 

Mark went on to describe how his daughter was born healthy and was developing normally until she was a year old.  Between her first and second birthdays, “she slowly drifted away from us.”

“All I can say is, we had a beautiful normal child when she was born and then something happened to her and we believe it was some kind of environmental injury.  …I  do know she was exposed to a regiment of childhood vaccinations that was the most intensive in recent history.  We’re basically running a grand, uncontrolled human experiment on a generation of children that includes our daughter.  That’s an area of concern.”

Don next brought up David Kirby’s book, Evidence of Harm and the danger of thimerosal. 

Mark: “The CDC knows some of this.  They’ve dealt with this data.  The first time they looked to the data about thimeroal, they found that there was an 11 times greater risk in the highest exposure group of infants as opposed to the zero exposure group.  They looked at that data and the  analyst wrote a memo to his boss and said, ‘It just won’t go away.’  So they’ve seen the data, they’ve seen the numbers, and they’ve found ways to publish data that suggests there’s not a problem…. You grow up trusting the system and hoping that responsible leaders will do the right thing, and when you find out that they don’t, that they’re more interested in politics, they’re more interested in defending their own policies, it’s a tough thing to deal with.”   



The FIRST question my husband asked me after I'd told him that I had just viewed the Congressional hearing last week, was," So how was the dog and pony show?"

Let's just say that I've grown up with a certain amount of inside information as to how "all things government," really work. There MAY be a FEW 'on the good side' political figures up on that big old hill in D.C., but I wouldn't trust any of them to do the just and honorable thing here. EVEN if any of these Committee members TRY to delve into this issue because they may genuinely care enough to find out what the hell is going on, I can guarantee you their efforts will be thwarted by others far more powerful than they are.

Media Scholar

Media Scholar:
Why would Hilary want to give so many boosters?
What brain was behind her, encouraging her?
You're asking me why she believes in vaccines so strongly that she would personally march on state legislatures across America demanding that they get in line with her Arkansas vaccine program gone wild?

Obviously, the single most important

Why else could a Congressional hearing slated to hear testimony from Brian Hooker about the US Centers for Disease Control money-laundering scheme with corrupt professors like Poul Thorsen come about and become another dog and pony show featuring the so called Autism superstars?

Did you forget how these same "Autism superstars", which have now successfully hijacked Brian Hooker's testimony, were telling parents of vaccine-injured children that Thimerosal and vaccine research language was in the Combating Autism Act?

It took a simple Thomas Law search which produced the Real McCoy Combating Autism Act (in the Senate HELP Committee at the time) to prove these people are pathological liars. The version they were fleecing parents with was a switch-aroo draft that Congress never saw.

Let's talk about the secret meeting these so called Autism superstars had with "Sponge" Bob Wright just prior to NBC Universal's "Better Diagnosis Week" in 2005. The vice chairman of GE flew lots of "Autism superstars" to New York and told them he was going to take them over. They collectively stabbed our children in the back to line their own pockets. Many NPOs actually divided ahead of the Billion dollar Combating Autism Act passage to ensure equality.

Remember "Better Diagnosis Week" back in 2005?

This from the late Dr. Alan Clark:

"... NBC's report on the “autism” epidemic hammers the fact that there is no autism/mercury connection. Simply put, this is unbalanced reporting. Many concerned people, among them thousands of parents (who actually know the facts and are familiar with the research on mercury, a variety of other toxins and their link to neuro-developmental disorders) are extremely disappointed in NBC’s presentation.

NBC has alienated a huge segment of the “autism’ community itself, even while it tried to advance “autism awareness”. NBC’s imbalanced reporting is not merely a matter of discrete inaccuracies or mistakes. It is manifestly a matter of misplaced emphasis, broad misrepresentation, and glaring omissions. NBC has created a false impression about the state of autism science and research by the omission and misplacement of facts.

A statement by Dr. Volkmar, Dr. McCormick, Dr. Gerberding or Dr. Goldstein, for example, may have been partially correct, but was not presented in the context of voluminous countervailing scientific research and opinion. After all, in the hands of a skillful editor the context, cumulative opinion and subtle implications of a story can render it balanced or biased. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, NBC's editorial judgement was biased.

The evidence of a connection between autism and mercury is so voluminous that the NBC bias is maddening to those who have spent their lives studying and researching autism. NBC's apparent bias frustrates the efforts of parents who are making valiant efforts to improve the health of their children by intensive bio-medical intervention including, among other therapies, chelation.

Again, we hope NBC gets the mercury-autism story right in the future; the fate of thousands of our children depends on accurate reporting and open scientific inquiry. ..."

And somebody was dumb enough to suggest that I watch this dog and pony show?

"... Something REALLY important...

This wasn't the hearing that was supposed to happen. Not at all. If you are properly sensing my anger and outrage within the words and paragraphs of this article, you are about to find out why.

This was supposed to be a hearing examining the work of Brian Hooker PhD, pulling in members of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to answer hard questions about how they covered up the fact that Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines causes Autism, ADD/ADHD, Asthma, and other neurological issues (one in six US children).

As we all know Hooker's work, examining certain CDC employee's criminal activity, is definitive (see table of articles to the right). This hearing was supposed to be a STRONG follow-up to Hooker's work, where this committee would DEMAND, and if necessary, SUBPOENA all internal government memos regarding Hooker's concerns. ..."

So "Sponge" Bob hijacked the issue once again and we can see who was more than jovial to rob the spotlight, and we get a eyeful of poor pouting Katie acting immature behind the CDC shill.

Perhaps recall how the press was hijacked away from the Michelle Cedillo testimony in vaccine court? Her story was never really allowed to be told due to the fact that somebody else decided it was time to run spamola about the Wright family rift (that has never existed)

As I recall the headlines weren't about this poor child's vaccine injuries at all? And the Wright's pretended as if they are a family divided over causation.


Media Scholar:
Why would Hilary want to give so many boosters?
What brain was behind her, encouraging her?

Media Scholar

“The CDC knows some of this. They've dealt with this data. The first time they looked to the data about Thimerosal, they found that there was an 11 times greater risk [Of neuro-developmental damage]in the highest exposure group of infants as opposed to the zero exposure group."
This quote is incorrect.

The US CDC had been tracking adverse neurological outcomes relative to mass vaccinations with Thimerosal-containing vaccines at least since the Hillary-Care era nationalized the former Arkansas First Lady's 'every child by two' vaccine campaign.

The tracking data on Thimerosal years prior to the 1999 joint announcement that Thimerosal should be phased out of infant and toddler vaccines by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Public Health Service was kept from publication relating to the fact that the unpleasant truth about it would shut down the entire vaccine marketplace.

This controversy led many to ask a question of why was Thimerosal being taken out? What is lost is the fact that public health officials had plenty of Thimerosal-specific data on hand that culminated in the very public decision.

Even more incriminating is the fact that the Hillary Care vaccine cartel had prior knowledge that Thimerosal-free vaccines were available. In fact, they knew that many Scandinavian nations were using them including Denmark, which had switched to mercury-free shots in 1991.

According to a contemporaneous memo written by Merck vaccine pro Maurice Hilleman dated '91, the US expressed zero interest in going with the neurologically-safer Thimerosal-free substitutes.

Hillary Clinton's vaccine bandwagon decided too many children were slipping through the cracks and not getting "their" vaccines. Their aggressive vaccine goals were based on liability protection granted by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act of 1986.

First Lady Clinton had gone so far as to march into state legislatures screaming her head off about vaccinations. The Every Child By Two campaign was the only part of Hillary Care that Congress rubber-stamped. Everything else was rejected.

With federal funding in the bag, they drew up insane vaccine requirements which the large vaccine-manufacturing drug companies scoffed at. The economics of Every Child By Two did not consider the full cost of the program. There were only so many shots for the drug giants to provide, but Hillary Care was pushing lots and lots of doses of those shots for each American baby.

First Lady Clinton became livid claiming in the press that the Republican-leaning drug companies had piled on costs, but it was Hillary piling on doses and doses.

SAFEMINDS means 'sensible action for ending mercury-induced neurological disorders'. If anybody should know where the mercury-induced part of neurological disorders comes from its Mark Blaxill.

Thimerosal-free vaccines are nothing new. As mention, Denmark went to them in 1991. Hillary Care knew all about them. Blaxill simply must know the decision by the Clinton vaccine bandwagoneers was made to forgo neurological safety in order to afford all the doses of vaccines the aggressive plan sought to employ.

That's why in the days and months after the Clinton Every Child By Two mission began the cottage industry of Autism shoppes sprang up. They were rooted in the mercury-saturated soil of foreign drug companies like Merck (Germany) and GlaxoInsertWorkingNameHereKline (UK). The institutional effect of slapping name-brand medical corporations on the buildings provided a clever mask for on-going government vaccine-injury adverse events surveillance.

The reason for the new Thimerosal hearings, Brian Hooker, relates to the $190,000,000.00 contract the United States Centers For Disease Control made to hoist out the Autism data bank vaults and turn them over to private interests in order to keep them out of freedom of information petitions.

Imus paid dearly for his advocacy for our children. Sure he made remarks which Media Matters seized upon to launch their Kill Imus stampede, but it wasn't a womens' college basketball team that actually made him oust-able. The straw that broke-backed Media Matters came earlier in the day when the I-Man appropriately refused to allow Hillary Clinton to pander to the Autism community:

"...and here's what she'd have to deal with with me...why she pushed for multiple vaccinations in these kids that contain Thimerosal in them..."

Imus is a good interviewer. He did a good job of calling Blaxill out of the vague enigma he usually feels most comfortable in.

Still, if Trump ran SAFEMINDS he would fire Blaxill for his unwillingness to share what he knows as a executive with the Boston Consulting Group.


"It is therefore likely that constellations of epigenetic and environmental factors are contributing to the increasing prevalence of ASD, a rise that cannot be fully accounted for by changes in diagnostic criteria."

This makes things sound much more ambiguous than they are. Surely the author understands that almost ALL epigenetic gene expression is due to ENVIRONMENTAL factors.

Therefore we may restate.

"It is therefore likely that environmental factors are contributing to the increasing prevalence of ASD."


“The CDC knows some of this. They’ve dealt with this data. The first time they looked to the data about thimeroal, they found that there was an 11 times greater risk [Of neurodevelopmental damage]in the highest exposure group of infants as opposed to the zero exposure group."

"The WHO agrees there are probably TENS OF MILLIONS of cases of autism in Africa"

To show how deep we are in the ugly engineered Autistic mud The the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has just voted to recommend that mercury containing "vaccines" continue to be distributed in "Third World" countries.

"WASHINGTON, DC – In a stunning statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has supported the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation that thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative, be retained for use in the global vaccine supply. Rather than supporting a ban or phase out, the AAP and WHO are arguing for unrestricted use of mercury in vaccines. SafeMinds believes that children in developing countries deserve the same access to mercury-free vaccines that children have in developed nations."


OMG I didn't know that Imus had a television program on Fox now. I heard his radio program regarding this years ago. Imus and his wife have always supported our cause to research the vaccine issues. God Bless them for caring about our children and ALL children.

Mark did a fantastic job covering the major points. I'm glad that Imus put up on the screen the fact that Mark went to Princeton and Harvard, and made the point regarding Mark's intelligence. The vaccine industry propaganda machine always portrays the parents as "crazy", "grasping at straws, for a reason for their child's autism", "blaming the vaccines, when there is no evidence supporting that" etc.

Re: "The first time they looked to the data about thimeroal, they found that there was an 11 times greater risk in the highest exposure group of infants as opposed to the zero exposure group."

What an excellent way to make the closing arguments. Where is this statistic online? (Not at the CDC website I'm sure)

Bob Moffitt

According to testimony of Rep. Chris Smith (R.NJ) at recent congressional hearing on autism .. who has served on Africa Global Rights Committee for decades:

"We have never seen a prevalant spike like we've seen in autism over the last 15 years or so .. the World Health Organization agrees there are probably TENS OF MILLIONS of cases of autism in Africa"

How would you like to lie in bed each night praying to God that YOU are not guilty of having contributed to the spike in Africa that may possibly number TEN MILLION CHILDREN?


Experts support what Mark Blaxill said at the autism hearing regarding autism as primarily an environmental health issue. In August 2010, experts including Linda Birnbaum from NIEHS, Paul Anastas from US EPA and Dr. Isaac Pessah from UC Davis testifed that environmental factors play a significant role in the autism increase.

Below is an excerpt from Isaac Pessah testimony at Senate Subcomittee hearing on childrens health:

"Recently several very rare genetic mutations, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs),de novo copy number variations, and epigenetic factors that influence DNA methylation were shown to contribute complexity in the transmission of autism risk. Yet genetics alone cannot
account for the majority of autism cases currently being diagnosed. There is lack of full concordance between monozygotic twins, with some estimate ranging as low as 60%, and theprevalence of ASD among siblings has been reported as high as 14%. Interactions among multiple genes are likely to contribute to various types of autism, and heritable epigenetic factors and/or non-heritable environmental exposures are likely to significantly contribute to susceptibility and variable expression of autism and autism-related traits. It is therefore likely
that constellations of epigenetic and environmental factors are contributing to the increasing prevalence of ASD, a rise that cannot be fully accounted for by changes in diagnostic criteria."

Testominy by Isaac Pessah
University of California, Davis
Berkeley  Davis  Irvine  Los Angeles  Riverside  San Diego  San Francisco Santa Barbara  Santa Cruz
Center for Children’s Environmental Health

Here s link to a broadcast of the full hearing:

Subcommittee on Children’s Health hearing entitled, "State of Research on Potential Environmental Health Factors with Autism and Related Neurodevelopment Disorders."
Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Great one! Talking about prevalence rates, here is the latest study looking at NJ rates, just published. Very detailed and very well done.

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